Semrush Pricing: Semrush Guru vs Pro vs Business [2020 Updated]

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Well, all of us know the extensive use of Semrush where it’s one of the best SEO related tools out there in the market. Currently, millions of users are using Semrush where tons of people have benefited from the same.

When it comes to Semrush pricing, things can get tricky where you can get confused about which plan to go for. 

Or else, if you are someone who doesn’t know which each plan from Semrush offers, you have come to the right article. In this article, I have done an extensive series of research where I have got for you the best details about Semrush pricing. 

Even in today’s world, there are tons of bloggers who are failing to make money online. Indeed, their website isn’t ranking where their use of Keywords is totally out of date. You should learn how to use SEMrush and do useful keyword research that will help you to gain traffic to your website. 

Plus, people are not able to build quality links that are coming out to be another major issue. 

Thankfully, Semrush is at our rescue where I have got for you the best of all things about Semrush pricing. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the best detailing about Semrush pricing. 

Semrush pricing: How much Semrush cost?

Semrush plan Features

If you are eager to know about some of the best things about Semrush pricing, this article is for you.

Well, let’s start off with Semrush Pro, and then we will go ahead with other options and review SEMrush deeply.. 

1. Semrush Pro

Speaking about the starter pricing plan from semrush will bring the Pro plan into the spotlight. Yes, if you are a beginner and searching for the best of all SEO tools, Semrush pro plan is a good one for you. 

Also, if you are someone who is with a limited budget, the Semrush Pro plan will be the best suit for you. 

Now, coming down at the pricing, the Pro plan comes at the cost of $99.95 per month. With this, you will get complete control over the SEO tool where you can use it to increase your SEO rankings. 

Now, there are numerous reasons so as to why you should go for the Semrush pro. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the reason one by one:

Results per the report10,000
Reports per Day3000
Pages to crawl1000,000
PDF Reports5
Offers 50 Profiles to monitor and delivers 10 profiles for postingN/A
Keywords to track500

Alongside, if you are someone who will go for the Semrush pro account, you can get access to the following features:

  • Organic research
  • Advertising research
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Estimating Traffic on the website
  • Backlink analysis
  • Checking difficulty of keywords
  • Domain comparison
  • Tracking position of keywords
  • Site Auditing

However, if you are someone who is using the Semrush pro account, you won’t get access to the Historical data. 

Further, if you are wondering about the looks of the Semrush dashboard, it’s a simpler one. Yes, everything is arranged in the easiest fashion where you will not face any sorts of complexity. 

Right from backlink auditing to other sorts of information, Semrush offers each of that information right on their dashboard. 

This makes every single thing easy where you can access those things and implement on your website. 

Plus, Semrush even offers an exclusive sidebar where you can get access to many more SEMrush features

Well, moving ahead in this Semrush pricing, you must know that the tool is offering some of the best tools with features. 

Therefore, in the case of the Pro plan, you can do one simple thing. Simply go ahead, test the pro plan, and then buy the paid one. 

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2. Semrush Guru

Right after the Semrush Pro plan, if there is another plan that has proven to be useful for the digital marketers and bloggers, Semrush Guru is the one. 

With the Semrush Guru account, you are free to do almost everything you were not able to do with the Pro account. 

Yes, here you can get access to the Historical data which comes with massive 11 databases right from January 2012. 

Therefore, if you are someone who wants to see past data for your website or clients, Semrush offers you that privilege. 

Well, given below are some of the strongest reasons that can compel you to go for Semrush:

Reports each day5000
Results per report30000
Pages for crawl300,000
Keywords for tracking1500
Social media profiles30 for posting and 100 to monitor
PDF Reports20
Branded PDF dataNo limit

Also, along with the Semrush Guru account, you can get access to some other features which are as follows:

  • You will get to use every feature from Semrush Pro
  • Access to historical data right from the year 2012

The Difference between Semrush Pro vs Guru

Well, almost everything between Semrush pro and Guru is the same. But, when it comes to one feature that separates both the plans, it has to be the Historical feature. 

With the help of historical data, you can see almost every past data which is an absolute gem. With this amazing feature, you can reap some good data and can then make the client’s website rank on the top pages. 

Also, if you are someone who wants to use the historical data feature on your website, it’s a good thing. 

Eventually, with Historical data, you will get to know more about the website and keywords past performances. 

Therefore, among the Semrush pricing, you can either go for the Semrush pro or even the Guru plan. 

It all comes down to your requirements where you can easily analyze both the plans based on your needs. 

On the other hand, if you are a digital marketer or a professional blogger, I would recommend you to go for the Semrush Guru plan. 

Still, for people who have just started their blogging journey, the Semrush pro plan will be more than sufficient. Especially if you are SEMrush learner

It all comes down to individual choices ultimately for which plan users have to go for and pay for it. 

