12 Best Transcription Jobs From Home [Online Beginners Guide]

Transcription jobs from home

Are you looking for the best online transcription jobs from home? This job is little interesting and especially for the one who can make time to work at home. 

There are many transcription jobs with no experience available in the market. You do not need to be a pro to transcribe language. 

Though having experience will speed up your work and complete task quicker. I would recommend you to do practice before you apply for the job so that you get an idea of how things work.

There are many remote transcription jobs available online that facilitate people to work from home and earn extra money on the side as a part-time

The most popular freelance transcription jobs are General transcription, Medical transcription, and Legal transcription. 

You can do these jobs remotely from anywhere anytime. 

The reason why many companies offer transcription jobs because they want an SEO benefit and make it easier for non-English to understand.

How Online Transcription Jobs Work?

Basically, you will be given audio files that you need to convert it into a text format. Just listen and start typing. You can also call this a data entry job

Here, you must have a good typing speed and know the language that you will listen to. 

Once you complete the files you will need to email your task and get paid. 

You can take a transcription work from home as a remote job. You can work anytime you are comfortable with. But the most important thing is to complete the task before the deadline.

Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

There are many companies who offer best transcription jobs for beginners and experienced with the different pay scales. 

You can take up the part-time transcription jobs from home if you are already doing a full-time job.

Here is the list of companies that provides transcription jobs.

1. Transcribeanywhere

They are the best-rated work from home site. Transcribeme is known for hiring transcriptionists. 

You will find Medical transcription jobs, Legal transcription jobs, and General transcription jobs. 

Just visit the Transcribeanywhere website and sign up yourself. They will provide you an assessment test to get qualified for the job. 

Normally, you can make around $18 – $20 per hour if you have experience. It’s a good platform for beginners who want to work online from home.

2. Rev

Rev is based in San Fransisco and Austin building and they are into the freelance industry. Rev is one of the highly know company in the freelancing industry. 

Million of people work as a freelancer through Rev. If you want to earn as a general transcriptionist then Rev is a good option for you. 

You can work from any part of the world, but before going ahead you need to complete the assessment test to get recruited.

3. Appen

Appen is a good company to start as a beginner who has no experience. They hire people from many countries so that they give the task to their native speakers. 

You can appy for any transcribe language. Just check whether they have transcribe job in your language or not before applying. 

4. Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides services to many companies who want to outsource their business. 

They hire a virtual assistant who can take up outsources tasks and do it with accuracy.

There are many options you can find to get other jobs like data entry.  The company is based in Carolina and offers many work from jobs to freelancers. 

You can visit their website and go to the jobs section. There, you will find all the available jobs that you can apply right now and get a chance to work. 

5. Bubbletype

A fresher can join Bubbletype company and start working from home. There is no experience required. 

You need to have basic experience in working on the computer. Good typing and listening skills are must. 

6. Scribie

You can take up different types of transcription work like audio files, video files, podcasting, interview and many more. 

Join them and complete the assessment test to get started. You can make up to $10-$20 per hour, depending upon how much a company willing to pay for a task and your speed. 

If your speed is good then you can even make more. 

7. Cambridge Transcription

They hire professionals transcriptionists who have at least one year of experience. You need to have good typing and English grammar skills. 

They offer work from transcription remote jobs with the good pay scale. You can generate a good source of income from Cambridge transcription. 

8. GMR Transcription

GMR is highly known for hiring transcriptionists. You can do a part-time job and earn money on a daily basis. 

Currently, they are paying between $0.75 to $1.75 per minute audio. 

During the application, you need to go through a test to get hired. They offer English as well as a Spanish speaker. 

9. Go Transcript 

This is a good company to start with. No experience required but you will have the deadline to complete the task. 

The estimated earning per month is $150 to $1215. It depends upon you how you are will to take up the task. 

10. 3 Play Media

They hire English and Spanish transcribers. You need to have a basic knowledge of operating computer as well as typing. 

You have an option to select English or Spanish depending upon how fluent you are. They offer a good payment, especially to an experienced transcriptionist. Normally the payment will be between $10-$30 per hour. The more you work, the more you earn. Try to work on your speed so that you become professional in a few weeks. 

11. Casting Words

If you are already doing a full-time job or searching for a part-time job to earn extra then you go for transcribe work with Casting Words. 

It’s a remote transcription job that you can do anytime. Just take care of the deadline. You can make up to $1 per audio minute. 

