TMDhosting Review: Detailed Review with Features, Pricing [2021 Updated]

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Well, picking up the right hosting service provider has become a stringent task these days. In this scenario, if you are new to the internet world, it can cause you a headache to choose a good hosting provider. Yes, there are different types of service providers and if you are willing to find a good one, I have got TMDhosting review.

Any other person who has the will to start a website faces the dilemma of dealing with tons of issues. Yes, it may seem pretty complicated at the start but as and when you dig deep in, things become simpler for you.

Therefore, right in this TMDhosting review, I have got you a complete review of this hosting. Hence, let’s go ahead and have a look at this hosting, one after another.

TMDhosting Review 2021

Speaking about the history of TMDhosting, it was started back in the year 2007 and from there, the company has built a reliable customer base. In the beginning, company had just one database but currently, they have multiple servers in the US and overseas as well.

Currently, the company has got four total data centers in the US, one in Texas, Arizona, and the remaining two in Illinois.

With massive growth, the company have planted their data centers in the European Union and have even expanded their servers.

Firstly, in this TMDhosting review, let’s go through each of the hosting main features.

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TMDhosting Main Features

TMDhosting review

I have done an extensive amount of research and have got you a great list of features TMDhosting has to offer.

1. SSD Driven Hosting

Indeed, the era of HDD is becoming old and in such an age, SSD is something you must be looking at. Therefore, TMDhosting as a good hosting company offers SSD driven hosting. Yes, SSD is much faster than HDD and it enhances the website server response time to some good extents.

Further, unlike other hosting companies that charge for SSD hosting, TMD offers SSD within their hosting plans.

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the TMD hosting which is a better thing.

This can save you tons of your costs that you can use on buying other essential tools.

2. Unlimited Email Address

Yes, there is no point in buying hosting services of a company that doesn’t offer any sort of brand email addresses.

Personally, I have checked the different type of email services and I found TMDhosting to be a good one

TMDhosting offers unlimited email addresses where you can easily make use of different email address names, without an issue.

Yes, it’s good to have different email names with which you can do business or even blog in a much profound way.

Also, with TMDhosting, you don’t have to pay for anything extra. With this, you can simply opt for TMDhosting and get access to create and manage unlimited email addresses, the best way.

3. Free Domain & Automatic Backups

For any beginner who is in need to buy hosting, spending extra on the domain can be quite a hefty task for them.

Yes, it’s the duty of every single hosting company to offer a free domain with web hosting to reduce down the cost of overall costing.

Indeed, TMDhosting as a hosting provider offers free domain if you will purchase their services. Here, you can opt for one of their hosting plans and build a website around the same.

With this, you can reduce the cost to some good extents and use that money on other essential things.

In the midst of choosing your own domain name, you will have to be very much careful. Here, you must choose a domain name that is easier to remember and the ones which come with the main keyword.

Automatic Backups

TMDhosting review

Apart from offering a good domain name, the company also offers automatic backups. In this scenario, they don’t charge any amount for the backups and this you will get free of cost.

Yes, with the free automatic backups, you don’t need to panic in any case. In such cases, even if your files or database get deleted, you can easily restore those files with the automated backup.

In this case, you can ask for a backup from TMDhosting and once you get the same, then the company will restore the backup for you.

Yes, with automatic backups, you don’t have to stress yourself for doing the backup normally. Here, you can easily ask the company and they will do the backup for you, in a far better way.

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4. Free Let’s Encrypt included

TMDhosting review

Going ahead in this TMDhosting review, the TMDhosting also offers useful Free Let’s Encrypt within the package.

Further, Google from its end is forcing the companies to enforce SSL certificates on their websites. This will enhance the overall search ranking and will give some sort of a boost to the overall website.

In such a case, TMDhosting as a hosting company is offering SSL pre-installed in their package. Yes, this thing is quite amazing as your website will get the secured padlock from day one.

Further, you can even go ahead and install an SSL certificate on all your websites from day one with TMDhosting.

