TOP 13 Ways to Make Money in College, Proven Ways [2021 Updated]

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For any college student, everyone has the desire to make money and earn side income. Well, we live in a modern age where the earth is giving you tons of opportunities to earn money. Yes, to take such things a bit further, I have got you the best ways to make money in college.

Even when I was in college, I used tons of the given below ways to earn a good amount of income. Right from completing surveys to starting your own blog and doing many more things, there are plenty of them.

Hence, right now, let’s not waste any time, go into the topic, and uncover some amazing ways to make money in college.

Easy & Best Ways to Make Money in College

I have done the research and brought some stunning ways that you can use for making money in college.

1. Watch Videos, complete surveys and get cashback

Ways to Make Money in College

Talking about one of the best ways to make money in college will bring earning through cash back into the spotlight. Yes, completing surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money where you have to spend just 1 to 2 hours daily.

Currently, there are different types of surveys completing sites available over the internet. From your side, you can

For example, Swagbucks is one of the best sites that offers pay to watch videos and complete surveys. In this case, you are free to browse your category videos such as sports, films, and select the best of all videos to watch.

Also, the company even offers different surveys that you can complete and earn money.

Further, when it comes to payment, almost every good survey company delivers different payment options.

Among the top payment option, PayPal is the one where you can use this option and get your money.

All in all, if you are serious to earn money by completing surveys, you will first have to spend at least 1 to 2 hours each day.

Thereafter, you can complete each of those surveys and earn money, in the present and long term.

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2. Deliver FoodsWays to Make Money in College

Indeed, delivering food is another better way to make money in College. Currently, there are tons of students who are opting for food delivery services to make some extra income.

Well, in this scenario, you don’t need any sort of skill and all you want is some time in which you will deliver food.

On the other hand, you can even deliver groceries, you can make some good money from the same. For example, you can work for instacart and DoorDash to get work to deliver groceries.

Now, this is a type of work that you can do right after college hours. Instead of spending your time in false activities, you can simply opt for delivering services.

This eventually gives you an edge over other students where you can make money and use that money on essential stuff.

3. Get Cashbacks on Buying

Yes, getting cash back on the stuff you buy is one of the best ways to make money in college. In this scenario, the money will not be much but you will make a good amount of money.

In this scenario, you can buy stuff and in return, you will receive some sort of cash back’s. Currently, there are tons of companies that are offering such services where Rakuten is one good company.

With Rakuten, you can sign up and earn up to 40% cash back. This is a staggering number where the company offers cashback on almost every single major platform.

Here, to start off, you must link your credit or the debit card with the app. After you have linked your credit or the debit card, then you can look for the cash backs with this company.

Indeed, this is a faster way to make money as the moment you buy stuff, you will receive some sort of cashback.

However, you must also note that you won’t be able to make massive money with this option.

4. Rent your Car

Ways to Make Money in College

If you own a car, this can be one of the better ways to make money in college. Yes, if you have a car and willing to make some side income, you can simply rent your car and make money from the same.

There are tons of people who are looking to opt for hired cars that can save their time along with the cost. Hence, if you can offer them with such an option, this thing can do wonders for you.

Over the internet, you will find such companies that will offer you money to rent your car on their website. Yes, with this, you can establish a source of your income and even use your car for your purpose.

Ultimately, in the process to rent your car, it’s a win situation and you can easily make some good money in this case.

5. Sell e-Books

Ways to Make Money in College

If you are a lover of books, you can go into the field of e-books selling and make good money. Yes, there are tons of teenagers who are selling other author e-books online and making a good amount of money.

Yes, in this scenario, you don’t have to pay for anything or even write an e-book. All you need is to pick those books that are authorized for reselling.

Then, you can opt for different online platforms such as Amazon Kindle and sell your e-books online.

On the other hand, you can take this a step ahead and start writing blogs on those e-books. Then, within the blog, you can add an e-book link that can potentially help people to buy those books.

Also, you can even make use of Facebook ads to attract traffic for your e-book.

Alike Amazon, there are tons of different e-book platforms available over the internet. Therefore, you can spend a bit of your time each day to look out for those platforms.

Once you have got those, then you can easily sell e-books and make substantial money.

However, you must also know that right at the start, you may not get many sales. But, if you can continue to strive hard and sell e-books, you will make some good money in the future.

6. Walk other Client Dogs

Ways to Make Money in College

Well, dogs are expensive and even if you don’t have money to buy one, you can still do dog walking for different clients. This is another one of the most amazing ways to make money in college where you don’t need any sort of skill.

In this case, there are plenty of people who are busy at work and are looking for people who can look after their dogs.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a pet lover where you can walk, take care of the dogs. In return, the clients will pay you a good amount of money which you can use to spend on yourself.

Rover is one of the best apps you can opt for if you are looking to walk dogs. Yes, the app connects dog owners and keepers where they can establish a bond, and payments are also done through the app.

