TOP 10 Ways to Save Money on Food: Brilliant Ways [2020 Updated]

save money on food

In a world where people are wasting tons of food on different occasions, it’s necessary that people know the importance of food. Its God made and food must be available equally to every single living being on earth. Whether its humans or even animals, each one must get food to eat. Hence, at this stage, I have got for you the best ways to save money on food.

On the other hand, you can even save money on Food from sales that run all around the year.  

Each of the methods given below is proven ones and with this, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the ways to save money on food, one by one.


Top Ways to Save Money on Food

1.Know about non-perishable food and stock them

Well, for the foods that are going to be over in a few days and the ones that are necessary, you must keep a stock of those foods. Now, in this scenario, if you will buy foods from sales, you can save a good amount of money.

Under such foods, those can be essential ones such as eggs, meat, vegetables, and the ones that are needed for your daily survival.

Since each of the food has its expiry date, you can buy those foods at the last sale. This can help you buy foods at a much cheaper cost. Use Groupon to get food at less than retail price. 

Therefore, you can probably have a budget and make a list of foods you want from that budget.

Once the sale comes to live, then you can simply go ahead purchase the essentials, without any sorts of issues.\

2. Whenever making soup, save the rest in different containers

save money on food

Speaking about the second way to save money on food, storing soup in containers is another better option. Yes, soups are one of the most frequent family meals and if you can make more and store the same, the next day money on a soap can be saved.

With this, you can save your time too where in the next time of soup making, you can do your other essential activities. Altogether, even if this thing is tiny you can make a good amount of money in the ahead future with this.

3. Shop at different ethnic Grocery Stores

If you live in a place where there are different ethnic stores available, shopping there can be one of the best things for you. Yes, even if you don’t regularly shop, these stores can save money on food, in a better way.

Speaking about the ethnic stores, each of the stores offers amazing discounts on almost each of their products. For example, if you are visiting an Asian ethnic store, you may find massive discounts on rice.

The same goes for different regions and buy shopping at such stores, you can save good money on food.

Plus, even if you are shopping at large supermarkets, you can find low prices on the same item. In this scenario, you must check on the prices of each item before purchasing them.

Coming down to my strategy, whenever I am in need to buy those staples and spices, I look for an ethnic store near me. After this, I make efforts to stop there, visit the grocery store, and purchase items, as and when I need them.

4. Make a Smarter Grocery List

save money on food

Yes, among the best ways to save money on food, this is something you got to do. Making a list is one essential thing where you will have to analyze the items based on your budget and go for topcashback to save money from your overall budget. 

On the other hand, if you want to follow a cleaner approach, you can develop a meal plan. After this, you can buy essentials for each meal plan in a better way. With this, you will not spend more on the grocery shopping and everything will stick to your meal plan.

If you don’t have a grocery list in your hand, you will go wondering to buy different items. This will incur more time and in most of the cases, you will spend a lot more than the usual.

Now, making a grocery list truly takes time and if you can make it a habit, you can save money on food in the best possible way.

Further, a small trick that you can try off is by building a “Smart List”. Whenever you start making a list, you can include the essential items in the header format. Among such items, you can include eggs, dairy items, fruits, vegetables, and other such essential items.

In the smart list, you can even add frozen meat, bread, and everything you may need in your daily life.

In this way, you will have a complete checklist of the items you are eager to purchase. From my end, I have seen that if I have a list in my hand, shopping get’s completed on an instant basis.

On the other hand, if I have no list, the thing takes time where I have to spend far more than the usual.

Hence, it’s always recommended to have a grocery list in hand of the items you want to purchase.

5. Buy the Rotisserie chicken and save scraps for ahead use

Currently, there are tons of stores that sell fully cooked rotisserie chickens for the same price of uncooked chickens. This thing is a pretty good deal as they offer a well-cooked chicken at a per-pound price.

Now, as and when you will take the chicken home, there will be a bunch of pieces that will be left behind.

In normal conditions, you will throw those items but that can be a bad deal. Instead, you can take each of those pieces in a pressure cooker, add water, salt, and cook those pieces.

After this, you can add vegetables, black pepper and cook the entire chicken.

At the end of the day, you can take a strainer along with a large bowl, strain the liquid where that liquid can be used for tons of things.

On top of that, that liquid can form a backbone of every single soup and you can then drink that soup in a delicious way.

Well, by doing this, you can save money on buying the additional chicken for making soup and other stuff.

Hence, you can follow the above method, you can enjoy delicious soups without spending much on buying additional chickens.

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6. Save Extra vegetables use it for other eating

Well, whenever we speak about vegetables or even fruits, people have wasted and are wasting tons of vegetables. Yes, they are available for a much lower cost but to save vegetables means to save money on food.

I personally use Ibotta app to save maximum amount of money on my purchase at many stores. 

Vegetables form an integral part of every human life and without vegetables, not much of the foods can be imagined.

Now, once you have cooked the main parts of vegetables, you can certainly take the leftover and do something better out of them.

You can put the leftover of vegetables in a pressure cooker, add salt, black pepper, water and let it cook for a few hours.

