RoseHosting Review: Is this a Better Web Hosting [2021 Updated]

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Currently, there are tons of different hosting companies and if you are willing to choose a good one, I am here to help you out. Indeed, there is tough competition in the hosting industry and every single company is striving hard to get as much as customers. Right now, I have got you an exclusive RoseHosting review.

Every single point will be covered in this article and in the end, you will know whether this hosting is a good one for you or not.

Well, RoseHosting is one of those hosting companies that keep all of their focus on offering good services. Yes, RoseHosting doesn’t work much on their marketing still it powers tons of websites over the internet.

Hence, regardless of your hosting plans, this RoseHosting review will help you decide whether this hosting is a good one for you or not.

RoseHosting Review: About RoseHosting

Speaking about the history of RoseHosting, it was founded back in the year 2001, and currently, they have got their headquarters in St. Louis Missouri.

It simply stands apart from other hosting companies because they also offer Linux Virtual Services to the clients.

Also, for maintaining a competitive advantage over rivals, the hosting company even offers a user-friendly account and with good customer support of 24×7, you will not face many issues.

Even more, each of the customers of RoseHosting gets want they want in every scenario. Here, you have the option to select from different hosting plans. Whether you are planning to choose the shared option or the VPS one, you are free to choose any option, without any issues.

 Also, the data centers of RoseHosting offers safeguards that feature dual redundant air conditioning systems. This helps to keep every single piece of equipment as cool as possible.

Besides that, the company even has got those redundant fire extinguishers that are located on every single location.

Further, the Gigabit system purely runs on different Ethernet ports while the servers run on 2x Quad Xeon CPU pieces of equipment.

Best Shared & VPS Hosting

rosehosting review

Well, moving ahead in the RoseHosting review, the company offers five different sorts of hosting options.

Speaking about their shared hosting options, each shared hosting option offers SSD Storage, DirectAdmin, cPanel, RV site Builder Pro, One-Click installation, and free Weekly backups.

Also, you must note that hosting plans differently and you have the option to choose any of the shared hosting plans.

Even more, the customer support you get with shared hosting is a lot better one too. In this scenario, every customer support from RoseHosting is a far better one.

A Take on VPS

rosehosting review

More to it in RoseHosting review, the company’s VPS hosting offers more sets of features. In this case, you will get a dedicated IP Address along with unlimited FTP Support.

Basically, the RoseHosting is well-known for its Linux VPS hosting which is the best in class.

Each of the packages offered by VPS hosting from RoseHosting offers at least dual CPU, 1 IP Address, SSD Storage, free weekly backups.

Further, they give up to 8 pre-designed plans beginning with the starter VPS which comes with small RAM, storage, bandwidth, and all of the storage plans.

The RoseHosting also offers 8 Linux dedicated server packages. All the plans come with Xeon Processor, DirectAdmin panel, and 1 IP Address.

However, each of the plans differs from each other which is based on different factors. These factors include a processor, storage, space, RAM, and even bandwidth.

Plus, most of the plans from RoseHosting make use of RAID5 Storage. These packages come with higher-end packages using the SSD drives.

Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting

rosehosting review

This is a superior version of the VPS hosting. it’s richer in features and it’s a standalone server.

This hosting plan is right for giant companies that require long-term and permanent hosting solutions.

RoseHosting’s dedicated server hosting starts from $299 during a month. This price is much higher in comparison to other hosting packages but it also has superior performance hence worth every buck.

Some of the salient features under this plan include the subsequent 500GB of RAID5 storage, dual Xeon E3 core, 2TB of knowledge transfer, and 2GB of RAM.

When you purchase this plan, you’ll receive a replica of DirectAdmin or cPanel a bit like its VPS hosting counterpart.

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Features of RoseHosting

Moving forward in the RoseHosting review, there are tons of features that you must take into consideration.

I have jotted down some of the best features that you will definitely love about RoseHosting.

  1. Free Site Migration

For most of the hosting service providers, not each of them offers free site migration. In this scenario, RoseHosting offers free website migration. This is one of those that I love to the core.

Yes, other hosting companies consume tons of money whenever they are migrating sites from one host to another.

With RoseHosting, the equation is all different where all you need is to just contact their customer support.

Once you have done that, then the company will take details from you about website migration.

Also, as a customer, you can easily move your website from the previous host straight to RoseHosting without any charges.

The moment you will open up your account with RoseHosting, the company will find details about your previous hosting company.

Then, the admin will work by taking all of the actions to ensure that your website is seamlessly transferred without an issue.

Once the website has been transferred to the RoseHosting server, then you can continue to use your site as usual.

  1. Free Backup

Talking about the next point, free backup is something that is not offered by plenty of hosting companies.

With RoseHosting, the case is a lot different where they offer the best of all backups without any cost. In this scenario, whether you are running a business or personal website, you will get free backups, at any point in time.

Every single week, you will get backups for every single website you have. With this, there is no chance of your website data getting lost in any case.

