Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator: Which Hosting is the Best ? [2021]

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In a world of high competition, it may be tough for you to choose the best hosting company. Here, you can get confused to select a good hosting service provider. But, if you can get some true points to select a better one, things can get clearer for you. Therefore, I have got you a complete Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator review.

During my long blogging carrier, I have used tons of hosting companies and know the in and out for each of them. With my experience, you will land up opting for a really good hosting company for your work.

In this comparison, we will keep all our focus on Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator hosting companies.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the hosting features, one by one.

Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator Review

Starting off with the basics, you must know which host you would like to opt for. Especially, when there are tons of options available in the market, things can get trickier for you.

Here, while choosing a brilliant hosting service provider, given below are three vital things you must look at:

  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Security

If all the three things are met for any hosting service provider, choosing that hosting can be a brilliant choice.

Also, sometimes, you got to pay more detailed consideration to choose one of the best hosting service providers.

Right in this post, we will compare three of the best hosting service providers. Indeed, these things will make your mind a lot clearer than usual.

Important things you need to know

Going ahead in the Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator review, there is some important advice that you must take into consideration.

As I mentioned, Bluehost and Hostgator are two common names in the world of web hosting and WordPress.

Both the companies are good on their own and have offered some of brilliant services. Plus, each of the companies is owned by the EIG group.

Separate Hosting Companies

Now, despite having some relations, both Bluehost and Hostgator are two separate hosting companies.

They work at different parameters and offer different pricing for different plans.

What about Siteground?

Going ahead in Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator, Siteground is a completely separate company. They don’t come under any of the companies and have their very own set of operations.

Also, they haven’t been along for long such as Bluehost and Hostgator. Still, the company has gained massive credibility and respect.

Over the past years, the company achieved tremendous popularity and has hosted tons of websites. Plus, their list of features is never-ending which has paved their way to compete with the top class giants.

Right now, let’s go ahead and talk about each of the companies, one by one.

#1: WordPress Hosting with Bluehost

Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator

Well, starting off with the basics, let’s start with Bluehost hosting where it all started back in the year 2010.

Bluehost was WordPress recommended service back in the year 2010 and even in 2020, they are the true ones. With this, you can sense the popularity of Bluehost hosting service provider.

Now, coming down to the services offered by Bluehost, they offer domains, shared hosting packages, Dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting and even WordPress hosting.

Additionally, you also get the amazing one-click installation feature that is pretty cool. With the help of a one-click from Bluehost, you don’t have to wait for minutes in installation.

All you can do is to use the feature and install different sorts of applications.

Reliability and Security

Moving ahead, the reliability and security of Bluehost have also been on the far better end. In this scenario, the company has focused on reliability and security to the most extent.

Here, you will get world-class security and the company will help in protecting user data, every single time. Yes, their servers are secured by excellent security parameter that ensures that your data is kept protected.

On the other hand, I faced absolutely no issues with the uptime of Bluehost. Every single time I checked, the website was up and running, in every case. However, you may see some minutes whenever the company is installing certain updates.

But, there is nothing is much to complain about Bluehost where they offer everything to an absolute level of perfection.

Therefore, if you are looking for a hosting service provider who has got good uptime and security, Bluehost is a good option to go for.

Yes, the hosting service packs everything you need where you will get the best of all support from them too.


Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator

Well, Bluehost has always been an affordable hosting service provider Each of their plans is far better ones where you will get one of the best plans.

Here, if you want to choose the shared hosting plan, you can go for the same, without any sort of issue.

Plus, the infrastructure of Bluehost has been on the top class end, from every single angle. With this, you don’t have to worry about the pricing of Bluehost and you can choose almost any of the plans, without an issue.

Additionally, with Bluehost and it’s planning, you will get unmetered bandwidth and almost everything unlimited. With this, you don’t have to worry about anything.

All you can do is to browse different plans and choose the best of them. After which, you can host your website with Bluehost, the better way.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator

Indeed, for any of the users, having good customer service and technical support has been the key. In this case, Bluehost offers almost every type of customer service support. Here, you will get support for phone calls, email, and even the live chat support.

Personally, I tested the customer support of Bluehost and was amazed with the response. Here, the company offered brilliant customer support and I tested the live chat support.

In this case, the moment I got connected with the customer support, the executive got connected instantly.

There, I asked a few questions to the executive and he responded in the best possible way.

