Siteground vs GoDaddy: Which is the Best Web Hosting Company [2020]

Siteground vs GoDaddy

In the 21st century, almost every other person wants to host their website over the internet. For the same, you would like to have a much better-hosting company. Therefore, I have done all the research and have got a complete Siteground vs GoDaddy comparison.

Yes, both the hosting service providers are a renowned one and in this article, you will get a complete review on the same. Taking a glance at both hosting services, each of them has offered good plans, customer service support, and other features.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Siteground vs GoDaddy battle review, in this article.


Siteground vs GoDaddy Review

Siteground vs GoDaddy Review

Starting up with the basics, we will first begin with the introduction of both companies and then go ahead towards their set of features.

GoDaddy Introduction

Well, almost every single person who belongs to the internet industry knows GoDaddy. It’s a company based in America and is widely used for purchasing different domains along with hosting.

Also, when it comes to purchasing hosting from GoDaddy, there are mixed reviews that you got to take into consideration.

SiteGround Introduction

On the other hand, speaking about other hosting companies, Sitreground is another better one available in the market. The company Siteground is focused on web hosting and currently, they are managing 1.7 million websites.

In the past couple of years, the growth rate of a company like Siteground has increased on an exponential basis.

Here, the company has been powering tons of websites and have offered amazing customer experience to different users.

In recent years, the company grew its domain from half a million to a massive 1.7 million. This is true quite a staggering number whereas the company’s customer support has been bang on point.

Right now, in the battle of Siteground vs GoDaddy, let’s go ahead and compare Siteground vs GoDaddy on different grounds.

Thereafter, we will see which is that hosting company that comes right on top from each of them.

Siteground vs GoDaddy Different Tests

Well, to figure out which is that company that is offering the best of all, I have got you several parameters which are as follows:

  • Performance
  • Siteground vs GoDaddy Uptime
  • Speed Test
  • Server Response time
  • Customer Support
  • Credibility Test

Siteground vs GoDaddy Performance

In the performance section, we will be comparing the performance of both companies and see which one comes at the top.

Siteground Performance

Speaking about the performance offered by Siteground, it has been on the rock-solid side. Yes, the company boasts of SSD that delivers the best of all performance to each of the website users.

Yes, with SSD using in Siteground servers, you will get a much faster upload along with download from servers.

Plus, with the availability of Super Cacher, you don’t have to think even for a second when it comes to website speed.

In this scenario, the use of SSD makes the website much faster than usual. As per recent benchmarks too, Siteground performed exceptionally well in hosting speed criteria.

Also, with the use of the company’s Super Cacher technology, the 3 layers of caching significantly enhance the speed of the website to good extents.

As per our test, it has proved to be much faster and we got the load time faster than the usual.

What’s more? With Siteground, more than 60% of the website runs on the WordPress platform. On top of that, PHP is one of the most essential components of WordPress and the optimization here is indeed top class.

With the latest version of PHP, you are bound to get a much greater website speed along with reliability.

GoDaddy Performance

In the battle of Siteground vs GoDaddy, GoDaddy is one of those few companies that started using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for hosting the entire list of websites on their servers.

Speaking about the AWS platform, it is one reliable one that has been offering good services for the last 12 years.

With that sort of transition, websites powered by GoDaddy have started to perform on a much better scale.

Given below is a detailed comparison between Siteground vs GoDaddy uptime. So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and see that comparison.

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Siteground vs GoDaddy Uptime

Well, in case if you didn’t know about the uptime, let me explain it to you in simpler terms. Uptime is the amount of duration your site is available online. Yes, your site may go down due to different sorts of errors, issues such as bugs, power failure, server failure, and much more.

Hence, in such circumstances, choosing the best of all web hosting service providers is one of the most essential things.

Siteground UpTime

Siteground vs GoDaddy

First of all, speaking about the Siteground uptime, the company has truly lived up to every single user’s expectations. In this scenario, you will get 99.99% uptime from the company, every single time.

