Siteground vs Bluehost: Which Hosting is the Best of the Two? [2020]

Siteground vs bluehost

Well, whether you are willing to start your very own blog or eager to start your business online, having the best of all becomes the number one priority. Indeed, in the current date scenario, everyone wants to go online and for the same, there are tons of hosting companies available. In this article, I have got for you an exclusive Siteground vs Bluehost review.

These are two are one of the biggest names in the hosting industry where they have offered some world-class services to users and are known as the inevitable kings in the hosting industry. Also, millions of people have opted for their hosting and the companies have never betrayed any of the users.

Therefore, right in this article, I have got for you the best of all review of Siteground vs Bluehost. Hence, without wasting any time, let’s go into the topic and uncover an exclusive review of Siteground vs Bluehost.


Siteground vs Bluehost: The Battle of the Best

Starting off with Siteground, it was founded in the year 2004, and currently, they have truly expanded their services. Yes, they have got more than 1800,000 domains and are powering millions of user websites.

Plus, the company has got more than 500 employees and each employee is skillful enough in doing their job.

Among different hosting plans, the best plans offered by Siteground come with:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • WooCommerce hosting

Further, the company even boasts of dedicated servers and each of their servers is pretty powerful ones. On top of that, it even comes with the modern date features such as free SSH along with SFTP access.

A Take on Bluehost

Going ahead in this Siteground vs Bluehost review, Bluehost was founded back in the year 2003. Yes, it’s yet another giant company in the hosting business where they are one of the best and largest hosting providers of the world.

Even more, they are a part of the Endurance International group where the company has got several more hosting companies under their name.

Apart from that, Bluehost offers some of the best plans out which some quality plans offered are as follows:

  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Ecommerce solutions

Well, with such sort of options available, it can be pretty much confusing which plan can be the best suit for you.

Therefore, given below is the complete breakdown where you will know the complete breakdown between Siteground vs Bluehost.

  • Performance Review
  • Uptime review
  • Security
  • Ease of Use
  • For Beginners
  • Cpanel Review
  • Customer Support
  • Hosting Plan review

1. Website Performance

Siteground vs bluehost

Well, when it comes to website performance, none of the users are eager to compromise on these metrics. Yes, in website performance, every user wants a blazing fast website where the load time is less, in every possible case.

This is simply the first parameter we will look at between Siteground vs Bluehost hosting.

Now, coming down at the speed section, Bluehost and Siteground make use of SSD technology. With this, the site load time will be much higher where you will not face any sorts of issues.

In reality, SSD is made to offer faster speeds and is quite faster than the traditional hard disks. Plus, they are more reliable and delivers brilliant uptime for almost all of the websites.

Features of Siteground in Website Performance

Well, in Siteground there are tons of things that bring the best out of every single hosting they offer.

  • Each of these features is as follows:
  • SSD drives (1000 Times better than in the input/output compared to regular drives)\
  • They come with an in-built NGNIX speed driver that helps increase the speed loading time of websites.
  • Plus, with the help of the Geeky SuperCacher mechanism, your website loading time will be reduced to considerable extents.
  • Free CDN available that helps to reduce the website speed loading time regardless of your location.
  • Makes use of PHP 7.2 that is the latest PHP Version from WordPress.

Features of Bluehost you must look for

In this battle between Siteground vs Bluehost, Bluehost also offers some quality web performance features that are as follows:

  • Multi-Server Management that helps to improve the load time of different websites.
  • Use of CDN that helps to enhance the website overall performance.
  • Makes use of HTTP/.2 protocol

To summarise the website performance from both the hosting, the same is going neck to neck. Still, there can be one winner and the name is given as follows:                                                      

Yes, even for me too, Siteground is the clear winner because it comes with tons of latest speed regulation features. They have the backup of NGINX where with the use of caching and PHP7, your website can load at a faster pace.

Plus, Siteground even offers better speed along with improved performance. Therefore, in this section, Siteground is a clear winner without an issue.

