SEMrush Free Trial: Grab SEMrush Free Trial along with Features [2020 Updated]

semrush free trial

Well, if there is one tool that is offering some of the best and class SEO services, it has to be SEMrush. Indeed, the tool has offered some of the best SEO services that have helped plenty of bloggers, digital marketers and tons of other people to achieve much higher Google Rankings.

Additionally, like any other company, SEMrush FREE trial can benefit you in tons of ways where you can test and try this SEO tool.

Right in this article, for my readers, I present to you the exclusive free trial from SEMrush where you can test and try every feature from SEMrush. Plus, I will let you know the different features of SEMrush that can compel you for using the app.

Therefore, let’s take a leap ahead and unveil an amazing SEMrush free trial along with features and FAQ, right in this article.


SEMrush Free Trial: What is SEMrush?

Now, for the people who are new to the blogging industry, they might not know the actual meaning of SEMrush.

It’s an SEO tool that offers different On-Page and Off-Page SEO tools that can help a website to rank higher in the top pages of Google Rankings.

Yes, this is simply amazing where you get a chance to use some of the best SEO features. Such features include Keyword Research, Backlink analysis, link management, Site auditing, and many more things.

With this, you can effectively use any of the above features and find some of the best keywords for your article. In this scenario, your main focus must be on using keywords that are of low competition and have a good search volume.

As and when you will publish the article, Google will take some time to rank those articles. Eventually, if your article is good enough, it will attain the top Google rankings, without any sorts of issues.

A Take on SEMrush 3 Plans

Before you can go ahead and activate SEMrush free trial, it is necessary to know about different SEMrush plans.

In this case, the SEMrush Pro plan offers some of the best features. It’s an entry-level SEMrush plan where it eventually offers Keyword research, Backlink analysis, link management, and many more features.

However, if you are someone who needs to look at the historical data, you can easily opt for the SEMrush Guru plan. Yes, with the Guru plan, you can see historical data since back the year 2012.

For people who have just started an agency or are into a small business, the SEMrush Guru plan is one of the best ones for you.

Still, there may be people who would like to have a full-fledged functionality of SEMrush.

Therefore, for such people, the SEMrush Business plan is one beneficial one. Using this plan, you can explore almost every single feature from SEMrush. Also, you can first go for the trial period where you can easily test every single feature and function of SEMrush.

Eventually, based on your understanding you can go ahead and choose a plan that can suit your SEO needs.

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How can you Activate the SEMrush Free Trial?

If you are eager to Activate the free trial, you can simply head over to this page. Thereafter, you can easily register yourself for the free account if you don’t have one.

Further, right on the next page, you will see the Free trial option. Also, before you can avail the free trial, you will have to enter the card details in order to get the same.

Thereafter, once the Free trial period is over, you will be charged for the Pro feature.

In this scenario, you can eventually go ahead and test SEMrush as and when you want. Easily explore every single feature from SEMrush

After which, as and when you find it comfortable, you can then simply go ahead and choose the best of all SEMrush plans.

A Take on some Good Features from SEMrush

semrush free trial

Well, from my end, I have been using SEMrush for over a long period of time where I cannot imagine blogging with this useful tool.

Yes, it’s a power-packed tool that comes with some of the very best and brilliant SEMrush features.

Even more, I have reviewed SEMrush in-depth where you can read that article and reap some good benefits of SEMrush.

Speaking about the features of SEMrush, given below are some of the true features from SEMrush, you got to look at:

Keyword Research

semrush free trial

Speaking about one of the best features from SEMrush will bring Keyword research into the spotlight. Yes, with the help of SEMrush Keyword research, you can effectively go ahead and search for the best of all keywords.

Indeed, in this case, you can find different low competitive keywords that offer low difficulty and comes with a good volume.

However, before you can actually use the keyword research tool, you will have to learn how to use SEMrush.

In this scenario, the company offers some of the best guides to use SEMrush. You can effectively go through each of the guides and start using SEMrush, the better way.

