Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks Legit, Safe?

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Review: Do you know what is Swagbucks and what are the online money-making opportunities you can grab right now? This Swagbucks review will guide you on how to make real money from your phone or computer.

They allows users to earn even in their spare time by answering online surveys, playing games, watching videos, using the web and many more.

There are many questions came to my mind like what is Swagbucks? how people successfully making money? is Swagbucks legit?

I have seen this company at many places on the internet that made me eager to know how the app works, and when I researched on it and seen some positive reviews.

Let’s see how much you can make with Swagbuks.

If you answer 10 surveys, then you would probably make $5 to $15. It also depends on your profile. 

Let’s say you answer 15 surveys in an hour, then your estimated earning would be $10. 

Working only 4 hours can bring up to $40 a day. 

Working 8 hours a day can bring up to $80 a day. 

$10 per hour X 8hours = $80

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Swagbucks news

Hence, I thought to share with you another money making ideas through Swagbucks review. 

Here I will be going to share my experience with this platform and how I started earning money.

Read this comprehensive Swagbucks review and get in & out ideas.

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Swagbucks Review

You will find very few apps which gives multiple features like what Swagbucks App provides. There are many reasons why this company is the favorite online money app.

You will find various options to make money and the best part is you can choose whatever the money making options you like.

You can use all of them or use anyone, it’s your call. Using more option will lead to more money.

This company is a highly trusted money making app. I used it personally it to check how it works.

After joining, they had given me a chance to answer a quick online survey and refer a friend a make money option.

I went to the invite friend option and started sharing the the app. You can also help your friends to make money and in return, the company will reward you points that you can redeem for cash or gift card. I took cash when I got points.

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. Headquarter based in EI Segundo, California. They run several reward program that offers options to earn side income.

it has a tie-up with many companies including domestic and international. They generate revenue in exchange for service.

They shares the task with its users and reward points on completion. There are multiple tasks that you can take and start making a side income.

The company basically outsource their work to their registered users like answering online surveys, using a search engine and many more.

They don’t make you wait for payment. As soon as you reach the required points to redeem it for cash or gift card, you will get it in a few days. I usually get my Paypal cash in 2-3 working days.

How to Sign Up for Swagbucks?

Signing up is a 2-minute process. You can sign up in two ways: Facebook or email address. You will also make some Swagbucks points for signing up.

They will send you the confirmation email to you to check whether you are genuine or not.

Once you will complete the signup process, you will be able to login to the SB account and start earning money. They will not make you to wait, you will start earning money on the spot.

Before starting up, do not forget to update your profile to get more work daily. Keep only one email address to sign up. 

The Swagbucks sign-up process is pretty simple you won’t find any kind of challenges to get started. 

Is Swagbucks legit?

Swagbucks is 100% legit and real company who offers a great opportunity to make money online from home.

Trust pilot review

Swagbucks have got the rating of 4/5 in Trustpilot.

Many users are making legit money for many years. They just open the app and start making money from wherever they are.

This company is highly trusted online money making company who have many programs that truly help people. When I earned the SB points, I decided to withdraw it right away.

As soon as I request for Paypal money in exchange for my earned SB points, I received an email confirmation. After 2-3 days I noticed money credited into my account. 

They have not charged a single processing fee to transfer the money. The exact money came to my bank account. 

They have paid over $250 million to its member till date. It’s favorite for many online earners around the world. Many users has shared their view on reddit page.

Swagbucks Daily Poll

A daily poll is a two-second task for their members that kept optional. When you login, you will see an option call daily poll. Just click on it and tick the answer you like.

You will earn 1 point for answering a poll. Yes, it’s very less but getting 1 SB point for a 2-second task is worth.

Continue your daily earning activities once you are done with this short task. Grab the points where ever you are getting it.

Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter

You can join Swagbucks group on Facebook and Twitter and get regular updates.

You will find many updates for extra points, offers, special day, codes, guides and many more.

Any changes or updates quickly shared on these social media platform to make users aware of changes or opportunities.

Swagbucks Hacks

You will need to know how to do the task fast or what techniques will help you to complete the task with minimum effort.

You need to understand what option is best for you to work on.

Before you start, you must complete your profile and do not forget to mention your experience or skills that you have. You may get high paying surveys to answer based on your profile.