3. Semrush Business

Now, speaking about one of the best high rates plans from Semrush, the Business plan will pop up from the list. 

Indeed, the Semrush Business plan will have everything related to the Pro and Guru plan.

However, the Semrush business plan comes with tons of additional features such as Multi-user management, product listing access, and even bigger data usage. 

Well, this plan is the best of all for every single small business or agency that is dealing with a huge amount of data. With this, they will be able to manage different user accounts and get access to much more data. 

Plus, you will get access to massive 5000 keywords per month along with 1 million pages for crawling. These are surely massive numbers where you can rank clients’ websites in a much better way. 

Who must go for Semrush Business Plan?

With the help of the Semrush Busines plan, you are free to get access to API along with SEMrush Site Audit, calendars of digital marketing, and many more things. 

Further, given below are the potential reasons so as to why you must go for the Semrush Business plan:

Reports each day10,000
Results per each report50,000
Keywords for tracking5000
Pages to crawl1,000,000
Social media profiles50 for posting & 300 to monitor
PDF Reports50
Scheduled PDF ReportsNo limit
Multi-User ManagementNo limit
Product listing adsNo limit
Historical dataNo limit

Altogether, with the help of a Semrush business account, you are free to get access to tons of value-added features. 

Out of which, some of the best and working features are as follows:

Every single feature from the Semrush Pro and Guru account

  • Past Historical data since the year 2012
  • Product listing ads
  • Allows multiple user management 
  • Usage of multiple accounts

Altogether, in this Semrush pricing, the Business account is a perfect one for every single SEO Expert along with agencies. 

Plus, with the Semrush Business account, you can manage every sort of SEO needs too. 

This helps you to effectively rank clients website and with this, their trust on you will get even better. 

Also, you must note that only the Business plan from Semrush offers Product listing ads. With this, you can get an insight into more data that can help you in ranking websites, a far better way. 

With the help of Product listing ads, you can easily get more sales and bring traffic to your business. 

For instance, if you are someone who runs a tech website, you can easily make use of the Product listing ads. This will help you in boosting the sales to right another level. 

Plus, you can make use of such information to get a greater amount of leads along with sales for the clients. 

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Semrush Pro vs Guru: Which plan is the Best?

 Well, I hope you have gone through the above Semrush pricing along with its plans. With this, you are able to use almost any Semrush plan where every plan offers some set of features. 

On top of that, each of the plans has got its own pricing where you got to decide which plan you are willing to go for. 

Right now, I have got for you the feature comparison between Semrush Pro and the Guru plan. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap the Semrush Pro vs Guru plan features, one by one. 

A. Semrush Pro Features

Although, customers like Semrush for plenty of reasons, there are some of the biggest reasons so as to why people like Semrush Pro:

  • Keyword research
  • Site Auditing
  • Position Tracking

Now, let’s proceed ahead and talk about each of the above features offered by the Semrush Pro plan. 

Keyword research

Starting off with the very first and essential feature of the Semrush Pro plan, Keyword research will come into the spotlight. Yes, this is probably one of the best features where you can use the same to search for keywords. 

Here, you can even see each keyword difficulty along with the competition analysis, relevant keywords, CPC of the keyword, and much more. 

Further, with Keyword research, you will know the potential volume of each keyword. Along with that, you will be able to rank the websites using those keywords in a far better way. 

Also, you can even check for secondary keywords, including those in your article and rank websites, the better way. 

Altogether, for any SEO expert or a blogger, Keyword Research is one of the most powerful tools every user needs. 

Thankfully, you can easily use this feature from Semrush, track keywords, use the best one, and rank websites, in a better way. 

Site Auditing

Now, moving ahead in this Semrush pricing article, yet another feature from Semrush is the Site Auditing. 

With the help of Site Auditing, you will gradually know the overall health of your website. Also, you will find the potential issues website is facing where you can easily get those and fix each issue, one by one. 

Whether it’s the technical SEO issue or any sort of On-Page one, Site auditing uncovers every sort of issue. 

Indeed, such sort of issues are preventing website to rank on the first page of Google. Therefore, once you have access to such issues, you will know which ones are critical ones and are to be fixed. 

Altogether, the Site Auditing feature delivers ranking to your website out of 100. With this, you will know the potential issue and then fix those issues, as early as possible. ‘

Further, Site auditing will also show you the list of warnings along with errors. Here, you can get access to different alt tags, meta descriptions, and many more. 

Eventually, once you have got those issues, then you can fix those and eventually boost your rankings on the top Google rankings. 

B. Semrush Guru features you will not get in the Pro Version

Well, speaking about the difference between Semrush Guru and the Pro version, the Guru feature offers some more functionality than the Pro plan. 

