TaskRabbit Review: Is TaskRabbit App Legitimate?

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For the people who are eager to hire people for different home improvement work, TaskRabbit offers the same to every user. Yes, we live in a digitized world where almost every sort of work is shifting online.

With this, the TaskRabbit app is an amazing platform that delivers people with the right type of home improvement person. Taking this a step ahead, I have for you an in-depth TaskRabbit review. 

Additionally, the site offers tons of other valuable features such as linking tons of different contractors which are said as TaskRabit taskers. Further, Taskers perform everything ranging from furniture assembly to cleaning and lifting of different handyman work. 

Currently, to let you know more about TaskRabbit, I have done detailed research on the same. Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil an exclusive TaskRabbit review. 

TaskRabbit Review

Quite precisely, you can think of TaskRabbit as Uber. Speaking about the rates of TaskRabbit, it varies from $17 to $80 per hour. Hence, on average, you are expected to pay around $35 for different moving services. See what Stacy Brown says about TaskRabbit

Plus, TaskRabbit does not guarantee top quality services. However, you can effortlessly give your task and get it done most professionally. And of course, TaskRabbit is a complete legitimate app. 

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What’s the Cost of TaskRabbit App?

Moving ahead in this TaskRabbit, the cost of TaskRabbit varies quite significantly. Initially, the Taskers are allowed to set their own prices. Each of the taskers can set their price depending upon their own evaluation. 

As I said above, taskers can give anything between $17 to $80 per hour. On average, the pricing is kept at $35 per month which is pretty decent. If you also wanted to use your hand on TaskRabbit, then you can expect the salary, but there is a small commission TaskRabbit keep with them. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to handle the heavy lifting, you can use TaskRabbit to get your work done. 

Additionally, TaskRabbit is much cheaper than almost all of the home improvement services available online. With this, you can save tons of your money by giving work to TaskRabbit. After this, you can pick a suitable person for the job an get it done quite effortlessly. News related to TaskRabbit.

A take on TaskRabbit Pricing for moving services

I analysed TaskRabbit services where I got to see different service options. Hence, I concluded that on average, pricing was quoted between $30 to $50 an hour where this depends on each task. 

Moreover, if the task is quite long enough, the amount for that particular task will be quite higher than normal.

 TaskRabbit Review: TaskRabbit Average rates

Given below are the TaskRabbit services rates that you should take into consideration:

Hauling: $47

Furniture Assembly: $30

IKEA furniture Assembly: $28

Mounting and Installation: $38

Packing and unpacking: $53

Heavy Lifting: $41

Going forward in this TaskRabbit review, one thing you must take into consideration is that the above rates will change. Indeed, it will change based on the type of work and the amount of time and effort that are put into that work. You can contact them if you have questions related to TaskRabbit. 

From my end, I have given only the representation where you can simply work based on your personal experience. 

A look at TaskRabbit Cost Factors

Keeping aside the variations that arise in TaskRabbit, there are still some more factors associated with TaskRabbit. Well, each of those TaskRabbit factors is illustrated as follows:

Task requested: sure tasks (which include hauling and furnishings meeting) are cheaper than others (such as packing and moving assist). 

Suggestions: We recommend paying $20 cash for a half of day of help and $40 for the entire day. 

Furniture Brand: IKEA fixtures cost less to gather than furniture from other shops.

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TaskRabbit Review: Coverage Options

We did find one good-sized drawback: TaskRabbit does now not offer insurance coverage for its taskers’ work, meaning you’re in large part out of a good fortune.

In case your stuff goes lacking or gets damaged. You do have the option of filing an owner’s insurance claim.

However, it can be hard to discover the coverage that covers unintended harm. 

So if your tasker drops that complete-duration pottery barn replicates you, expect to pay coins for an alternative.

Additionally, Taskrabbit does have what it calls a “happiness pledge” that serves as informal insurance coverage. 

If you are unable to clear up a problem at once with your tasker, TaskRabbit says it “may additionally” offer reimbursement.

But you have to submit a claim for your non-public insurance first and document your complaint with TaskRabbit within 14 days.

A Glance at TaskRabbit Features and Different Services

Well, with TaskRabbit, you can perform tons of home improvement work. Of which, the quality and best services offered by TaskRabbit are as follows:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Furniture shopping
  • Furniture disposal services
  • Furniture delivery
  • TV mounting
  • Cleaning
  • Donation drop-off
  • Heavy lifting
  • Moving and hauling
  • Couch removal
  • Furniture assembly
  • Furniture rearrangement

From the above services, you can choose any one of your needs and give work to different people in TaskRabbit. If you are a customer or a tasker, you can go to the help section of the website and read faq’s and clear your doubt. 

