Semrush review 2020: What is Semrush? All Features & Pricing

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For any person who has the ambition to rank their blog right on the first page of Google, using a good keyword research tool is the necessity. Therefore, to help you out in ranking your blogs, I have got for you an exclusive SEMrush review.

Indeed, SEMrush has always been a tool that is used by millions of bloggers. The tool has also got tons of different awards making it one better tool for keyword research, backlink analysis, and many more things. 

Therefore, right in this SEMrush review, I will take you down to each of the things related to Semrush tool. 

Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive SEMrush review for 2020 and beyond. 

SEMrush Review: What is SEMrush?

How Semrush works

To simply put into words, SEMrush is a tool that helps in optimizing the website based on search engines. 

It was found right in the year 2008 where their list of features has increased with every passing year. 

Currently, the SEMrush app features a massive database where around 5 million users are associated with SEMrush. 

With SEMrush, you will get total information about your competitor, their website analyses and many more things. you can also check some news related information on the SEMrush website.  

Altogether, SEMrush primary features are as follows:

  • Creating new website content that can attract traffic
  • Finding new backlink building opportunities
  • Tweaking the technical aspects of the website to enhance rankings

For example, the tool can effectively offer you keyword suggestions based on different words you will enter. 

Semrush clients

This can further help you to write blog posts and make your article a lot better than your competitors. 

Additionally, the tool will also help you in finding the difficulty of keywords. This can help you in finding some good keywords that have got good traffic with less competition. 

Plus, the SEMrush app also offers SEO Audit where you can eventually find any sort of technical improvements. 

Well, that’s just the beginning about the SEMrush app where I have got for you every single feature of SEMrush. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap every single feature, one by one. 

SEMrush Features

After a series of immense research, I have got for you the best of all SEMrush features. Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the features, one by one. 

Domain Analysis

semrush Domain analysis screenshot

Yes, mostly the entire SEO project starts with Domain Analysis where you can perform the same with SEMrush. Here, you can get to look at the quality score of SEMrush where you can see whether you can rank or not. 

Typically, you can perform domain analysis on your website or even on the client’s website. With this, you can get a clear idea of the SEO improvements you got to do for your domain. 

Also, you can find different ways to outrank competitors’ websites and bring your website right on the top rankings. 

Further, if you are someone who wants to sell a website, you can first analyze your website and then take action to sell the same. 

How to perform Domain Analysis?

Well, for performing domain analysis, the process is much easier In this case, all you can do is to go into the domain analysis section and enter your Domain URL.

Thereafter, you will get immediate results where you can see how your domain is performing compared to other domains. 

Domain analysis

Based on that, you can take action and further improve your domain rankings, with time and effort. 

Given below are the domain metrics that come with SEMrush:

  • The authority score
  • Total number of visitors to the website every month
  • Total number of external links along with backlinks that are pointing
  • The number of keywords that is used for the website
  • Top performing keywords
  • Displaying of advertising stats
  • Competing websites

Now, out of all the above-given metrics, you can understand each of them. Thereafter, you can take the steps to fix your domain score with different strategies. 

Now, SEMrush calculates the authority score based on the following things:

The data of backlinks (no of links pointing to one domain)

Organic search data that includes organic traffic along with keyword positions

Website traffic data

Recently, the Authority score was not present on the top of the front page. But, recently, the company has moved the same right on the front page. 

As per my experience, I used this feature that was deadly accurate. With SEMrush, I was able to increase my website DA to a substantial limit. 

However, the company doesn’t claim that they offer 100% true results. Still, they actually offer good data which you can follow and enhance the visibility of your website. 

Website traffic insights

Plus, it is always better for treating website stats as estimations that you can use and gain some true insights about your website. Also, you can take into consideration different metrics and make the searching process a lot better. 

Moving ahead in this SEMrush review, the “competitive positioning map” even helps you see where the website fits against the competitors. 

Again, keyword by country is another powerful tool that helps you to rank in a particular country.

Overall, SEMrush is a much useful tool when it comes to seeing website data. Thereafter, you can take action to enhance your website traffic, in today and the future. 

