How to Start a Blog in 2020 [Free Step-By-Step Guide]

Start a blog

If you are looking forward to starting a blog and have extra earning to smoothen your financial life, then you must read this blog till the end.

You will be going to learn each and every technique to run a profitable blog in few steps.

Many famous bloggers who started blogging just to give a try and now they are making money in millions. This is due to less competition in blogging, but you must follow the right techniques.

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“Michelle – the owner of Making Sense of Cents(Blog) earns over $100,000 each month through blogging.”

“Logan Allec – The owner of Money Done Right(Blog) started earning $30,000 each month with one-year-old blog.”[/su_note]

The best way to earn money from blogging is through affiliate marketing, Banner Ads or promote your own business.

Follow the below steps and start your blogging journey.

6 Simple steps to start a Profitable Blog In 15 Minutes

  1. Create a Domain Name (blog name).
  2. Get Website Hosting.
  3. Connect Hosting and Domain (2 min task)
  4. Blogging platform.
  5. Choose a blog theme.
  6. Start posting and keep growing.

1. Create a Domain Name (Blog Name)

A domain name is your blog name. You can take any domain name, but make sure it does not sound different than you content or topic.

“To start a blog, you must need a fast Web hosting. 

You can Buy Both Domain name and Webhosting from SiteGround. This will shorten the process and make it a lot easier for you to complete the process.

Once you buy a domain name, I will guide you on how to get Webhosting from SiteGround and step by step setup guide to launching your blog in a few minutes.

“Remember! Godaddy will try to sell you Webhosting. You can ignore them. SiteGround provides cheap and faster Webhosting. I shifted from Godaddy to SiteGround in Dec 2018, and I find a huge difference in the rates as well as in speed.”

When you name your blog or website, use the “.com” domain name. It is highly recommendable.

If your aim is to write a blog for a specific location, then you can create a blog name as per location like for U.K use .uk, for the US use .us and for India use .in domain in the end.

2. Get Website Hosting

Do you know what is web hosting?

We usually save our files on the computer right? The same way Webhosting companies save our blog on their high configured computer/s and make your blog up and running on the internet.

Siteground provides faster Webhosting services for $6.99 per month. It’s cheap at the moment. 

There are some companies who invest their money on advertisement but not on providing better services (be aware of such companies!). Anyway one day you will shift to good hosting like what I did. 

In 2018, this blog was hosted by Godaddy company, but I was not satisfied with the hosting speed. My blog was always opening late, which cost me a lot. “Godaddy is good in providing a cheap domain name. No Doubt”

By the end of Dec 2018, I joined SiteGround. After joining SiteGround, I started noticing that visitors are spending more time on my blog, and this is because my blog started opening faster.

It has a one-click WordPress installation option available that makes the process simpler. I will explain to you how to install WordPressJust keep reading!

WordPress is the platform where you can manage your blog like writing, editing, posting etc. You do not need to be a software developer. WordPress a fully automated like a smart phone.

If you are a new in blogging, I would advise you to go for a startup plan. The best part is, it’s cheap and also comes with a free SSL certificate.

SSL certificate? It secures your blog or website from hackers and also assures your audience that the blog/website that they have visited is secured. This develops trust in the audiences.

https:// – Now what is this? You might have seen this many times before the website name.

SSL Certification

Can you see a lock logo with a secure written? It is because this website is SSL certified. It also helps us in SEO.

How to Signup for SiteGround web hosting?

Follow the below step-by-step process to buy hosting.

Step 1. Choose the Hosting Plan

Siteground offers three under budget plans. you can choose anyone, but I would advise you to go for a startup plan if you are a new blogger.

You can upgrade the plan later if required. Now, you just focus on getting started with your blog.

siteground hosting plans

Step 2. Choose a Domain

A domain name(blog/website name) is required to proceed further.

Get a domain name from Godaddy at a discount price.

hosting steps

Type a domain name in the box and click on PROCEED. (If you do not have a domain name, then either buy a domain name from Godaddy at a discounted price or buy it directly from Siteground

Step 3. Review and complete.

Discount will automatically apply when you click on the above-suggested link.

3. Connect Hosting and Domain (2 min task)

I am assuming that you bought a domain from Godaddy and Webhosting from Siteground.

Now let’s connect Domain and Webhosting together. It will hardly take 2 minutes of your time. Just follow the below steps and you are done.

Keep SiteGround and Godaddy logged in.

Fist login to SiteGround – Go to My Accounts – Click on “GO TO CPanel”.

Siteground cpanel

You will find 2 name servers. Copy those name servers.

Godaddy DNS setting

Go to Godaddy account and click on My Products where you will find your domain name. Simply click on “DNS”.

Godaddy nameservers

Find Nameservers – Click on change and past the name servers that you copied from your Siteground Hosting. Done! 

In simple term, you need to copy the name server from SiteGround hosting and paste it to your Godaddy account. That’s it.

4. Blogging platform


There are many platforms where you can manage/edit your blog.

A majority of the bloggers are using WordPress and even I also use WordPress. The best part is, it’s free.

It is easy and the best part is, you do not need any professional skills. It is as simple as that.

It’s a user-friendly platform, you will feel like you are using a cell phone.

WordPress website will make your life easier to manage your blog writing. Many high ranked bloggers use WordPress as a platform for blogging.

Even a pro blogger uses WordPress as a platform to making money like crazy.

How to setup WordPress?

