Work at Home Companies: TOP Companies to Give Jobs [2021 Updated]

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Currently, we are living in a world of Covid and almost all of things have come to a halt. Yes, each of the people is searching for work at home companies and are willing to get a job.

Now, indeed for the people who deserve, jobs are plenty for them. All you need here is the perseverance and the attitude to grab a job and do your work to an absolute level of perfection.

Right now, if you are willing to work from home, I have done all of the hard work and research for you. Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best of all Work at Home Companies, in this article.

Best Work at Home Companies

Jotting down some of the best work at home companies, I have brought you some of the most successful and brilliant companies


Work at home companies

Well, you must have known about Adobe where it’s a software company that has made some of the most brilliant software. Regardless of the industry, Adobe software has been used worldwide.

The company has always released vacancies for different people who are willing to work for Adobe.

Currently, the company has over 22,000 employees which is one of the most amazing things. Yes, they are growing their employee base and are releasing different job vacancies.


With Adobe, you will get the best of all comprehensive package which includes medical insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and much more.

In terms of pay, it eventually varies from person to person. If you are someone who has got immense skills, you are bound to get much higher pay than usual.

Or else, you can learn different things which the company wants, apply, and get a much better job and pay from them.


If you are willing to find work at home companies in terms of health care, Aetina is one good one of them. Yes, the company is an established one which offers different type of work from home opportunities.

Some examples of Aetina job post include data analyst, clinical liason, nurse consultant, customer service consultant, and many more.

Additionally, different work from home jobs from Aetina have got travel location requirements. Hence, before you are applying for a job at Aetina, you will have to read the requirements carefully.


Now, in terms of benefits, Aetina offers tons of benefits for each of their employees. The employees will get health insurance, paid time off, 401 (k) plan, tuition assistance, student loan repayment program and many more.

From your end, you can avail the plan and work at one of the best work at home companies.

Coming down to the pay section, each of the pay varies by position. Therefore, if you can learn according to the requirements by Aetina, you have a wide chance to land up in a high job.

Therefore, you can learn to the possible extent, apply for a job, and hope for the very best.


Work at home companies

For people who are searching for customer relationship management work at home companies, Alorica can be a good choice for them.

Yes, the company regularly hires different work from home customer service agents where they offer services all round the clock.

The customer support of Alorica works 24×7 where they even offer multiple shift options. In this scenario, if you are looking for a flexible schedule, Alorica offers the same with no sorts of issues.


Now, coming down at the benefits section, Alorica offers employees to take full advantage of their dental and medical benefits. However, the company keeps a count on the number of hours work that you must take into consideration.

Aside from those, you will get different sorts of compensation from Alorica which is another good thing.

In terms of Pay, it varies depending on the different job profile you choose. Also, the pay at Alorica will also depend on the number of hours you have committed for the company.

Therefore, all will depend on your commitment towards the company that will define your pay for the present and future.

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Work at home companies

Speaking about one of the best work at home companies will bring Amazon into the spotlight. Indeed, it’s one of those giant companies that employ tons of people from all over the world.

Speaking about the year 2019, Amazon had massive 750,000 employees which is a huge thing. Well, the company has always looked to hire some of the best talents and brains that can take their business forward.

Currently, they are offering some of the best work at home companies jobs where the profile includes human resources, customer services, sales, project management, advertising and many more.


In terms of benefits, Amazon gives tons of benefits to each different medical plan, 401 (k), paid time off, adaptation assistance, parental leave, restricted stock unit opportunities, and tons of more benefits.

As Amazon is a massive company, they will offer the best of all benefits to each of their employees.

Also, coming down towards the eligibility section, it depends on positions, locations, a number of hours worked, employment status, and tons of more things.

Further, coming down towards pay, it depends on the position where if you are skillful enough, you are bound to get much higher pays than usual.

American Express

American Express

Well, among the top class work at home companies, American Express still stands as a giant. This company is one of the oldest ones and have employed plenty of people over the years.

Coming down towards different work from home opportunities offered by American Express, you can work as customer service, sales, human resources, and many more.


In terms of benefits, American express being a massive company offers tons of valuable benefits. Among such benefits, the top ones include health insurance, parental leave, tuition assistance, and many more.

