Where To Sell Scrap Metal For Money (Tips To Find Scrap Buyers)

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You must be thinking of where to sell scrap metal to clean up your house or office and save space. 

It’s a good idea to find your scrap metals and sell it to your nearby recycling facilities so that you make easy money.

There are many scrap buyers that you can easily find in your locality that pay you the best price as per the current market price. 

Many people in the U.S don’t know where they can sell their scrap metal and end up throwing into the garbage. 

If you know how much your scrap metal is worth, then you wouldn’t be dumping your metals into the garbage. 

You will now learn how you can sell your scrap metals, what kind of metal you can sell for scrap and how much you can make.

Where To Sell Scrap Metal Nearby

Scrap metal is one of the biggest industry and covers a billion-dollar business. There are many ways that you can use to sell your scrap metal. 

If you already know what kind of metal you are selling then you can estimate the earning otherwise the buyer will let you know the metal current prices

You must know whether your metal is ferrous or non-ferrous.

Metals that stick on the magnet are ferrous and the one who doesn’t stick is non-ferrous.

Non-ferrous is mostly expensive than ferrous. You must check the price before you make a deal with the scrap center.

Scrap Metal Services Near Your Area

You can contact nearby scrap metal industry or scrap buyers when informing them that you have some scrap for sale. Have a price discussion and finalize the deal. 

If the scrap quantity is very low then they may tell you to bring the scrap metal in their factory. Or if you have a good quantity then they may come to pick-up. 

This is one of the best techniques to clear get space in your house or office by scrapping metal to the local metal factory. 

They may offer you the hard cash or transfer the money to your bank. I would recommend you to go for cash. 

Some companies send trucks their own truck to collect scrap from multiple locations. If you inform them in advance then they can schedule a pickup and payment. 

Ask them openly so that you get some ideas on how scrap metal works so that when you again sell next time, you won’t take time.

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Scrap Yard

Scrap yards basically collect the scrap things and send them for recycling or for sale (valuable parts). 

You can easily find a scrap yard in your locality. They even collect scrap from places. They may charge you a small amount from your payment as a pickup charge. 

Ask them about the process so that you can calculate whether you are going in profit or not. Anyways selling scrap for money is always been a profit. But if you think that you can sell your metal at a good price then you can negotiate with them and have a final price that both can agree on.

Normally, they don’t negotiate and go whatever the market price is for buying scrap metal. 

There are people who look for used metals. This scrap yard sells those metals to the people at a good price. And whatever is not worth keeping with them, the sell it to the companies where metal recycling happens. 

Retail Scrap Metal Outlets

Retail scrap metal Outlets basically buy the scrap metal and sell it at a good price. This is a very profitable business nowadays. 

A few months back, I went to a car spare parts shop. What they do is, they buy a scrap car and list the useful car parts in the system. 

If anyone wants a used car part, they check in the system and sell it in a very good margin. 

So, if you find such retail outlets then contact them and make a deal. 

For them, it’s a business and for us, it’s an opportunity to grab some money so that you get some cash that can help you in your expenses. 

Repair Shops

There are some scraps that repair shops love to buy and ready to pay more than scrap value. 

You can sell them right away. This is one of the most effective technique to sell scrap metals in quick time at a good price. 

Always find a repair shop first and if they are not ready to buy you stuff then you can sell it for scrap. 

Repair shops usually search for parts that they can use to repair things at a cheaper price. If you find something that your nearby repair shop uses, then speak with them and sell you metal. 

Try to close the deal because if a retail shop did not buy the metal then you have to keep it or scrap it. 

Sell Scrap Metal To Your Friend

You must be having some connections and friends. Ask them that you have some metal that you are planning to sell. 

It’s better to sell metals to your friend, rather than giving it to any scrap factory at a cheaper price. 

If you find the metal that you currently have can be useful to your friend then you can offer them otherwise not. 

I personally don’t do such trades with my friends because if anything happens wrong with my thing, then it may ruin a friendship. 

Where To Sell Copper Wire

Selling Copper wire can bring a good amount of money in your pocket. It’s one the expensive metal that are mostly used in electronics. 

If you renovate your house or doing new wiring then you may get a good amount of copper wire in spare. 

There are many recycling companies that buy copper at a market price. You can call them and ask for the price. 

Remember if you are selling wire that includes coating then the price may differ. I would advise you to take the wire cover out if you can. This can help you get good money. 

People don’t do much negotiation on a copper wire as it’s a kind of metal that doesn’t get rusted.

Many recycling companies are ready to pay as per the copper market price with no further negotiation. 

If you have a scrap yard nearby then you can ask them, but most probably you won’t get a good price from them, but if in case you do not have any copper recycling company then you do not have an option other than selling it to scrap yard. 

