Socialoomph Review: A Look at Features, Pricing, Pros [2021 Updated]

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Well, if you are someone who is looking for a social media scheduling tool, Socialoomph is one of the best options. Yes, Socialoomph offers such privilege and for that reason, I have got you a complete Socialoomph review.

The company claims that they are offering the best of all services since the year 2008. Yes, they are one of the oldest companies and have benefited tons of people with social media platform scheduling and many more.

Currently, Socialoomph has become one of the most popular social media scheduling platforms. Whether you are looking for a business or individual social media scheduling, Socialoomph is the way to go.

Now, personally, I use Socialoomph for Twitter, Facebook scheduling and Socialoomph does the job pretty perfectly.

Therefore, right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Socialoomph review, right in this article.

Socialoomph Review

Speaking about the start of the Socialoomph tool, it is often referred to as an underdog in the social media environment. Yes, the tool comes with an easy to use interface, simple design, and along with the best of all-powerful features.

Plus, Socialoomph even offers free along with paid plans. With this, you have the privilege to choose the free plans and then go ahead with the paid ones.

Personally, I would recommend you to start off with the free plan and then go ahead with the paid ones.

Now, let’s first understand the actual meaning of Socialoomph and then go ahead to unwrap the features and more things about Socialoomph.

What is Socialoomph?

Socialoomph is an application that was designed by a Canadian company back in the year 2008. Since then, the platform has come a very long way and have benefited tons of bloggers and internet marketers.

The platform was formerly known as where they offered different social media solutions for Twitter.

Right in August 2009, the app extended its reach to other social networks that were popular at that time. Thereafter, as the platform was gaining such cheer and praise, they named the same as Socialoomph which is running to date.

Socialoomph Review: Overview & the Benefits

Socialoomph review

Socialoomph comes with tons of advanced level features that you can use and automate different tasks as per your liking.

Now, the Socialoomph app comes with features to manage different activities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and plenty of such social media platforms.

Further, you can even go ahead and manage different activities related to your blog in the best possible manner.

Also, the platform comes with plenty of more additional features that allow users to enhance their list of followers.

Plus, there have been plenty of users who have increased their list of followers with the help of the Socialoomph platform.

All they needed is some sort of skills and with Socialoomph, users achieved that thing, pretty easily.

Speaking about the additional features of Socialoomph, you can improve the listing of your followers. This can be done on Twitter based on recommendations along with the analysis process.

Here, a user can easily automate direct messages that are sent to the new subscribers as and when they analyze the new ones.

You can even go ahead and search it by newer keywords to find people who have a stronger hold on Twitter.

Among the different automated features of Facebook offered by the application, programming, and image loading updates were the major ones.

Also with the help of the LinkedIn feature, users can easily plan collaborative actions without an issue too.

A Take on Additional Benefits

Now, coming down to the additional benefits of Socialoomph, there are tons of them which you can take into consideration.

  • Removing of Outdated Messages from the user’s inbox after the pre-set schedule
  • Uploading tweets in different groups
  • Profile filters
  • New followers monitoring

Socialoomph Features

Scheduling of tweets

Speaking about the very first feature of Socialoomph will bring scheduling of tweets into the spotlight.

Here, you can easily schedule different tweets as per your likings. You can either schedule the tweets in the day time or even at night time depending upon your scheduling.

With this, you will have more control over your tweets and you can use them in the best possible way.

Auto DM Feature & Unfollow

Socialoomph review

Yes, coming down to the next feature of Socialoomph, the DM feature is an amazing one. With the help of Auto DM, you can respond to messages in an automated way.

With this, you don’t have to spend tons of your time with replying to different people on the go.

Plus, you can even opt for the follow-back feature where you don’t have to do anything much. In this scenario, the platform will automatically respond to the messages, in a better way.

This can save tons of your time and can allow you to opt for the auto DM and follow back feature, in a much better way.

Scheduling of Updates & Status

Now, speaking about the scheduling and updates, Socialoomph offers you the same in every case.

In this scenario, the platform offers complete control of scheduling where you can schedule things as per your liking.

This can make you save tons of your time in the overall scheduling process. Plus, with the scheduling of different updates and status, you don’t have to worry about anything.

All the work will be done by Socialoomph and all you can do is to schedule updates, status on their respective timings.

Tracking of different Keywords

Yes, in this Socialoomph review, tracking of keywords by Socialoomph is one of the best things. In this scenario, you can use the platform to track different keywords as per your convenience.

