Serpstat Review: One of the Best Alternative to SEMrush [2021 Updated]

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Well, in the SEO world, people need some sort of professional tools that can help their website attain high Google rankings. Indeed, if you will browse over the internet, you will see tons of tools that can give you good rankings. But, not each of the tools are a good one and that is what you will have to take into consideration. Going ahead, I have got you a complete Serpstat review where this tool is a gem of a choice to help you attain better rankings.

Well, from my end, I explored the internet and came up with a bunch of tools for SEO. Out of this, I found Serpstat to be a brilliant one.

Also, I have tested the Serpstat tool and was amazed by the list of SEO features, tool offers.

Yes, it’s a decent tool that will exceed your expectations and will help you in the overall ranking process.

Therefore, if you haven’t tried Serpstat yet, this Serpstat review is the one for you.

Let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Serpstat review, right in this article.

Serpstat Review: What is Serpstat?

Well, in the case you are knowing the first time about Serpstat, I have got all of the things related to this tool.

First of all, Serpstat was founded back in the year 2013 as a simple keyword research tool. Since then, the company has transformed itself and has turned out to be a complete SEO and PPC analyst tool too.

Additionally, the statistics of this tool has grown on a continuous curve. Currently, the database of Serpstat comes with massive 6 billion keywords, 64 million ads, and massive 3.9 billion keywords.

Well, the database of Serpstat matches the database of some massive SEO tools too which is a good thing.

Further, Serpstat offers data from around 230 Google databases which includes the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgarian, and plenty of more countries.

Also, the Serpstat platform is used by more than 30,000 online marketing experts. This number is an achievement by Serpstat as it helps them to rank much better in the Google rankings.

Right AppSumo, Serpstat is one of the best selling tools that is quite an achievement.

Now that you have known essential information about Serpstat, we will go ahead with the features of Serpstat.

Serpstat Review: Features

Going ahead in Serpstat review, I have got you some of the best lists of features offered by Serpstat:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Tools
  • Site Audit

Now, let’s go ahead and take a dig at each of the features, one by one.

Website Analysis

With the help of website analysis, you can look at different aspects of your website. In this case, issues will come where you can take a look at those website issues and resolve them, one by one.

Now, in website analysis, the thing is divided into Domain Analysis and URL Analysis.

Domain Analysis        

Serpstat review          

Well, with the help of Serpstat, you can analyze domains in the best possible way. In this case, you can just type in the domain name and tap on the Search Icon.

Then, you will come up with a report that will offer you a top-level view of your website’s estimated traffic, paid keywords, organic keywords, and even search visibility.

Additionally, you will also find the surface level data on keyword distribution, traffic trends, top pages, and many more.

Serpstat review

Altogether, Domain Analysis is a handy tool from Serpstat as it offers complete information about the domains.

Plus, you can even take the client’s work and offer them complete domain information. Then, you can see to those issues and resolve each of them, as per your experience.

SEO Research

Serpstat review

Moving ahead in Serpstat review, SEO Research is another important thing offered by the Serpstat tool. Here, you can tap on Website analysis, and then you can go straight to the SEO research.

From there, you can view the site’s top organic keywords along with important keyword metrics.

Then, you can identify the organic competitors for your website.

Compare your domain with your competitors and see where you are lagging behind.

Further, you can also see the top organic pages on your website along with the competitor’s websites.

You can then tap on the organic keywords against every URL to open the Serp keyword research tool and analyze your competition’s best keywords.

PPC Research

Serpstat review

If you are someone who relies on the PPC ads, then the PPC research can help you tons in this case. This is one of the best features from Serpstat as it delivers good PPC research in every single aspect.

Here, all you need is to enter your competitor’s domain in the search box, and then you can analyze your top competitors. Also, you can then analyze PPC strategies, identify gaps in your PPC campaigns, and even improve your ad copies by targeting it to a wide range of audiences.

Yes, it will take time but as and when you will master the PPC research, you can bring much better and effective results.

Batch Analysis

Serpstat review

With the help of the batch analysis feature, you can easily compare metrics of up to 200 domains. This is among the best things you can do to compare bulk metrics with just one click.

Here, you can check different sorts of things such as traffic estimate, total keywords, new keywords, lost keywords, etc.

With the help of Batch Analysis, you can save tons of your time in keyword and SEO research. With this, you can then use your time in doing other website work to gain even better rankings on Google.

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URL Analysis

URL Analysis

As you can expect, with the help of URL analysis, you can get almost every single SEO data at the URL level.

On a quicker note, if you want to analyze a specific URL, you can enter the URL in the search bar.

Then, after you will search for the same, you will get a summary of the SEO data on that URL. This includes top organic keywords, keyword position, organic competitors, and even the keyword distributions.

Here, you can analyze almost each of the things related to the URL and then take your decision.

Now, let’s take a close look at more sections of the URL Analysis.