Winner: Siteground

2. Siteground vs Bluehost Uptime

Yet another thing to look in the best hosting service provider will bring Uptime into the spotlight. Yes, uptime is one of the most crucial elements in the choosing of one good Hosting service provider.

With better uptime, the website can remain up, running and your users will find no issue in the same too.

On the other hand, if there is a website that doesn’t have much better uptime, it can hamper the growth of your website

Also, you must know that 100% uptime isn’t possible in real-time. There can be times when a company server will be down. In this scenario, even if any company is offering 99.99% uptime, it’s far better good to go.

Now, coming between Siteground vs Bluehost, both the companies have much better uptime.

A Take on Siteground Uptime

Siteground vs bluehost

Going ahead with Siteground uptime, the company has made its uptime policy a lot better than the usual. Here, they maintain 99.99% uptime in every single case.

On top of that, the company has offered some of the best and top-class features that make them simply the best of all. Such features are as follows:

  • Use of LXC (Linux Containers)
  • A pro-Active server monitoring system that fixes the bugs and issues
  • Use of Unique Anti-bot AI that helps prevent resource issues and brute force
  • Secure isolation of account

Plus, the company even offers 5 different data centers that are widespread in three different locations. With this, you can easily choose the best data centers from all depending on your location.

Bluehost Uptime

Siteground vs bluehost

Coming down at the uptime scenario offered by Bluehost, the same has also been 99.99%. Yes, the company excels in offering good uptime to each of the users where you will not face any sorts of uptime issues.

However, while the company offers 99.99% uptime to their users, they don’t claim the same on their website.

Right in their Network Uptime management, they promise that in case of any uptime issues, it will not take more than 15 minutes to fix the issue.

But in reality, it can take more than 15 minutes which is a fact.

Plus, the company boasts of massive 20 data centers that are spread across the entire China, USA, and India.

Still, one downside of their servers is that the locations are not disclosed to the users. With this, users cannot choose the server that can suit their location.

Winner: Siteground

Well, with an assurance of 99.99% uptime and an ability to deliver server choosing option, Siteground is a clear winner in the Uptime section.

3. Security Measures

Apart from the above features in Siteground vs Bluehost battle, security is another thing none of the users will like to compromise.

In a world where digitization is on the rise, the number of cybercrimes has also increased to considerable extents. With this, many websites have faced such issues after which hosting providers have started paying heed to the security measures.

Plus, every single day, the rate of cybercrimes is increasing and the companies are trying their best to lower out such things.

Now, coming down the Siteground and Bluehost, both of them deliver good protection and security.

Siteground Security

Siteground Security

In the security metrics, Siteground as a hosting company has offered the best of all features. Yes, their developers constantly improve website security where their quick malware scans have proven to be helpful.

Secondly, some of the best Security features offered by Siteground are as follows:

  • The company’s data centers are protected by all-round security throughout the year.
  • They also offer automatic biometric entry along with an exit protocol
  • Availability of Military-grade bulletproof lobbies.
  • Enterprise-level UPS for protection against different power cuts
  • Their servers offer anti-hack systems that help to tackle hacking
  • Daily automated backups along with an on-demand service backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Firewall
  • An in-built malware detection system

A Glance at Bluehost security

Bluehost security

Well, keeping aside the security of Siteground, Bluehost security isn’t far behind. As a hosting company, Bluehost has always looked after its security protocols. With this, their engineers are working each year to enhance the level of security they are giving to the users.

With this, the best of all security offered by Bluehost is as follows:

  • 2-factor authentication that enables double security
  • Good Site-lock that scans the environment and comes at the price of just $1.99 per month
  • Free SSL Certificate to protect your website from different malware and attacks.
  • Different tools available that help to block spam and reduce spam-related contents
  • Availability of the Hotlink protection that enhances security even further
  • Free Daily backups where you can make use of the Site Backup tool and backup every single data

Now, there is one area where Bluehost scores the best of all points. That area is the SSL Certificate which you will get for free with Bluehost. This gradually saves a lot of time in this scenario where you can effectively keep your website a lot secure.

