SEMrush Site Audit: Top Features of SEMrush Site Audit (2020)

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Speaking about one of the best SEO tools for the year 2020 will bring SEMrush into the spotlight. Without a doubt, SEMrush has been offering some of the best and world-class SEO services to tons of digital marketers and bloggers. Especially, when it comes to SEMrush Site audit, keyword research, backlink analysis, keyword magic tool, and many more, SEMrush has done an amazing thing.

Plus, there are millions of bloggers and digital marketers who recommend SEMrush and are using the same.

Coming down at the site auditing section, it stands to be one of the most essential parts. With site auditing, you can know everything about your website’s health along with issues. Ultimately, you can then consider those issues and then resolve each of those problems one by one.

For any SEO expert, Site auditing is probably the first thing they do. This gradually helps them to know the potential issues and resolve them to improve the overall ranking of the website.

Given below are the potential reasons why Site auditing is required. Thereafter, we will uncover the SEMrush site audit in a detailed manner.

Why you must audit your website in the first place?

SEMrush site audit

Eager to build links to your site?

First of all, site auditing helps to audit the entire backlink profile of a website. With this, you will see which are the sites that are linking to your website. Plus, you can then jot down different strategies where you can effectively use those strategies and develop backlinks to your website, the best ever way.

Want to add newer content to your website?

Well, with the help of website auditing, you can know which are those contents that are not performing well. With this, you can either remove those contents or include keywords that can help your content to perform better.

Also, with site auditing, you can see keywords on which your articles are ranking. Alongside, with competitor analysis, you can look after their high performing keywords, include those and hope for better rankings.

Want to add more ads to your website?

Using SEMrush site auditing, you can gradually check for ads on your website. With this, you can analyze whether the ads on your site are good enough to make money or not. If not, you can simply alter the ads and hope for many positive results.

Well, by now, you must have understood the importance of site auditing where it can gradually change the face of your website.

Earlier, Google wasn’t that smarter where it ranked websites without an issue. However, as and when Google started rolling out quality updates, ranking on Google has become much tougher.

Right now, Google’s update comes with user click data, machine updates, quality checks, and many more things.

Therefore, to tackle such things and then rank your website, Site auditing is a thing you got to perform.

My Take on Site Auditing

SEMrush site audit

Well, in today’s scenario, site auditing has become one of the most essential things. I have seen SEO Experts who don’t touch any project without proper website auditing. The reason for that is because Google as a company is continuously rolling out updates.

With this, every SEO expert wants to look at the website’s health and the cost it will take to make those websites much better.

On the part of the client, all they want is a website that is SEO optimized and the one that can make them money. Ultimately it all comes down to money where if the website is SEO optimized, clients will make money from the same.

Here, they will get organic traffic and gradually enhance their online search results presence.

Now, coming at the SEMrush site auditing, it’s one of the best tools you can use for website auditing. From my end, I have been using SEMrush site auditing where I am pretty amazed by SEMrush functionality.

From the company end, SEMrush has constantly updated their features that has helped bloggers to perform SEO in a much better way.

Additionally, when it comes to keyword research or even competitor analysis, SEMrush delivers the best of all things in this case too.

Even for beginners who have just jumped into the blogging industry and want to catch a glimpse of their website, SEMrush site auditing is one of the best tools.

Here, SEMrush will offer bloggers the perfect site audit. With this, they will know the potential issues. After which, they can fix those issue and ultimately move a step ahead towards Google rankings.

How you can use the SEMrush Site Audit Tool?

SEMrush site audit

Well, before you can know the usage of the SEMrush site audit tool, you must know the meaning of the SEMrush technical audit.

Well, the SEMrush site auditing tool is one of the fastest and painless ways to identify the possible SEO issues of the website. Yes, right from different On-Page issues along with the off-page ones, you can identify every single issue, without any loss.

When it comes to reports, the same comes in minutes. Yes, the SEMrush Site audit is perfect for every single new blogger along with an experienced digital marketer.

After this, SEMrush even offers some of the best and professional solutions that you can use. Further, they even offer proper guidance where you will get a step by step guide to enhance overall SEO ranking of your website.

Indeed, it will take time but if you can stick to your website, you will see some pretty good results, as early as possible.

Speaking about the SEMrush site audit tool, it crawls the entire website and checks the same against its database. With this, the tool comes with all the issues your website is facing and the guidance you need for resolving those issues.