Thinking about pricing? The SSL certificate from TMDhosting is offered free of cost. Yes, there are no charges associated with the hosting and you can easily encrypt your website and make it much secure than the usual.

5. Dedicated WordPress hosting

Indeed, in this TMDhosting review, the other better offering from this company is the Dedicated WordPress hosting.

The company offers Dedicated Managed hosting for WordPress and the pricing is kept at the most affordable extents.

In this scenario, you can either go for the lowest priced plan or even go for the better one. Here, you can choose the SSD hosting that comes with unmetered bandwidth, OptimumCache, premium support, and even a free domain.

Further, another one of the best things of Dedicated WordPress hosting is that the company offers massive 60 Days of money back guarantee.

Yes, this is quite a massive period in which you can easily check the TMDhosting. You can test TMDhosting and see which things are working for you and which are the things not working.

Now, keeping the Starter package aside, you can even opt for the higher package plans. Each of the higher package plans comes with good server performance and Wildcard SSL.

Yes, this is a massive upgrade and the pricing is not kept high as well. In such a case, you will get automatic updates which will further amplify your overall user experience to some good extents.

6. Free Templates Available

Yes, the first impression is the last impression and on that basis, the company does offer some really cool free templates to choose from. Among those free templates, you can choose any of the ones that suit your needs.

If you are eager to create your first impression, all that your website needs is good design. Yes, if your website interface is good, there is better chance visitors will come and stick to your website.

Also, themes along with templates are responsible to design the overall structure of the website. The better your website architecture is, the more are the chances that your site will attract massive traffic.

Additionally, they even offer different types of themes for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, WordPress, Dolphin, etc.

Further, the company didn’t include any type of fancy element in the themes still it looks a lot more vibrant and classy.

Therefore, you can easily make use of the TMDhosting free templates and build websites your own way.

7. Scalability

Speaking about scalability, TMDhosting has done good work in this case. Yes, it has become a true necessity.  With the help of TMDhosting scalability, even if you have chosen a lower hosting plan, you can upgrade to a better hosting, at any point in time.

Also, the company offers promises to scale as per user needs, at any point in time. With this, even if you are falling short of the resources, you have the chance to upgrade your resources, without any sorts of issues.

Further, the company even promises hosting without the need for any sort of downtime, data loss, DNS propagation, and many more.

Therefore, the moment you decide that you are willing to change the plans, you are free to do so.

Here, you can easily change the plans, scale up your resources, and enjoy interruption-free hosting, at any point in time.

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8. Free Spam Protection Available

TMDhosting review

Going ahead in this TMDhosting review, Free Spam protection is another good thing TMDhosting offers. Currently, the internet has become an unsafe place where spam attacks are increasing at a rapid scale. In such a scenario, TMDhosting offers free spam protection.

This is something other companies are offering at the cost of price tag and TMDhosting offers such things free of cost.

In this case, the company has teamed up with a bunch of Spam experts that are always working to guide users against spam.

Yes, this is another better thing offered by TMDhosting as they can help you in keeping the website safe and secure from any sort of spam attack.

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9. A bunch of Knowledgebase & Tutorials Available

TMDhosting company offers a valuable knowledge base along with different sorts of tutorials.

Yes, at any point in time if you are stuck, you can easily make use of the knowledge base along with tutorials and other helpful guides.

By just a simple click, you can easily access TMDhosting database and find solutions to different hosting issues.

From their end, the company has strived real hard to offer detailed solutions on each of the issues.

Also, another better thing about TMDhosting is that the company even offers video tutorials. With video tutorials, you can easily see which are those videos that can be helpful for you.

Then, you can easily go ahead and resolve issues your way.

10. Responsive Customer Support

TMDhosting review

Well, the customer support of TMDhosting is one of the best hostings. Indeed, the company is well-known for its customer support as they have offered some of the best and world-class services.

In this scenario, the waiting time is approx. 15 minutes and with this, you will get a reply in this frame time.

