Truebill Review: What is Truebill? Pros, Cons & Useful Features

Truebill review

When it comes to saving money on payments, there are tons of things every person can do. Indeed, saving is one of the most essential things where if you can save a little extra each month, a good amount of money can be saved.

However, between those automated payments and subscriptions, people are overpaying for the services. In this case, Truebill can do wonders for you. Plus, I have got for you the best and exclusive Truebill review.

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If you are someone who has been giving extra fees, you got to stop right there itself. Further, there are subscriptions you aren’t using still the fees are going each month. In such a scenario, Truebill can be a handy app for you where you can save tons of money with the help of the Truebill app. 

Therefore, keep reading as we are about to witness a useful Truebill review to save some good amount of money. 


Truebill review: What is Truebill?

About Truebill

Truebill is an app which is helping users to save money by finding and terminating unused subscriptions. Plus, the app helps in negotiating the costs and tells the user what can be the actual cost of subscriptions. 

Plus, you can secure credits along with rebates and use the same in other useful activities. 

Since the company launch right in the year 2015, the app has saved around $14 million for its customers. This is quite a staggering number where you can also use the app and save a good amount of money. 

The working of Truebill

How Truebill works

Going ahead in this Truebill review, the app works by connecting with your bank along with credit accounts. Thereafter, it searches for the recurring payments along with subscriptions.

Right from this stance, the app will look for the subscriptions that are no longer in use. Thereafter, the app will close all the unnecessary subscriptions that are consuming money without any reason. 

Plus, the app also helps in negotiating the rates and can help you close the deal in fewer numbers. 

On top of that, the Truebill app offers budgeting services. This eventually helps people to save more money by making a financial plan and then helping you in meeting the saving goals. 

The another money saving app called Paribus, works similar but little differently. Paribus actually helps users to get refunds on shopping automatically with no effort. 

How Truebill make money?

Proceeding with the Truebill review, the money-making procedure of Truebill is one of the simplest ones. 

The app has got two money-making streams that eventually make the company in a profitable state. 

First of all, the app claims that 40% of the amount they gain is achieved by the services they offer. In other words, the company cuts $100 each month from your expenses. 

With this, they will keep $40 as a type of finder’s fee. After this, you can keep the rest of the money and use the same on other essential stuff. 

Truebill charges

Secondly, Truebill does offer its set of premium services. Now, the subscription plans of premium services start from $3 per month and goes up to $12 per month. 

Now, for every single American, this amount is one of the best and cheap ones everyone can go for. Plus, with the list of money-saving features, Truebill offers, you don’t really want to miss out on this opportunity. 

Additionally, you can even opt for the annual package where you can save a good amount of money. In this case, you can choose the annual package where the pricing is kept at $36 per year and $48 per year. 

When it comes to a paid plan, it offers users with much more functionality. With this, Truebill will automatically cancel all the unused subscriptions. This is one of the best things for any consumer where you can eventually save some good amount of money. 

Further, the paid version of Truebill will also offer you an exclusive and ad-free experience. With this, you won’t be distracted while using the app and can go ahead to save good money. 

A Take on Truebill features

Right now in this Truebill review, features are important from any apps perspective. Indeed, features have the power to make or break the reputation of any company. 

Therefore, I have researched pretty well and have got for you some of the best features of Truebill. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap each feature, one by one. 

1. Creating Budgets

First and foremost, almost every single person wants to create their budget. Yes, with the help of a budget, you can spend a lot less where all of your finances can be kept under control. 

In such cases, the Truebill app comes handy for you where right within the app, you can find the “Start Budget” button. Here, you can find the button right on the dashboard where you can tap on the button and start creating your own budget, right away. 

Further, you can make a budget tailored to your goals, income along with lifestyle. Yes, the app offers tons of customization options where you can customize the budget as per your needs. 

Plus, with the help of the budgeting feature of Truebill, you can see the amount you are spending. Here, you can witness the amount you are spending, and then you can figure out ways to lower your overall expenditure. You can read the Truebill terms for more information.

With this, you can even make changes as per your needs without any sorts of issues. At any point in time, you can potentially make changes and automate your goals, as and when you like. 

Especially, if you are using the app to automate your savings, the app can do wonders for you in this case. 

Altogether, you can effectively create a budget, automate savings and save some good amount of money, in the long run. 

2. Tracking and managing subscriptions

Moving ahead in the Truebill review, tracking and managing subscriptions is another useful feature from the Truebill app. 

