Web hosting Hub Review: Discover Everything, Features, Pricing [2021]

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The aim of any web hosting service is to provide good hosting at affordable pricing and with the necessary features. Well, Web Hosting Hub does exactly the same thing and has got positive reviews from users. Plus, I have got you an entire Web hosting hub review.

In this article, you will know almost everything about the Web hosting hub. Right from features to pricing and more things, the article covers every aspect.

First of all, regardless of the plan, you choose with the Web hosting hub, you will get a free domain. Yes, this is another good thing and you don’t have to buy a domain for the first year. Alongside this, you will get domain transfer, good bandwidth, and tons of more things with Web hosting hub.

Additionally, the company even offers a unique website builder that helps to build a website from scratch. This requires no coding and no special knowledge for creating websites.

Plus, with the availability of brilliant customer support, you will love this Web hosting hub review.

Therefore, without wasting even a single second, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Web hosting hub review.

Web Hosting Hub Review: About the Company

The Web hosting hub was founded back in the year 2010 by Sunil Saxena. Plus, this hosting service provider’s main operation area is Virginia Beach in the United States. However, the company has got another center in Los Angeles.

Currently, they have got 200 people working for the betterment of the hosting company. Their goal is simple as they believe in offering affordable hosting to every single person. Plus, they deliver tons of features that users can use and make their site much better.

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Web hosting hub Review: Top Features

Going ahead in this review of the Web hosting hub, there are tons of features that you must take into consideration.

I have jotted down every single feature that we will uncover right in this article. So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil each feature, one by one.


web hosting hub review

Talking about one of the top class features will bring the cPanel into the spotlight. Yes, despite of using a custom made cPanel, the company uses the original one. This simplifies the entire process and makes navigation easier.

What is the use of cPanel?

The control panel or known as the cPanel is the administrative section from where you can manage everything about your website.

For example, with the cPanel, you can do the following things:

  • Keeping Tabs right on monthly usage
  • Managing accounts
  • Managing site domain name
  • Doing backups for website
  • Managing, creating a new email, and old ids.

On the other hand, cPanel is useful to manage the FTP section too. Overall, without a cPanel, one cannot imagine fully working of a website.

Therefore, for the effective running and management of the site, you need a cPanel as a control manager.

Email Services

Moving ahead in this Web hosting hub review, the company offers good email services. In this scenario, they offer POP3/IMAP emails that are secure and you can keep it free from any sort of viruses.

Plus, you have the option to create emails on the basis of your own preferences. Here, you can create as many emails as you want and use them for work purposes.

For smaller to large scale businesses, the creation of unlimited emails the necessity. Therefore, the Web hosting hub as a hosting company delivers exactly the same.

1-Click Installer

web hosting hub review

Well, this is something that saves time and is beneficial for people who are new to the website world. Web hosting hub offers 1-Click installation for almost every set of their application.

With this, you can add tons of features to your website just with the help of a one-click install.

Given below are some examples that you can install using 1-Click Installer:

  • WordPress: Popular content management (CMS System) Installation
  • PrestaShop: Good Tool for eCommerce
  • phpBB: brilliant Database tool
  • Anchor: Easy Blogging system

Cheaper Web Hosting Available

Indeed, the company has always focused on cheaper web hosting and that is why people opt for their hosting services.

In this scenario, you can pay just $5.99 and get the Spark plan of the Web hosting hub. Hence, you are paying little and getting value worth tons.

Annual Contracts

On the other hand, the company doesn’t really offer monthly contracts and you got to choose between yearly contracts.

Here, you can choose between a 1 year to a 3-year contract where the pricing is kept to a minimal extent.

Free Assistance

Once you purchase Web hosting hub web hosting, you will get free assistance to set up your website. Yes, with this, the company executives will help you out to set up your first website.

In case of any issue, you can ask them and they will help out in every possible scenario.

This thing is the most helpful for every single newbie who is eager to launch their first website. Yes, launching your first website can be a daunting task and if the company will help, you can set up your website within half an hour.

Plus, the call runs as per your needs. It covers everything right from the email/password to the migration process and more.

Basically, you have the freedom to ask anything and you will get answers to the sam.

On the other hand, you can even access the company’s documentation pages and learn to set up a website.

Free Website Transfers

web hosting hub review

For any user, website transfer is one of the most important things. Yes, not many website hosting providers offer this service for free. Well, Web hosting hub offers this service free of cost and you don’t have to pay even a single penny for this service.