Keyword Research

Keyword research

Indeed, if you are willing to rank right on the top page of Google, you will have to make use of the Keyword research tool.

With the help of this tool, you can see the difficulty of keywords and analyze whether they can help you rank or not.

Also, if you realize that the keyword can rank, you continue with the same. Or else, you can easily go ahead and opt for better keywords to rank.

In this scenario, apart from the primary keywords, you must use the secondary ones too. With the help of secondary keywords, those can help you rank in a far better way.

To get started, you can enter your seed keywords right in the search bar and the platform will generate quick keywords for you.

Also, you can easily see the estimated metrics like the monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, competition CPC and tons of other factors.

Now, the keyword research tool offered by Serpstat is divided into Keyword Search and PPC Keyword Research.

Right now, let’s explore the reports you can generate with the Serpstat SEO Keyword research tool.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection

Right in the Serpstat review for keyword selection, this is another important metric in the Serpstat tool. Here, you can find the keywords along with their phase selection. Plus, you can also find search suggestions, top pages, competitors for each of the targeted keywords.

Right from your dashboard, you can go to Keyword Research, SEO Research, and then the Keyword Selection.

Then, you can easily plugin the seed keywords in the search box and Serpstat will offer you a comprehensive list of matching keywords.

Next up, you can navigate straight to “Related Keywords” from the sidebar menu. Here, you can discover different keywords that are connected to your targeted keywords.

Also, the tool even allows users to include the nifty report on search suggestions. The suggestions are pulled out from the Google Autocomplete feature without an issue.

Further, you also have the option to view the current top-ranking pages for each of your targeted keywords. This definitely gives an idea of the competing keywords and whether you can rank on the same or not.

Navigate straight to the “Competitors” from the sidebar menu and view each of the websites.

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More on Keyword Selection

More on Keyword Selection

Now, you can generate a huge amount of keywords ideas with the tool and get a complete picture of this scenario. But, you must know that the keyword difficulty score isn’t always an accurate one.

Therefore, you will have to perform separate research on Google and decide on the keywords.

Well, Keyword difficulty is one of the most important metrics because it demonstrates the level of competition for target keywords.

Further, it plays a key role to decide whether the particular keyword is worth targeting or not.

Backlink Analysis

If you are serious about ranking your website, Backlink Analysis is one of the most important metrics. Yes, with effective backlink analysis, you can take your website right at the top-class page of Google.

Currently, whichever website you are seeing on Google, each of them has got quality backlinks.

Hence, Serpstat offers extensive backlink research where you also have the power to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. From there, you can choose some of the best quality backlinks.

Speaking about the features of Serpstat Backlink analysis, you can have a look at them below:

Backlink Dashboard

Backlink Dashboard

The Serpstat backlink dashboard offers an overview of the site’s referring domains, total pages, total pages indexed, referring domains, and so on

On top of that, it also offers the site’s Trust rank score where you can see what is the trust of your site in the global market.

Now, in this case, you can enter any of the competitor’s domain and see a quick overview for the same.

Referring Domains

Referring Domains

Going ahead in the Serpstat review, you can even search for different referring domains with this tool. Further, you are even able to see the ranks of each domain which is another better thing.

Hence, with this analysis, you can grab a pretty good idea about each of the domains. Then, you can start pitching your email to those people and hope for better replies.


Though the importance of anchors is slowly coming down, still they are important from an SEO point of view. On Serpstat, you can easily access the anchor cloud along with the list of keywords used as an anchor right to your website.

Top Pages

Indeed, almost every single blogger has the wish to attain the top page ranking of Google. For the same, Serpstat offers you the opportunity to explore top pages. With this, you can see the blogs that are ranking on the first page.

From there, you can analyze their backlinks, incorporate those backlinks in your blog, and achieve much higher results.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker

Well, whenever we speak about the search engine rankings, they change on a constant basis. None of the websites on Google will rank forever and shuffling is the nature of Google.

Given below is the list of data you can easily extract from the Serpstat Rank Tracker tool:

  • Positions

With the help of positions, you can note down the exact position of each of the websites. Also, this feature will show you the site rank distribution right in the search results.  

  • History

It will show you the historical data on the domain positions for selected keywords

  • Competitors

Shows the traffic share for selected keywords among with the competing domains.

  • Site Audit

Well, the Site Audit on Serpstat offers you a brief analysis of the site’s complete SEO score. Plus, it highlights each of the errors that are to be fixed. With a proper site audit, you can come across the issues you will have to fix for your website.

Given below is a quick summary of the sections you can find in the Site audit report:

  • Meta Tags

The meta tags allow you to see high, medium along with low priority errors with the site, meta description, title tag, and tons of more things.

  • Headings

Allows you to see medium, high and low priority errors along with concerning headings on your website

  • Redirects

Shows the total number of redirects to your website and delivers information on whether the site is accurately having redirects or not. In case, your website is not having proper redirects, you will get a warning for the same.