12. Speakwrite

Speakwrite hires professionals or experienced. You will be required to have a qualification in the field that you are applying for transcribe jobs.

You need to have an equipments that every professional transcriptionist has like a computer, headphone, printer, and scanner.

Mention that you have experience in MS word and have a good typing speed with accuracy. 

They usually hire people from U.S or Canada especially those who have fluent English. 

Why Transcription Jobs From Home?

Nowadays people wanted to do a job that creates regular income. In this digital world we got a chance to create a new source of income and make yourself financially stable.

I am not advising you to leave your current job and work full-time as a transcriber, but my suggestion to you is that you should have a side income so that you won’t mind doing extra expenses on yourself and loved ones.

The reason for going with a transcription job is, you can work from home in your spare time. You can start doing a transcription job without experience.

There are companies who appreciate beginners to join them and pay them for their work.

Remote Transcription Jobs

If you are looking for the best remote transcription jobs then there is good news for you.

Maximum companies offer remote jobs in the transcription freelancing industry.

It’s easy to grab a job online from your computer. You just need to have good listening and typing skills.

Yes, many companies also ask you to give an assessment test because they wanted to know that anybody applying for a transcription job has knowledge and ability to perform the task.

They also want people to join who are really interested to work as a transcriber.

Having noticed that many companies require English and Spanish transcriptionists so, if you are good with these languages then you have a higher chance to get the job.

Thought many other companies who are well known worldwide offer a transcription job on their regional languages.

Types of Transcription Jobs At Home.

You can choose the field that you are comfortable or have some knowledge about it. This will make your task easier and quicker. 

Legal Transcription Jobs

It is a type of job where you need to transcribe legal proceedings like interviews, hearings, etc. audio files into text format. 

This task requires good listening skills because it’s related to the legal. Attention to judgment and spoken works need to be done very carefully. 

Though this is a remote transcription job, but you have been given the responsibility to make a document with care. 

Normally, legal transcription work requires experience, so if you have been into a legal-related job then you should mention in your resume to increase the chances of acceptance. 

Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcriptionist job is related to medical and hospitals. The tasks include listening of audio files from the Doctor or physician and convert it into a written document like a medical report.

Many companies require an educational background of post-secondary education to get qualified.

You need to have a knowledge of medical terminologies to become a professional medical transcriber. 

In this field, it’s better you have a certification from an institution that provide training. You can join CareerStep and get training to become a medical transcriptionist.

General Transcription Jobs

General transcriptionists record a video or audio files to a text document. It doesn’t come into legal or medical transcription jobs.

It includes Youtube videos, Journalism videos, company advertisement videos, web conferences, etc. There are many companies that record a video and they want it to transcribe into a text file. 

It also includes audio files like podcasting, meeting voice records, and general voice recordings.

If you are a fresher but have good typing, listening and English skills then you can go for a general transcription job.  

How Much Does Transcription Make?

Normally, transcription remote jobs pay in between $13-$25. If you have experience in legal or medical then the payment may increase. 

There is no fixed amount you can make. It’s up to the company who is willing to pay. 

The earning is depend on how fast you are in transcribing. You can make money even $40 per hour if you have a good typing speed and accuracy in listening. The speed increases every week by taking the task on a regular basis.

You can make money fast once you become a pro transcriber in this field. This requires practice for sure. 

Don’t rush to completing the work. You may end up doing error and this is not a good sign for a transcriber. 

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Can Beginners Do Transcription Jobs?

There are many online transcription jobs available online. The list that I have shared with you, many of them welcome beginners who want to work at home.

Though you are a beginner but still you may be required to go through the assessment test to get qualified.

Medical transcription jobs and Legal transcription jobs may ask you for the educational qualification like higher studies in that field.

General transcription jobs may not ask you for education qualification but they may check your typing speed, listening skills and accuracy.

You can take a typing course online if you want to speed up your typing skills.

Beginners usually make around $10 per hour as they are new to the job and learning new things.

You can also call this job as a freelancing transcription job. This is especially for the one who can do jobs from home.

In the beginning, stage make sure that you don’t make errors. This will actually make you accurate. Once you gain a good accuracy level, then you can go and work on your speed.

Is Online Transcription Jobs Worth It?

No doubt, a transcription job is one of the highest paying jobs on the internet. You can make more than $2000 a month working at home.

It’s worth spending your spare time and weekends working part-time for extra income.

There is not much investment required to start a job. A computer, headphones, and an internet connection. That’s it!

