How to Start Email Marketing? TOP Ways & Proven Ones [2021 Updated]

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Indeed, even if we are living in a high-tech world, email marketing is something that is still running at full potential. There are multiple small scales to medium-scale businesses that are using email marketing for generating a good amount of leads. Hence, if you are someone who needs to start email marketing, then this article can help you tons.

However, before we can go ahead with email marketing, you got to set up your account with the email service provider. While you can even perform email marketing without an ESP, you can get hands-on with a range of features with an ESP.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unveil details to start email marketing, right from scratch.

How to Start Email Marketing: Rules of Email Marketing

Beginning with the basics, given below are the three rules that you need to follow in order to succeed in email marketing.

  1. Quantity over Quality

Rule number 1 is to focus on quality and not quantity. Yes, this is a true rule when it comes to making an email list and the content of emails.

First of all, it’s not the size of the email list that matters but it’s the quality that matters to the most extent.

A stronger business can solve problems and here you got to find people whose issues you can solve.

Personally, I have seen businesses having lesser than 200 email subscribers having five-figure product launches. Here, the business owners focused on the growth of their email list in a quality way. They brought the right kind of people into their system that helped them to sell the product, without issues.

  1. Send Value-Oriented Emails

Yes, value-driven emails hold a true sense of value and it can reach to the potential audience, then you can generate leads along with better revenue.

Additionally, by sending emails to different users, you can eventually strengthen the relationship you have with each of your subscribers. Plus, this can help you to position yourself as an expert in that niche.

And, because your audience has developed a true sense of trust with your content, they will form a habit of opening each of the emails.

Plus, you can even give a small gift to a few subscribers who opened the list on the first and foremost basis.

With all those things, you will gain control over your email list and then you can send emails, as and when you want.

  1. Make use of Call to Action

Moving ahead towards the third basic tip to start email marketing, using the call to action is one of the most essential things. Yes, CTA is needed in every single email you are sending or willing to send.

Whenever you craft any email, you must ask yourself the purpose of sending those emails. Then, from that thing, you must come up with a specific goal for that email.

Also, the CTA can ask the reader for reading a blog post, visit a webinar landing page or even watch YouTube Videos.

Yes, you are free to have different instances of the same call to action button. However, it’s a good rule to pair one of your emails with the CTA.

As per a good thumb rule, it’s always good to include one CTA with each email.

On the other hand, if you will include many CTA’s, it’s less likely that people will take action. It can send readers a wrong sense that you are not sure what you want from each of your readers.

How to Build Email Listing with Quality Subscribers

Email Marketing Tips

Going ahead to start email marketing, you must know how to build a subscriber list. In this case, you got to create a subscriber list that can help you generate leads along with revenue, on a quality basis.

Plus, if you can offer your subscribers some sort of valuable thing in return for the emails, then you can build quality relationships with each of them.

Up next, you will discover some of the best methods of content you can eventually use for delivering value. With them, you can then grow your email list with better subscribers.

  1. Lead Magnets

One of the better ways for generating the lead magnets is by making use of the tried and true method.

Here, you can offer a valuable piece of content with an email in exchange of the user’s email address.

Altogether, lead magnets are a popular method for gaining signups and this thing has been on the quite better end.

Also, the lead magnets have evolved and users have tried to use a different form of lead magnets.

Given below are different type of lead magnets that you can offer your viewers:

  • Mini-Course

Yes, you can offer short mini-course training which delivers tons of value in a small package. With this offer, you can deliver amazing value to each of the users.

  • A Book Chapter

If you have written or you are writing a book, you can offer the first chapter of your book in exchange of the user’s email address.

  • A Transcript

Indeed, if you are someone who performs video or even podcasting, you can take transcripts of those videos and podcasts.

After which, you can put each of those in a PDF file and then offer the same in exchange of an email address.

  1. Upgraded Content

An upgraded content is bonus content that people can get in exchange of their email addresses.

Right after a post or even podcast, you can easily access the downloadable content which enhances the overall experience with that type of content.

This sort of thing is essentially a unique, smaller, and bit-sized lead magnet. Here, such type of thing relates to what the users are consuming.

Eventually, this type of strategy is used by some of the top-level marketers. Most of the marketers are using this type of marketing are getting valuable results.

Although, each type of upgraded content can work without issues and without any sort of comfort.

