SEO Checklist for New Websites 2021: The Best & (Effective) SEO Checklist

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Well, SEO is something that is the root ranking algorithm if you are willing to rank your articles. If you want to rank up your website, you need the SEO and you got to perform SEO in the best possible way. Therefore, right now, let’s go through a complete SEO checklist for new Websites that I have made for you.

Without a doubt, Search Engine Optimization has become an essential requirement for each of our websites. It’s like that you need SEO if you want to rank on top of the Google Rankings.

At the same time, there are tons of website owners who are searching for different ways to rank up the website. Google has got more than 200 SEO ranking factors and with this, users are kept in dilemma which of those factors can prove a worthy one for them.

Therefore, simplifying different things, I have divided the SEO aspects into different things that I will explain.

Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete SEO checklist, right in this article.

SEO checklist for New Websites: Technical SEO

SEO Checklist for new websites

Well, before we can focus on the On-Page SEO, the technical SEO also plays a much essential role.

Free Reporting Platforms

You can begin by analyzing that is your site ready to be indexed for each of the search platforms. Different search platforms include Google, Bing, or even Google Analytics. Once your website has been indexed by each of the above platforms, then you can go ahead with other technical factors.

Plus, the tools bring a good amount of diagnostic, analytic data that can help you a long way.

XML Sitemap

Now, you can define XML Sitemap as the table of contents. Here, the Sitemap is a modern way of inputting each of your pages to the search engines.

There are tons of website platforms that offer built in the plugin or an add on that can create a dynamic sitemap for your website.

At the worst, you must have a static sitemap that can allow the robots to get at least some sort of information from your website.


Going ahead in the SEO checklist, Robots.txt is one of the most important aspects of technical SEO. These file provides the instructions to Google for indexing and not indexing a particular page.

By default, each of the search engines will look at every possible content you put online.

Even if you are not able to restrict the search engines from indexing the web pages on a website, make sure that the file is:

  • Accurate
  • Easily Validates on the Google Search Console
  • Validates in Bing Webmaster tools
  • Don’t block any of the important content from being indexed


If you are someone who owns more than one domain, you must know the name of each of your additional domains.

If the domains are parked and are not in use, that’s totally fine.

Also, even if they redirect the website, check to ensure that each of the same is redirected as 301. This can be a quick area for simplifying the check.

Site Architecture

Speaking about the Site Architecture, it’s a hierarchy and the structure you can easily build into navigation along with sections of the site.

This thing will benefit the users along with the search engines and it will present each of the things, in a lot better way.

Plus, you must get the directory structure along with the URL to match almost every page and the file structure of your content.

Well, mapping out your entire website structure is among the key essential points if you are just starting off.

This thing enables you to think about the content, prioritize different contents and even funnel different users.


page speed

Now, for any website user, speed is something that is the key important thing. If a website isn’t offering the true and optimal speed, users will definitely bounce back.

On the other hand, even Google includes Speed in their technical SEO and they want to rank websites based on that thing.

Speaking about the search engines, they have worked for years to include page speed as one of their ranking factors. Here, you can easily look for ways of minimizing the Javascript along with heavy loading times.

Plus, there are tons of good developer tools that can easily help you identify the right type of areas and optimize your very own website.

With this, you can get a brilliant page loading time and up your chances to enhance your rankings.


Yes, we are in 2021 and each of the websites available over the internet has to be mobile-friendly. However, just because you are using a mobile-friendly theme, your website will be friendly to mobiles.

In this scenario, you will have to run through the Google mobile-friendly test, to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Also, you will have to perform the QA testing and quality assurance to make sure that your website is running well on mobile devices.

Once you are sure that your website and it’s pages are mobile-friendly, then you can go ahead with other technical SEO aspects.

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404 Pages

Now, in the SEO checklist, another important aspect is to create the 404 pages. Here, don’t forget to create the custom 404 pages and put almost all of the essential information on them.

You don’t really want to lose any visitors for your website and with this, creating the 404 pages has to be the basic key.

Also, your 404 pages must come with each of the links, search function, navigation, and contact options.


SSL Certification

SSL is also known as the Secure Socket Layer has become the necessity of modern date websites. With the help of SSL, you will get a security badge on your website URL. With this, users will note that your website is secure and you are facing almost no sort of issues on your website.

On the other hand, if your website isn’t protected by the SSL layer, then chances are high that you may face malware and viruses.

Also, with SSL, you gain the initial trust of users and they can browse quite easily, without plenty of issues.

