WPX Hosting review: Features, Pricing, Discounts, SSL [2020 Updated]

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WPX Hosting













  • Fast web hosting
  • 24/7 quick support assistance
  • Free site migration
  • Unlimited Free SSL certificates
  • Protect your website from malware attacks


  • Higher pricing structure
  • No CPanel

Currently in the year 2020, if there is a good hosting service provider, it has to be WPX hosting. Yes, with the help of this hosting, you can easily go ahead, choose the plans and host website, the best ever way.

Also, there are millions of professional bloggers that host their website on WPX and are getting quality benefits from the same. Therefore, for every newbie or an advanced level person, I have got a complete WPX hosting review.

For any user, there is nothing more frustrating than a website that is taking minutes to load. Almost every person wants a website that loads faster where the traffic can easily visit the website and get the necessary information.

Also, the choice of choosing a hosting provider will have an impact on your website in a good or bad way. With this, you will have to carefully choose your web hosting service provider.

Therefore, right in this article, I have done in-depth research on WPX hosting. Let’s go ahead and unwrap the WPX hosting review, at the very moment.

WPX hosting review: What is WPX hosting?

WPX Hosting review

Speaking about one of the finest names in the hosting industry will bring WPX hosting into the spotlight. WPX hosting is a complete managed WordPress hosting that delivers blazing fast website speed along with guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Plus, it delivers some of the best set of features like automatic daily backups, virus protection, and many more.

Additionally, WPX hosting is well-known for their technical support whereas and when you will fire queries, you will get a response for them, on a quick note.

History of WPX hosting

Moving ahead in this WPX hosting review, this hosting company is the child of Australian entrepreneur Terry Kyle.

Since the year 1998, Kyle has been doing multiple businesses where he is one of the most successful businessman of Australia.

In this scenario, he came across some hosting providers, that delivered slowing server performance, lack of live support, and tough admin dashboards.

However, each of those hosting service providers was not great where each of them collapsed one after another.

In this race, Kyle developed WPX hosting that overcame all the challenges other hosting companies were facing.

The company was launched right in the year 2013 where the objective was simple. If we talk about the current scenario, the company has become one of the biggest hosting service providers.

It is powering millions of websites where each of the users is happy with WPX hosting services.

See below some WPX hosting customer reviews screenshots.

customer review on facebook

Customer reviewReal customer review TrustpilotWpx reply on customer reviewpeople's review

Some Distinguishing Features of WPX hosting

WPX Hosting review

Going ahead in this WPX hosting review, the company boasts of some of the very best features.

Yes, the biggest USP of WPX hosting is that it delivers blazing fast speed to each of the websites.

Indeed, the company makes use of every single latest technology that does make the websites load faster. This includes the WPX Cloud, SSD Storage, CDN, and many more things.

On top of that, the company is famous for offering daily backups where your website can be kept secured in a much better way.

This is useful whenever your website encounters any sort of cyber or malware attacks. In such a stage, data backup becomes one of the most essential things.

Coming down to WPX hosting plans, each of the plans comes with unlimited and free migrations. Yes, for any person who is using other hosting and wants to shift to WPX hosting, the company has made things simpler for them.

In this case, the expert support team takes care of the entire migration process and makes sure that migration is done correctly.

Further, the best part with WPX hosting is that you can host any of your websites without spending even a single penny.

More on Features

Going ahead, WPX hosting delivers quite a user-friendly admin panel. Yes, you can easily access the admin dashboard and monitor your overall website performance.

This simply includes the one-click installation for WordPress and other similar platforms. With this, you can get your website up and running within minutes.

Further, you can even make use of the staging area and create another copy of your website. Here, you can test new features and make your website a lot better than usual.

The moment you are done with the changes, you can then merge the same with your live website in one click.

Other than this, WPX hosting delivers tons of other valuable features that make your website much secure.

It even offers unlimited SSL certificates that can effectively make your website secure. With this, you can be sure that no sort of malware or cyber-attacks can be carried at your website.

However, you don’t have to worry about installing certificates and perform key structure. Each of the processes is done automatically where all you need is to wait and let the entire process to complete.

Also, the company doesn’t really allow people to purchase other security plugins from outside. The company’s security is far more than that where they make use of almost every single advanced level tool.

Plus, they have a dedicated Malware Team that removes any sort of malicious files along with viruses from your website.

This ensures that the website is kept secure from threats and the user doesn’t face any sort of issues.

What makes WPX hosting Security Impressive?

WPX Hosting review

Well, that one feature that keeps the WPX hosting security different than other hosting is the Enterprise level DDoS.

This is one of the best things your website can have where with the help of DDos, you can enhance your website security, to another level.

Plus, speaking about the business plan, it comes at the cost of $299 per month. With this, plan, you just have to pay that amount where it will offer you with some of the best level features.

What’s the Biggest Strength of WPX Hosting?

Moving ahead in this WPX Hosting, the biggest strength of the company is none other than the 24x7x365 support. Yes, there are many companies that claim to offer better customer support.