Indeed, with the app, you can effectively manage and track each of your daily subscriptions. This is one true feature that differentiates Truebill from almost all the other apps available in the market. 

Yes, once you have connected your accounts with Truebill, the app will take over and look after each of your subscriptions. 

Truebill cancel subscription

Plus, if you will purchase their plans, then you don’t have to worry even for a second. Thereafter, you just have to sit back, relax, and let the Truebill app does the work for you. 

Now, from the app end, it will potentially look after each of the subscriptions. Also, the app will deliver you the names of subscriptions that are currently running. 

With this, you will get a clearer idea of the subscriptions from where you can close or even start different subscriptions. 

Plus, the app will inform you about subscriptions that are recurring and needs to be stopped. 

With this, you can stop any subscription directly within the app. All these can be done with just one tap that is another good thing. 

On the other hand, if you have chosen to pay for premium packages, you will get a chance to enjoy features, altogether 

3. Help in reducing monthly bills

Yet another feature of Truebill and saving money on monthly expenses will come into the spotlight. 

Yes, the app offers you the privilege of negotiating with the service providers on your behalf. Although, this thing doesn’t really work for other services where you will have to keep a note of services. 

Unless the services are secure, you don’t have to pay, or else your money will go down in vain. 

Truebill Trustpilot rating

Now, as and when the app will help in reducing your bills, they will take 40% as the fee for the services they offer. 

With this, each month, the app will take 40% of the money where you will get 60% of your share. Although this seems to be pretty rough for you, the amount of money app saves is absolutely spectacular. 

Therefore, you can eventually purchase their paid plan and turn on the automatic subscription feature from Truebill. 

After this, the app will do it’s work to saving money on each of your subscription packages. 

4. Secure your compensations for service downtime

Indeed, no one will like to pay for something they didn’t receive. This is wrong where the person will be giving off money without any sort of reason. 

In this scenario, Truebill as an app does wonders where it monitors every single service along with subscriptions you are paying money at. Yes, this is one of the best features from Truebill where they will keep a track of your subscriptions. 

With this, you will not end up paying for more in any scenario. Further, you can also request the app for credit too. 

Altogether, money is precious for every single person where you can also monitor money with the help of the Truebill app. 

5. Saving money on Electricity

Moving ahead with the Truebill review, saving money on electricity has been the prime goal of almost every American. No one likes to get those bulky electricity bills where people will want to reduce that down. 

Basically, if you live in an area where the electricity cost fluctuates each month, Truebill is an app that can help you tons. 

Within the app, you can find tons of features with which you can save money on your electricity. 

Here, the app has got the potential to keep a track of the lowest rates right in your area. With this, if you are getting high electricity bills, you can contact the service provider for the same. 

Altogether, the Truebill app helps you to keep a track of the best prices available in the market. 

6. Overdraft Protection

Well, since an app like Truebill helps to keep a track of each of your expenses, it can also help you from different over-drafting in your accounts. 

Yes, from your end, you can simply send balance alert notification whenever your account is about to dip below your level. 

This gives ample of time to top your accounts whenever you want to pay for your future bills. With this, you will never fall short of money in any case. 

Plus, Truebill offers other brilliant overdraft features which you can potentially use and save some good amount of money. 

7. Tracking spending limits

Moving ahead with the Truebill review, keeping a track on spending limits is yet another amazing thing. Yes, with the help of the Truebill app, you can track each of your spendings most amazingly. 

Whenever you will tap on the “Spending Tab”, you will see each of your monthly reports. From there, you can potentially analyze where exactly your money is going. 

Further, you can also witness a full list of transactions and also search for the same in the app. 

Slowly with time if you can keep a track on your spending limits, you can easily reduce overall spending costs. 

Plus, from your end, you can also use this data to make a budget where you can reduce spending limits, to some good extents. 

8. Smart Savings

Truebill is an app that delivers the marvelous Smart saving feature that is valuable in every single scenario With the help of Smart Savings feature, you can save money and then use that money towards your financial goals. 

For this, you can simply go ahead and click on the “Smart Savings” tab. After this, you can then set up your type of automated savings and save some good amount of money thereafter. 

Additionally, smart saving also comes with other useful features that you can potentially go ahead and start using the same. 

How can you actually save your money with the help of Truebill?