You can start watching videos and earn extra points. Start the video and continue your work. Go to the other video and get back your task.

When you do shopping through Swagbucks, check for which product offering high SB points. The same point will help you to do the shopping for free next time.

Get your family members to join this app for free using your referral link. So, whenever they earn points, you will get some percentage from it.

Swagbucks Rewards

The fastest way to earn money is by submitting online surveys and referrals. There are some other ways to earn rewards like watching videos, playing games, etc but they offer fewer points.

If your aim is to earn more SB rewards, then start answering surveys and share unique referral link with your friends.

They also reward their users a cashback on doing shopping, 50 SB points on installing their browser extension.

When you log in, you will see to do list which is a daily goal for you to earn more rewards. There is a bonus point for completing the to-do list.

Signing up with other companies services will give you an opportunity to earn more rewards. However, it’s not compulsory. Join if you really find it useful otherwise not.

Swagbucks BBB Review

Swagbucks BBB Review

Better Business Bureau which also called a BBB review rating. They provide data based on the users’ experience.

Taking authenticity and many other factors into consideration, BBB has given a B+ rating and 4+ starts from customers side. I find users are pretty happy with the company. They are using it for many purposes and not leaving to chances of earning points.

You will see few complaints and that to was taken care of by their support team. They always ready to answer your questions and resolve issues.

Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC.

Swagbucks Customer Service

Swagbucks has a great customer service for their users.

If you need any help, open the app and click on Customer Support and select the options related to your concern.

You will find many frequently asked questions and their answers. If you are not satisfied with the questionnaires then, you have an option to send a message to help center.

Simply click on Submit a request, select the relevant option, mention your query and submit it.

You will also get an option for attachments, so keep the proof to attach it if required.

How Much Can You Make On Swagbucks?

There is no fixed amount because it totally depends upon where you are spending time. You can make up to $35 per survey.

You can make more money with Swagbucks on answering surveys and referrals. Their Referral program will give you a passive income opportunity.

I have made around 1700 SB points from referrals in a few days from joining. They are now giving me an option to redeem points to Paypal or other Gift cards.

I am not much active on it, otherwise, I would have earned 10X more. 

How Does Swagbucks Works?

They reward members with SB point by doing some simple task like answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching on web and even shopping(with cash back and discounts).

Swagbucks Sign upThe company even pay you to update your profile and referring friends to join. When you refer Swagbucks to someone, you will make money. They will also give you some percentage of points when your referred friend earns money all the time.

When you do shopping through their site, they receive the commission but they don’t keep the whole commission with themselves. They will share the same commission with you in the form of cash back or reward points like what MyPoint does.

The company tries all its best to understand users profile so that they can provide the most relevant money-making opportunity. They also made the to-do list to make the user comfortable in making money rather than finding the tasks.

You can redeem SB points for cash (PayPal) or gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, etc.).

The redemption process takes around 2-3 days.

Can I Earn Money Daily With Swagbucks?

It depends upon how much time you will spend on Swagbucks. They will give you many opportunities to make money as they are not limited to only one way of earning.

You will find different ways of making money from it. You do not need to wait for work, they keep giving you work when you start.

Even if you submit all the surveys, you will still have other option to make money like playing games, watching videos, etc.

Countries Where Swagbucks is Available?

They are available in the United States, U.K, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, and Germany.

If you do not reside in these locations, then you can visit Swagbucks and check whether it’s available in your location or not.

Should I Join Swagbucks?

Yes, you can, but you need to make time to earn money regularly. I would not advise you to join Swagbuck if you are a busy person or looking to do any business except referral income.


You will need to put your own efforts. You will be going to learn more in Swagbucks review.

There are many ways where you can make money on your spare time like while traveling, at home, during breaks, holidays, etc.

Is 1000 SB Points Equals to $10?

It depends on what you are redeeming. To get $10 Paypal cash you will need to redeem 1335 SB point as of today. The minimum payout to PayPal is $5 which equals to 700 SB points.

If you want a Facebook game card of $10 then, you will need to redeem 1000 SB point.

So, there is not a fixed point system for redemption.

Swagbucks Competitors

This company has many features that is very hard to beat, but there are some companies who is giving very tough competition.