Hence, you can simply sign up with the app and see which clients are looking for dog sitters.

In this case, you got to pay $25 as a background check fee and this is only one time.

After you have done the same, then you are free to look for the clients that are eager to pay good money.

Although, right at the start, you may not get clients and in this case, you can start working for lower costs.

But, once you gain experience, then you are free to charge your specific amount, without an issue.

7. Run Facebook Ads for Clients

Facebook Ads

Well, this is a way that can generate you tons of money if you know to run Facebook ads for clients and businesses.

Currently, things are taking the online route and if you can learn Facebook ads, tons of value and money will come your way.

Now, if you are keen to learn Facebook ads, there are tons of information and videos available over the internet. Plus, you can even opt for paid courses such as Udemy and learn Facebook ads to perfection.

Indeed, it will take you some time to learn Facebook ads and you got to learn everything from basics to advanced. Also, before you can learn Facebook ads for clients, you should try it yourself.

In this case, you can set a budget and see whether those Facebook ads are working properly not. In the beginning, you will make those mistakes but if you can learn from them, things will get better for you.

The moment you learn Facebook ads, you can start running it for the clients. At the start, you can work at a lower cost because you are still in the testing phase.

But, after you have effectively learned to use Facebook ads and giving results, then you can charge premium prices.

 Also, if you can grab those potential clients of corporates, then you can stand a chance to make a good amount of money.

Overall, in Facebook Ads running, everything depends on your level of experience. If you are bringing results for the clients, they will not hesitate to pay you the money, in any case.

8. Start your own Blog

Start your own Blog

In the midst to search for brilliant ways to make money in college, starting your own blog is a star one. Yes, there are plenty of college students who have started their own blog and are earning a good amount of money.

In this scenario, if you have the flair and the passion to write, starting a blog can do wonders for you.

Before you can start your blog, you will need a good hosting service along with the domain. Now, coming down to different hosting service providers, not each one of them are good ones.

Therefore, I have done the work for you where you can go for Siteground Hosting. I personally use this hosting and it has offered me an immense set of benefits.

Here, the company plans and pricing are decent ones and you can easily opt for any of their plans.

Indeed, with Siteground, you will get the necessary speed and even the customer support is above par.

Moving ahead, you can go a step ahead and choose a good domain name for your blog. Make sure that the domain name is unique and there is no difficulty in pronouncing the domain name.

Once you have both these things into place, then are free to go ahead and set up your first blog. In this process, you can start off with a free theme and as and when you progress, then you can go for paid themes.

More on Blogging

Going ahead, if you are serious to become a blogger, you should start reading as much blog post as possible. By reading blog posts, you will ideas about writing where you can implement those and produce better content.

Also, make sure that the content is unique as duplicate contents can affect your site rankings in a negative way.

Further, you can take blogging a step ahead and opt for writers to write for the blog. With the help of writers, you can produce more content that will eventually speed up your overall website rankings.

Indeed, blogging is a time-consuming thing and you may not see results at the start. But, if you can show consistency day in day out, results will come your way.

And, as soon as your website will take off, then you will start making money from ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make good money as a teenager in college is with the help of Affiliate marketing. Well, you might or not have heard about this term and if the answer is no, let me explain to you in simpler terms.

Well, in affiliate marketing, you will advertise other company products, and the moment those products are sold, you will receive commissions on those products.

Now, to start off with affiliate marketing, you can either start a blog or can promote affiliate products through ads.

From my perspective, if you are looking for faster results with affiliate marketing, you can begin by using the Facebook ads platform.

Yes, with the help of ads, you can promote products and think of a better conversion rate. On the other hand, if you are going in for longer sustainability, writing an affiliate blog post is another valuable option.

In the end, it all depends on your level of understanding and ideas to do affiliate marketing. One thing you must note that affiliate marketing isn’t that easy as it seems. In this scenario, you will need that patience along with those sales techniques that can help you bring sales and conversions.

Once you have established yourself in the field of affiliate marketing, then there is no looking back. Then, you stand quite a brilliant chance to earn massive money while being in your teenage days.

10. Be a Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

As and when we are moving ahead into the digital age, freelance writing is becoming more popular. Indeed, there are different blogs that need content on a daily scale and for that, every blog needs writers.

Therefore, if you have got the touch of writing and can produce good content, you can try to acquire writer skills.

For this, begin off by reading as much as blog posts as possible. By reading other blog posts, you will gain insights about writing that will help you gain better content.

Now, once you have become polished in writing, you can look for clients over the internet. In this scenario, there are plenty of online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer that can offer you work as a freelancer.

Also, make sure to have a good and stronger portfolio if you are looking to stand out from the rest.

Then, you can reach out to the clients and see whether they are interested to give you work or not.

At the start, you will not get work and it’s a fact. Being clients, they also look for writers who have got the experience and can do their writing work with perfection.