Plus, the company programmers have developed the “Early Warning” system. With this, they correct any potential problems that can hamper your site performance at an early stage.

With this, you are bound to get much better uptime and a performance that is better than most of the hosting service providers.

GoDaddy Uptime

On the other side, GoDaddy is another better company that offers 99.99% uptime to its users. It offers customers a certain percentage if they fail to meet their standards. They have got their standard in the name of “Service Uptime Guarantee” and the company has tried to live up to user expectations.

However, still, uptime from GoDaddy has seemed to fall short on different occasions.

They have failed to offer good uptime and with this, Siteground as a company has excelled in uptime.

Winner: Siteground

Siteground vs GoDaddy: Speed Test

Now, for any website, speed is one of the main and powerful factors. If your website speed is fast, you will face no sorts of issues in any case.

Hence, I have compared both Sitreground along with GoDaddy speed and have come up with a much clearer conclusion.

Siteground Speed

Siteground vs GoDaddy

Coming down towards the speed section of Siteground vs GoDaddy review, the speed offered from this company has been phenomenal.

Yes, whether you are using WordPress websites to other platforms, you will love the speed that is offered from Siteground.

Here, they offer an amazing SuperCacher plugin that enhances the website speed to some good extents.

Plus, you can easily take advantage of the good structure from Siteground and have a much faster website speed.

GoDaddy Speed

Siteground vs GoDaddy

On the other hand, GoDaddy as a company has faced tons of speed issues. Yes, they had slower page loading, and users faced tons of downtime for their website.

However, the company is addressing every issue and making their driven websites load faster. They are achieving the same by a much better load balancing along with AWS for hosting their websites.

However, comparing the site loading time with Siteground, they load a lot slower than usual.

In short, Siteground has always proved to be around 2X faster than GoDaddy, This is one of the major achievements and is superior to GoDaddy in overall speed.

Winner: Siteground

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Siteground vs GoDaddy: Customer Support

Moving ahead with the customer support section, this is a section that is an essential one for every consumer. With good customer service support, users can fire their queries and get solutions on the same.

Plus, if the support staff is skillful enough, people will face no issue to talk with them and get relevant answers.

Siteground Customer Support

Siteground Customer Support

Starting off with the Siteground customer service support, it has been far more on the better end. Yes, the company offers almost every type of communication option and you can make use of chat, email along with phone call to resolve your issues.

This makes the entire conversation far easier for the users and with this, they can communicate via the support staff and get their issues resolved instantly.

I tested the phone along with chat support of Siteground and I was quite amazed to see some good results.

Altogether, the support from Siteground is a lot faster, knowledgeable, and skilled. Regardless of any query related to website hosting, Siteground staff will resolve it, without an issue.

In terms of the company’s live chat feature, the live chat loads up instantly and I faced absolutely no issue with the same.

GoDaddy Customer Support

Support System

On the contrary, speaking about the GoDaddy customer service support, it’s not as good as Siteground, to be honest. Yes, the company is standing strong for years but if we speak about the GoDaddy customer support, it has always been on the downward side.

Well, even in today’s date scenario, the customer service support from GoDaddy is lacking behind in the customer support department. Despite them doing tons of things in the customer support, they are lacking in most important things.

In simpler words, the customer support from this company is a lot slower and you got to spend time resolving the issues of customer care service.

Also, the Chat Support from GoDaddy is limited to a few days and you will have to rectify the days before you can communicate with their representatives.

Winner: Siteground

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Control Panel: Siteground vs GoDaddy

In the battle between the two giants, the control panel is one of the most essential things for any user. Yes, with a Control Panel, you can access different website related things from a single place.

Whether it’s to perform a backup, install a new website, or do any other sorts of thing, Control Panel helps you to do every sort of thing, in the simplest way.

Siteground CPanel

Talking about the control panel of Siteground, it offers industry-leading Control Panel. Within Sitreground Cpanel, you can change passwords, work on enhancing the database, and even manage emails at the right place.