From your end, all you need is to give them your website details. Then, the company will look after the transfer services and perform it for you within 1 to 2 days.

After the website transfer is done, you will get the confirmation email and then you can use your website as per your convenience.

Additionally, during the transfer process, you will get progress notifications and a URL where you can perform your tasks. This URL will be a temporary URL that you can use until your website is fully transferred.

On the other hand, if you are looking for any documentation in this section, the company delivers the same too. Here, you can read the documentation and perform migration on your own as well.

Types of Web hosting Plans

pricing pricing

Getting forward in this Web hosting hub review, the company offers three sets of plans. These packages include Spark, Nitro, and the Dynamo plan.

Each plan comes with a specific offering where the site does an amazing job in breaking down of the differences. On top of that, each package is affordable one and you find an issue to choose among different packages as well.

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Spark Plan: For Bloggers and Beginners

Their start-up plan Spark is right for inexperienced newbies and is arguably one among the simplest shared hosting services for start-ups.

It allows for 2 websites, five parked domains, 25 subdomains, and 10 MySQL/postage SQL databases. Additionally, it features SSH access, free SSD, auto-installed WordPress, auto-installed handcart, and a free website builder.

If you’re a little business owner who recognizes the importance of a web presence but the margins are thin, you would possibly want to urge up and running with the foremost economical option. That’s the Spark plan.

When the web site beings to “pay for itself,” so to talk, you’ll move up to either of the costlier and feature-rich options that permit you are doing more.


The other two hosting plans, Nitro and Dynamo, have all of the Spark plan’s features alongside the selection of selecting which data center will host your website and unlimited websites, parked domains, subdomains, and MySQL, and postage SQL.

They also feature web design discounts of 20% and 30% that are available from time to time.

Generally speaking, Web Hosting Hub recommends that you simply start with the Nitro plan if possible — it’s the choice the corporate has earmarked as “small business hosting” offering “better performance.”

Faster page load times are always a bonus when it involves online sales (remember, albeit you’re not selling anything, people don’t want to attend too long for your informational pages to load).

Either of those plans would make an excellent choice for many small businesses with limited online needs.

From your end, you will have to rethink on each of the plans and see which plan is a better one. The moment you have known that then you can possibly go ahead and choose your wishful plans, with no issue.

A Take on Uptime and Performance

Regardless of any website, the uptime along with performance matters the most in any case. Yes, if the website has got better uptime and performance, users will keep coming back and the website will get a better ranking in this scenario.

Coming down to Web Hosting Hub uptime, the company guarantees 99% uptime. This is brilliant from this hosting provider as they manage to deliver uptime at such a rate.

From my end, I tested the uptime of Web Hosting Hub and got consistent results. Here, I got constant uptime of 99% without any delays.

Especially in the case of eCommerce websites, uptime matters the most. Even if there is slight downtime, you will lose rankings day after day.

Basically, Web Hosting Hub promises you good uptime and if the company doesn’t meet up with expectations, they will credit the amount of downtime into your account.

This establishes a sense of trust and enables users to buy and use Web Hosting Hub services.

Coming down to the speed section of Web Hosting Hub, I got great speeds without an issue. Yes, the page loading was pretty fast and I faced no sort of issues.

Therefore, in the speed department, the company does a fairly decent job. Still, from your end, you must have a good speed net connection to load the website faster.

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Security and Backups

Security and Backups

Well, Web Hosting Hub as a company doesn’t offer any sort of free backups. This is a slight downside from Web Hosting Hub but you can pay a small amount of money for such backup services.

In this scenario, you can pay $1 for each month and the company will perform daily backups for you. It will back up every single website file and in case of any crash, you will get a restore option for the same.

Here, you will get a chance to get four restorations for every month. This is a good thing as you can restore and use your website as it was earlier.

Standard Security

For any of the websites, security has become a crucial factor. Every day the rate of cybercrime is increasing and with this, hosting providers got to maintain a good level of security.

From the Web Hosting Hub perspective, the company aims to deliver a good level of security in every single perspective. The company makes use of Dell servers where the latest version of PHP runs.

With this, you can be sure that your data will be kept secured and you will face absolutely no sort of such issues.