Yes, the support staff was quite knowledgeable and he was able to answer almost all of my questions.

Also, in the technical support department, the executives were polite and they listened to my queries, a lot better way.

With this, as far as I speak about the customer support department, each of the things are a lot better than the usual.

Yes, the support executives are quick, smart and they are able to resolve the issues and queries, a lot better way.

Even more, Bluehost does offer the amazing 24×7 customer service support. Here, you can contact them via live chat, tickets, email, and other sorts of channels.

Some Facts about Bluehost

Well, in the Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator review, Bluehost does come up with some of the most interesting facts. Out of which, the top known facts are as follows:

  • Bluehost hosts over 2% of the domain names on the internet
  • Bluehost powers over 2 million massive websites
  • The company has got a 73% positive user response.

Final Words on Bluehost

Well, Bluehost still continues to leave their legacy where they are one of the most popular hosting service providers. Each of the plans offered by Bluehost has been on the far better end.

Plus, I would like to recommend Bluehost to all of my users as the company offers an all-round performance.

Right from offering some of the very best plans to an amazing customer support, Bluehost has been the company to look for.

Therefore, if you are willing to opt for a quality hosting service provider, then Bluehost is one of the best options for you.

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2. Hostgator Hosting

Site Builder

Speaking about the second best hosting will bring Hostgator into the spotlight. Yes, the company has been standing since years and has offered the best of all services to each of the users. Here, the company offers tons of plan options that are all affordable and you can choose any of them.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the things about Hostgator hosting, right in this section.

Services Offered

Well, the company is known to offer tons of services where you can choose between shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Also, you can even go ahead with the VPS hosting where you can make use of the virtual servers.

Therefore, from your end, you can look at different plans and see which plan is a good one for you.

Once you have decided, then you can go ahead and choose the best of all plans.


Going ahead, speaking about the reliability of Hostgator, the same has been on the good end. Indeed, being such a reputable hosting company, Hostgator has always offered reliability in each of their modules.

Also, within six months, I was impressed with the reliability of Hostgator hosting. Here, I experienced zero downtime which was quite an achievement. With zero downtime, you can be sure that the servers are working every single time.

Uptime & Page Response Time

Also, the uptime offered by Hostgator was truly amazing where I got around 99.99% uptime. With such brilliant uptime, I can say that you can load up the pages at a quicker note.

Further, you will not see any of the server related errors with Hostgator. With this, you are free to choose any of the server locations and you will get one of the best response times, without an issue.


Well, Hostgator is one of those few companies that offer some of the best and affordable plans. In this scenario, the plans start at around $4 that is for the shared hosting. Looking at this pricing, you can see the affordability of the Hostinger hosting.

Also, if you can choose the plans for greater years, you can save a lot more money on each of the plans.

Additionally, to bring down the pricing to the least extents, Hostgator’s Black Friday sale also delivers affordable pricing.

With all these, you can get affordability in every single scenario where you can even choose more than one plan.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator

Now, for the users, customer support along with technical support stands as two important aspects.

As far as the customer support of Hostgator, the same has been on the top class end. Here, the company offers support via Live chat, phone, or even email support. Plus, you can directly write them an email and you will get a response within a few hours.

Personally, I tested the phone call support from Hostgator and was amazed at their services. Yes, Hostgator offered extraordinary support where you will not be upset with their support services.

The customer care executive was good too where he talked with me on the phone in a polite way. In this scenario, he talked with me and resolved my issue to an absolute level of perfection.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable customer support service, then Hostgator is the one hosting to go for.

Final Words on Hostgator

Well, coming down at the concluding section, Hostgator is an all-round hosting service that offers a good set of hosting services.

Additionally, Hostgator offers one of the best customer support section. With such customer support, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, in the affordability section, you are free to choose any of the Hostgator plans at affordable rates.

Keeping all these things in mind, if you are willing to opt for an all-round hosting service, Hostgator is the one that can resolve all your issues.

3. Siteground Hosting


Moving ahead towards the third hosting, Siteground will be my third choice when it comes to choosing a hosting service provider.

Well, Siteground is a far less popular hosting company compared with Bluehost but it has offered good hosting plans to almost all of the users.

Services Offered

Well, in terms of the services offered by Siteground, the company delivers different types of hosting services for every user’s needs. For instance, they offer some of the best shared hosting plans. On top of that, you can choose Siteground dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting and almost every other type of hosting plan.