Therefore, at the start, you can begin working for the clients at lower rates. Let them know your work and with this, you can build your portfolio as well.

Once you get experience in writing, then you can go ahead and charge a higher price from the clients.

How can you make your Freelance Writing Career more Professional?

Well, if you are eager to do freelance writing in a professional way, you got to have your own site. If you have the site, clients will find you to be a professional writer. This will increase the chances for them to pay you off more.

Ultimately, it all depends on your level of skill and the experience you will ultimately acquire from writing.

11. Manage Social Account for Businesses

Manage Social Account

While studying at college, becoming a social media manager is another one of the best ways to make money in college. As the modern date generations, you have such things in your genes where you can take those into your advantage as well.

In social media management, you will be asked to manage different social media accounts. Be it a Facebook account, Instagram, or any other type of account, you will be told to manage those accounts.

Now, in managing accounts, you will be in charge to post, reply to comment, and do any other thing to grow that page and profile.

At the start, you can go ahead and deliver your services in a much broader way. Here, you can offer services for every sort of social media account including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

If you want to learn social media management, you can find different paid along with the free courses over the internet. Hence, you can choose those courses and study social media management.

After this, you will have a clear idea on this subject that can help you manage accounts, much better.

After which, as and when you are managing accounts, you will gain some sort of experience.

Thereafter, you can take that experience forward and charge a higher amount from clients.

Also, if you are showing consistency and bringing results, clients will not be afraid to spend money for your services.

12. Perform Proofreading

Looking for another better way to make money in college, doing proofreading is another best one. Yes, in this scenario, you can become a proofreader for companies and clients that have got documents to proofread.

Of course, the writer’s work is to write contents and in the case of a proofreader, they are capable to fix almost all the possible errors in the documents.

Also, as newer websites are launching and coming into play, the need for proofreaders has gone to some substantial extents.

Hence, if you are eager to become a proofreader, you can start off by reading as much as possible. This will help you understand the content in a better way and with this, you can get an idea of proofreading.

At the start, you can offer your services for free just to gain the initial experience with Proofreading.

However, the moment you have got the experience, then you can go ahead and charge higher pricing from the clients.

In this case, to look for proofreader jobs, the online world has got different platforms for the same.

Here, you can choose Upwork, Freelancer, or even Fiverr platform to look for the proofreading work.

Also, you must attach your proofreading portfolio to let the clients know your potential.

It will take time for you to establish but once you have achieved the same, then you can easily go ahead and earn good money from this skill.

13. Start your own YouTube Channel

Manage Social Account

In 2020, if there is one type of content that people are consuming at a faster pace, it has to be video content.

Indeed, starting a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to make money in college. In this scenario, all you need is presentation skills and a niche in which you can showcase your expertise.

Currently, there are tons of teenage YouTubers who are making some brilliant amount of money from YouTube.

From your end, you can do the same but the goal is to find your true niche. Here, you will have to look for the things you are good at. It can be anything ranging from tech, dancing, singing to tons of more things.

Once you have figured it out, you can start making YouTube videos even with a small set up. Yes, you don’t need any large set up at the start and you can build those massive setups as and when with time.

More with YouTube

Additionally, with YouTube, it will take time to grow as now, the competition is on the fierce end. Therefore, it will take time but if you can maintain consistency, things will definitely get much better for you.

Now, with YouTube, there are tons of ways through which you can make money. The very first way is making money from YouTube ads. On your YouTube channel, ads will be shown and with that, you will earn money.

Secondly, if your YouTube channel has reached a good stage, you may ask to receive sponsorships. With this, you can make some substantial money right in your teenage.

All depends on your level of determination, dedication, and the fire to earn money from YouTube.

If you can maintain such things, there will be no difficulty for you to earn money with YouTube in your teenage years.


Q1. How can I make money as a Student?

Given below are the top and world-class ways to make money as a student:

  • Selling old clothes right in online stores
  • Sign up and take different surveys
  • Get the best of all part-time job
  • Become a tutor
  • Take different city tours
  • Publish Kindle Book
  • Perform Babysitting

From each of the above ways to make money, you can test and try any of the ways. Hence, at this stage, once you are done with the same, then you can opt for some brilliant ways to make you good money. 

Wrapping Things Up

Well, the above given are one of the best ways to make money in college. Either it’s to perform freelancing or even to sell ebooks or managing social media, each skill has got its own plus point.

However, most of the skills above require patience and if you can stick to such things, you can gradually grow in your aura.

Gone are the days when teenage students just used to study. In the current age, as teenagers, you have got an entire opportunity open in front of you.

All you need is perseverance and skills to opt for any of the above skills to make money.

At the start, there are higher chances that you will face plenty of difficulties. But those are to make you better and once you can overcome those, the road is brighter for you.

Therefore, at this stage instead of wasting life, you can look at the above ways to make money in college.

As and when you will upgrade your skills, you will bag some good amount of money in the long term.

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