Winner: Bluehost

Without a doubt, when it comes to the hosting company that offers the best security, Bluehost is the one that exceeds every other company.

They offer top-class security and combined with Sitelock and everyday backups, Bluehost security goes right to the next level.

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4. Ease of Use

Well, for any user an easy to use user interface is one of the top class priorities. Yes, every person wants to have a better interface where they won’t find any sorts of issues in doing their work.

Siteground Interface

Siteground Interface

In the competition of Siteground vs Bluehost, first, we will talk about the user interface offered by Siteground. In this scenario, the moment you will log in to the Siteground account, you will see different options.

Plus, navigation is simpler and you can access every single tab, in the easiest possible way. Also, the user interface comes out to be pretty friendly where you will not find any issue exploring the tabs of Siteground.

Recently, the company also started their own Cpanel known as the Site Tool. This tool completely replaces the complete traditional Cpanel and offers new functionalities.

It comes with tons of handy along with excellent features that offer built-in data, accessibility, and more features.

Plus, they even deliver the ability for adding different collaborations to your site. All this together will make your site a lot better in usage.

Bluehost interface

Bluehost Customer Support

In the Siteground vs Bluehost battle, the Bluehost user interface isn’t left far behind. In this scenario, they offer a vivid user interface where you can get access to 1-Click WordPress installation.

Plus, their cPanel is simple and you can access every single thing to perfection.

Winner: Siteground

Without a doubt, having an all-new user interface takes the graphic interface game to the next level. A new user interface means more features where you can access every single feature to perfection.

Also, the new cPanel from Siteground constantly get’s developer updates that make using it, much greater.

Therefore, you will get an all-round user interface which will enable you to take control and customize things as per your needs.

5. Suitability for Beginners

Being a beginner blogger, you might need to have a hosting that is suited for entry-level bloggers. Yes, launching a new website, applying themes, and doing tons of things, you got to do such things.

Therefore, if you are someone who needs to analyze which are the hosting providers that offer best and easy to use web services.

For this, Siteground and Bluehost both the services are capable of offering the best hosting for every beginner.

Siteground for Beginners

Beginning with the plans offering by Siteground, they have simplified the entire layout of the plans. Here, you can easily see the Startup plan, GrowBig plan, and the GoGeek plan.

Also, the company even offers free CMS platforms where integration and every sort of thing happens in the best way.

Similarly, they offer one-click installations which will not consume much of your time. You can easily do the same in minutes that is another better thing from Siteground.

Bluehost for Beginners

On the other hand, Bluehost as a company offers free site migrations which is one of the major USP. With free migrations, it becomes a lot better for beginners because they don’t need to run their brains.

Yes, the company delivers free website migrations for every single website you want.

Other than that, the user interface of Bluehost has been simpler. Yes, it’s extremely user friendly where you can access every other feature.

Plus, the company’s CPanel has been on the graphic-rich side. With this, you can get tons of space where you can do your creativity.

The overall interface is very much better which makes it the best of all for beginners in navigation.

Winner: Bluehost

Quite clearly, Bluehost is a better company when it comes to beginner choice. They offer almost every single thing a user needs wherewith free migration; you don’t have to worry even for a second.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, it’s better to go for Bluehost but Siteground isn’t left far behind in this case.

6. Review of Cpanel

Coming down at cPanel, it’s an interface from where users access different features and functions. Moving ahead in this Siteground vs Bluehost review, cPanel forms an essential integrant of websites.

Without a Cpanel, you can’t imagine a website that shows the true importance of cPanel. Currently, cPanel is an industry-leading panel that delivers services to each of the hosting service providers.