SEMrush Keyword Research

Going forward in this SEMrush review, keyword research is yet another powerful feature of SEMrush. Yes, before writing any article, you got to find keywords that are low competition and the ones that can actually bring traffic. 

Long tail keyword analysis

Generally, Keyword research is about the following things:

  • Looking at the keywords that are hot and a lot of people are searching for it
  • Seeing how difficult it is to rank on a particular keyword
  • Finding who are the ones ranking for that keyword
  • Getting different suggestions for keywords

Also, SEMrush makes it pretty easy to search for Keywords that can be useful for you. 

In this case, all you need is to enter one particular keyword and the Keyword research tool will help you see the following things:

  • The number of searches each month for the keyword in Google
  • Keyword Difficulty Score
  • List of sites that are currently ranking on that keyword

Another important metric you can make use of is the keyword difficulty score. Yes, with the help of keyword difficulty metrics, you can check out the keywords that can rank for your blog right on Google. 

Also, SEMrush shows the keyword difficulty of every single keyword. With this, you can jot a clear idea to know the keywords that can rank against the ones that cannot rank. 

Keyword research analysis

Altogether, if the keyword percentage is higher, you must know that the keyword will not rank in any case. 

On the other hand, if the percentage is less, then you must know that you can rank that keyword, without an issue. 

Now, if you are eager to get keyword suggestions based on your words, you can simply use the SEMrush Keyword magic option. 

Together, from a usability point of view, once you have understood to use the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool, things become much easier. 

Altogether, it offers you the list of keywords that are related to the phrase you have just entered. 

Thereafter, you can sort the same based on the following things:

  • Eventually, SEMrush Keyword difficulty tool helps you with every Keyword difficulty
  • No of searches every month
  • A look at the cost per click if you want to use Google Ads

single key information you require for making decisions. 

Firstly, the data given to you is solely for Google searches. It would be a lot better if different metrics are available for other search engines. 

If we talk on a fair note, around 92% of the searches are made on Google. With this, you must know that Google is a company that empowers searches. 

Secondly, you can eventually look at the backlinks that SEMrush offers. If you want to rank for a particular keyword, you got to check the backlink for that keyword or domain. 

With this, you can get a clearer idea on the keywords you can eventually rank in the ahead future. Also, you can eventually eliminate the keywords that are of no use and highly competitive ones. 

Rank Tracking

Moving ahead in this SEMrush review, rank tracking is a process where SEMrush analysis how your website is performing in the overall SEMrush search results. 

Plus, it’s much easier to use rank tracking where you can first go into a position tracker. 

After this, you can enter your domain name along with the keyword to track. 

Thereafter, you will get the report that will show you how exactly your website is performing out there in the search results. 

As and when the time will go on, more data SEMrush will collect about your website. 

Plus, you can eventually monitor the progress to rank much higher out there in the search results. 

On the other hand, you can even enter competitor website data right into the SEMrush position tracking tool. 

This helps you to compare your website with other sites and with this, you can find different ways you can rank your website in search results. 

What’s more? You can even enter your competitor’s website into the SEMrush position tracker and get insights on the same. 

This allows you to compare with a lot more proven data and with this, you can find out the ways you can use to rank your website. 

After this, you will get email updates right on your rank tracking progress. 

Altogether, the rank tracking feature in SEMrush is pretty strong where you can use it to your benefits. 

Now, the performance of the website in Google search results largely depends upon the number of backlinks website has. 

Further, there are two types of ways you can look at different backlinks in SEMrush. 

Out of which, the first option is known as Backlink analysis and the other one is known as backlink audit

Currently, let’s go ahead and take a look at different backlink tools. 

Backlink Analysis

Going ahead in this SEMrush review, backlink analysis helps you to enter your domain name. After which, the tool will help you get different sort of backlinks that are associated with that domain. 

Backlink analysis chart

Plus, you can use the Backlink Analysis section to find the following things:

  • Anchor text for every single backlink
  • Top-level domain 
  • Information right on the IP Address for backlinks

Every single information given above is laid out in the best possible way. With this, you will see domains that are linked to your website and the ones that are lost. 

Further, you can also use this sort of information to enhance your SEO efforts. 

