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Well, there is no sort of doubt that we live in a fast-tracked world. Nobody has got much time and people are busy in generating income through their work.

Now, in this case, if people have got pets such as Dogs, looking after each of those dogs can be a daunting task. Indeed, the dogs need proper food from time to time along with adequate care.

Thankfully, Rover is an app that can help dog owners to some good extents. Moving ahead, I have got a full and detailed Rover review dog sitting where I will explain almost every single feature of the platform and things you need to know

Plus, some people are a lot of skeptical when it comes to giving dogs to strangers. Still, when it comes to Rover review dog sitting, some amazing stories will certainly make you fall in love with this app. 

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap some valuable things about the Rover app. 

Rover review dog sitting: Complete Review

Speaking about my story, I lost my dog and it was a really heartbreaking situation. Yes, luckily my friends told me to keep after their dogs and from there the journey of pet sitting came into practice. 

I started to look after my friend’s dogs where I learned tons of things for the same. Also, when it comes to Rover, you must check different dog-sitting opportunities, the app has got for its viewers. 

With the help of the Rover app, I not only look after people’s dogs but get paid some good amount. Further, this helps me to add some good amount of money right into my savings account for playing with dogs

While I sit onto a sofa looking after the dogs, I also have the freedom to watch my favorite shows. Yes, dogsitting has been made fun with the help of a rover app where I don’t need to worry about payments. 

From my experience, I schedule pet sitting on a per owner basis. Yes, this makes me to look after each dog in a much better way. 

Hence, if you are interested too in dog sitting, given below is the step by step process to make money on Rover. 

How you can make Money on Rover

How to get started with rover app

First and foremost you will have to Sign up for the Rover app

On the other hand, if you are a dog owner, you can sign up in a different way

On the other hand, you can also download the Rover app from the app store. Yes, both Google Play store and iOS store has got the Rover app. 

After you have downloaded the app, then you can continue with the filling of information. 

Now, the moment you have filled the entire information, you can then pass the background check. 

From my end, it took around two days to get me through the verification check

The moment that is settled, you can then ask your friends and family for writing the pet sitting review. Well, you will need at least one review but the more reviews are there, the better will be for you. 

Now, once you are done with the above procedure, you got to be careful with the rates. Moving ahead in this Rover review dog sitting, the rates you choose must be less at first. 

Yes, if you are keeping higher rates right at the start, you will not attract customers. 

With this, you got to think and decide the rates depending on the current market ones. Keeping lower rates will make you end up more customers. 

Once you make money from your first service, then you can slightly increase your rate. 

Cleaning is Important

Indeed, if you are eager to become a dog sitter and want to use a rover app, you will have to maintain hygiene. 

None of the pet owners will give their dogs to you if you are not maintaining a proper cleaning routine. 

From a dog’s perspective, almost all of the dogs like a cleaner surface. Hence, you should maintain hygiene where this is the first thing every dog owner will look at. 

Rate Set and Booking

One of the most crucial things, after you have signed up for the Rover app, will be to set rates. Yes, you got to analyze the current market before you can set up any rates. The moment you have rates and if the rates and good, you will start receiving requests. 

There are dog owners who travel for working conditions or even take vacations. During this time, they will have to opt for an app like a rover for dog sitting. 

This is the time when your expertise as a dog sitter comes into practice. 

From the dog owner’s end, before you are booking, you must meet the person who will keep your dog. Yes, this is essential because we all love our dogs to the core extents. Further, you must check the hygiene standards and the tools that are present to effectively keep your dog happy. 

If you are satisfied with each and everything, then you can easily go ahead and opt for that pet owner. Side by site you can also try for TaskRabbit where you get paid for doing small task such as loading unloading, painting, repairing, etc. 

In case of a query related to Rover, you can go through the Rover help center and clear your doubt. 

Rover review dog sitting: My raw thoughts

Well, if you will ask my rating for the Rover app, it will be 10/10. Yes, I have used the app and I am totally satisfied with the same. Right from offering a brilliant interface to delivering effective booking, the app has been top class from every single scenario. 

Since the time I installed the app, I filled all the information and also completed the verification process. 

Thereafter, I got receiving requests from different dog owners. Yes, the app is that fast because there are tons of dog owners who are looking for someone who can look after their pets. 

Plus, the app offers refund options too that gives dog owners extra protection. However, as a dog owner, you can go ahead and meet up with the dog sitter beforehand. This will possibly boost dog owners’ confidence where they can then easily proceed ahead and give their dogs. 

Sign up with Rover

What attracts the dog owners?

If there is one thing that attracts the dog owners to some good extents, it has to be pictures. Indeed, almost every other person loves pictures and if you can put pictures on your account, dog owners will be drawn towards the same. 

Further, you can also send photos straight to the dog owners’ accounts. This will generate a sense of gratitude and will build stronger relationships. 