Plugins, Extensions, and Add-ons

Moving ahead in the SEO checklist and if you use the content management system, there are chances you will use plugins.

Yes, there are tons of plugins available over the internet and you can use them to your advantage.

The same goes for extensions where you can use them and enhance the on-page SEO of your website, to some good extent.

SEO checklist for New Websites: On-Page SEO checklist

SEO Checklist

Indeed, in the above sections, you must have got and understood almost every single Technical SEO checklist. Each of the above checklists is essential if you are looking to rank up your website right on the top charts of Google.

Right now, we are in the On-Page SEO Checklist where you will get to know tons of more things.

In On-Page SEO, plenty of people think about different on-page ranking factors such as keywords, content, title tags, and many more.

However, gone are the days when you optimized each of the single pieces of content.

Right now, the search engines care about the contextual way more than just the keywords.

Therefore, to make your mind a lot clearer, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the On-Page SEO Checklist, one by one.

Keyword and Topics


Now, right before you can focus on building each of the contextual content, you must know what you want to build.

Now, if you are someone who hasn’t done keyword research or broader research on audiences, you got to learn the basics first.

Here, you will have to learn the basics and the topics your audience wants you to write.

Also, you must remember that the days of stuffing term sin pages or even the tags are gone.

Plus, we have to make use of the SEO tools for uncovering the right terms, topics, and phrases that are all in alignment.

From there on, you can drill down on the topics into different keywords for applying within the site architecture.

Additionally, you will have to know different terms that matter where you can put those terms into content and let the on-page factors work for you.


Yes, content is the inevitable king and if you can produce quality content, Google will put your website ahead of every single site.

Plus, your content will have to show up relevancy so that you can show up on most of the search results.

If you are someone who is including few words along with aspects, it will be hard to compete with sites that are putting tons of content.

Well, if you can achieve both quality and quantity in your content, chances are pretty high that you can rank high in the search rankings.

Also, users are constantly looking for the rich type of contents and websites where they can get the best of everything.

If you can bring users that type of content, you will get more clicks and Google will push your website up in the top charts, it’s that simple.

Therefore, with content, you must always focus on the quality of content and make sure that the quantity is not compromised.

Plus, you shouldn’t use outdated tactics that can harm the overall user experience. Also, using such tactics can even increase the risk of penalizing your website in Google.



Now, URL is the first element of the web page and this one is overlooked the most number of times. In this case, the search engines can overlook the index ugly that can cause some sort of issues.

However, URL is the opportunity to offer a clean directory structure that evenly includes the keywords and the context to show about different contents.

Here, you don’t have to miss on the opportunity of the site to allow for custom URL paths.



Yet again, the title tag is one of the most essential elements in the SEO checklist. Yet again, the title tag is something that has to be relevant and unique at the same time.

Further, you got to be mindful of the best practices about the keywords and the length. Each of those things has to be relevant to the page topic where you can write and implement each of those static tags. This thing ensures that you are following the dynamic formulas in place to keeping the title unique.

Each of the users will first read the title and once they are satisfied, then they click on the same.

Therefore, it’s every single website owner’s duty to keep the title as much optimized as possible. If you can keep the title interactive, users will click on the same and you will get visitors for your website.

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Meta Description

meta description

Yes, in the SEO checklist, Meta description is something that is another most useful thing. Without a meta description, users will not get a glance of the things that are inside your article.

With this, you got to write the meta description about every single page and the posts. If you can write a good meta description, chances are high that you can attract a large number of users.

Also, you must even include each of the keywords in your meta description. This will help Google to identify your web page contents and give you good Google rankings.


In the SEO checklist, headings is one of the most crucial things. Yes, without putting headings on your website, your site will not be ranked under any sort of circumstances.

With this, you must know that headings are among the key ranking factors if you are willing or have the will to rank your content online.

In your content, you can make use of different heading tags such as H1, H2, H3, or even H4 as per your convenience.

Here, using the Heading tags is something that you must use carefully. If you can use each of the heading tags properly, the robots of Google can understand your website, a lot better way.

Also, in using headings, you must be mindful to use each of them carefully. You cannot stuff headings and they must be used in a lot of systematic ways.

Body Copy

While most of the SEO terms and factors are becoming obsolete, you cannot ignore that the body copy on the page accounts for one of the biggest blocks of the indexable content.

Here, you cannot skip on using the focus keywords in the body as it will help you get better rankings.

However, including keywords doesn’t mean you will stuff each of those keywords in your content.