Bluehost cPanel

Cpanel bluehost

Yes, with the stunning cPanel from Bluehost, you don’t have to go anywhere else. The cPanel from Bluehost offers world-class features and is very minimal. Plus, the user interface that you will get will be clutter-free where you can easily find every single function.

On top of that, the hosting provider also offers a marvelous one-click installation. With this revolutionary feature, you can easily install WordPress and similar platforms to an absolute level of perfection.

Also, icons present in the Cpanel of Bluehost are visible where you will find no sort of complexity.

Siteground Cpanel

Cpanel bluehost

Seeing the other side of the story, Siteground Cpanel has been changed to a new one. Yes, the company has developed its own cPanel by the name Crystal. Here, they have offered different sorts of visual changes.

Also, different sort of extra features are added that makes customizability to the next level. Plus, the company even makes use of a customizable control panel that delivers things in a better way.

Further, the cPanel from Siteground offers a one-click installation feature. With this, you can easily install WordPress and other similar kinds of platforms.

Altogether, with Siteground Cpanel, you can find a new user interface where features become much more interesting.

Winner: It’s a Draw

Well, it was tough choosing the winner from both of them where each of the hosting service providers offers good cPanel.

While Bluehost offers a traditional Cpanel, it has always been the favorite for every internet user. The traditional panel comes with simplicity and you will not face any issue in navigation.

On the other hand, cPanel from Siteground comes with a custom-built Crystal CPanel. Though this is a new cpanel, the company has made navigation a lot simpler.

Therefore, in the end, both the hosting service provider cPanel is a brilliant one where you can choose any of them.

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7. Customer Service Support

Speaking about one of the most essential aspect in website hosting brings customer support into the spotlight.

Yes, if the company has better customer support, users will not find an issue to resolve problems.

Coming down towards the customer service support from both hosting service providers, each of them is the best.

Yes, they have got the latest technologies where they can resolve any issue to perfection.

Both Bluehost and Siteground share the same features in customer service support:

  • 365 days customer support for 24 hours
  • Good Phone calls along with live chat that aim to resolve problems, as early as possible
  • Good and corporative support staff

Siteground Customer Support

Siteground Customer Support

Starting off with customer support from Siteground, the company has excelled in offering good customer support. Here, they have increased their staff members where every problem can be solved in the quickest manner.

Also, they deliver customer services on a priority basis which you can obtain in the GoGeek and GrowBig plan.

Plus, whenever you will raise a ticket, their average response time is just 10 minutes. This is amazing and you don’t have to wait for hours to get a response.

Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost Customer Support

On the other hand, Bluehost even delivers excellent customer support to each of its users. Here, other than their traditional live chat, phone calls, and tickets, the company also offers expert consultation.

Plus, they also offer pre-sales along with different sales strategies. Still, there is one downside of Bluehost customer support where there is no sort of response time for tickets. With this, you even have to wait for hours just to get connected with the customer support.

Winner: Siteground

Quite clearly, looking at both scenarios of customer support, Siteground customer support is a lot better. They have set a range for the average response time that truly steals the entire customer support service show.

Plus, their phone calls and chat support has been on point. With an increase in staff, you can connect with a customer care person much earlier and in a better way.

Final Word of Mouth: Siteground vs Bluehost

Summing up the entire article, the entire Siteground vs Bluehost review is right in front of you. Without a doubt, both the hosting service providers are brilliant but speaking about the best, Siteground steals the entire show.

Yes, with Siteground, you will get better UI, customer service support and with improved performance, you won’t find a better hosting service provider.

Also, for your feasibility, I have done the work for you. In any case, if you are eager to browse different plans of Siteground, you can simply CLICK HERE. This will take you straight to the Siteground pricing page.

From there, you can easily see different hosting options. Thereafter, you can choose any one option, host your website, and enjoy numerous benefits offered by Siteground.

Still, Bluehost on the other hand doesn’t lack behind where you can even go ahead and Browse different Bluehost plans.

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