Given below are some of the best features, Semrush Guru plan offers that is not present in the Semrush Pro plan:

  • Multi-targeting
  • Branded PDF Reports
  • Historical data
  • Extra limits offered compared to Semrush pro

Now that you have known every single feature from Semrush Guru, let’s go ahead and get in-depth knowledge about the Semrush Guru plan:

Historical data

Well, when we talk about the Semrush Pro plan, you don’t get the historical data feature in the Pro plan. Yes, with this, the Guru plan becomes much better as it offers the true historical feature to its users. 

Eventually, right from Domain Analytics to Keyword Analytics, all you will get in the Semrush Guru plan. 

With this sort of data, you can better analyze the keywords and use them to achieve better SEO rankings. 

For instance, Semrush offers data since the year 2012 that is yet another amazing thing. With this, you can get access to such old data, use the same, and get far better rankings in Google searches. 


Well, going ahead in this Semrush pricing and plans comparison, Semrush pro lacks in some features. 

In this case, the Pro plan delivers rank tracking of data where you can get rank tracking on both the mobile and desktop versions. 

Ultimately if you are eager to accurately keep a track of your website traffic, the Guru plan is one of the best ones. 

Branded PDF Reports

If you are someone who wants to go for the Semrush Guru plan, you will get access to branded PDF Reports. 

In this case, you can eventually make use of your very own company logo while offering the reports. With this, you can make each of your reports look utmost professional while delivering reports to the clients. 

Therefore, if you are someone who works with an agency or you own an agency, this feature from Semrush is one of the most beneficial ones 

Extra limits

Indeed, with the Semrush Guru plan, the limits you get are much more compared with the Pro plan. When it comes to the Semrush Pro plan, the number of limits is less when we compare the same with the Guru plan. 

Therefore, in this case, you will get more number of keywords, reports, and plenty of more things. 

Plus, with the help of PDF reports with your own branding, you can eventually establish your brand name, in the best ever way. 

Semrush Guru vs Pro: The Ultimate Price Breakdown

Well, when it comes towards the pricing of Semrush pro vs the Guru plan, there are major differences. 

For instance, the Semrush Pro plan comes at the cost of $99.95 per month whereas the Guru plan costs $199.95 per month. 

With this, you will have to decide which plan suits the best for you. Alongside this, you are getting some of the best value-added features with both the plans. However, as the Guru plan is costlier, it will eventually come with more sets of features. 

Semrush Pro vs Guru: Which Plan will suit you?

Well, speaking about both the plans, each plan is a better one. Still, not every plan will suit each customer and that is what you got to take into consideration. 

Semrush Pro plan is good for people who are bloggers or even beginners who have paved their way into the blogging industry. Right from keyword research to doing backlink along with competitor analysis, you can do almost everything with the help of the Semrush Pro plan. 

On the other hand, the Semrush Guru plan is a brilliant option for different in house SEO experts and SEO geeks who are eager to explore the ultimate heights of SEO. 

Here, you can get an in-depth knowledge of Historical data, keyword research, reports, and plenty of other things. 

To put the things on a better scale, Semrush Pro plan is perfect for freelancers and people who have started their way into the online journey. 

On the other hand, the Semrush Guru plan is perfect for different small scale businesses and new start-up agencies. 

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Can you switch between different Semrush Plans?

Yes, if you are someone who needs to switch between different plans, Semrush offers you such privilege. 

In fact, you get the option to upgrade or even downgrade on different plans as per your requirements. 

Suppose you are an SEO expert and if you were using the Semrush Pro plan despite having a majority of customers, you will have to upgrade your plan. 

Ultimately with the Semrush Guru plan, you will get more keyword searches, greater backlink analysis, more reports, and many more things. 

Further, Semrush even offers the 7-Days Money Back guarantee. This is absolutely essential for every single person who wants to test and try upper-value packages. 

Final Word of Mouth: Semrush Pricing 2020

Wrapping up the entire article, you must have got the best of all information regarding the Semrush pricing of different packages. 

In this case, whether you want to buy the starter Semrush Pro plan or the extreme Business plan, you are free to choose any plan. 

It ultimately comes down to your level of requirements. If you are someone who is an entry-level blogger, Semrush Pro plan will be the best suit for you. 

On the other hand, for people who run an agency or small SEO business, Semrush Guru plan is the best plan for them. 

Or else, the company even offers a Semrush Business plan for big companies and businesses.

Therefore, at this stage, all you can do is to analyze and see which plan suits the best for you. 

For this, you can even go for the Semrush’s 7-Days free trial period. With this, you will potentially get a better idea on different plans. 

With this, you can test the plans and determine which one will be the best one for you. 

Eventually, after all the struggle, you are free to choose the best Semrush plans suiting to your needs. 

After this, you can use Semrush, explore their features, and ultimately bring websites on to the top page of Google. 

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