Then, from your end, you can fix the issues and perform redirects in your site, the better way.

  • Indexation and Accessibility

It displays the pages with canonical tags, flash elements, low word count, on the page, and many more.

  • Links

Allows you to see if the content has any issue with the internal and external links

  • Loading Speed

Allows in seeing the errors and fix those errors that are affecting the overall website speed


And, right at the last stage, we arrive at the tools section where it consists of the history of different queries on Serpstat. Further, you can even explore and export different saved playlists of saved keywords along with reports.

Additionally, you can upload and check for the quality of the list of keywords.

Now, depending on your plan, you can easily add different projects right in the Serpstat dashboard.

Here, you can easily access different data such as the site audit, rank tracking, backlinks data, keywords data, and many more.

Ease of Use

First of all, since Serpstat comes with tons of features, there is a sense of learning curve in this case. Well, if you are a beginner, you will love the ease of use of the Serpstat tool. The tool offers one of the best ease of use when we compare it with all of the big tools.

Now, despite the steep learning curve, you will be impressed with the UI of Serpstat. All thanks goes to the development team that has made the UI of Serpstat a lot better.

Also, if you are migrating to Serpstat after using the top-class tools, you will be adjusted to the interface within days.

Yes, I have used the Serpstat tool and was amazed by the simpler user interface. Here, every single thing was in their own place and was accessible right on the click of a button.

As and when you will start spending time on Serpstat, you will love the tool and will begin to spend more time, in the future.

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat Pricing

Coming down towards the pricing section of Serpstat review, the pricing varies largely depending on the plans you choose.

For instance, the Lite plan of Serpstat begins at the price of $69 for each month. With this plan, you can access all of the basic level features.

Then, if you will go a step ahead, you can choose the Standard $149 plan. In this plan, three users can access Serpstat, you will get branded reports and many more features are available.

Then, for corporates and massive website users, you can simply go ahead and choose the $299 plan per month.

Yes, with the help of this plan, you can offer access to 5 users that can use Serpstat simultaneously.

Plus, the plan extends API along with interface and offers tons of more value-added features.

Plus, the plans even offer easy to download browser extensions that come in handy, for most of cases. Here, you can download the extension for chrome along with Firefox in many cases.

Hence, after seeing the above pricing, you will have to decide which plan will be the best one for you. Indeed, you got to take a look at different features of each plan and then come to a conclusion.

Customer Support

Each of the successful businesses has one thing in common. Yes, they offer outstanding customer support compared to their competitors.

Well, each of the customers would like to have good customer support in case they land up in an issue.

In terms of Serpstat customer support, they offer a team of helpful individuals whom you can contact and resolve your issues, to the best extent.

Plus, the platform even offers an exclusive Serpstat Academy where you can learn all of the free online learning. Here, you can learn almost every single thing about the Serpstat tool. Right from learning the keyword research to SEO and other useful features.

Given below are the pages which you can refer to and learn about using the different product:

  • User Guides

Here, you can find in-depth information along with walkthroughs on how exactly you can use Serpstat.tool.

  • FAQs

In this section, you can easily find answers to different questions about Serpstat. Yes, regardless of your query, you can browse the FAQ section and you will find an answer to the same, without any issues.

Well, from your end if you are facing any issues, you can check out the FAQ section first. Thereafter, if the issue isn’t resolved, then you can go ahead and opt for the customer support team.

  • How to Guides

Well, the Serpstat how to guide consists of in-depth Serpstat tutorials, how-to resources, and other actionable tips.

  • Serpstat Blog

Eventually, Serpstat even offers their very own blog that helps to increase productivity on Serpstat. with the help of Serpstat, you can improve your SEO knowledge to some really good extents.

Additionally, to the resources, you can easily open the chatbox via chat icon and chat with their customer executives.

Yes, the executives are well-trained and with them, you will not face almost any sort of issue.

Wrapping Things Up: Serpstat Review

We have come to the ending phase of the article and the entire Serpstat review is in front of you.  Yes, the tool is a good one where it delivers some of the best and world-class features at affordable pricing.

Right from offering good keyword research right to giving a strong backlink analysis, Serpstat is the one tool that you can trust with no sorts of issues.

Additionally, in terms of the customer support section, Serpstat offers an amazing type of customer support. In this scenario, you can contact them via chat, email, and get your issues resolved in the best possible way.

Now, at this stage, all you can do is to follow up the entire article. Here, you can explore different features of Serpstat and see if it fits your requirements or not.

If the answer is Yes, then you can choose the basic plan of Serpstat. Then, as and when your requirements grow bigger, then you can go ahead and opt for the bigger plans.

Further, to make things easier, I have brought a simple solution for you. At this stage, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the Homepage of Serpstat.

From there, you can explore Serpstat features, choose a plan, and perform SEO analysis, to the best possible extents.


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