  • Survey Junkie: If you only want to make money from answering online surveys, then Survey Junkie should be the first choice.
  • Ebates: In terms of Cashback and referral income, Ebates is top on the list. There are some other companies who provide cash back which can be used on next shopping, but Ebates transfers real cash back to your bank account.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. It’s a legit company that brings many money making opportunity for the one who is willing to online.

Better Business Bureau has given an B+ rating. You can trust Swagbucks and earn good money through surveys and many other activities.

You can safely earn money every day in your spare time. I have earned money through and had never experienced any kind of fraudulent activities while using it. 

They transferred my earned money before the deadline. After using it and the kind of service I experienced, I find it 100% safe without having any doubt in my mind. 

You can contact Swagbucks if you have any question or need help. 

Add Swagbucks Button To Your Computer?

By adding the SB button on your computer, you will be automatically receiving discounts and cash back when you do online shopping. You will no longer be required to visit their official page. The Browser extension button detects the shopping automatically. 

You do not need to find discount coupons as extension button will keep notifying you about discounts whenever you reach any product/services.

Additionally, the button will also allow you to see new survey invitation, search on the web for money, Swag Codes and some other features.

This feature saves a lot of time especially when you are doing shopping or ordering food. They straightaways inform you about discounts and SB point while browsing.

The button is actually a money saver button that gives us different options to collect money. 

How Download Swagbucks App

They do have their own app for their registered members. You first create an account which takes 2 minutes.

Once you logged in, click on the option called Mobile Apps. You can also visit your app store and download the mobile app, but make sure that you download the right app.

It’s better if you download the mobile app by visiting the website and click on the Mobile App option.

Swagbucks Gift Card

To get Gift card, you will be required to earn SB points. You can use all the options available to earn points. The more you spend time, the more reward points you will receive.

The company has a tie-up with many big brands that offer a gift card. The gift card offer is different for different countries.

They offer the Gift Card of the stores that are famous in their locality. In my location, they are offering me Amazon’s Gift card and many other stores.

You may get an option for many clothing brands. It’s better first you explore the website/App and see what Gift card they are offering in your locality.

There are fixed points for each gift card. They may ask you to give away 500 points to get $5 gift card.

This will give you an idea of what number of points you should target daily or weekly to get Gift cards for your shopping.

Can I Earn Full Time With Swagbucks?

No, it is only recommendable for part-time work or side income, to be honest. They will only help you to add extra money to your full-time income. I am only sharing Swagbucks review for the purpose of making people aware about it. No doubt it’s a very good platform to make real money online.

If you want to earn full time then, This company will not be the right option for you. You need to find some other ways to make money.

How to Make Money With Swagbucks?

There are many options to make money through this company. There are also some hacks that I am going to share with you. You will just need to pick what is suitable for you and plan your time so that you can earn every day.

Swagbucks Survey

You can make extra money by filling Swagbucks surveys that take a few minutes. I was a little shocked when I see a 1-minute survey.

Yes, the reward points were less, but it’s good to have a short survey when you have some time to earn extra cash.

You will also see the surveys that take 2 – 25 minutes, but the reward points are higer for lengthy surveys.

They will also give you the estimated time of completion for surveys so that you can choose the answer survey as per your availability.

The reason why I kept the survey income on top of the list is because, the earning from Survey is great. You can work with surveys for side income.

Earn Cash Back From Swagbucks

You will like doing shopping through Swagbucks as they give cash back to its members for doing shopping from Amazon, Walmart, etc. through their site or app.

This is as similar to Ebates who also offers its member to earn up to 40% cash back for doing shopping.

The company has tie-up with many well known online stores. They generate affiliate earning (no extra cost to you when you buy thing via SB) and they share that earning with you in the form of cash back.

Referral Income

Swagbucks Referral income

You must have heard about passive income? Referral income works the same. You will earn money when you refer to your friends.

You just need to click on the refer & earn the option to get a referral link. When you share that link, and if somebody joins through you, points will be added to your account.

You will also earn when your referral friends make money anytime. I have earned around 1700 SB Points for just referring. I had joined this company to check how it works and I find it good for extra money.

You can also earn by referring someone to add the Browser extension button to their computer. You will receive a different referral link for extension button.

Make Money Searching on Web

The way you search on Google, you can also search on their search engine. You will receive SB point whenever you search through the app/website.