But, not each of those companies delivers support as per customer expectations. However, in the case of WPX hosting, the scenario is totally opposite where their customer support is truly above par.

In order to connect with the company’s live chat, all you need is to wait for a few seconds After this, their representative will connect with you and after that, you can resolve your queries with them.

Plus, each representative of WPX hosting customer support is knowledgable where they can resolve the issues, faster way.

On the other hand, even the ticketing system from WPX hosting has been above par. Yes, I have tested WPX hosting ticketing system where I got a response within 5 minutes.

This is definitely an above par thing where you can use their ticketing system, tell them the issues, and get the same resolved.

A Take on Pricing

WPX Hosting pricing

Coming right down at the pricing section of WPX hosting, the company delivers three sets of plans.

Yes, starting from the Business plan, it goes up to Professional and then the Elite Plan. Beginning with the first plan, it comes at the cost of $24.99 per month. With that, the Professional plan costs $49.99 per month whereas the Elite plan comes at $99 per month.

Plus, along with each of the plans, you will get the best of all discounts along with yearly subscriptions.

However, one thing you must note is that the WPX hosting doesn’t really offer any sort of free trial. Therefore, you got to analyze really closely before choosing any of the plans.

Also, even if you have chosen their services, you can test the same. After this, if you are not satisfied with their plans, you can easily ask for a refund and get the same, within their return policy time.

One thing you must note is that the WPX hosting plan is slightly on the higher side. Even more, with the of Enterprise level DDoS protection, different SSL Certificates along with site migrations, the same justifies the costing.

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WPX hosting review: Features and benefits

Well, among tons of other hosting services, when it comes to benefits, nothing can leave WPX hosting behind.

The company boasts of some brilliant features ranging from high speed, daily backups, SSL, security plugins, and many more.

Even if you go for the basic plan, it has the capability to host up to 5 websites. Plus, it offers 10GB of SSD storage along with 100 GB Bandwidth. Plus, the company offers essential stuff in the form of WPX Cloud Integration.

With the use of brilliant SSD storage, your website will be loaded in a lot faster way. Yes, this is essential to improve the website loading speed which WPX hosting does brilliantly.

In the given below sections, we will take a keen look at each of the features offered by WPX hosting one by one.

1. WPX Cloud Integration

WPX Cloud Integration

In this WPX hosting review, Cloud Integration is one of the best things any website can have. Yes, with the help of a content delivery network, your website is bound to load a lot faster.

Plus, the company has got its data centres spread across the entire world. With this, the servers make use of static files in the form of multimedia, HTML, etc.

With this, every time any user tries to reach out to your website, pages will get loaded from the nearest proxy server.

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of a CDN where the loading time is increased to considerable extents.

Well, the company has got its very own CDN in the name of WPX Cloud. With this, you will get lightning-fast loading for each of your websites hosted on the WPX Server.

Further, the proxy servers from WPX hosting is spread across 20 locations of the world. With this, you will not face any sort of speed issues with your website in any case.

Also, regardless of your location, websites will load faster and without any sorts of problems.

This sort of feature becomes useful when your website faces a sudden spike in traffic.

What’s the best part of WPX hosting Cloud integration?

The best part is that every single plan of WPX hosting makes use of the WPX hosting Cloud CDN. Yes, with this, whether you choose the business plan, elite or the Professional one, you will get the best of all speed, in every scenario.

With this, there is no need for any sort of external CDN and the company CDN is more than enough to support faster speeds.

2. Free & Unlimited Website Migrations

Unlimited Website Migrations

Well, when it comes to website migration, this becomes one of the most essential things for any user. With Website migration, you can shift to a new hosting service provider that is offering you better features compared to the older ones.

In this WPX hosting review, WPX hosting offers free and also unlimited website migration for each of their users. This is one of the most commendable things from a company like WPX where you can migrate as many websites you want with their site migration.

Also, their support system will ask for very little information in the entire migration process of your website. With this, the process will run in the background where all you need is to do nothing.

Let, the entire process to complete where you will be informed once the website migration is done via email.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons I would suggest you go for the WPX hosting. Yes, with website migration on WPX hosting, there is no need to spend any money on the services.

All you need here is to place a migration request where the company will perform migration after that. However, you got to give certain credentials to the company with which they can access the Cpanel and then perform the migration.

This policy is brilliant for every single blogger who is new to the blogging industry. In this scenario, they can effectively place the request, let the migration complete and resume working on their website.

3. Automatic Backups on Daily basis

Websites are fragile where if any website faces issues or malware, they can crash all of a sudden. In this scenario, daily and automatic backups are one of the best things any website can have.

With automatic backups, you can effectively almost every single thing of your website. Well, WPX hosting offers the same where they deliver the best of all backups, free of cost

Here, there is no need to spend even a single penny on the company’s backup services. You will get everything free of cost where all you can do is to choose any of the company’s plans.

Going forward in this WPX hosting review, WPX hosting delivers backup every single day. Yes, it doesn’t matter how many websites you have wherewith WPX backups, you can back up almost every single website.