On top of that, the eligibility evenly depends upon the position, hours worked and of course the location.

Even more, coming down to the pay, it depends upon the skillset of different employees. If you are skillful enough, you are bound to get much higher pay compared to different people.


If you are willing to work in a health insurance company, Anthem is one of them. Also, the company offers plenty of work from home options where you are free to choose any of the given desirable options.

Even more, coming down at different work positions offered by Anthem, the best ones include Clinical fraud investigators, nurse case managers, health educators, and many more.

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Coming down straight at the benefits section, you will get different sorts of health insurance at a much lower cost. Also, those benefits will vary based upon your location, experience, and the length of your employment carrier.

In terms of pay, it depends upon your designated location. Although, there are some positions in this company that offer sign-on bonuses too.

Therefore, before applying for a job at Anthem, you got to look keenly at different job options and then apply for the very best.



Appen is a software company that specifically specializes in data along with linguistic annotations. Well, as per FlexJobs, the company has named it among the top companies by Flexjobs right from the year 2014 to 2020.

Accordingly, the company has always offered different work at home companies jobs for each of the people. In this case, you can work as a social media evaluator, software engineer, crowdsourcer, and many more.


In terms of benefits, Appen company offers tons of benefits. For example, they offer medical coverage, parental leave, 401 (k), and tons of other jobs too.

Coming down towards the pay section, like other companies, the pay will depend on the basis of your skillset.

Therefore, if you can offer more value to the clients, the company is bound to increase your pay, without an issue.


Wondering about one of the best global health organization, Cigna is a reputed one of them. Yes, the company has got over 74,000 employees that operate in 30 countries. Well, with operating in 30 countries, Cigna has employed tons of employees from all over the world

Right from the United States to Belgium and New Zealand, Cigna has employed tons of employees from every single region.

In terms of opportunities, you can work as a Business Project analyst, Medicare field sales, representative of pharmacy, accreditation data analyst along with customer service advocate.

Additionally, the company is also a military-friendly employer that partnerships with 100,000 Jobs’ mission along with Hero health hire.

One thing you must note that the company is a tobacco-free employer and each of the applicants is tested for nicotine before they are employed.

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Coming down to benefits, Cigna offers paid time off along with 401 (k) plans, vision insurance, and even medical insurance.

In terms of the pay, it depends on the individual user’s experience. With this, you got to level up your experience if you are hoping for better pays.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank

Speaking about one of the best banks in the world, the Citizens Bank is one of the prominent ones. Yes, it’s one of the oldest financial institutions and is now the 13th largest retail bank in the world.

Currently, there are around 1,100 branches which is quite a good thing. On top of that, they also offer different sorts of work from home opportunities.

Their type of jobs includes account executive, home mortgage retail underwriter senior specialist, SBA business development officer, and senior infrastructure engineer.


Speaking about the benefits, each benefit offered by Citizens bank varies by the position offered by PTO, bank, holidays, 401 (k) match, bank services, or different discounts.

Also, whenever the pay comes into consideration with Citizens bank, it depends on the position. If you are at a higher position, your pay is bound to get higher, with no sorts of issues.



Concentrix is a customer experience outsourcing company which employees more than 247,000 people from all over the world., Yes, this is a huge portion of employees that shows the overall strength of this company.

Plus, the company offers some of the best work remote working opportunities to the people who are eligible.

Here, if you are interested in customer relationship work, you can easily opt for the Concentrix company with no doubts.


In terms of the benefits offered by Concentrix, the work from home employees are eligible for health insurance, performance-based pay, retirement plans, and many more.

Coming down at the pay section, it starts from $10 but varies largely depending on the location and position of the user. If you can offer extraordinary work to the company, your pay is bound to be much higher.


Well, among the top class work at home companies, Dell has been among the top employers of all time. It’s a computer technology company that is known for manufacturing computers, laptops, software and even printers.

The company has been running for years now and has offered some of the best and class stuff to the users.

In terms of the remote work opportunities offered by Dell, you can join dell as an account manager, staff engineer, and even software technologist.

Coming down at the benefits, it varies by job or even locations but some other options include career development, medical, employee assistance programs, and many more.