Now, you must be thinking about the accuracy of the SEMrush backlink analysis tool. Well, it works pretty fine where you get a glance at almost every single domain. 

SEMrush claims that they have around 23.6 trillion backlinks which is pretty accurate and can help you to get results. 

Well, I have personally used the SEMrush backlink analysis tool and it worked like a charm. Almost every single thing with SEMrush backlink was fast where I got different sorts of backlinks for my domain. 

Also, I performed the same on the competitor’s domain and I got the best of all results. 

Backlink Audits

Going ahead in this SSEMrush review, backlink audit is yet another tool that’s quite impressive. The overall role of the Backlink audit is that it shows the site’s health by the number of backlinks associated with it. 

Therefore, during the complete backlink audit, SEMrush compiles different sorts of links that appear to be spammy. 

Harmful backlink result

After this, you can eventually remove all those spam backlinks and make your website free from such links. 

Also, this tells Google that you look after your website and you are trying your best to remove each of those spammy links. 

Further, if you want to disallow links in Google, there’s a way that you got to take into consideration. 

Disavowed Backlink analysis

Plus, you even get the option to whitelist different links that are possibly good for your website. 

Therefore, you can perform the Backlink Audit, see which of the links are spammy, and remove those links, as early as possible. 

A take on Link Building

Well, apart from the above top-class features, SEMrush even offers link building in the best ever way. 

This is yet another stand out feature of SEMrush where you can eventually build links and grow the popularity of your website. 

Yes, with the help of link building, you can get other websites to link to your site to grow the popularity. 

Yes, it’s extremely essential to build quality links where Google always puts links with great backlinks at the top of the table. 

Moving ahead, SEMrush backlink works with:

  • Determining your competitors and knowing for what keyword they are ranking for
  • Examining the entire content of your website
  • Asking for keywords you are willing to rank for

Not only have the above features, but SEMrush also offers you to connect your mailbox. With this, you can eventually send emails within the tool. 

Plus, SEMrush also offers email addresses for every single website which is another good 


Site Auditing

Yet another brilliant feature of SEMrush will bring Site Auditing into the spotlight. Yes, with the help of Site auditing, you can analyze your website right from a glance. 

Site Audit report

With this, you can look for every single possible issue your website is facing. After this, you can eventually go ahead, fix those issues, and help your website gain ranking. 

Some issues SEMrush provides:

  • Slow loading of content
  • Duplicate content
  • Crawl errors
  • Overuse of different keywords
  • Missing headers
  • SSL issues

Personally, I loved using SEMrush on-Page SEO checker. With this tool, you can analyze the entire of your website. 

Thereafter, you will get suggestions on improving your website whereas different things you can use to enhance your website ranking. 

Some sort of good suggestions SEMrush offers are:

  • The keywords you can add to improve website ranking
  • Steps you can effectively take for appearing in Google Snippet results
  • How to effectively improve your website meta descriptions
  • The best websites you can approach for improving your search results
  • Length of the content
  • Internal link strategies
  • And many more things

Another betting thing about SEMrush site auditing is that it helps in an overall fashion. Here, SEMrush will tell you different steps you got to take if you are eager to rank your website on the top pages of google. 

Simply, the Site Auditing feature is perfect for every single person who doesn’t have any knowledge about ranking. 

With this, you can test the SEMrush Site auditing feature and take each of their suggestions into consideration. 

Thereafter, you can go ahead and improve the ranking of your website to some good extents

SEMrush Review: A look at User Interface

Well, when it comes to the SEMrush interface, it has always been a much better one. As the company is competing with other keyword research tools, SEMrush still offers the best of all user interfaces. 

With SEMrush, each menu options are clubbed together and are distinguished in different categories. 

In this case, you can look after competitive research, link building, keyword research, on-Page SEO reporting, tracking, and many more things. 

Semrush user analysis

Plus, the keyword research tool is also played in the best place. With this, you will not find any issue to find any keyword. Also, you can see the difficulty of each keyword in a better way too. 

The same goes for other features where every feature is simpler to use and without complexity.

Personally, I have loved using SEMrush where I found absolutely no sort of complexity in any case. 