Why do I Like TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit app helps you compare different options

  • Taskrabbit allows you to evaluate services and charges for multiple taskers. Unlike the undertaking of getting estimates for full-service actions. They always update about their services on their press release section of their website. 
  • Further, Taskrabbit offers you all of the facts in a single area and even helps you to study tasker evaluations. 
  • Additionally, it’s difficult to overstate how useful it is to see a listing of all your bids immediately. 
  • You say what you want to be completed and then select a price from the bids you get hold of. It’s that simple. There are four steps to soliciting bids:

Currently, there are four types of steps you have to complete while bidding which are as follows:

1. List out your Current Address

Well, if you are the sort of person who is moving, it’s recommended that you give your current address. 

2. Tell the size of your task

  • Small Load: Hour or Less
  • Medium Load: Two to three hours
  • Large Load: Minimum Two hours

3. Selection of Tasker Requirements

  • Requirement not applicable
  • Task requires the use of car
  • Task effectively requires a truck

4. Details of your move

The moment you have typed your responses, TaskRabbit will offer you the list of Taskers in your area. Now, if you will tap on individual tasker profiles, the platform which shows you information as follows:

  • Profile pic
  • Reviews
  • Hourly rate
  • Features and additional services 
  • Type of vehicle
  • Bio
  • Tenure as a tasker
  • Availability

Note: Another thing that you must know is that the platform shows top taskers right at the top position. Hence, this makes it easier for every other person who wants to choose the best of all. 

Also, you can eventually go ahead and check for customer reviews. The better is the response of workers, you will know that they will do the work quite effortlessly. 

Further, I would recommend you to read every single tasker review quite keenly. This will help you determine the best taskers and then you can choose some brilliant ones from the same. 

TaskRabbit Review: TaskRabbit Evaluates it’s taskers

Taskrabbit analyzes all potential taskers just like a full-carrier transferring corporation examines its employees, consisting of setting every tasker via an identity test and a heritage take a look at. 

The manner is just like the one utilized by on-demand offerings like uber and Postmates drivers.

However TaskRabbit takes it a step ahead and interviews each candidate.

 If a tasker makes the reduction, their status at the website is then dependent on personal requirements.  

Taskers want a combination of revel in and suitable evaluations to stay on TaskRabbit. 

Through the years, they rise to the top or can fall off the listing. 

By the point a tasker responds on your bid, you realize they’ve been vetted by way of each TaskRabbit and those who employed them. 

Of course, no matter how high a tasker is ranked, issues can creep in. Taskers may want to probably display up overdue, fail to provide the promised services, or even be unprofessional. 

These are risks that include hiring taskers through the activity in place of full-service movers. 

Lastly, your threat can’t be absolutely eliminated, but TaskRabbit goes to superb lengths to offer you great services, as much as possible 

TaskRabbit delivers a much professional IKEA Assembly

Have you ever discovered yourself sitting inside the middle of your living room surrounded by rogue IKEA furnishings elements? 

That’s why we recognize TaskRabbit’s IKEA fixtures assembly offerings. 

Way to a right away partnership with IKEA, you can e-book taskers to gather your furniture when you make a buy online or in an IKEA store. 

If the toughest part of shopping for furnishings is setting it together while you get domestic, outsource that process to TaskRabbit. 

Additionally, IKEA fixtures assembly services begin at $27 in keeping with objects and rises based totally on the issue of assembly.

TaskRabbit offers the same-day option

Well, moving ahead in this TaskRabbit review, another essential feature of TaskRabbit is that it offers the same-day option. This is as similar as DoorDash delivery driver where you get paid for your daily task. 

This option is indeed a handy one where you can offer tasks and let the work on the same day. Further, there are different timelines associated with each of the work. 

From your end, you can effortlessly set the timeline for different taskers. Thereafter, as and when the taskers complete the work then you can go ahead and pay those taskers. 


Wrapping up the entire article, I hope you have got the best TaskRabbit review. 

Indeed, the platform is a good one for people who are looking to get their home improvement work done. For such type of work, a person with experience can do it for you and that is where TaskRabbit comes into the picture. 

Using TaskRabbit, you can find different taskers and evaluate among them. Here, you also get the chance to read customer reviews and then make your decision. 

Indeed, the app offers different sorts of services where you have the chance to choose any of them. In terms of pricing, it’s quite affordable where it depends on the type of work you are offering. 

In terms of security of payments, the platform offers some of the best security protocols. Hence, money is kept save on TaskRabbit where if the tasker does the work correctly, money gets transferred Io their account. 

Therefore, right now, all you can do is to keenly analyze the platform and look for its features. Then, you can opt for the same, give work to taskers, and get your work done most professionally. 

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