How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords?

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Before we begin with the article, let us go ahead with a few of important statistics. Almost every single company faces steep competition where their keywords are tracked, every single time. Also, if you are facing no competition, that means you are doing something wrong with your website.

Therefore, having competitors is definitely not a bad thing and you got to find ways for dealing with the competitors. Also, spying on your competitor’s keywords is an art that you got to master in every instance.

In most the cases, there might be something your competitor is doing right compared to you. In these cases, analyzing is the key where you can analyze your competitors and then make a decision.

Right now, if you are willing to know different techniques to spy on your competitors, we have got the best ones for you.

Let’s go ahead and unveil each of the techniques, one by one.

How to spy on your competitor’s keywords

  1. Follow competitor Blogs and Social Media Profiles

Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords

First of all, in an attempt to spy on competitor keywords, you will have to follow your competitor on each of the social media platforms. Yes, this is the very first thing you got to do in such a case. Here, you can follow their social handles along with the newsletters too.

There are the majority of companies who announce their new feature products and tons of things via their social media profiles.

Plus, if you don’t track the competitors you can do it now and then go back for a minute too.

In the new age world, tracking of social media profiles has become much easier with the introduction of automation.

There are plenty of social searchers available that can help you track about the activity of company social work.

With this, you can be kept pretty much updated and you can spy on your competitor’s keywords, without issues.

Also, with the help of tools, you can monitor the competitor’s weak links and then perform the keyword research automatically.

  1. Track their overall brand value

Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords

Now, as soon as each of the individuals is following the competition, you can move ahead towards an advanced level of competition spying.

Yes, there is detailed in each of the things and you will have to look at those ones too We live in an era of open space where people are sharing their information, every single time.

Also, if you can give an instant response to your competitor’s failure, then you grow your brand image straight to the next level.

Now, if you want to perform the basic level monitoring, you can do the same by conducting free Google Alerts. Here, you can choose among different keywords, languages, and different frequencies of updates.

Here, the real problem comes in accuracy section despite Google being one of the biggest giants in the industry.

Therefore, you will have to be pretty sure and keen once you have the will to perform and track overall brand value.

  1. Finding techniques competitor’s are using

SEO Checklist

Going ahead to spy on your competitor’s keywords, you got to know that the competitors are using techniques that you aren’t aware of. Those techniques are giving them the results and you got to spy on those competitor techniques.

For example, you can visit their website and see how well the ads are placed that they compel you to click on them.

Plus, the company might have mastered Google Remarketing along with Facebook marketing.

Also, you can analyze does the company has got a list of top-notch marketers in their team or not. Overall, there must be clever software involved that can help you to check the overall availability.

For the same, there are ample of websites that can help you find the right type of technologies.  In most of the cases, checking technologies is free and there are ample of websites that does offer to check for the same.

  1. Check the Company’s popularity

There are some of the better companies that have thousands of likes on Facebook, Twitter, and tons of other social platforms.

This means that they got to spend tons of time in developing their very own social media presence.

Here, you might need much more reliable data for figuring out the popularity of your website.

Among those things, one of the better metrics that are easy to check out and that can give you information is traffic on site.

Plus, you can make use of Similarweb which shows the popularity along with details of each website.

Here, you can analyze and grab some of the better detailing of each thing.

Similarly, there are more websites like the above ones that can help you analyze almost all of the competitor things.

  1. Check on the Keywords they buy

perform keyword research

Do you ever wonder how your competitors acquire customers? I can say that with around 90% certainty, they run Google Adwords.

Each of the individuals runs Google Adwords campaigns from where they buy those keywords. Also, even Google checks on the keywords and checks up the results, every single time.

Now, if you can know which are the type of keywords your competition is using, then you can easily estimate the overall cost.

Plus, you can even find some of those cheaper keywords that can help you to be much ahead of the market.

On the other hand, among the most popular tools, you can make use of iSpionage. With the help of this tool, you can get a good overall view of the features for keyword research.

Here, you can opt for the subscription plans and use the keyword research tool as per your benefits and advantage.

Also, the moment you know the keywords you are eager to use, you can save a good amount of money in this scenario.

Simply, you can copy and paste the keywords that are worth bidding for and you are good to go.

  1. Check out on Competitor SEO

Spy on Your Competitor’s Keywords

Going ahead to spy on your competitor’s keywords, checking out on competitor’s SEO is among the top things.

Yes, with SEO, your website can do miracles and it can attain the highest rankings, within months.

Also, with Google Adwords, none of the individuals can gain 100% of traffic as it will cost more money.