Plus, with keyword tracking, you can be sure that which are keywords you want to use. This enables you the option to track keywords and use them as per your convenience.

Yes, in Keyword tracking, you will need some sort of skills in this scenario. But, once you will master the art of keyword tracking, you can bring traffic to your website, as early as possible.

Scheduled Sharing

Now, with the help of Socialoomph, you don’t have to share each of the posts on your own. In this case, Socialoomph offers you the privilege to schedule different posts and share them as per your convenience.

Here, you can easily save tons of your time and let the platform schedule different posts. You can of course, schedule each of the posts and then set the timing for each post.

After which, you can easily sit back, relax and the posts will be shared on their scheduled time.

With scheduled sharing, you don’t have to stress out in any case. All you need is to schedule any of the posts and then, Socialoomph will do its job to an absolute level of perfection.

Automatic removal of updates

With the help of automatic removal of updates, you don’t have to do anything silly. Here, the platform will automatically remove any updates it doesn’t find suitable.

URL Shortener

Speaking about one of the most valuable features will bring the URL Shortner into the spotlight. Yes, in this Socialoomph review, this feature is a useful one that helps to shorten the long URL into tiny ones.

With URL shortening, you can easily shorten the URLs which won’t look as spam. With this, your account will not get banned and you will get the true benefit of URL shortener in every case.

Creating and Publishing Blog Posts

Now, going ahead towards the list of features in Socialoomph review, the Socialoomph allows people to create and publish blog posts, as per their convenience.

With this, you only have to create blog posts and all the work of publishing it on social platforms will be done by Socialoomph.

In this scenario, your work is done in a limited way where all you need is to create different content.

Here, all your focus must be on creating posts to perfection. Make sure that each of the posts is of the highest quality and you don’t have to face any of the issues

If you can input quality posts, every single time, then you can easily climb up the ladder of rankings, at a faster pace.

Therefore, you can be free from such things and you can focus on all of the other things.

Following of New Subscribers automatically

Do you know that you can add new subscribers automatically? Well, Socialoomph offers you this amazing privilege.

With the help of this powerful feature, you can easily add subscribers on an automatic basis. Also, you can keep a track of each of your subscribers and see what their interest is.

Also, another thing you must keep in mind is that Twitter has removed the automatic tracking feature.

However, with Socialoomph, you can easily automate different posts as per your convenience.

With this, you can be sure to automate posts and reap huge benefits from the same.

You don’t have to do anything in this scenario where everything of subscribing the new followers will be done by the Socialoomph platform.

What Socialoomph Says on Himself:

First of all, as Twitter is not allowing automatic tracking, you will have to approve each of the tracking right from the Socialoomph platform.

Here, you can make use of the new Approve new subscriber feature and approve each of the subscribers with no issue.

Plus, you can even make use of the Socialoomph Veterinary Subscribers feature to keep a manual track of every subscriber.

With the manual track of subscribers, you can keep a track of each of the same. From there, you can select which of those subscribers are worthy enough to be in your listing.

This definitely helps to create meaningful relationships with each of the followers. Also, the process is easier as you can automate the same without any stress.

Plus, as and when you go ahead to build your relationships with different subscribers, you can eventually proceed ahead and reap huge benefits from the same.

Auto Unfollow

Many users are those who will only follow you once you will follow them. In this case, auto unfollow features become an absolute necessity. With the help of the Auto Unfollow feature, the platform unfollows people who don’t follow you.

This can remove tons of spam from your account and allow you to add people who are genuine.

With such a stunning feature, you don’t have to do anything silly. All the things will be done by the Socialoomph platform. Thereafter, you can focus on other essential activities of your online business.

Altogether, with the help of the Socialoomph Auto Unfollow feature, you can unfollow people who no longer follow you.

Schedule Tweets

Now, speaking about my personal experience, I schedule my tweets several times each month.

This way, I make sure that even my older tweets are getting adequate response from the users.

Plus, Socialoomph comes with its very own tweet programming feature. With the help of this feature, you can schedule your tweets at any point in time.

Yes, they even offer a premium version of this feature which is pretty helpful too in different occasions.