What’s more, you can do it? Well, you can send pictures of the dogs while they are sitting, eating, or playing with different items. 

With this, they will spread the word of mouth among their colleagues where you can then get more requests. 

If you can keenly keep dogs, you will get more requests and with that, you can make a good amount of money. 

What about payment?

Yes, as a dog sitter, one of the most crucial things you will look at is payments. No one does anything for free and when it comes to payments with the Rover app, the app has come out to be an absolute gem. 

Here, Rover delivers payment options where the most basic one is PayPal. Indeed, if you can choose PayPal, you will get payments within 2 days. 

Well, payments can be made late depending on your type of bank functioning. But, payments with the Rover app have always been easy. The company has done its best to keep better payment security where you don’t have to worry about the payments.

On the other hand, for dog owners, you can trust the payment gateway as it’s completely encrypted. Rover uses the best of all security practices which is yet another good thing. 

Further, the payments are quick where you will get funds deposited in 48 hours. This is extremely amazing where you don’t have to wait for the money to come in. 

House Sitting vs Dog Boarding

As I mentioned, I’ve been using the ‘canine boarding’ service on the rover app. This indicates dog owners drop off their pets at my residence. 

It’s an ideal scenario for plenty of puppy parents. They don’t have to worry about showing pet sitters around their domestic, giving out spare keys, etc.

 I love boarding puppies right here at my residence. I feel most cozy in my domestic, and that I recognize the neighborhood well. 

This indicates I have a super course planned for each bushy pal I walk. 

I will replace you with my residence sitting revel in a subsequent time, but thus far, I’ve were given a tour of the canine determines home along with a helpful rundown of the dog’s potty ruin agenda, behavior, and greater. 

She turned into accommodating or even added me to her pals with pets, so I’d be acquainted with human beings on the dog park.

Rover review Dog Sitting Perks

Well, there are tons of perks when it comes to the rover app. It is sleek, simple, and has benefited tons of dog owners along with dog sitters. 

Make your very own schedule

Indeed, this is one of the best things any dog sitting app can deliver. As a pet sitter, you can organize and design your very own schedule. Determine the days and time in which you are free and can keep pets 

Ultimately with this, you can design a schedule of your own choice and keep pets, the best way. 

Pet Preferences

You don’t need to accept every single request where the choice will be yours. Right in the app, you can set pet preferences ON where you can choose things depending on your taste. 

For example, you can set a filter where you don’t keep pets that are larger than 40 pounds. Or else, the pets that are not potty trained. 

This offers you complete control over pet sitting which is an amazing feature of the rover app. 

The app lets you host cats

Yes, apart from dogs, if you love cats too, the Rover app offers you to host cats. With this, you can keep cats as preferences too where you attract more number of clients. 

Plus, you can make a good amount of money if you can host cats at your house. 

Sign up with Rover as a pet sitter.

Payments released in two days

Indeed, for every pet sitter, payment is a thing that is the most important one. Hence, with the Rover app, you don’t need to worry about payments. Here, the company releases payments after 2 days which is quite an amazing thing. 

Plus, for accepting payments, you can use different payment options. But, the best and most convenient payment option is none other than PayPal. Almost the entire US uses PayPal where you can accept payments in a much flawless way. 

Rover review Dog Sitting: Customer’s Scenario

Rover connects puppy mother and father with nearby animal enthusiasts who will treat your puppy like one of the own family at the same time as you’re away. 

The goal of the website is to make puppy care secure, smooth, less expensive, and most significantly, personal. 

There may be more than a few services available, from canine on foot to drop-in visits, to fit your and your dog’s wishes and yes, keep them safe from Corona Virus

So, whether or not you work long hours, you’re going away for an afternoon journey or you’re jetting off for a few weeks, there’s a puppy care choice for you. 

What I love about the rover is that it offers 24/7 service, reservation guarantee, as well as top-rate pet insurance (as much as $25,000 per declare, with a maximum of $250 deductible). There are no charges to install an account as an owner.  

A take on sitter and walker profile features:

Rover Features

  • Their location
  • Photos of themselves and their home (if a sitter)
  • Availability and pay rates
  • Accepted dog sizes
  • Cancellation policy
  • Description of themselves
  • Preferences on the type of dog/cats they care (e.g. only crate trained)
  • Details of qualifications and experience
  • Reviews of previous jobs

Rover Service 1: Dog Boarding

$35 per Night on an Average Basis

In case you’re looking for a loving alternative to putting your dog in a kennel at the same time as you’re away, boarding her with a sitter in their home is a great alternative. 

Whether it’s only for the weekend or over some weeks, you’re positive to discover someone who’d be satisfied to take dogs in and deal with it as one of the family. 

Each sitter has been reviewed and authorized with the aid of the rover team, and what’s amazes me is that 95% of stays have acquired a super five-big name score. Further in Rover review dog sitting, Puppies of every age can gain from this service, and it’s outstanding for individuals who socialize properly with other pets.

