Reasons to Use Bluehost for Business: Why You Must Choose Bluehost?

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Well, if we talk about one of the best hosting companies available over the internet, it has to be the Bluehost. Indeed, there are different reasons to use Bluehost for business where the company delivers some of the fastest servers.

Also, even if you have a look at the pricing of Bluehost, it has been on the affordable end.

Further, if you are willing to choose a hosting service, you got to select the same in a lot keen way. If you choose a bad hosting service, chances are high that you will get slower loading times.

Plus, the company delivers some of the best features that can make your website hosting, a lot better than the usual.

Now, there are tons of reasons to use Bluehost for business where let’s take a look at every possible reason, one by one.

Why you must use Bluehost for Business?

Bluehost for Business

There are tons of reasons so as to why choosing hosting can affect your business. Out of which, some of the potential reasons are as follows:

Loading Time

Now, starting off with the basics, website loading time is one of the key aspects of the business. If you have a good website loading time, you can retain your customers and can make revenue from the same.

Also, if this thing is taking too much of your time, then the visitors will bounce back leaving your entire site in vain.

Therefore, keeping your load time-optimal is one of the key aspects in hosting. If you can keep your load time-optimal, chances are high that you can attract tons of customers, without an issue.


Indeed, the internet world is full of hackers and security is one of the major concerns for the online world. Therefore, if any hosting service provider is not offering the best of all security services, things can get very difficult for you.

Still, with Bluehost as a hosting service provider, you are bound to get some of the world-class security, in every case.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the security of hosting from Bluehost at any cost. You will get almost every single type of anti-hacking mechanism with Bluehost hosting.

Website Backup & Database

Bluehost for Business

Now, another thing you must make sure is that database along with website backup is one of the most crucial things.

If your hosting service provider isn’t offering any sort of backups, then issues might come whenever your website will crash.

In such cases, Bluehost truly comes out as one of the better options for website and database backup. Here, the company regularly takes backups on a regular basis, and with this, you won’t lose out on any of the data.

Right now going ahead in Bluehost for business, you can take a look at the list of the different features of Bluehost hosting.

A Take on the Feature List of Bluehost Hosting

Whether you know it or not, Bluehost hosting has been powering more than 2 million websites of all over the world. Here, it’s one of the better and affordable hosting service providers you cannot find over the internet.

In this scenario, if you are wondering about different Bluehost features, I have got you some of the best features listed as follows:

Installation of Unlimited Websites

Indeed, with Bluehost good plans, you have the option for installing an unlimited number of websites.

With this, you have the power to install any number of websites as per your liking. Plus, Bluehost servers are fast enough to offer you high-grade performance for each of your websites.

Hence, in this case, you can install any number of websites as per your convenience with no sort of issues.

Get Unmetered space & Bandwidth

Yes, with Bluehost plans, you will get the best of all unmetered space along with bandwidth. Here, you don’t have to look for more space as the company delivers you tons of space along with bandwidth.

Free SSL

Indeed, the security of your website is one of the most prime things and that is where security stands as an essential parameter. In this scenario, Bluehost offers a free SSL Certificate to most of their plans.

With this, you will get a padlock for your website that will help you in SEO too.

Unlimited Email Storage and Accounts

The need for unlimited email storage and email accounts is quite real. The website users are in search of hosting companies that can offer them the same and that is where Bluehost as a company truly shines.

In this scenario, Bluehost offers the true sense of email storage along with accounts. With this, you don’t have to worry about each of your Bluehost email accounts.

You will get the true storage where you can use those accounts, your way.

Access to Domain Privacy & Spam Experts

With the help of Bluehost plans, you can get access to domain privacy and spam experts. In such a case, you can be safe from different spam attacks that happen in the internet world.

Further, with Bluehost Privacy protection, there is no need to do any silly thing. The company will look after your domain privacy and will save your domain against all of the attacks.

Great Uptime Available


Well, for any website user, one of the best things that he needs is a brilliant uptime. If a hosting service provider is not offering a decent and good uptime, things can go wrong for the user in plenty of ways.

Coming down towards the uptime of Bluehost for business, the company has offered constant uptime in every single parameter.

In this scenario, you will get a constant 99.99% uptime without an issue. This is one of the best uptime from a company like Bluehost that offers some of the very best uptime.

Yes, the company makes use of the latest servers which helps the uptime to be constant.

Personally, I tested the uptime of Bluehost servers and was amazed by the performance it was offering.

My site didn’t go off even for a single time that clearly depicts the good use of servers by Bluehost.