Take a look at Some more Additional Features of Socialoomph:

  • Reuse and Save Drafts
  • Direct Message inbox Cleaning
  • Find people to follow up on Twitter
  • View different @Mentions & Retweets
  • Secure access to LinkedIn
  • Schedule Updates
  • Secure the Facebook Connect Access
  • Self-deleting Twitter & Facebook Updates
  • Schedule different Facebook photo uploading
  • Write Blog Posts
  • Schedule different LinkedIn Shares

A Take on more Benefits of Socialoomph

Socialoomph review

Automatic RSS Feed

Going ahead in Socialoomph review, the Automatic RSS feed is one of the most striking features of Socialoomph. Here, you can accept an unlimited amount of RSS feed, without any sorts of stress or issue.

Plus, you can automatically publish and update entries as per your convenience.

Additionally, you can maintain different RSS Feed directories and use them to your advantage. Plus, you can accept and send each of those RSS feeds and hope to grow your blog or website, to some good extent.

Social Email Updates

In the next section of benefits, social email updates are a special category. Here, you can send emails from your private email account and then have the email updates for each of your social accounts.

Also, the platform gives the option to send emails in bulk format. With this, you can easily send different social email updates and make use of different features to make social email updates, a lot better than the usual.

Account Cleansing

Here, with the help of account cleansing, you can remove direct messages from your inbox after a certain amount of period is gradually over.

Plus, you can easily go ahead and remove each of the unwanted tweets that are hampering your daily performance.

Plus, you can remove your Twitter along with Facebook Updates after a certain period of time.

Among the list of other features, the better ones include downloading tweets, deleting friend’s lists, frequently search for subscribers, filtering profiles based on criteria, and many more.

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Pros of Socialoomph

Well, given below are some of the best Pros of Socialoomph that you will find right in this Socialoomph review section:

  • Unique Social Posting Features where you can post with utmost ease and comfort
  • Saves much more of your valuable time
  • Automate different social media posting
  • Boosting of your social media followers
  • Scheduling of posts on an easier basis
  • Monitoring of social media activities


From my end, I see no harm in using the Socialoomph software as it eases off my process to some good extent.

A Glance at the Cost of Socialoomph

Socialoomph review

Well, the entire pricing of Socialoomph is given as follows:

Personal Suite plan is absolutely free of cost where you don’t have to spend even a single penny on this plan.

Secondly, if you are willing to opt for Socialoomph plans, you can go ahead with the advanced suite plan. This plan comes at the price of $15 per month where you will have the option to use this plan on one blog. Along with that, you will get all of the basic to advanced level features you need.

The Professional Suite plan is for people who are willing to use Socialoomph on five of their blogs. Yes, the pricing of this plan starts at $25 for each month where you can pay $270 on a monthly basis. In this plan, you will get all of the additional features that you can help you to schedule posts, as per your liking and convenience.

Now, speaking about one of the most expensive plans of Socialoomph, you can choose the business suite plan of Socialoomph.

In this case, you will have to pay $55 for each month if you are willing to avail each of the features of Socialoomph. Here, you can host 10 blogs and even offer 30 days free trial period.

Plus, you can get a chance to access RSS feeds on your own schedule. Here, you can even get access to personal along with team areas as per your convenience.

Altogether, if you can see each of the plan’s pricing, you will note that the plans are available at one of the best pricing.

If you are eager to avail the benefits of Socialoomph, you can initially start off with the Socialoomph Personal suite plan.

Thereafter, as and when you grow your blogs, then you can go ahead and choose the higher pricing package of Socialoomph.

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Final Word of Mouth

We have come to the ending phase of the article where the entire Socialoomph review is right in front of you.

For each of those people who are looking for scheduling their social media posts for greater results, the Socialoomph platform has been doing wonders for people.

Additionally, the Socialoomph comes with different pricing along with the packages. In this case, you can easily choose different packages, or else, you can start off with the free plan.

In the free plan, you can explore different sorts of features and see whether this platform suits your uses or not.

If the answer is yes, then you can easily explore different paid plans.

Going ahead, the Socialoomph comes with tons of features that you can use to your advantage. This tool simplifies the use of social media where you can schedule posts, absolutely as per your convenience.

Additionally, if you have more than one blog, you can choose the higher priced plans of Socialoomph.

With high priced plans, you can get true access to more set of features from Socialoomph.

Altogether, if you are a beginner, choosing the free Personal suite plan from Socialoomph is the go to choice.

Right now, all you need is to read the entire Socialoomph review. The moment you have done that, then you can take your choice to choose your best-loved plans.

After which, you can use Socialoomph, schedule posts, and perform social media scheduling to some good extent.

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