Speaking about the company’s shared hosting plans, they offer the StartUp, GoGeek, and the GrowBig plans.

Well, I started off with the Startup plan and faced no issues with Siteground services.

Additionally, if you have got websites with a larger volume of traffic, you can simply go ahead and choose the dedicated or VPS hosting plans.


Coming down at the reliability section of Siteground, the company offers almost 99.99% reliable support.

With such great support, you don’t have to worry about reliability from Siteground even for a second.

In this case, I even experienced 100 percent of uptime. With such brilliant uptime, you don’t have to worry about the reliability support.

Performance and Security

Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator

Now, as far as the performance and security goes in this case, the performance from Siteground has always been on the uphill. In this case, the servers from Siteground are fast enough and you will not face any of the performance issues.

Moving ahead in the security section, Siteground does offer good security to all of its users. In this case, they offer SSL certificates for free in each of their hosting plans. With the availability of a security certificate, you can be sure that your website is kept secure.

Also, the company does offer advanced level protection against each of the malware level attacks.

With this, Siteground security comes quite handy in such situations.

Uptime & Page Load Response Time

Indeed the uptime from a company like Siteground has always been on the top class end. In this scenario, you can opt for any Siteground plans and the uptime you will get is truly amazing.

Here, you will not face any of the issues where even the page load response time is quite quick from Siteground.

In such a scenario, everything is fast and Siteground is comparable to Bluehost and Hostgator in this case.

Additionally, here, the uptime of Siteground is comparable to Bluehost and Hostgator in every case.

So, if you are willing to choose Siteground hosting service for Uptime, the same is available with Hostgator and Bluehost.



Comparable to Bluehost and Hostgator Siteground is a little bit on the expensive end. Yes, it isn’t the most affordable hosting service provider where you will have to pay more money if you want to grab Siteground plans.

Right from the Startup plan to the Grow Big plan, each of the plans come with a certain set of cost.

Therefore, if you are someone who can pay that extra money for a hosting service, Siteground is one of the better options to go

Plus, if you will browse each of the Siteground plans, the plans come at a slightly higher cost than Bluehost and Hostgator.

With this, if you are willing to opt for a service that is available for a slightly lesser price, then Bluehost or even Hostgator can be a better choice.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Well, Siteground does offer an outstanding customer service support every single time. They have got their Chat Support, phone call, and the email support available for each of the users.

Therefore, with Siteground customer service support, you will not face any of the issues. Here, you can contact the company via any support channel and you will get the best quality support.

Even more, in the technical support section, the Siteground team has done wonders. Each of their support staff are well trained and they know to resolve all of the issues to perfection.

Hence, in the Siteground customer support section, you will not face any of the issues.

With this, you can trust Siteground’s customer support and hope that they will offer you brilliant services.

Final Words

When I compare the Siteground hosting with Bluehost and Hostgator, I find the Siteground hosting to be on the slightly expensive end.

Still, the company offers an extensive array of customer support, and also their servers are pretty fast.

Even more, in the security section, Siteground has managed to do a pretty good job. Therefore, if you have got that extra money in your pockets, you can simply choose Siteground as your hosting service provider.

Which Hosting are the Winners?

Well, if I look from an all-around perspective, I will give the first place to none other than the Bluehost hosting company.

Yes, Bluehost is an all-round company that does offer the best of all features at affordable pricing. Plus, it’s a reputable company and you cannot go much wrong with Bluehost.

Therefore, if you are looking for the winner among Hostgator, Bluehost, and Siteground, it has to be Bluehost in any case.

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A final word of Mouth

Summing up the entire article, the Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator review is in front of you. In this scenario, all of the hosting companies are good one but only the top two stands apart from each other.

Here, Bluehost and Hostgator goes ahead of Siteground in the affordability section. In this scenario, each of the hosting companies is brilliant where you will get almost all of the features in every case.

Right from offering brilliant customer support to different hosting plans, Siteground vs Bluehost vs Hostgator each of the companies are good.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you can opt for the Bluehost or even Hostgator starter plans.

Also, for people who have experienced person, they can opt for the Bluehost or even Hostgator advanced level plans.

In this scenario, all you can do is to keenly look at every plan and decide which plan is a good one.

Being said that, you have the power to choose any plans from Bluehost or even Hostgator.

Then, you can easily launch your website and go ahead to make tons of revenue from those websites.

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