Speaking about my personal strategy, I save all the vegetables to remain in a freezer and then use the same to make other things.

Later, you can easily use vegetable scraps for making soups and don’t have to buy vegetables for the same. This type of thing can save you some good amount of money in the current along with future

7. Utilize Stale Bread for making Breadcrumbs, Tortillas and more

There have been plenty of times when you have thrown all of those stale bread into the dustbin. Plenty of people don’t know that stale bread can save money on food where you can save the cost of buying new bread.

In this scenario, if you can utilize stale bread to an absolute level of perfection, you can simply save a good amount of money.

Yes, first of all, you can make use of bread crumbs in different dishes. Here, the bread crumbs can be used in tons of dishes that you can find from the internet.

Also, you can powder those breadcrumbs, dry the same, and use them on different dishes.

What about those tasty tortillas? Well, you can even make use of stale bread and make delicious tortillas out of them.

In search of the recipes? You can find tons of recipes over the internet where you can utilize those breadcrumbs and make a good item from them.

Every single thing, you can make from stale bread and in this scenario, you got to make use of those bread and make some really good dishes out of them.

8. Make Advance Meal on Sundays

This is one of those brilliant strategies that can save you good money on food. Making a meal in bulk can actually bring calculation into play. Here, you will know the number of stuff you got to buy, and with this, you can save money on food in a much better way.

Now, starting off with the Sunday morning, you can start by peeling off the eggs. This will save you a good amount of time and you can even buy those eggs in a budget.

From there, you can prepare, different meals and preserve those meals into separate containers.

Please make sure that the containers you are using are reusable containers. If that is not the case, then you will have to buy those containers which will incur an additional cost.

Now, in making different meals, possibilities are endless and you can try making different salads from it.

The entire goal is to make meals at one go that can possibly reduce the additional cost on other foods.

Once you have got your meal prepared, you will have a much better idea of saving money on foods even for the future.

Also, while preparing different meals, you can take control over the preparation along with costs.

This will help you take total control and will help save money on food in a far better way.

9. Eat a meal before you are going to a grocery store

This is one of the most proven and simplest techniques you can use to save money on food. The moment your stomach is full, you will look for the essential grocery items, most of the time.

Its basic human psychology that whenever you are hungry, you tend to buy foods that you don’t need.

On the other hand, if your stomach is full, your focus will be on the essential stuff, most of the time.

Therefore, whenever you are going to a grocery store, make sure to have a meal before stepping out of your house.

From my point of view, I have experienced the same thing plenty of times where once I ate enough, I actually shopped for only the essential items.

Now, under essential items, the primary ones include eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and other such things.

If you are following the above trick, it not only will save money but will help you keep a lot healthier.

From the malls, we tend to buy packet foods that are not good for our health. Therefore, from one trick, we are actually targeting two different things that can save you money and even keep you healthier.

10. Buy roasts from Sale

Back once we lived at our old apartment, we lived just a few of blocks from a little grocery with a counter. That grocery always handed out flyers with their specials thereon and there was usually a minimum of one special from their counter.

One day, I had the belief that once I bought hamburgers to form hamburgers or meatballs, I used to be essentially just buying a roast that had been ground up.

Then, I started watching the flyers more carefully and waited for the purchase on roasts. When one came up, I visited that store, bought the roast, and asked the author the counter to grind up that roast on behalf of me, which she was happy to do.

That simple move gave me several pounds of hamburger for much but the traditional price. All I had to try to was head home and separate that enormous quantity into three or four batches and wrap those individually and pop them within the freezer for later.

There are two approaches to the present. One, you’ll buy a comparative inferiority roast at a really low per-pound rate compared to hamburger, which can offer you decent hamburgers.

On the opposite hand, you’ll buy a top-quality roast at a per-pound rate that’s like what you’d buy a hamburger, which can offer you unbelievable hamburgers when it’s ground up.

Either way, you’re saving money – you’re either getting rock bottom ordinary burgers or very affordable gourmet burgers.

You might not have access to a store that will grind a roast for you (most meat counters will roll in the hay, but maybe you do not have that advantage).

If that is the case, consider buying your own meat grinder for home use. If you employ it even a couple of times to convert an outsized roast into hamburger, you’ll start to make savings.

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Final Word of Mouth: Top Ways to Save Money on Food

Summing up the entire article, you must have got the best of all ways to save money on food.

Indeed, there are tons of ways to save money on different foods and the top 10 ways are right in front of you.

Yes, each of the above ways is pretty good and you can follow each of them if you are pretty serious to save money on food.

In each of the ways, at the start, you will face some sort of issues. But, as and when you will follow them, it will become an everyday habit.

Personally, I loved the Smart List way which can possibly save you tons of money on the foods.

On the other hand, even while going out for grocery shopping, having a meal before is another thing I loved the most.

Hence, from my side, I have delivered some really good ways to save money on different food.

From your end, you can simply choose each of them and start practising the same. Although, right now, you won’t see the results. But, in the future, you can save tons of money by the above tactics.


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