Well, Truebill as an app offers some of the best money-saving features every single person needs. With this, I have already covered almost every single feature of the Truebill app. 

Now, when it comes to saving money with the help of the Truebill app, there are tons of ways to do the same. 

With nearly every single feature of the Truebill app, you can save a good amount of money. Here, whether you want to put money in savings or want the app to cut off expenses for you, Truebill has done pretty wonders. 

Here, with the help of a smart saving feature, you can eventually a good amount of money in the long run. 

Further, the app also helps you reduce the overall expenses and also allows you to create a better budget. 

Plus, with the app overdraft feature, you can set a limit with which you will not spend more amount. 

Altogether, Truebill is an app that is a must for every single person who is willing to save their money. 

Gradually, you can use the app, learn the procedure to save money, and save your money for the future. 


Indeed, Truebill is a great tool that can help you to save money right on autopilot mode. This is extremely beneficial and helpful for the people who want to save money and use the same on essential activities. 

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the best Pros of Truebill.

  • No sort of upfront cost

Moving ahead in this Truebill review, the app doesn’t come with any sort of upfront cost. With this, you don’t need to pay any money for downloading the app. Yes, the app download is free of cost where you can also explore different features of the app. 

Eventually, unless you go for the premium features,  you will not be charged even a single penny. 

This is pretty good where you can use the free version and pay for a subscription as and when you feel the need. 

  • Simpler to Navigate

Indeed, be it any app, if the app is difficult to navigate, it will fail in every scenario. However, when it comes to Truebill, it’s an app that is much simpler to navigate. Yes, every single feature of the app is displayed in the best position. 

Right after opening the Truebill app, you will see a user-friendly interface. Here, you can start using the app without any time delay which is a far better thing. 

Also, every single feature is laid out perfectly where you can instantly start saving money with the help of the Truebill app. 

  • Helps you to get out of bad subscriptions

This is a thing plenty of people are struggling where Truebill app eradicates every sort of money wastage issue. For every person, some subscriptions are of no use still money is flowing for those ones. 

In this case, with the help of the Truebill app, you can simply cancel each of the bad subscriptions right from one place. Yes, this is one of the best ever things where you don’t need to go anywhere else for canceling the subscriptions. 

Here, the app shines where you can club each of your subscriptions in one place. 

Whether you are using gym membership or cable subscriptions, the app helps you manage each subscription, right from one place. 

With this, you don’t have to deal with every single subscription. Once you will purchase the Truebill premium package, you are done. 

After this, the app will use AI to look after your subscriptions and cancel those that are not worthy enough. 

Eventually, this will potentially help you in saving a good amount of money. 

  • Safer to use

Since, Truebill as an app wants access to your credit account and banking details, security has always been the top priority of this app. 

In this scenario, the app makes use of 256-bit bank-level encryption which is top class security. This eventually guarantees safety where the app is safe to use. 

Therefore, you can eventually connect your cards with the app and then use the same to save some good amount of money. 


Well, as you have seen some of the best Pros of Truebill, there are some cons associated with the app. 

Let’s jump in the topic and uncover some Cons of Truebill. 

  • Takes a cut of the money you save

Well, as the Truebill app isn’t charging any amount, they compensate the same by cutting 40% from the money you have saved. 

With this, you are left with 60% saved money each month which is still far more commendable. 

Altogether, if you can eventually negotiate your bills and the app is saving money, Truebill is an app that is a good one for you. 

  • Free users deal with ads

Indeed, when it comes to using the Truebill app on a free basis, users will have to deal with annoying ads. You will come across a different set of in-app advertisements which can be frustrating sometimes. 

For this, Truebill offers a premium package where you can buy the same and you won’t face any sort of app from the company.

With this, you can use the app on an easier note where you can save money without dealing with those ads. 

Conclusion: Truebill review

We are at the concluding stage of the article where you must have got a complete review of Truebill. 

Indeed, it’s a good app where if you can use it properly, tons of money can be saved without an issue. 

Plus, even for free users, the app offers plenty of saving options. For premium users, you don’t have to deal with any sort of annoying ads. 

Additionally, Truebill is an app that also offers ads to those who are using the free version. Therefore, you can easily upgrade to the paid version to avoid any sort of ads. 

Eventually, Truebill does wonders when it comes to saving money. Therefore, at this stage, all you can do is to go through the entire Truebill review. 

After this, you can start using the Truebill app, explore features, and start saving some good amount of money for the future. 

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