Also, the company has gone a step ahead and developed their very own Cpanel. With the new Cpanel user interface, you can access every sort of thing and use it for the betterment of your website.

Winner: It’s a Tie because both the companies offer Robust and feature-rich CPanel.

Website Quality Server Test

There can be times when your website may face heavy traffic and due to peak traffic, the website may fall off. In such cases, testing the server quality is another valuable step to determine whether the servers can withstand load or not.

With this, I tested the server load time on both the website servers and these were the parameters I took into consideration:

  • Every website has WordPress installed with the same number of pages, content, and request
  • All the caching and other plugins were disabled
  • The test was conducted several times

Now, before you can see the image, you must know that the Green Line displays the number of visitors. On the other hand, the Blue line shows the response time as and when the traffic will increase.

Siteground Results

Siteground Results

One of the best things about Siteground is that they have always focused on customer service support. Yes, with this keeping in mind, the company’s server load time was one of the best ones.

Every single time, the servers from Siteground responded at a quicker rate despite being kept under load.

Constantly, the website loaded under half a second which is a much better achievement from the company.

Also, with the use of the company’s caching mechanism, they have excelled in their overall speed results.

GoDaddy Results

GoDaddy Results

GoDaddy as a company has improved itself over the past few years. Still, when it comes to the server load test, GoDaddy was behind Sitegtound, which isn’t shocking to me.

The company broke down after just 50 visitors and the servers stopped responding. This clearly shows the inability of GoDaddy servers to handle large traffic coming to the website at the same time.

This is truly not accepted by a reputed company like GoDaddy and they will have to work on the same.

Hence, from the company end, they got to work on their servers and make sure that each of the company’s servers is capable enough to handle a larger volume of data.

Winner: Siteground

A Test of Credibility

Beginning with the credibility of GoDaddy, the company has always earned good bonus points by addressing customer issues related to domain and hosting.

However, if the consumers are firing their issues, that means that GoDaddy as a company has failed to live up to customer expectations.

This resulted in tons of poor reviews and clients that left the services of GoDaddy. Still, the company is resolving the issues but that number is quite on the higher side.

Siteground Credibility

On the other hand, Siteground has taken the lead in credibility to the next level. They offer the best of all services to their customers and the number of complaints coming to their support has become less, with each passing year.

Along with their brilliant strategy, they have significantly reduced every sort of issue and have offered brilliant services to every single customer.

In short, Siteground as a company has kept its client base in the first place and has always resolved every sort of issue, as early as possible.

Winner: Siteground

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Conclusion: Siteground vs GoDaddy

After every single analysis between Siteground vs GoDaddy, the winner is right in front of you. Siteground as a company has done justice to their audience money and have offered the best of all hosting features.

Whether we speak about the faster web servers, customer support, or even load response time, the company excels in every possible case.

Also, the firm has got a pretty strong hold in hosting and is currently hosting millions of websites over the internet.

Over the internet, you will find different positive interviews of Siteground that effectively makes this company stand out from the competition.

What about customer satisfaction? Yes, the company has won the hearts of customers from time to time. They haven’t looked at immediate profits and have grown their client base to some good extent.

Some Key Points that can compel you to go for Siteground:

  • A strong commitment towards customer satisfaction and offering them good services, every single time
  • Solid server response time, every single time that enables user access your website, in a faster way
  • The company is based on a pretty much slower growth-based model.
  • Delivers top-class speed for the servers that enable Siteground to load websites, in a better way
  • Custom caching mechanism that enables every single page to load fast
  • Brilliant uptime guarantee that helps boost up the entire performance

Hence, right now, if you are eager to purchase Siteground packages, I have done the work simpler for you.

Simply, you can CLICK HERE and get access to different Siteground plans. Thereafter, you can analyze different plans and see which one is the best fit for you.

After which, the moment you have purchased hosting from Siteground, you don’t have to look behind.

You will get the best quality servers, response time, speed, customer support and with this, you can take your website to heights of success and glory.

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