In this case, you will have to understand the number of words in your article. Then, on the basis of that, you can include the keywords, at your convenience.

Image Alt Attributes

One of the biggest SEO checklists is the Image Alt attributes. Yes, Image Alt Attributes is something that can make or even break the reputation of your website. Here, if your website pages aren’t using image alt attributes, this can send a negative signal to Google.

Each of the Alt tags is helpful for search engines to understand what an image is about.

With this, there is another opportunity to work on different keywords. Additionally, you got to consider the audience who may use the screen reader and ensure that your website is accessible, from every angle.

Structured Data

While the Structured data isn’t a direct ranking factor, it’s still useful to help rank your website.

Here, if you can use the appropriate type of structured data markup, you can offer many essential cue to each of the search engines. Here, you can tell them what exactly your content is about and they can understand things, a lot better way.

Also, if your website isn’t having an easy to access navigation, you can make use of the structured data.

With Structured data, Google can understand your structured data and help rank your website, a lot faster.

SEO checklist: External SEO Factors

SEO Checklist

Yes, apart from the On-Page and Technical SEO factors, external SEO factors also play a vital role. To help your website rank on the first page of Google, you got to make use of the external SEO factors too.

External factors are those that aren’t under your control. But, if you can understand and each of those factors, you can uplift the ranking of your website, to far extents.

Additionally, the On-Page factors influence the relevance & trust of content to each of the search engines.

Plus, the external factors influences the authority status and even helps in validating your website.

Given below are the top-class external SEO Ranking Factors:


Yes, links are something that are the root controlling factor towards the ranking and authority of any website. In this case, if your website is receiving links from some credible and authoritative websites, chances are pretty high that your site will rank among the top pages.

There’s a lot more than just creating the content that people want. You got to understand that backlinks do play a vital role in improving the overall ranking of your website.

To give a boost to your content, it’s essential that you build each of those quality links. By building those links, you are giving that additional boost, website needs.

You must focus on the efforts for building each of those quality links to your website. If you are doing the same regularly, chances are pretty high that you will achieve the top class Google Rankings.

However, you don’t have to fall into the trap of the Black-Hat SEO in building different links. If you do that, there are high chances that your website will be penalized by Google.

Therefore, you can follow up the procedure of guest posting, in different types of ways. With guest posting, you will get some quality links that will help boost your website rankings.

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Local Search

Moving ahead in the SEO checklist and if you are someone who runs a physical business, local search SEO can help you tons.

Yes, there are plenty of online local search directories where you can input your business name. from there you can get leads and then you can convert them into your clients.

Plus, Google offers the Google listing feature where you can list every single detail for your business. You can even input map directions along with the website so that people can reach out to you.

Additionally, you will have to make sure that your name, email address, and phone number are all consistent and accurate.

With time, your website will be visible in local listings and you will start getting traffic, over the period of time.

Use of Social Media

Social Media

Asides from all of the SEO checklist and ranking factors, making use of Social Media is another better thing. In this case, social media can help your website gain good rankings and will not impact your rankings, in any case.

Here, you must ensure that your website links to the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Plus, you got to make sure that your social media platforms are better a much proper and better form of engagement.

Once each of the things is in place, Google will recognize that your website is a genuine one. Plus, it will then take the necessary steps to put you ahead in the Google rankings.

All in all, if you can use Social Media in the right way, you have no idea the amount of traffic it will bring to your website.

Final Word of Mouth: SEO checklist

The complete SEO checklist 2021 are all in front of you and you don’t have to do much in this case.

Now, if you are a beginner, though the SEO checklist above will be a new one for you. But, if you can study each of the SEO checklists for 2021, you will understand how SEO works.

To rank your website and take it to the first page of Google, you got to follow each of the SEO checklists to perfection.

Additionally, if you are not taking links seriously, you got to start taking each of those links on a serious note. Backlinks are among the top class factors that will help you attain much higher Google rankings.

On top of that, even with Social Media, you will have to be up to date in every possible scenario. With social media, you can build a following, and then you can drive traffic to your website.

Plus, you can also promote your products and services on Social media and attract traffic, the best possible way.

Yes, understanding the SEO checklist may be difficult at first. But, as and when you will learn the basics then you can go ahead to understand the advanced part of SEO too.

It’s just a matter of time where if you have the determination, you can understand each of the above SEO checklist, the best possible way.

All you need is the time along with patience to understand every single SEO checklist for 2021 and beyond.

Then, you can become a master and perform SEO, to a greater level of perfection.


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