Also, the RoseHosting company makes use of some quality servers. With the help of such servers, you can be utmost sure that you can backup and restore data, as and when you want.

With this, at any point in time, if your website crashes, you can restore your site from backup at any point in time.

  1. SSD Storage

Gone are the days when hard disks were in use. Currently, almost all of the hosting companies are moving ahead with SSD and that is the case with RoseHosting.

in RoseHosting servers, they make use of SSD that offers faster speeds. Hence, with SSD, you are bound to get much faster site opening and loading times.

With this, you will not face any data transfer issues at any cost. Plus, this will help in increasing your website’s conversion rate.

All in all, SSD Storage is the future and you can use this technology to grow your revenue, to tremendous extents.

  1. Faster and Reliable

Any of the users would like their website to be faster. Keeping that in mind, RoseHosting offers the best of all hosting which comes at faster speeds.

Yes, regardless of the number of your website, RoseHosting has always offered some of the best and fastest speeds, in every possible case.

In this case, even the uptime of RoseHosting has been on the better end. Before this RoseHosting review, I tested the uptime of this hosting and was pretty much amazed.

Yes, it offers above par uptime and your website will be kept up and running for most of the cases.

More to it, even the website loading times were blazing fast. With this, you will get all-around faster loading times and with decent uptime, you don’t have to face any sort of issues, in any case.

  1. Good Customer Service Support

For any of the users, good customer support is the first thing that comes in every single user’s mind. Hence, with RoseHosting, the company offers brilliant customer service support.

In this case, they present users with almost every sort of communicating option. Right from phone support to email and the latest live chat option, the company offers every single thing, without an issue.

Additionally, I tested the live chat support of RoseHosting and I got good support, every single time. With Live chat support, the representative got connected with me and I shared my issues with him.

From his end, he was quite polite and was able to resolve my issues, as early as possible.

Even more, the company’s email support is a good one too. Within 5 minutes, most of people get their reply and this is the thing you must follow too.

All in all, the support staff of RoseHosting is a decent one and all of them are good to offer decent customer care services.

  1. Payment and Billing

Now, coming down at the payment section of RoseHosting, you can pay by almost every single credit card. On top of that, each hosting plan renews on its own so you don’t have to do tons of work.

All you can do is to set the payment renewal off where you can easily renew off your payment, without hassle.

Now, if you are unable to pay for the account within 7 days, then it will be suspended. After this, you will be given a chance of more than a month. If you are not able to pay within one month, then the account will be permanently suspended.

Further, any of the accounts that are suspended will be charged a fee for reinstalling the account.

More to it, every single cancellation to billing arrangements are to be done with the help of cPanel.

RoseHosting Review: Pros

Given below are some of the best Pros of RoseHosting that you must take into consideration.

  • Stable prices

Unlike their competitors, RoseHosting doesn’t hike their package prices after the primary term. The worth that you simply check in with is that the same price you’ll pay as long as you’re using their services.

  • Free site migration

They provide free web transfer for all first-time customers. Once you switch to RoseHosting, they’re going to transfer your site from whichever host you had been using previously freed from charge.

  • RV site builder pro

All of RoseHosting’s shared hosting plans accompany RSV site builder pro. This helps to save lots of tons of your time for newbies and people with minimum or little technical know-how.

With the assistance of this, you’ll build an easy website from scratch with none prior experience.

Cons of RoseHosting

The following are a number of the downsides of RoseHosting:

  • Paying the additional money for the instrument panel

RoseHosting doesn’t make their cPanel an inclusive feature in their plans. On most of their hosting plans, the instrument panel comes at a price of $10 per month. This charge is beside the monthly hosting package fee.

For a hosting company that has the simplest interest of its customers at the bottom, making an important feature available at a price may be a deal-breaker.

  • Short a refund policy

The maximum amount as a money-back guarantee is a beautiful feature within the hosting industry, RoseHosting’s money-back policy is disappointing.

RoseHosting’s policy gives its new customers only seven days to make a decision whether or not they want to use RoseHosting’s hosting services or not.

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Final Word of Mouth

The entire RoseHosting review is all here and by now, you must have understood each of the features of this hosting company.

Indeed, every single user demands a far better hosting company and with RoseHosting, tons of your issue will come to an end.

Additionally, RoseHosting is a good one where it comes with a different set of features. Right from offering affordable services to brilliant customer service support, RoseHosting has got it all.

On top of that, the speed along with the uptime of RoseHosting has been quite good as well. The company even offers SSD storage which makes storing, uploading, and even the uptime of a speed much better.

More to it, in order to make things much simpler, I have got you an easier option. You can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the homepage of RoseHosting. From there, you can see different options to choose from.

Quite keenly, you must see which plan is a good fit for you. Then, you can go ahead and simply choose that preferred option.

Eventually, you can then host your website and attract tons of visitors, in the nearby future with no sorts of issues.


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