What’s more? With the help of the SEMrush Keyword research tool, you can get some more secondary keywords.

Thereafter, you can target those keywords in your blog content and hope that your blog achieves the ranking you have always desired.

Content Analyser

semrush free trial

For the people who are eager to analyze different content, the Content analyzer will help you look after your content. This will help you know the divergent on-page techniques you are using and the ones you have probably missed.

Plus, for the techniques you have missed, you can then look after your content, use those techniques, and find your content on the top of Google rankings.

Competitor Keyword Research

semrush free trial

Well, for any content or a website to rank, it’s mandatory that you look right at your competitor’s content. With this, you will get good insights about where you will get an idea on how to write content effectively.

Here, you can easily spy on different keywords from the competitor. See on which keywords their content is ranking and how you can use the same keywords to rank the contents on Google.

Plus, with the help of competitor keyword research, you can see different competitor websites that are currently ranking on Google.

With this, you will get an idea on their Keywords and the number of times they have used that keyword.

Thereafter, you can simply use the same keywords in your article, rank them, and achieve quality traffic right to your website.

Competitor Backlink analysis

semrush free trial

Well, one of the most useful features of SEMrush is the competitor backlink analysis. In today’s scenario, Backlinks are of utmost necessity where the higher backlinks any website has, the greater results that the website will achieve in the Google rankings.

Therefore, with the help of SEMrush Competitor backlink analysis, you can easily spy on competitor’s backlinks. With this, you can easily create your very own backlink and develop different sorts of backlink strategies.

Here, you can type any competitor’s website and see from where they have eventually taken the links.

After this, you can easily visit those websites, take links from the same, and grow your rankings, the organic way.

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Domain vs Domain

Yes, for a blogger or even digital marketer who wants to rank contents for their clients, comparing two different domains is one crucial step.

In this case, the SEMrush Domain vs domain feature comes a lot handy. With the help of this feature, you can easily compare two different domains and see the similarities along with differences.

Here, you can see different things such as the number of keywords, backlinks, and the differences between both websites.

Thereafter, you can note down each of the differences and then implement those strategies on your website and reap good results.

Crawl Audit tool

crawl audit tool

Simply as the name suggests, the Crawl audit tool crawls every single page of your website. With this, it’ offers different improvements and strategies that you can use to perform the On-Page SEO.

Plus, you can make a note of all the possible improvements in the On-Page SEO where then you can implement each of those strategies.

Advertising Research

adv research

Going ahead in this SEMrush free trial, Advertising research is another important aspect for blogger and digital marketer.

With the help of advertising research, you can easily display the ad keywords that any site is going to target.

In this scenario, you can spy on the competitor’s website and see the possible advertising keywords they are targeting.

After this, you can possibly use those keywords on your website and get a chance to appear in the advertising searches of Google.

Brand Monitoring

Now, for any blogging or online business, branding is one crucial element. If you will create a brand on a success note, you can possibly make a good amount of money from the same.

With the help of the SEMrush Brand monitoring tool, you can easily monitor your brand online. Here, you can see the possible plus points along with the negatives of your brand.

Thereafter, you and your team and easily make use of those negatives and solidify your brand in a much better and bigger way.

Social media poster

Now, for any blogging website or a brand, posting on social media has become a true necessity. In this scenario, each of the brands got to post content regularly on social media if they are eager to reap some good benefits from the same.

Therefore, with the help of a Social Media poster, you are free to post some of the best posts right on each of your social media accounts.

Every single day, you can post fresh content on your social media profile and help your followers know more about your brand.

SEMrush Free Trial: FAQ

faq Semrush

Right now, after you have got to know different features of SEMrush, now you can simply go ahead and know different FAQ related to SEMrush.

Q1. How to get the free trial of SEMrush?

Well, for every single person who needs to get the free trial from SEMrush, you can click here.

From this, your SEMrush Free trial will get activated where you will have to enter the credit card details.