Sell Scrap Metal To Repairer

The repairer can be a good source to sell metal stuff. You can speak with the repairer and let him know what type of metal you have to sell. 

Offer a commission so that the repairer takes an interest. They may find the buyer for your metal who pay you a good price. 

You can also offer to the repairer to buy your metal at a cheap price.

The repairer may buy from you and sell it with a profit to others.

Contact repairers who do metallic works so that you get a good chance to sell it quickly.

How To Check Scrap Metal Prices

Before you get ready to check for your scrap metal prices, you must know what kind of metal do you have. 

It can be iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. once you get to know the kind of metal, you go to Google and type scrap metal price “your state or country name” and search. 

There are some apps that help people to connect people directly to scrap yard or recycling factories. 

It depends upon countries to countries. Anyways, you can check current scrap metal prices on Scrap Monster. Here, you will find the used metal prices that give you an idea of what you scrap metal actually worth. You can also list your scrap for free. If anyone interested may contact you. This may enable you to sell the metal at a good price. 

How To Find The Best Scrap Yard?

If you have scrap metals with you, then you must be thinking where should I sell so that I get a good price for my scrap.

I will share with you the techniques that will help you to find the best scrap yard to sell the metal.

Just Google scrap yard near me. You will see some scrap center registered on Google business.

Check their reviews and ratings.

Call some of them who are nearby your location and notes down the price they are offering.

Close the deal with the one who is nearby and offering a good price.

It’s good if they are ready to pick up your scraps so that you won’t get the headache to deliver.

There are centers that pickup the metals at your location. They send the truck to pick up the scraps from multiple locations at one go.

How To Sell Scrap Metal?

You must be having scrap metals in your house. There are metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc you can sell it for good prices. 

If you have such metals then you can get a good amount of money when you sell it to the recycling factory.

Iron most of the time goes in a scrap yard. Yes, you get paid for it but not compared to copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

If your metal thing is in a good condition then it’s better to list it on online selling apps like letgo, Offerup or 5miles. Here you may get a good price even far better than scrap yard.

Can You Sell Rusty Metal?

Yes, you can sell rusty metal and make money. My advice is, clear up rusty metal as quickly as possible as it may lead to injury and infection.

Scrap centers do buy rusty metals but they usually don’t pay as per market scrap price because of its rust.

There is not much demand for rust metal but the center still buys it especially for recycling.

If nobody is ready to buy rusty metal then it’s better you thrash it as per the government laws in your area.

How Many Metals Does It Take To Make $100?

There are different prices for different types of metals.

The pricing cannot remain the same due to market demand and supply. 

Anyways, let me give you a rough idea.

If you have steel metal around one ton, then you can make roughly around $120.00

Cast Iron one ton can bring around $140.00

Note: This is not the exact market price. Price gets influenced from demand and supply. My calculation is just for the rough idea.

How Much Can You Get For 1 Pound Of Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum is one of the expensive metals. It’s softer than iron and lightweight.

For one pound of Aluminium cans you can get around $0.40. The price also varies from location to location.

Where Can I Scrap A TV?

In many countries, it’s not allowed to trash electronic material, especially TV because it contains harmful chemicals.

You need to contact the electronic recycling store and let them know that you have a TV to scrap.

Thy may pickup or ask you to drop.

It’s less possibility that you get paid to scrap TV. 

If you have a TV repairer nearby then you can show them your TV and ask whether they can buy from you.

Pros & Cons Of Selling Scrap

You will definitely find pros and cons wherever you take decision like this.


  • Clear up the occupied space.
  • Get extra money on selling scrap metals.
  • You can buy the new thing from that money.
  • Save from you and your family from injury.


  • You have to compromise with the price.
  • You won’t get a buyer easily where scrap facility is not available.
  • Rusted metal goes in, even more, cheaper rate.

Important Notes About Selling Scrap Metal

Nowadays it becomes easy to sell scrap metals online with help of scrap metal websites or apps. 

When you have metals in your house and you have no plans to use it in the future, then it’s better to sell it quickly and get some spare space.

There are many scrap centers operates at multiple locations. They may come to pick up if the metal quantity is high.

The most important thing is, you must check the scrap metal prices before you contact scrap centers. It’s very important especially in the case of non-ferrous metals such as copper, Aluminium, stainless steel, etc which is sold at a high price in the market.

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  1. I never knew that scrap metals had varying prices depending on its material. I have a few scrap metals that I intend on selling, and it’s great that I found your article because otherwise, I wouldn’t know the market price for aluminium or iron. I will survey the prices first before I contact any scrap metal yard for their prices.


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