Notable features of SEMrush Site Audit are:

  • Identification of Broken Links

In this scenario, every single internal, external along with images are checked.

  • Page Meta review

Descriptions or even titles that are short or missing are checked. Plus, even titles that are duplicate, SEMrush site audit offers a warning for the same too.

  • Page Headers

Checks 301’s, 404’s and every single internal redirect

  • On-Page

In this section, SEMrush checks for different H tags, canonical contents, Alt tags along with other On-Page optimization things.

  • Structural

Robots.txt, AMP Page Violation, and Sitemap Xml are checked

  • Page Speed

SEMrush checks whether of devices are checked and page load speed is checked

  • https/HTTP

The page is fast enough to load quickly or not. Plus, SEMrush checks if every single link is secure and there are no sorts of any issue.

Further, if you are an SEO expert and you want to offer Site audit results to your clients, you can do the same.

In this case, you can share results with your clients via PDF format where they can also see the potential issues of their website.

After which, you can offer your services to your client and help them to rank their website.

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SEMrush Site Audit: How to Configure a website audit?

SEMrush site audit

Well, if you are eager to run your very first site audit using SEMrush, the process is a simpler one.

In this scenario, you can go ahead and tap on the “Create a Project” tab on the dashboard.

For this, you can Enter the target URL and then assign a unique Project name and then click on the “Site Audit” option.

  • Crawler Configuration

In plenty of cases, the default thing you will need will be the limit of checked pages. With this, you will have to ensure that every single URL is coming into the crawl section.

For this, one of the better was to determine is by entering “” into the searches of Google.

Even more, for users who are more experienced, you can choose from a wide range of options that are as follows:

  • Custom Checked page limit

In case your website has got plenty of pages, this option can come handy at such times

  • Select Crawl source

Here, you can choose the organic site crawl of targeted URL’s that comes in the sitemap XML.

  • Select User agent

With this, you can easily make use of specifying or default Google Bot

  • Crawl Rate

Specify really low rates with the help of robots.txt for avoiding any server resource issues. Mainly this thing is done for larger sites to get a much better crawl rate.

  • Exclude/Include URL

In this scenario, you can easily specify different sections for the sites you like to crawl. Or else, you can ignore different URLs based on their patterns.

After all the analysis, once you are fully satisfied, you can easily tap on the Start Audit option. With this, the SEMrush site audit will start and almost all of your web pages will be crawled to deliver further data.

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SEMrush Audit Dashboard

SEMrush site audit

Speaking about the SEMrush Audit dashboard, the tool has got the tendency to generate their own ‘Site Health score’. This is done on the basis of the number of ‘check past’ ranging to ‘check failed’ ratio.

With this, you can get immediate data of the sites that are in need of technical set up.

Now, the above scenario is updated after every successful recrawl. Therefore, you can see the overall trend for medium to large scale websites with SEMrush.

Speaking about the next section, it summarises the number of website issues that were found:

  • Errors

Severe issues that are found and they need to be resolved

  • Warnings

Less severe issues which you got to fix with time

  • Notices

Best Practice elements that you can follow to improve the quality of your website.

Going ahead, the Thermatic Score information boxes helps to get some useful data on-site crawl quality, https along with international implementations.

On top of that, each of the errors and warnings is brought right at the front. With this, users know about their site issues, and then, the process of resolving starts.

  • Issues Tab

SEMrush site audit

In this section, each of the errors and issues is displayed where you can find different explanations for the same. Thereafter, you can find solutions for each problem and then eradicate those issues, as early as possible.

Further, every single page with an error is then grouped where you can easily identify those pages that are coming with errors.

  • Crawled Pages

Coming down at the next section of SEMrush Site Audit, Crawled pages is yet another valuable section of Site crawling.

Here, you can summarise the data based on the following:

  • Issues found
  • Crawl Depth
  • HTTP Status Code
  • Re-auditing URL’s on an individual note

Plus, additional to each of the above data, you also go ahead and pull off the data directly from Google Analytics. With this, you can easily get the top page identification along with prioritization.

Further, tap on the links for seeing the individual page reports where you will see an entire list of issues and details to address.

  • Statistics

Coming at the statistics section, it’s good for reports and it allows users to see their website’s data. Further, it even offers different issues section from where you can track each of your issues and resolve them, thereafter.

