Affiliate Marketing for Beginners That Works 100 Percent

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought of making passive income from affiliate marketing?

Make money while you are enjoying your time elsewhere, and your affiliate income keeps filling your pocket with passive income every day even though you are a beginner in affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, then you must know how to make money out of it.

Basically, you promote a product and when anybody buys it, you earn a commission or share a revenue.

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It isn’t a simple task, but it’s a quickest way to earn money, if you know how do affiliate marketing in a right way.

Here, I will teach you what you should do before you start this online business. I will be going to make all the things easier for you.


1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

You must be thinking of what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? In real terms, affiliate marketing is a “sell through marketing platform” which enables you to participates in the profit sharing for each product or services you sell.

Earning from affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online

If you are doing a job, then it can be the source of side income for you.

Many people create a blog and start recommending the affiliate product on their blog through reviews and ratings.

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Pat Flynn expained the best way to make money from affiliate marketing.

You can use the social media platform to promote affiliate product, as you will find a lot of active audiences who can like your product and buy it through affiliate links.

Important: Please make sure, what platform you can use to promote affiliate link. Some of the affiliate companies doesn’t allow you to promote the link on social media platforms.

I would highly suggest you to create a blog, write an article about affiliate product and share that article on social media platform. It is one of the best way to make money from affiliate marketing.

This is how many people are earning through blogging. You just need to monetize your blog with affiliate links and share it.

Why people buy a product or services when they have a choice to buy it directly?

If someone wants to buy a particular product, they will do a research on the internet before buying it. Here bloggers come into the picture.

They visit to the blogger page to know that the product they are buying is worth or not.

I would advise you to do an affiliate marketing on reliable brands, so that you can genuinely write a good review and make them to take a final decision.

You will mention the affiliate link in your blog. This will help them to reach directly to the site where they will purchase the product. Once they buy a product through your link, you will earn some percentage or a fixed commission.

If you are doing a good business with affiliate companies, you can ask for a special discount for your customers.

Make sure that you always recommend all the product or services at a discounted price. So that your audience think worth buying through you.

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2. Select a Right Affiliate Product or Services

Ok, this is little tricky, but I will make it very simple for you.

To start with affiliate marketing, you first need to find the affiliate product.

Learning more about the product will help you to write a good content. This will also help you to create a good topic.

Once you find the topic and the product, you need to check the actual demand and competition.

you must see the good balance between demand and competition and then create the affiliate marketing strategies.

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There are two free and the most effective tools from Google to gauge the competition, demand, popularity, and trends.

  • Google Keyword Planner – It is a free tool from Google AdWords that will help you to find the competition on a particular keyword.

You will also find number of people search for such keywork on Google. Select a keyword which has high audiences and medium or low competition. This is because the keyword with high competition will not give you a good number of website traffic.

Make sure that the keyword must be relevant to the topic you choose, otherwise your audience will bounce to the other blogger’s page and you will lose the value of your blog.

  • Google Trends – It show you the popularity trends of a particular keyword or topic. It gives you a detailed analysis that enables you to check the demand and popularity.

Google trends also helps you to check the popularity of any keyword or a topic for past few years, months and hours with the help of graph.

Whether it’s losing popularity, or currently in trending, and how it will be going to perform in future. You will see all at one place.

If your blog promotes electronic products, then you should never promote any non-electronic products.

This is because maximum audience will visit to your blog who only have an interest in electronic products, and if they see something which is not relevant to it, then they might not like it and close your blog post page.

If you want to earn from other Niche, it is highly advisable for you to create another blog with different URL and follow the same procedure.

Mixing irrelevant things may confuse the reader, so Keep your blog clean and specific to one niche.

This will help you to become successful affiliate marketer.

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3. Connect with Best Affiliate Network

You know what product to promote, then the next step is to find the affiliate network who offers you the commission for each transaction.

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Once you sign up with the affiliate network, you need to search for a product that you are going to promote.

The affiliate network will give a unique affiliate code or affiliate link that you can use to promote an affiliate product.

You can also directly visit to the product website and join their affiliate program. Some companies offer affiliate earning through other well-known affiliate networks.

Ok, let me make it simple to understand. Affiliate network provides affiliate links of different companies in a single platform.

If you do not want to join affiliate program of any product, then directly visit to the product website that you want to promote and check whether they provide affiliate link or not. If yes, then you can join them directly.