However, you won’t get charged during your 30 days period. Still, once your 30-days free trial is over, you will then get charged for the plans.

Still, the good news is that you can cancel the subscription at any point in time.

Q2. Should I have to get a subscription after the free trial ends?

Once your free trial ends, your card will be charged the amount automatically. However, if you are not interested in the same, you can even ask for the 7-days money-back guarantee.

Thereafter, you will receive the amount right into your bank account within business days.

Q3. Can I access the Historical Data with Free Plan?

No, with the free plan, you will not be able to access the Free plan. If you want to access the historical data, then you got to by Guru or the Business plan for the same.

Even if you will buy the Pro plan, you won’t get access to the SEMrush historical data option.

Q4. Can I get a white label and branded reports with a free trial?

No, you cannot get white-label or any branded reports with the help of free trial. This functionality is only available for plans that are Guru or higher than that.

Well, with the help of white label and branded reports, you can potentially grow your brand name in front of the clients.

Here, as and when you will give them the report, will see your company name on the same. With this, you will get immense credibility which will help you to grow your brand, to further extents.

Q5. What is the different analysis I can perform with my free plan?

In the SEMrush Free trial, there are tons of things you can perform without any sorts of issues. In this scenario, you can easily analyze 10 different types of domains every single day.

Along with that, you can develop 1 list with the help of the Keyword Magic tool.

What’s more? You also get a chance to perform 2 topic pieces of research, track 10 keyword positions and also crawl 100 pages of your website.

Well, that’s not all where you can use the free plan to do many more things.

For this, you will have to start using the free plan in order to avail those benefits for your website.

Q6. How SEMrush compares with Ahrefs?

When it comes to comparing SEMrush with Ahref, both the tools are good in their respective positions. However, when it comes to offering a good set of features and good value for money, nothing can beat the SEMrush tool.

Yes, SEMrush delivers some of the best keyword research, site auditing and with their keyword magic tool, you can discover the highest functionality of SEMrush, the best ever way.

Q7. Which SEMrush Plan is best for me?

For the people who have just started their blogging journey, you can first start off with the Pro plan.

Indeed, the Pro plan also comes with some really good and valuable features. Here you can easily go ahead with the keyword research and can even check on different backlinks.

Plus, the Pro plan also delivers users the privilege to spy on their competitors. Here, you can then look after their keywords and the websites from where your competitors are taking backlinks.

On the other hand, if you are an SEO expert who deals with clients or you run a small SEO Agency, you can go for the SEMrush Guru plan.

Yes, in the Guru plan, the limits per searches are extended where you also get a chance to use the historical data feature.

With this, you can see past data with the help of SEMrush since the year 2012. With this, you can get better insights on the data and can rank yours along with the client’s website in a better way.

Last but not least, if you are a big company that has got a large client base, you must go for the SEMrush Business plan.

Yes, with the help of the SEMrush business plan, you will get every single feature from SEMrush Pro and Guru plan.

Plus, you will get different sorts of additional features where you can manage different client’s accounts in a better way.

Altogether, it all depends on your personal choices. Each plan is good where you can analyze each one of them and go for the best one, without an issue.

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Final Word of Mouth: SEMrush Free Trial

For every single person who has the passion and ambition to rank their website, SEMrush is one good option.

Indeed, the tool offers some of the best value-added features where you can use SEMrush to do A to Z in SEO.

Right from On-Page SEO to the off-Page one, you are free to perform both with SEMrush. Therefore, at the moment, all you can do is to opt for the SEMrush Free Trial.

Yes, as I said above, you will have to enter your card details but the company offers a 7-Days money-back guarantee.

With this, you can first go ahead and test SEMrush free trial pack. Here, you can explore different features and see whether this tool suits the best one for you or not.

Thereafter, you can go ahead and look for the plans that can be the best suit for you.

Eventually, once you have learned how to use SEMrush, the road will be easier for you.

After this, you can possibly go ahead, use every feature from SEMrush, and ultimately achieve higher rankings in Google results.

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