On the plus end, SEMrush also offers a mobile app where you can eventually access SEMrush with the help of a mobile app. 

This gives you the privilege of using SEMrush as and when you want. 

Overall, in this SEMrush review, the interface of SEMrush has always been top of the point. It’s laid in the best possible fashion where you can use it, without any sort of issue. 

However, if you are willing to get more of SEMrush, you must make use of Desktop other than a Mobile app to get most out of this tool. 

Pricing of SEMrush

Compared with other tools available in the market, SEMrush pricing comes out to be pretty much decent. 

Semrush pricing & plans

Yes, given below is each of the SEMrush pricing for every single user:

  • Pro: $99 each month
  • Guru: $199 each month
  • Business: $399 each month

On top of that, SEMrush as a company also offers a free plan. In this case, you can try SEMrush for 7 days without spending even a single penny. This is another better thing where you can test most of the features from SEMrush. 

Still, you will have to enter your credit card details if you are willing to use the free trial. Here, you can cancel the paid subscriptions beforehand if you don’t want to get charged. 

However, for people who need ranking their or even a client’s blog on Google, SEMrush plan can be one of the best ones for you. 

Indeed, the pricing is a little more but that is the case with almost every single keyword research tool. 

With this, you can analyze each plan and see which one will suit the best for you. Thereafter, you can easily go ahead and choose your wishful plan. 

However, you can first research on SEMrush and learn to use each of its features. After this, you can eventually buy the plan and use SEMrush in the best possible way. 

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SEMrush Pros and Cons

Going ahead in this SEMrush review, given below are the SEMrush Pros along with Cons that you got to take into consideration.


  • Domain Analysis

With SEMrush, domain analysis has been one of the easiest things. IN this case, you get everything right into one place. Whether you want to perform keyword research or backlink analysis, you can perform domain analysis in one of the easiest fashions.

  • Simpler User Interface

Although SEMrush offers large quantities of data, its user interface is made to an absolute level of perfection. Yes, with this, you will not find any issue while exploring things in SEMrush.

  • Amazing Link building

The link building functionality of SEMrush is one of the best things you can ever have. Here, the tool features CRM type functionality that makes link building along with finding, much easier.

  • Good Site Auditing Feature

Next up, the SEMrush Site auditing feature is another valuable thing from SEMrush. Yes, they offer some of the best easy to follow instructions that you can potentially follow and perform site auditing.

Also, you can even use the Site Auditing feature from SEMrush and perform different On-Page and Off-Page SEO improvements. This is extremely beneficial for people who are looking for website issues and are eager to fix them.

  • PPC Search

Along with the Organic Search data, SEMrush also offers PPC data in the easiest form. With this, you can explore different PPC data and see whether you can rank on those keywords or not.

  • Great set of Competitor Tools

Plus, SEMrush offers a good set of competitor tools through which you can spy on your competitors. Here, you can use a backlink audit tool to look after the backlinks your competitor is possibly using.

  • A good number of reports

When it comes to the number of reports, SEMrush offers much better functionality when we compare the same with its competitors. Yes, they offer reports where if you can buy the Guru plan, you will get reports personalized with your brand name.

The company offers a massive 14-Days free trial where you can simply test everything about SEMrush and then go for their paid plans.

Cons of SEMrush

  • SEMrush only offers data related to the Google search engine. While it’s competitors offer data related to search engines other than Google too.
  • Each SEMrush plan comes with only one user account. In case if you are eager to increase the number of accounts, you will have to pay additionally for the same.
  • The free trial although it is brilliant, it asks you to enter your credit card details.

SEMrush review 2020: Conclusion

Overall, SEMrush is one of the best tools you can ever find in the online market. It comes with tons of valuable features that can help you in the ranking website, the best and fastest way. 

Speaking about its standout features, link building and site auditing are two of the best features. Yes, other features of SEMrush are also amazing where you can learn to use every single feature. 

Therefore, if you are someone who has just started to rank your website, you will get useful insights with SEMrush. 

Eventually, you can start using SEMrush, learn about the features, implement strategies, and rank your website right on the top page of Google. 

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