Additionally, the company also offers customer support in the form of a phone call too. On top of that, the waiting time goes max up to 15 minutes in which you can easily resolve each of your queries, every single time.

Also, every single time, you will get a reply which is another better thing from this company.

Each of the reply you will get will be professional as the employees are trained to offer good support, every single time.

Hence, in the overall perspective, I can say that the customer support of TMDhosting works brilliantly.

TMDhosting Plans

shared plan

Coming down to different plans offered by TMDhosting, shared hosting is the very first plan by the company. Yes, for every new blogger, they can easily go ahead and choose different shared hosting plans from TMDhosting.

One of the biggest advantage to choose the shared hosting plan of TMDhosting is that each of the plans come at a cheaper price.

Currently, the company is offering three of the shared hosting plans in the form of Starter, Business, and Professional plans.

The starter plan allows you to host one domain per hosting. Yes, it comes with almost all of the necessary features you need from a starter hosting.

In this case, all you need is to pay $2.95 each month and you will get unlimited SSD disk storages, free CPanel, unmetered bandwidth, and good customer support.

With such sorts of features available, you are free to choose the shared hosting plan and host single or multiple websites.

For additional details related to Shared Hosting, you can visit the official website. There, you will get tons of information regarding shared hosting and then decide which plan you are willing to opt for.

VPS Hosting


Going ahead towards the next set of hosting, VPS hosting is another better choice for people who are established into the online industry.

Yes, with a VPS hosting, you can get your own choice of the server where resources will be present for your use.

Every single VPS package from TMDhosting is made to deliver excellent performance from their end.

Also, initially, you can test VPS hosting of TMDhosting and see whether they are working perfectly or not.

Then, you can easily go ahead, grab the money-back offer, and easily test each thing about TMDhosting VPS services.

Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is often interpreted as a replacement generation shared hosting. within the latter, a CPU is shared between many accounts.

On the opposite hand, parts of the many servers are shared to different accounts within the former.

The uptime and scalability are high on the cloud as compared to shared. they need three plans, the differences dwell four sections only like Ram, CPU, Price, and sites allowed per plan.

Starter Cloud: The essential plan during a lot of cloud hosting is “Summer”. You get 2 CPU cores including a 2 GB RAM here. But it only allows you to host one website. And, you ought to pay $5.95 per month to take care of this package.

Business Cloud: This one gives you a complicated hosting experience with 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM. You’ll host unlimited websites. the worth maybe a bit high here; $6.95 per month.

Enterprise Cloud: The very best among the cloud hosting, Storm package offers a hexacore CPU plus, a 6 GB of RAM and therefore the ability to host unlimited websites. you’ll be paying $9.95 per month for this plan.

Likewise, the company offers other sorts of hosting plans too. Some other hosting plans offered by TMDhosting are as follows:

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Hence, from your end, you are free to choose the type of hosting you find suitable. However, choosing hosting must be solely done based on your requirements.

Once you have tested things out, then you can easily decide and choose the hosting, you find the most suitable.

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Final Word of Mouth: TMDhosting review

So, if you are willing to wait for my recommendation to choose TMD hosting, my answer will be yes.

Especially, if you are a newbie blogger and eager to find a good hosting company with affordable plans, TMDhosting is the right one for you

The company has tried to keep its pricing as low as possible and have offered almost each of the essential features.

Also, even if you are an advanced person, you can still opt for higher-value plans. Such types of plan include the VPS, Dedicated, and reseller plans.

Now, after this TMDhosting review, before you can choose any hosting service provider, you got to keep requirements in mind.

You will have to exactly figure out which are your requirements and what you can do to choose the right plan for those requirements.

On the other hand, even TMDhosting customer support has been on the far better end. Yes, with the help of their extraordinary support, you will not face any issues to communicate with them and fix those, one by one.

Overall, TMDhosting has done quite a decent job in hosting and you don’t have to do much in this case.

To keep things simpler, you can simply CLICK HERE and look among different hosting options.

All you can do is to look at different plans, choose a better one and host your website, in a much better way.

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