One of the biggest advantages of automatic backup offers is that it helps to recover your website exactly as it was before. With this, you will see no sort of data loss where the website remains accessible to most of the users.

Hence, your traffic won’t be compromised with the same where you won’t result in any loss when it comes to the revenue too.

Especially, for the newcomers who want to create a website, backup is one of the most necessary things for you. This, they will get with WPX hosting where you can use this platform, perform the backup, and make your website, a lot better than usual.

Therefore, whether you choose the Professional plan from WPX hosting or the Elite one, you will get site backups, the best ever way.

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4. WPX hosting review: Staging Area

Unlimited Website Migrations

Well, coming down right at the staging area of WPX hosting, it is one of the most essential components of WPX hosting. Using the staging area, you can easily test and try different sorts of tools along with plugins.

With Staging Area you can play with the tools as much as you want. However, there is no need to add those changes to the live website.

Further, the WPX hosting allows you to create a replica of your website. On to that replica, you can perform tons of changes and implement features.

After which, as and when you find that those changes are worthy enough, then you can implement the same on to your live website.

With this, you can ensure that your users get a seamless website experience while you try different features in the background.

Well, another amazing feature from WPX hosting is that it allows you to merge the staging area with the live website. With this, you can be sure of all the updates where each of your website information will remain enact.

This is pretty useful for every single blogger who is eager to add new blogging posts along with comments after creating the stage area.

5. Free & Unlimited SSL certificates

Unlimited Website Migrations

In recent years, Google has started giving priority to SSL certificates. Yes, Google wants a website to carry that HTTPS tag where if your website has that, you can have an edge in the Google rankings.

Speaking about WPX hosting in this WPX hosting review, they offer free and unlimited SSL to each of the customer websites.

This is truly amazing where you don’t have to spend any extra cost for the SSL Certificate. Plus, there are several hosting service providers that deliver SSL on a priced based format.

At least, WPX hosting is giving SSL in a freeway just like Siteground and Bluehost. Well, with the help of WPX hosting SSL, the status of your website will be changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

With this, your website will get secured from every sort of malware or even viruses. In terms of obtaining the SSL Certificate, the process is fairly simple where all you need is to buy their plans.

Thereafter as many websites as you add, you can request their customer service support to add SSL to each of your websites.

Also, the company helps to automatically install each of the SSL certificates. With this, you don’t have to worry even for a second about your website HTTPS status.

The thing that they don’t charge distinguishes them from other brands. Yes, they don’t charge even a single penny for their SSL certificate.

All you can do is to request them to install SSL: and they will do the same to an absolute level of perfection.

6. Virus protection and Scanning

Every single day, WPX hosting scans the website for any sort of malware or viruses. With this, you can be sure that your website is simply free from any sorts of malware and viruses.

For scanning, WPX hosting doesn’t cost anything from users that are another better thing. With this, you can let the hosting service provider scan website every single day without an issue.

Plus, in the process of scanning, WPX hosting has assigned a dedicated team for the same. Yes, with this, each member of the team is professional enough to scan your websites.

In this case, it doesn’t matter how many websites you have. The company offers to scan to every single website and removes any sort of malware along with viruses.

On top of that, the company even offers an amazing “fixed for you guarantee”. With this, you can ensure that each of your security errors is fixed at no extra cost. Therefore, you can trust WPX hosting Virus Protection along with scanning where they do the job brilliantly.

Additionally, the company even makes use of the custom Web Application Firewall.  This adds an extra layer of security to the website where your website will be more secured with that layer.

7. 24×7 Customer Support

WPX Hosting review

Yes, whenever we talk about a company like WPX hosting, customer support has always been in the top class end. In this case, the company offers support via phone, email along with live chat support.

Each Support system of the company works the best of all where you will not face any sort of issue.

From my end, I have tested WPX hosting customer support time after time and have got amazing results.

In terms of their live chat support, the moment you connect with them, you won’t have to wait for more than 2 minutes. Their representatives are quick where your issues will be resolved, the best ever way.

Well, the same sort of scenario goes for the phone support along with email ones. In this case, too, you can contact them via the ticketing system and they will respond within minutes.

I have done the review of tons of companies but in terms of customer support, WPX hosting steals the show.

Right from offering customer support from email support to phone calls and live chat, each support system has been amazing.

As soon as you will share your query to them, they will try their hardest to resolve that, on an instant note.

Additionally, the company even offers a value-added knowledge base. You can go into that section too, read about the solutions and implement the same on your website.

Final Word of Mouth

We have come to the concluding phase of the article where the entire WPX hosting review is right in front of you. Indeed, the company ticks in almost every single parameter where its feature list is an unending one.

Right from their amazing plans to Free SSL, Website backup, security, and Customer support, everything is offered to perfection.

Therefore, whether you are an independent blogger or a company owner, you can CLICK HERE. With this, you will go straight into the pricing section of WPX hosting.

After this, you can easily look at the plans and see which one can be the best suit for you.

From every single hosting service provider, WPX hosting is a brilliant one where all you can do is to choose their services, host your website and attract traffic, the best of all way

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