Speaking about the pay, it largely depends on the position on which you are working. In this scenario, if you are at a lower position, you will definitely get less money compared to the people who are in higher positions.


HCA also known as Hospital Corporation of America is a healthcare provider that operates in massive 21 states having over 184 healthcare services and 2000 care sites. Well, it is a massive organization that are offering plenty of work at home jobs for different people.

Currently, the company offers both clinical along with non-clinical options for the people who are willing to work remotely.

Out of which, some examples include Meditech specialist, insurance manager, medical scheduler, and many more.

Additionally, the company is also a part of a military-friendly employer along with a part of the defense military spouse employment partnership.


In the benefits offered by HCA, the company offers different full-time and part-time benefits which include different health, dental insurance, 401 (k), tuition reimbursement employee stock purchase program, and many more.

Accordingly, when we talk about the pay, it depends on the position you are at. If you are at a higher position, you are bound to get much better pays.



If you are willing to opt for a home shopping network company, HSN is a good one to go for. Yes, the company is famous in offering different shopping deals.

On top of that, they are among the best work at home companies that offer work from home opportunities. During the period of Covid, they have employed good number of employees and are continuing to do so.

Additionally, the employees working from home are also responsible for one work equipment but can also take part in different development programs.


Going straight into the benefits section, HSN offers merchandise discounts for their employees. With this, you can gain value-added benefits along with discounts from HSN without an issue.

Accordingly, the pay depends on the position you are at. If you are in a higher position in the company, your pay is bound to be higher than the normal.

Therefore, you can simply look at the different position jobs offered by the company. Then you can prepare for that position, get a job, and work effortlessly.


Hubstaff offers staff monitoring resources, like time-tracking software. the corporate is fully remote, and employees also enjoy flexible scheduling. Available jobs include customer support, programmer, and front-end engineer.

Benefits: No information available.

Pay: Pay varies counting on position.


Humana may be an insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. sorts of work-from-home jobs available at Humana include case manager, medical director, and telephonic clinical advisor.

Benefits: Benefits vary supported role — they include medical coverage, a 401(k) plan, PTO, disability, and tuition assistance.

Pay: Pay varies counting on position.


Intuit may be a business and private finance software company that became a household name after launching products like QuickBooks, Mint, and TurboTax. The corporate has work-from-home jobs available, including customer service and support and tax support.

Benefits: the corporate offers benefits including paid holidays and vacations, 401(k) savings plans, PTO for volunteering, medical and life assurance, and versatile scheduling.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services

Staffing agency Kelly Services offers jobs within its own company and also helps people find jobs at its partner companies. It employs quite 500,000 employees worldwide as of 2018. It provides services to a spread of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, engineering services, internet services, manufacturing, and more.

Benefits: Benefits vary counting on the location.

Pay: Pay varies counting on the position.


Lionbridge may be a business process outsourcing company employing thousands of individuals in 28 countries. the corporate offers a spread of services including marketing, translation, and global content management.

Benefits: Employees could also be eligible for benefits like medical and dental insurance, a 401(k) plan, vacation, and paid holidays.

Pay: Pay varies counting on the position.



LiveOps may be a cloud-based contact center and customer service solutions company with agents serving industries like healthcare, insurance, retail, and more. In January 2020, Forbes ranked the corporate No. 4 on its list of “Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs.”

Benefits: Benefits include a flexible day off, health care, and career development.

Pay: Pay varies counting on position.

Wrapping Things Up: Work at Home Companies

We have come to the concluding phase of the article and the best work at home companies are all in front of you.

Each of the above companies is one of the best ones where you can easily choose any of them, without any issues.

Additionally, whether you are looking for a job in the healthcare sector, IT, or in any other sector, the above options are plenty to let you get a job.

Well, you must also know that each of the jobs depends upon your skill. If you are good enough and your skill matches a particular job profile, you will end up doing that job.

On the other hand, before picking any job, you will have to see the level of competition in that job. Of course, there is plenty of work at home companies but not each of those companies is a good one.

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to evaluate the above companies. See which are those companies where you can crack your dream job. Also, you must note that skills play quite an important role to get a job.

Therefore, right now, you can easily go ahead, look at the above work at home companies, work on your skills, and get your dream job, the fastest way.


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