If you are a new blogger, then you can start with Amazon affiliate program, Clickbank or visit any product website and check whether they offer affiliate links for promoters or not.

I would highly advise you to join Amazon affiliate program and Clickbank, because they allow you to join even though you have a few traffic.

Today, many Amazon affiliate marketers are earning by promoting only Amazon products on their blog. This is because, when visitors clicks on the link they get redirected to the Amazon’s website.

Amazon has its own reputation, so there are higher chances of affiliate sale.

ClickBank is the affiliate network who is highly known for paying high commissions. It is also one the most popular affiliate network who offers lifestyle products, software, ebooks and many more.

If your blog or website has a good number of traffic, then you must sign up with affiliate networks like FlexOfferViglink, Shareasale and Commission Junction (

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These three networks have a 1000’s of companies registered with them. The companies who don’t offer affiliate earning, they usually join these networks to manage their affiliate program.

Promoting 100’s of products may lead you to register with 100’s of companies. It’s better to join few affiliate networks who will give you access to explore 1000’s of companies and their product or services at a single platform.

You don’t need to sign up with every single companies. These few companies make your life easier.

You will see the earning from different companies coming to one affiliate network, otherwise you will have to check each company on by one and you never know what their withdrawal policy.

Joining the companies directly can be the right decision, if they are paying you good amount of affiliate commissions.

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4. Best Place to Show Affiliate Links and Banners

Placing the affiliate links requires marketing strategies. Here you need to understand the psychological behavior of your audience.

Affiliate marketing ideas

Why they visited to my blog, what they want and what I can sell to my audience.

If you know the answer of these three questions, you will definitely come to know where exactly the referral link should be placed.

Affiliate link can be placed at the top, middle or bottom of the page. You need to take the logical decision.

The whole idea is, show them the clear picture in first four lines of your blog and then slowly start promoting the affiliate links.

Your blog should not look like the affiliate shop. Make sure to mention the referral link only when it is required.

Mention the link inside the words and give that word a color so that people would recognize it as a link and click on it.

The other way to promote the referral link is at the end of the paragraph, topic or content. This is one of the most effective way to do the marketing, because reading the entire content makes the reader to understand about the product and this will make them to click on the link and check what benefit they can get.

A salesman never asks the people to buy the product. They first explain how the product works and the benefits you can get from it.

They always try to make you confidently buy the product. This is how marketing works.

When you write a blog, make sure to write in such a way that it wins the audience confidence. “Never sell a product which is not good for your audience”.

I never promote any product which is not good to use. This is my policy and style of affiliate marketing, because I always respect my audience.

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5. How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

You might have seen successful affiliate marketer usually earns in millions. How they are earning by just blogging and monetizing it with links and banners?

They are successful because of maintaining the discipline and winning trust of the audiences.

You need to post regularly and the content should be unique and helpful.

Once you pick the topic, check the number of words written on relevant topic by the Google’s top ranked bloggers. Write same number of words with proper presentation.

You may not give competition at the initial stage, but when people will start reading your blog and find your content valuable, they will spend time. The more they spend time, the higher the chances of your blog or website to get ranked closer to your competitors.

Do write a blog particular to one niche which is in demand and stick to it. You will find end number of topics to write when you start working on it.

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Make sure your niche has a good future. Do not write a blog who has a periodic demand. Think for a long term earning.

“Content is King”, this is what successful bloggers always say.

A high-quality content should be the first stage when you start writing blog post.

People will read your blog and when they find your content helpful and gain trust among the visitors, you will see increase in the affiliate earning.

Audience always search for quality content and honest review. Once people start liking your content, your blog will become popular. Google always gives priority to such popular blogs.

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best source of income, if you want to earn online. In the end your content will speak, no matter how much you promote your blog.

Blogging is the most effective way to earn from affiliate marketing, as it gives you a high chances to make your audience understand about the affiliate product.

The better decision would be joining affiliate marketing network, because it’s easy to find 1000’s of companies at one place.

Joining the companies directly by visiting on their website can be the right decision, but make sure you will earn a good money from them, so that the money withdrawal from affiliate earning would be easier.

Finally, it requires a dedication and smart work when you enter in the affiliate marketing business.

The more you learn, the more you earn. This is what affiliate marketing is.


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