Further, let’s break down into different misconceptions and talk about the best ones, take by take.

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Misconception 1: People who enter Giveaways are the Bad Subscribers

Yes, this is one of the better things where a lot of people think that people who enter giveaways are looking for a freebie. With this, the owner will not get high-level subscribers in any case.

However, KingSumo has found that around 40 to 50 percent of the subscribers stay on board.

Plus, the contest subscribers are responsible for 30 percent of AppSumo revenue.

  • Make use of Double Opt-in-process

This means that the new subscribers need to click on Yes as a confirmation email before they are fully subscribed.

  • Give away a product that is looking interesting

Yes, for each of the products that are looking interesting to the ideal customers, this thing can help you attract the target audience. Plus, it can help people to stay on your listing for longer periods.

  • Three Months after the Giveaway, unsubscribe anyone who hasn’t opened up your list

Yes, with the modern date email services, you can automatically remove subscribers who haven’t opened up your emails for a longer period of time.

Plus, another thing you must know is that any person who enters giveaways doesn’t need to end up on low-quality subscribers.

Misconception 2: You will require a Huge Audience

Yes, there’s a misconception that if you are willing to perform email marketing, you will need a massive amount of audience. That’s okay if you have that dream but you can achieve the marketing goals with a smaller audience too.

This can include different posting on social media pages along with profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Plus, you can email your existing subscribers and advertise promotions on websites.

Also, you can even make a YouTube video about the giveaway and submit the contest to subreddit like /r/giveaways.

All in all, your audience is much better than you think and you got to work accordingly.

Misconception 3: You will require a Massive Prize

Finally, there is no need for a massive prize. Not each of the subscribers requiress a massive prize  

As per my observations, you don’t have to do this where a massive prize will cost you tons of money.

On the other hand, focused and relevant to the prize is your potential audience. The more interested people will be, the lesser will be the pricing, as simple as that.

  1. Free Webinars

Going ahead to start email marketing, you can even collect the email addresses whenever people register webinars for the host.

Quite simply, registering for webinars delivers good value as the first point of validation. This makes the user feel that they are interested in the topic.

Plus, only if very few people register, that’s a helpful amount of data to Such type of data will make you feel that the topic may not be relevant to the targeted audience.

With this, you got to be smart and place your focus elsewhere. Also, you can even make use of webinars for growing your email list that is already existing.

Right at the end of the Webinar, you can invite people to stay in touch with you. Also, you can pitch them for a service or even a product they might be interested in.

Further, even if you don’t know what you are willing to sell or you are hesitant in pitching, it’s fine too.

Yes, the potential for growing email lists with webinars does an excellent job in most cases. In fact, if you are someone who has just started out, it’s a wise idea to focus on the listed building.

Plus, the right webinars can help build trust along with affinity among the people who are willing to get a memorable experience.

Here, you get a chance to talk with people directly and eventually start building relationships with them.

Also, webinars can be a great thing for the overall success of your brand along with your teaching style.

And, webinars don’t take a longer period of time which is a thing you must take into consideration.

Plus, you can do things, the right way and can build quite a better email list just by doing Webinars.

  1. Promotion vs Social Media

How to Start Email Marketing

Social media is one of those better things for growing up an email list and eventually increasing the ranks of existing and future customers.

However, there are tons of business owners along with customers who get stuck on the vanity metrics.

There’s nothing much wrong with the engagement or having a long list of Facebook followers. But, if you are not using social media presence for building the email list, then you are losing out on most of the things.

In 2021, social media is among the top class and perfect tools that every single user needs right now.

Also, there are tons of massive businesses and even small-scale ones that are using social media and grabbing leads for their businesses.

Above all, if you are willing to turn social media conversations into engines for different email list building, then make sure to keep your options open.

Yes, as and when you will keep your options open, you will find and discover new opportunities on social media.

Eventually, as and when you will explore the world of social media, you will uncover some of the great secrets.

Then, you can eventually make use of each of the things and start email marketing using social media to the best possible extent.

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Final Word of Mouth: How to start email marketing

The best and proven ways to start email marketing are all here. Yes, from my end, I have extracted almost all of my knowledge of email marketing right in this article.

Additionally, in such a scenario, you got to look at different email marketing techniques. Plus, you will have to implement every single technique and see if they are working or not.

With this, you can follow up the email marketing technique, implement those and reap beneficial results.

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