Additionally, the Statistics dashboard also delivers short-cut links that are done for accessing a set of URLs on the basis of key technical metrics. Such metrics can be easily imported or even exported as and when you want.

  • Compare Crawls

Total no of referred domains

Moving ahead in this SEMrush site audit, the Compare crawl is another valuable feature. This section is essential for site tracking over some time.

Plus, this option comes handy when you are dealing with a large volume of data. This can include major sites that have got tons of pages where you can crawl every single page with a site audit tool.

  • Progress

SEMrush site audit

The Progress tab helps to compare and present the data from the site audit in a graphical way. With this, you can easily look at the potential issue and can uncover the ways to resolve those issues, one by one.

Further, the Progress tab also offers an indication where your website needs some of the true improvements.

Therefore, you can visualize those issues and then resolve each of them, one by one.

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Introduction to SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool

Well, for any site, backlink forms as one of the major factors for ranking. If your website is new and there are fewer or no backlinks associated with your site, you will probably find it difficult to rank your content.

On the other hand, if your website has got a good backlink score, the content will be easier to rank without an issue.

Now, with the help of the SEMrush backlink audit tool, you can easily look after your site backlinks. Here, you can audit which links of your website are broken, lost, and which are the ones that are bringing traffic to your site.

Eventually, the SEMrush backlink audit helps to thoroughly identify the backlinks and helps in further site auditing.

Now, out of all the auditing and data views, most useful features when it comes to auditing are:

Total number of backlinks

Indeed, you will have to identify the number of backlinks that are pointing to your website. Plus, you will have to look at the quality of your backlinks where you can gradually rank contents with those links.

Total no of referred domains

Total no of referred domains

In this scenario, you will get a clear view of every single linking domains that include geographical along with TLD authority metrics.

Breakdown of Anchor Text

This section deals with the anchor text where several questions are asked from the user’s perspective.

  • Out of those questions, some of the potential ones are as follows:
  • What are the most common phrases used while linking?
  • What’s the Site URL along with the brand name?
  • Is there any evidence for keyword stuffing?
  • Are the links spammy?

All of the above questions are addressed in the above section.

Indexed Pages

Which are those pages that are attracting some good number of external links? Further, in total, what are the target sites that you can link to and get a good number of organic traffic?


Well, with the help of the Backlink site audit, you can know which are those links that can possibly be useful for your website. Of course, there might be tons of sites that might be linking to your blog. But, not all of those links are a good one.

Thankfully, with the help of a backlink audit, you will clearly know the true backlinks and the ones that are not worthy of your site.

While the SEMrush database isn’t big enough like it’s competitors, it’s still accurate enough that can help you get those potential links.

Further, you can even spy your competitors and see their sort of backlinks to their website. With this, you get a much clearer idea of the links that they are using.

After this, you can use those backlinks right onto your site and with this, you can have a much better edge over your competitors.

Note: Currently, SEMrush has introduced its latest backlink audit tool. With this, you can have a chance to analyze backlinks in a much better way.

Further, you can spy on competitors backlinks and hope for achieving much better rankings, in the future.

A final word of Mouth: SEMrush Site Audit

Wrapping up the entire article, hope you have got the best of all information related to the SEMrush site audit.

Indeed, for every website, Site auditing is one of the most basic things where you will know the overall health of your website. With this, you will get a clear indication of your site’s health.

Plus, you will know the potential things you got to do that can make your website better in Google rankings. Thankfully, SEMrush offers guidance to the bloggers where you can follow their step by step guide and improve your search rankings.

On top of that, with the help of the SEMrush backlink audit, you will know about everything of your site backlinks.

Here, you can analyze which are those links that are good for your website and the bad ones.

With this, you can eventually go ahead and eliminate the links to eliminate any link juice for them.

For the people who want to try SEMrush, the company offers some good days of the free trial period.

Thankfully, you can CLICK HERE to activate your SEMrush discount. With this, you only have to enter some of your personal information along with your credit card details

Alongside, you can use SEMrush for free where if you like this tool, you can then go ahead for their paid plans.

Right now, all you can do is to thoroughly analyze the SEMrush site audit tool. Hopefully, this tool will prove beneficial for you where you can use it to attract good traffic, in a short span of time.

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