Therefore, in such cases, SEO is something that can help you gain quality traffic through search engines.

Here, there are ample tools available in the market that can help you

With this, you can make use of the AHREF tool that can help you track the SEO of competitors. Yes. In the SEO tracking scenario, you can track almost all of the keywords of competitors on a global scale.

Then, you will know the traffic they are getting from each of those keywords. Keeping such things into consideration, you can make use of SEO and grow your website, to some better extents.

Yes, things will take time on SEO and you will have to be pretty much patient. Once you are done spying on competitor’s SEO, then you have a great chance to grow your website, to the next level.

  1. Check out on Display Ads

Google Ads

Well, even in today’s times, Display is one of the most popular and better forms of advertising. The problem comes when you don’t know how to do the same.

Here, you will have to create a much better display advertising ad placement that can compel the users from clicking.

Plus, you can even spy on your competitor’s keywords ads and see their placements as well. With an intention to spy on competitors, you can get a much fair idea on the overall ad placements.

With this, you can study on your competitor’s strategies and eventually check out on different display ads.

Additionally, you can observe different ads that are run by your competitors. In such a case, you can see which ads your competition is running, and then you can customize the things accordingly.

Also, in the midst to monitor the ads, you won’t be able to visit each of your competitor’s websites.

In such a case, you can make use of the tools and automate different tasks as much as possible.

Now, you can make use of the WhatRunWhere service that can help you with advertising and media buying.

Plus, it even offers a complete depth of brand-level advertisements that you can use to your advantage.

Also, you can use the top publishers for serving each of those ads to your benefit.

On the other hand, you can even find different opportunities for capitalizing on each of them, the better way.

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  1. Checking up on the Backlinks

Blogger vs. WordPress for making money

Moving ahead to spy on your competitor’s keywords, checking on Backlinks is another crucial step. Backlinks are the pillars for any website that helps sites to attain top-class rankings.

A good link to your website can do all the good work and can enhance your rankings straight to the next level.

Keeping such things into consideration, even some quality backlinks can enhance the overall ranking of your website to the next level.

Also, there are some more tools available over the internet that can potentially help you with the checking of backlinks.

Therefore, you will have to be careful in choosing different tools for checking of backlinks. As and when you choose those tools, then you have a clearer way to make backlinks for your website as well.

Among the metrics for backlinks, some of the better ones include Domain Authority, MozRank, Page Authority, IP hosting location, Ahref Rank, and many of such types.

Hence, you can effectively choose among different tools and see which tool offers the best Spying on competitors.

Then, you can spy on them, develop backlinks for your website and grow your site to the next level.

  1. Find Out on Competitor’s Ambassadors

Kwfinder Review

Yes, going ahead to spy on your competitor’s keywords, finding out on competitor’s Ambassadors is yet another crucial step you got to follow.

People by default trust other people not their companies. Therefore, it’s much more important for having people talking about a person rather than a company.

Also, in the current world, people have started recognizing individuals much more than companies.

Hence, keeping such things into consideration,  you will have to find out different company brand ambassadors.

Yes, the process can be a steep one and you will have to invest a good amount of time here. Still, if you can manage to take out the names of those ambassadors, then you can go far ahead in the future.

With this, you got to keep an eye on the ambassadors and see which are those unique things each of them is doing.

Also, you can be in contact with those ambassadors and showcase your products and services to them.

With this, you must have the ability to convince them and if your deal is cracked, then you can definitely go a real long way.

How to Spot a Brand Ambassador?

Now, with an intention to spot a brand ambassador, there are ample of Brand monitoring tools that you can make use off. Yes, with the perfect use of tools, you can exactly know different ambassadors, their work, and tons of their things.

With this, it’s your work to search for those different tools over the internet. According to your budget, you can search for different tools and see which tool is the perfect one for you.

Once you get an idea on each of those tools, then you can choose the perfect one, spot Ambassadors and with this, you can go far ahead in the future with your business.

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Final Word of Mouth

To spy on your competitor’s keywords, there are ample of ways that you can use and perform the same.

With this, it’s on your hand that you got to find that perfect way that can help you spy on your competitors in the best and effective way.

Additionally, there can be times when you may face difficulty in looking for the keywords. Here, you can opt for the better tools that can help you spy on your competition, in the most effective way.

Altogether, you will have to be a lot of patient in searching for the keywords, backlinks, and more things about competition.

On top of that, once you find an edge over the competition, then you can effortlessly Spy on your competitor’s keywords, build backlinks and eventually take your website to the next level height.


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