From this, I can say that Bluehost offers great uptime regardless of the performance. On average, you can also get 100% uptime but the case is rare.

Bluehost is the Official choice for WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial

Moving ahead in Bluehost for business, another thing you must note is that WordPress gives the name of Bluehost as their first choice

Yes, WordPress right from start is considering Bluehost as they recommend go-to host due to its immense performance and support.

WordPress is one of the largest CMS platforms that is being used by over 65% of websites. Out of which, even TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and some of the biggest websites make use of WordPress.

Also, another thing you must note is that WordPress is free to install and even upgrade. This gives you access to customize WordPress as per your likings too.

Plus, with WordPress, you can explore thousands of themes and plugins that can make your website a lot better than before. also specifically recommends using Bluehost services. Therefore, if WordPress is recommending Bluehost services, you must trust that it offers some really good features.

Bluehost for business: Bluehost Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

Reasons to Use Bluehost for Business

Let’s first mention the main differences between both shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting so you’ll know it better.

Shared hosting from Bluehost: during this sort of hosting an outsized number of users have their account on an equivalent physical server, so you’re getting to equivalent resources that are allocated for other users too and that’s why shared hosting is additionally cheap.

Bluehost shared hosting plans pricing start at $2.95 per month.

VPS hosting from Bluehost: VPS hosting supports a huge amount of traffic and more control over your site sort of a dedicated server (by supplying you with administrative access) but only a fraction of the value of dedicated hosting.

Bluehost VPS hosting plans pricing start at $14.95 per month and provides you a foothold of dedicated hosting at the value of literally shared hosting plans.

Dedicated hosting from Bluehost: Dedicated hosting is a complicated sort of hosting where you’ll purchase the entire servers intended solely for his or her use.

So if you would like better speeds, security, and exclusive servers that are managed only to serve your website, you ought to definitely choose dedicated hosting.

Bluehost dedicated hosting plans pricing start at $74.99 per month and price every penny if your business has huge amounts of traffic.

So what’s the rock bottom line? do you have to choose shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting from Bluehost to run your business?

We recommend you to travel for VPS hosting because it comes at the value of shared hosting but almost gives you an equivalent advantage of dedicated hosting.

So what are you continue to waiting for?

Here, you can decide on the hosting you are willing to buy. Based on your experience, you can opt for the best of all Bluehost Hosting, without an issue.

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Includes unlimited domains, emails

Bluehost features a custom domain manager that you simply can use to perform tasks like domain transfers, purchases, tracking, and overall administration from one place (which is your Bluehost cPanel).

It also offers you unlimited email accounts (included even with all shared hosting plans), alongside POP3 and IMAP support and spam protection. So you’ll literally create any number of email accounts to send to your customers with less to zero spamming.

Bluehost for Business: Advantages of Bluehost

Coming down towards the advantage of Bluehost for Business, there are tons of advantages that you can take into consideration.

Out of which, some of the brilliant advantages are as follows:

  • Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting plans to choose from
  • You will get a free domain for one year with one year of hosting
  • It offers some of the best and excellent features such as Spam protection, Spam Hammer, Spam Assasin and more
  • Bluehost offers free SSL Certificate even with each of their basic plans
  • It delivers hotlink protection that can prevent people from stealing your data
  • IP Address automatically blacklists to block spam and bot attacks
  • Secure SSH Access to your website
  • Bluehost also offers some of the best eCommerce features that allow you to easily set up your online store.

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost for Business

Wrapping up the article, you must have understood the importance of Bluehost for Business hosting.

Yes, the company has been running for years and have offered some of the best and world-class hosting services.

Additionally, coming down towards Bluehost pricing, their level of pricing has been on the lesser end too.

With this, you can look at different plans along with pricing options and then see which of those plans can work for you.

On top of that, if you are a beginner, you can start off with the basic plan from Bluehost. Yes, the basic plan delivers some of the better things and every single essential feature you need for hosting.

Additionally, if you are an experienced person, you can simply go for the more advanced level plans.

In this case, you are free to choose the dedicated along with VPS plans from Bluehost.

Further, moving ahead in the customer support section, the customer support from Bluehost for Business has been on the top class end.

Here, regardless of the customer support option you will choose from Bluehost, you will get true support, every single time.

Hence, for people of any experience, Bluehost for Business is one of the better options.

Here, to make your steps a little simpler, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Bluehost Homepage.

From there, you are free to choose among different plans. Once you choose from those plans, then you can go ahead, host your website and start generating some good amount of revenue, with no issues in any case.

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