Rover Service 2: House Sitting

$30 Per Night (Average Basis)

If your dog prefers to stay on her home turf, you could choose a sitter to look after your pet at the same time as you’re away. 

This is additionally a very good alternative if you’re on a good schedule and also you don’t have time to drop off your dog to someone else.

Without a doubt leave them with a key in advance, and task finished! 

Rover Service 3: Dog Walking

$15 to $20 per walk on Average

In case you honestly want a good walker, you can use Rover dog walking service and take your dog to stretch their legs for half of an hour, rover offers this, too. 

Through the app (ios and android), you can see a map of the route taken, the period of the walk, and many more things. 

Moving ahead in Rover review dog sitting, this is a great alternative for active dogs that want to run a few miles in a day. It’s also excellent for puppies nonetheless going through potty issues where walking can certainly fix their metabolism. 

Rover Service 4: Dog Day Care

$15 to $20 on average per day

Well, if you are away from your home and will not be able to look at your dog, you can opt for the Rover daycare service. With this, you can choose the best of all dog keepers where they will handle the dog in a better way.

Moving ahead in this Rover review dog sitting, this is one of the best options for puppies, dogs with diseases, and senior dogs who will need that sort of special attention. 

What did I like in Rover for the customers?

  • Best personalized care
  • You can easily find dog sitters in your locality
  • The app is more flexible for customers in every aspect
  • There are tons of services that will suit the customer’s preferences
  • Different options to upgrade your profile
  • Rover platform helps in the matching process and find best-suited pet sitters
  • Different levels of Background checks
  • Reservation is guaranteed
  • Free to join and use
  • Easy payment options
  • Offers no-cost face to face meeting with the sitter before you book
  • Delivers pet insurance
  • 24/7 Customer Support team available
  • The app allows both dog sitter and customer to chat via an app where you can share video, photos, and text

What I don’t like in the Rover app for Customers?

  • There is 5 to 7% of the booking fee
  • Sometimes, customers report issues with the app
  • Some people find the website a little difficult to navigate
  • Reviewing sitters is not possible based on a meet and greet
  • Plenty of sitters take trained dogs

What do I like in Rover for Sitters & Walkers?

  • Free to join where no fees are levied
  • Freedom of choosing different services, schedules and rates
  • Insurance cover provided
  • Secure payments within the platform ensure payment protection without any delay
  • Access to the 24/7 Customer Support that includes vet assurance
  • Great opportunities for building your business
  • Easy to use app and website
  • If you are a new person, you can request for testimonials from your friends, family to get enhanced credibility

How you can use Rover, the Right Way?

For Customers

You should be sincere for your profile considering your dog’s age, personality, health issues, and education. 

You have to thoroughly examine the ability candidate’s profile and ensure that your canine suits the type of canine they’re inclined to take in (e. G. Residence educated, socialized with children). 

Test that you believe the sitter’s fees and cancellation coverage. Always meet the individual earlier than reserving to make sure they’re proper for the job. 

(Ask questions) Lots of questions! In case your dog may be staying inside the sitter’s home, you ought to visit to see where your dog will be staying. 

And, if there are different pets or youngsters, how your dog gets on with them. 

Finally, supply your pet sitter with all the facts they may want. For instance, in case your canine calls for feeding, explain how tons and at what time of day. 

  • Does your dog have hypersensitive reactions to anything? 
  • Does the dog take a remedy? 
  • Will your dog need grooming? 

Leave cleanly written commands so that your sitter knows precisely what’s required. Also, if the sitter could be at your own home, ensure to include how you desire them to appear after it.

For Walkers & Sitters

  • You have to be upfront on your profile about what kinds of dogs you can look after. If you are unable to take puppies that are food competitive, as an instance, you need to state this for your profile. 
  • You have to also look when you have different pets or kids at domestic. Whilst meeting a capability patron, ensure you discover exactly how they want you to look after their dog and comply to this. 
  • You have to get a contact number in case of an emergency. 
  • Try to explain to the owner what they will get and could now not get as a dog sitter from you. 
  • Forming the proper expectancies will assist to avoid any misunderstanding and potential awful rankings. 
  • Whilst in care of a client’s pooch, you should send updates to the customer alongside pictures with the help of an app. 
  • As for the frequency of updates, you can determine this with the proprietor beforehand. 

Final Word of Mouth: Rover review Dog Sitting

Coming right at the end of Rover review dog sitting, I hope you have got a detailed analysis of the platform. Yes, it’s one of the best platforms for every single person who is searching for someone who can take care of their pets. 

On top of that, the Rover platform delivers tons of profits for both the customers and dog sitters. Hence, both the person can make their account on Rover. Thereafter as a dog owner, you can choose dog sitter based on your preferences. 

On the other hand, as a dog sitter, you can set your preferences, look after dogs, and make some good money for the future.

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