Apart from the free security options, the company also offers some good paid security options. In this scenario, you can buy an SSL certificate, McFee Virus, anti-spam protection, and different type of such things.

With such tight security, your website will be kept secured from intruders and viruses, at any point in time.

A Take on Customer Support

Coming down to the customer support in this Web Hosting Hub review, the company offers several sorts of options.

Yes, first of all, you can access the direct US-based 24×7 support. With this option, you can have an access to chat or even telephone support with the staff.

Also, the company even offers an online desk portal that enables you to resolve issues, in the best possible way.

In this scenario, if you have any issues with your website, you can instantly contact the customer support of Web Hosting Hub.

Thereafter, they will be able to resolve your issues in the quickest way.

Knowledge Base, forums available

Apart from the direct support offered by the company, they also offer a knowledge base and different forums. Yes, if you are eager to learn more about website issues, you can access the company’s database and learn about those issues.

In this scenario, regardless of your issue, you can easily access the knowledge base and uncover solutions to those issues.

Indeed, with this method, it will take time but if you want to do it yourself, I am sure you won’t mind such things.

Customer Support through Social media

Lastly, in the customer support section, Web Hosting Hub extends their support to different social media platforms. Speaking about their Twitter account, the same responds fast and in a timely fashion.

On the other hand, the company’s Facebook page puts web hosting related posts. Such posts are useful as the company keeps users updated with the latest tech-related stuff.

Overall, if you are a small business owner or looking to start a new website, Web Hosting Hub is a good hosting service.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Expanding its set of features, the company offers a massive 90 Days money back guarantee. This is something more from this hosting provider as most of hosting companies offer 60 days guarantee.

Therefore, Web Hosting Hub takes this thing a step ahead where you get a full chance to test their services.

After testing if you really like their hosting services, you can continue using the same. On the other hand, even if you don’t like it, the company does offer a money-back guarantee. Also, no questions are asked and you can ask for a refund, at any point in time within 90 days.

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A Take on Extras and Bonuses

Well, the set of features seem to be never ending as the company offers some more useful services:

  • Free Advertising Credits

Free advertising credits which will be utilized in Google, Yahoo, and Bing within the amount of $75 for the Spark plan, $175 for the Nitro plan, and $250 for the Dynamo plan. Plus an internet site is useless without visitors, so advertising on search engines is a method of generating traffic.

  • Free website builder and blogging software with every hosting plan

Build your own website without the necessity of a  site designer. Templates make it easy for you to urge going since you are doing not need to start from scratch. They also offer themes, like Food & Drink, Home & Property.

For little business owners who don’t have any knowledge of coding, the free website builder does every sort of job with perfection.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee

This is often 60 days quite what you’ll get from most web hosting services. And in contrast to other web-hosts, which only offer you a partial refund, Web Hosting Hub gives full money refund, less the things you retail.

For example, you are doing not get a refund of your domain registration fees, but you furthermore may keep the name to be used elsewhere).

  • Free Content Management System (CMS) software

The CMS permits you to create professional, beautiful, and interactive sites quickly. The company’s simple one-click installation feature puts several CMS software at your disposal including WordPress, B2evolution, Drupal, then far more.

  • Choosing Datacentres

The freedom of selecting which of the company’s two data centers (situated on the east and west coasts of USA) will host your website. Choose the one closest to more of your audience for faster speeds.

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Final Word of Mouth: Web hosting Hub review

The entire Web hosting Hub review is right in front of you. Indeed, this is one of those good web hosting service providers that deliver exceptional performance at affordable pricing.

In this case, you can choose almost any plan of Web hosting Hub and you will get brilliant performance in every single scenario.

Additionally, the company offers tons of value-driven features that makes hosting, a lot better. Whether we talk about brilliant uptime, performance, or even the website builder, it delivers tons of them.

On the other hand, just by paying $1 for each month, you can perform backups. With this, you can be sure that your data is kept absolutely secured.

Further, the security section of Web hosting Hub is above par too. They try the latest security protocols to ensure that security isn’t compromised.

Hence, if you are eager to buy Web hosting Hub plans, I have made the process simpler for you. In this scenario, you can tap on the CLICK HERE.

Thereafter, you will be taken straight to the pricing page of Web hosting Hub hosting. After this, you can buy the plan, and the hosting provider will assist you in website installation.

Then, you can launch your website, attract traffic, and generate a good amount of revenue, periodically with time.

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