Login to SiteGround account and click on CPanel.

And then click on WordPress to install.

cpanel Siteground

Once WordPress is installed, your blog will become live and ready to get your first post on the internet.

5. Choose a blog theme

What is the blog theme?

In simple term. A blog theme is an actual design of your blog. That’s it.

Once you setup WordPress, you need to install the best WordPress theme for your blog.

At the initial stage of blogging, get any free responsive theme.

To get a free WordPress Theme, Go to Appearance and click on theme and type blog on the search option. 

go to wordpress theme

A responsive theme which can be easily viewable in a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

You can buy a premium theme when you start earning money. At the initial stage of blogging, free theme is enough I believe.

You can change the WordPress theme at any time you want, without affecting your blog.

The same idea you can use for plugins as well. Use the free WordPress plugins for your blog at initial stage.

Plugin means the software you use to add additional features to your blog.

As soon as you start making money in blogging, you can go for a paid WordPress theme.

To install a WordPress theme, you need to go to Appearance, then Themes and then click on add new.

Install whatever the theme you like for your blog and click on Activate.

6. Start Posting and Keep Growing

blog writing

Always remember – “Content is King”

To start posting, you need to know an insight knowledge about the topic. The more quality content you write, the more audience you will generate.

Things to remember before you start posting on the blog?

Content should not be copy-pasted.

You must come up with some unique ideas. That will make your audience to like your blog.

Always think of what a normal searcher would search in google, and if your post provides what they are searching for, then you will get a good chance of getting the audience in small time.

The more audience visits and spends time on your page, the more chances of getting higher rank in google.

Make sure you have given the title, heading, and sub-headings to your blog. Do not forget this. It is very important.

Use high-quality images which is relevant to your post, so that the reader will not get bored. Name the images by using an alt text option while you upload the image.

Google also reads image name, hence your post gets rewarded for this. But you should not put lots of images.

What do visitors want to know?

An honest answer, especially any wrong about what they are searching for. Because they do not want to get fooled by anyone.

The majority of bloggers only write well about products or services that they are promoting. If you follow this concept, then you may not survive in the long run. 

you need to address both sides of the coin.

What should be the blog word count?

Ok, this is a quite challenging question, but I have an answer for this.

People would advise you to write 500 words blog or to write a 4000+ words blog. If you ask me, I would not advise you any of these.

If your blog is new, you should not write a 4000+ words blog unless you have a high audience.

If you are new in blogging, write something around 1500 to 2500 words.

And for a small topic, 700 words are sufficient enough.

It can be increased or decreased once you get a good number of audiences.

Start your own blog


Powered by MailChimp

Best WordPress plugins for your blog.

These are the free plugins. You can get the advanced features for some money, but I would not advise to pay unless you have a huge traffic in your blog.

  • Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO guides you to create a better blog post. This plugin will advise you to make corrections for the good SEO. It helps your blog to get a good ranking in the google search engine.

If you are finding an alternative to Yoast SEO, you can go for All in one SEO pack.

  • W3 Total Cache.

This plugin increases the performance of the blog or website by clearing the cache. Cache plays a huge role to make your blog slow.

W3 Total Cache reduces the page loading time and optimizes the blog performance.

  • WP-Optimize.

This is also one of the popular plugins that cleanse the database and optimize the blog for best performance.

It removes the unnecessary data that you should not keep in your blog like unapproved and spammy comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, etc.

  • Broken Link Checker.

When you start posting or let’s say you have created a huge number of posts. What if something went wrong with any of these post like page 404 not found.

Remember, this affects google ranking.

A broken link checker is the solution for this problem. It works automatically and let you know if there is any error found.

Important Note: Try to install fewer plugins as you can, because more plugins in your WordPress will slow your blog or website.

  • Cloudflare

Sign up with Cloudflare to make your blog secure from viruses and hackers attacks, . Simply visit and connect your domain and hosting to Cloudflare. SiteGround already has this feature inside their control panel. Just click on Cloudflare and have it set up through Siteground hosting.


The image always consumes data that eventually makes the blog slower. is the website where you can compress the size of the image. Image compression is very important to keep your blog page light so that the page will open fast.

Tips: You must select the trending topics, what people are searching on the internet. Always make sure, your audience must appreciate your blog writing.

Always create a topic which grabs the readers’ attention.

Do not choose a topic that looks or sounds very simple. This is because there are bloggers who have created eye-catchy topics, hence the audience will click on their blogs instead of yours.

But, don’t worry, creating an eye-catchy topic is a simple task. You just need to think differently.

Let me give you an example:

  • Simple: See this bottle.
  • Eye Catchy: Hey look at this bottle!!!

I believe now you can differentiate between simple and eye-catchy topics.

Important: In the end, your content will speak. If your content is very specific and to the point, these strategies will work best for your blog and also for your earning too.

I would advise you to stick to the one topic. Do not mix your blog with different topics(area), otherwise, it will confuse Google to reach your blog page.

For example, if you want to make a blog on money making, then post only on money-making ideas. Do not post anything on cooking or anything other than money making.

Would you like a recipe book with an advertisement of a discovery channel with insects? No right.

Many bloggers make money using good topics, quality content, and of course a best web hosting.

Do not waste your time thinking too much!

Disclosure: I have mentioned Siteground hosting as a recommendation to my audience as I am the affiliate partner with them. I do receive a commission with no additional cost to you. I also bring discounts for my readers and love to keep transparency. 

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