You can make Swagbucks as your default browser search engine.

They will also give you an option to add extension to your computer browser to use it in quick time.

There is no guarantee that you will make money on every search, but if your internet usage is good, then you should make use of their web.

You are not doing anything, just searching on the web like normally you do and making some extra money.

Watch Swagbucks Video For Money

The company pay to its members for watching videos. They have a very good reach like news, funny clips, informational videos and many more.

They already know people’s daily activities and this is the reason they came up with the ideas of giving the opportunity to others for making money from daily activities a person usually do.

There is a hack here. You can start a video and do some other stuff. 

Play Games For Money

If you like playing games, then this app is the right platform for you to make extra cash every month. If you are not a game lover then ignore this option.

You will be paid as per game or crossing the game level. So, every time you play the game and pass the level, you will be rewarded by SB Point.

Is Swagbucks Real?

I have earned referral money from Swagbucks and I did not find any kind challenges to withdraw the money from it.

You may get high or fewer rewards on the task you perform but the rewards you get is 100% real. You can redeem the reward points whenever you want. They don’t do any kind of manipulation with rewards.

Users at Trustpilot given a rating of 4 which is accepted as a great rating.

When I was going through the comments, I found there was one user who is using it for the last 10 years.

Swagbucks for Android and iPhone

The company made their app available for both Android and iPhone. App for these phones is completely user-friendly.

You will not take more than 5 minutes to understand the app functions. You won’t find any challenge when you want to start making money.

Fastest Way To Earn With Swagbucks

If you want to earn more money, then you must give more time. Many users don’t know how much they can make extra money if they utilize it properly.

First, find out the spare time you usually get daily like while traveling, at home, office lunchtime and weekends.

Target what time fits best for you to start working with them. Planning is very important. Dedicate a set of time to work and earn as many as a point.

The more you plan your day, the more you will earn. Start answering paid surveys and referring your friends.

Target the number of points you need to earn and plan your day accordingly so that you can create your own regular weekly income.

Last, be consistent.

Swagbucks Gold Surveys Review

Swagbucks Gold Surveys

Gold Surveys is becoming a popular survey platform for making money daily.

I would recommend you to check how much points a Gold survey is offering to you and how long it will take to complete.

More SB points in less time taking surveys should be your choice. There are comments I have read on Reddit about Gold surveys. They disqualify the user and don’t credit the full points.

The better way to avoid this situation is by completing the profile. Do not provide false information otherwise, it will become difficult for them to assign you a relevant survey that you can answer easily.

Disqualification From Survey

They do screening to check whether you are the right person to answer the survey or not.

If they found that you are not eligible, then they may disqualify you for that particular survey. You still have a chance to join another survey.

The company also reward for disqualification from the survey, but the reward point is very little. I would advise you to update your profile to avoid being disqualified.


Is Swagbucks Worth It?

It depends upon how you are making use of it. It’s really worth for the one who really wants to give extra time on the website or app.

Answering surveys and referrals can give you a good SB point. 

There are some other options like search engine, videos and games can add some extra point into your account.
Pros & Cons of Swagbucks

I do like Swagbucks for many reasons and this is what made me write review but, there are some true cons that I cannot ignore while reviewing.


  • Many options to make money like surveys, referral, searching on the web, watching videos etc.
  • Recurring income from referrals.
  • Can work at any time. No matter whether it’s day or night.
  • You can even work for 1 minute by just answering a small survey.
  • Swagbucks has received an A rating from BBB.
  • Many options for redemption such as PayPal cash, Free Gift cards and many more.
  • Highly trusted money making site.
  • The user-friendly site as well as mobile App.


  • Not fit for full-time income.
  • Less SB points on some activities.
  • It requires extra effort to make a side income.

Overall, it is a very good platform to make money, especially in your spare time.

Now, you decide whether it fits you or not.

Important Tips:

You can make more money when you make good use of your spare time like answering a short survey while traveling, office break time, etc. If you have read the entire Swagbucks review, then you must know how to use Swagbucks. 

Watch videos or search on Swagbucks search when you are at home.

Earning from online surveys has good money. If you only have an interest in making money from surveys, then you can join below well known online Surveys sites: Survey Junkie and Vindale Research.

The Swagbucks review completes here. Comment down below if you have and share your thoughts.

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