If you are not earning much in your full-time job or your expenses are higher then freelance transcription work can be the best option for you.

Is Transcription Job A Scam?

Before you go ahead with any freelancing transcription job, make sure that you check whether it’s a legit company or scam.

You can cross verify with the other websites and check customer reviews and ratings.

There are many rating agencies that record the user reviews and based on that, they provide ratings to the specific company.

You can type company name and ratings or reviews on Google.

You will find people doing scam everywhere, but it’s up to you how you identify them.

You can try my tricks to identify a website whether it’s a scam or not. You can use your own method as well. Don’t go with the website that doesn’t appear on the Google search engine.

What Are The Alternative To Transcription Job?

If you are open with doing freelancing or virtual assistance jobs then you have multiple alternatives to transcription.

The alternatives are:

  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Survey Jobs
  • Editing jobs
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Jobs
  • Freelance Writer
  • Social Media Marketer and many more.

In the initial days, I would advise you to work on transcription and put your effort to learn things.

Taking multiple freelancing tasks can mess up your entire work. If you are thinking to go forward with freelancing as a full-time job then you can add up one more task so that you can get extra work and chance to learn a new field.

Transcription Job Description Requirements

Your resume needs to have certain skills to get the job quickly. The most important skills are: listening, attention to detail, English grammar,  accuracy, typing speed and ability to meet the deadline. 

There are companies that prefer people who have good listening and typing speed with accuracy. 

So, if you are applying for any online transcription jobs, then you must mention your experience or skills related to these backgrounds in the job description

Don’t forget to mention typing related experience if you are currently doing or have done in the past. This will add an advantage to your resume. 

Process For Transcription Job Application

Each company has its own application process.   Some companies would be fine with the resume and basic details but most of the companies will ask you to give an assessment test to get qualified for the job.

Once you get registered and selected, the company will provide you the audio files to convert it into text format.

You need to do it manually with accuracy. Each task will come with the deadline. It can be 24 hours or 48 hours, depending upon the company and urgency.

You must have a computer with the audio software to listen to the audio file.

As soon as you complete the task, send you a text file/s to your client.

The payment is different for different fields. The commonly known field is General transcription, Medical transcription, and Legal transcription.

All of them have a difference in the pay rate. If you are a fresher and do not have knowledge about Legal and medical then the best option for you is General transcription.

Each company has its own payment methods. You may get paid monthly, weekly or after reaching the minimum threshold balance.

The best way to accept payment is through Paypal as it is most convinient for getting online payments.

Transcription Jobs Interview Questions

There are some Transcriber interview questions you will be asked to check your eligibility for the job.

List of questions:

  • Tell us something about your background?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Have you ever worked as a transcriber before?
  • How much experience do you have in transcription?
  • How do you maintain confidentiality?
  • What do you do when you do not understand the word?
  • How good is your English spelling and Grammar?
  • Tell us something about how transcription job works?
  • What software do you use to listen to the audio file and how do you text it?
  • Why do you want this work?
  • How do you meet turnaround time?

Transcription Jobs Facts

You may not earn much in the initial days being a beginner as you are new and getting into speed takes time.

Pay is not as high compared to freelance writers.

You are not allowed to outsource your task to someone else.

Working as a Medical transcription or Legal transcription requires education qualification. If you already have an education then why would anybody take a transcription job?

You cannot rely only on one company. It’s better if you join one more company so that you get work as per your expectations. First, see how much work the first company is giving.

If they are giving enough task then there is no need to add up more company.

Career In Transcription Job

A career in transcription is good but only for part-time. If you want to do a freelancing job then there are many other options available where you can set up your own business online.

You can work as a Digital marketer or writer as a fixed job and considering transcription a side job.

Making a full-time career in this field is not advisable as you cannot do something extra to earn more.

In-short, careerwise keep transcription job as a side source of income. You have many options.


An online transcribe job is one of the best field that has the potential to generate recurring income. 

You can work from home and make money and have a part-time income if you are working 9-5 shift somewhere else. 

Remember, transcribe is a job but it’s a responsibility too. You are working as a freelancer and you have a deadline to meet. 

If you are serious about this work, then you are close to reaching success. Though many transcription works does not require experience, it’s better if you gain experience so that you build your profile as a good transcriber. 

This may lead to a full-time income from a remote job. The faster you become, the more you will earn. 

In this job speed and accuracy is very important. You may work slow in the initial stage as a beginner, but once you gain speed, you will surely earn a good amount of money in a quick time.

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