How to Rank on Google Featured Snippets? (TOP 9 Ways) [2021 Updated]

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We all know that obtaining traffic from Google is getting harder with each passing day. Every now and then, Google is coming up with Algorithm updates that is hampering to tons of websites. With this, if you can know the process to rank on Google Featured Snippets, things can become easier for you.

Indeed, Featured Snippets are a new Meta from Google where your website will be linked in a rectangle box. This will be right at the top of Google that will ultimately help you to gain a good amount of traffic from Google.

One thing you must note here is that the traffic will be Google Organic traffic which will be quality-driven.

Also, if you will notice another thing, you will see that Google results are much more than just plain links.

Every single year, featured snippets are becoming important and bloggers are eager to rank their websites onto the top featured snippets.

Therefore, let’s go ahead, know about featured snippets and gather the process to rank on Google Featured Snippets.

How to Rank on Google Featured Snippets: Definition of Featured Snippet

Whether you are aware of Google Featured Snippets or not, it’s a bar of information that is present at the top page of Google.

Here, you will see information about the particular page from a website. For any type of question, you will ask, Google answers that question in the form of a snippet.

Here, Google pulls the answer right from the content of users and delivers the same into a snippet form.

Now, with the help of Google Featured Snippets or not, finding answers to almost any sort of question becomes much easier. Here, you don’t have to click every time on websites to find an answer.

You can simply fire up your query and you will get answers in the form of a featured snippet.

Now, featured snippets can contain points, bullets, and much more. Plus, the featured snippets easily dominate the Google rankings by a wide margin.

Therefore, right now let’s go ahead and find some useful tips to Google Featured Snippets on the top page of Google.

Proven Tips to Rank on Google Featured Snippets

Each of the given below tips has come out after a series of research. With this, you will not face any sort of issues in the overall ranking process.

  1. Make use of SEMrush for finding competitor’s snippets

How to Rank on Google Featured Snippets

Yes, if you are eager to find competitor’s snippets, you will have to make use of the SEMrush tool. It’s a tool that can help you find competitor’s keywords, links, and much more.

Plus, it even allows you to find the featured snippets of competitors within your niche. Also, you can find the featured snippets for which you are ranking too.

All you can do here is to run a regular domain search and tap on the Organic search option.

Then, you can tap on the ‘Featured Snippet’ on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Also, you can filter out the keywords by tapping on the Advanced filters option for including featured snippets.

Then, the moment you know which snippets your competitors are ranking, then you will get a clear idea.

With this, you can make changes to your articles and make them eligible for the featured snippets.

  1. Make use of Google to Rank on Google Featured Snippets

How to Rank on Google Featured Snippets

Google designed featured snippets and you can make use of Google for unwrapping such opportunities.

One of the good ways to find featured snippets is to optimize your content as per the user’s expectations.

You must clearly fulfill the user’s intent and in this way, you can easily rank for a particular featured snippet.

For instance, if you are a guy who is interested in marketing but doesn’t have any clues about the same.

Here, someone can write an article on marketing where they are explaining marketing for beginners.

With this, it won’t be confusing for the people and sooner or later, that article has to rank in featured snippets.

Also, featured snippets can also come in the form of steps that can help users understand, in a better way.

You can even browse the people also ask section and from there, you will find answers to almost every single featured rankings.

If you can answer those questions in your article, then chances are pretty high that you can rank for Google Featured Snippets.

  1. Find different Content Ideas using Answer the Public

How to Rank on Google Featured Snippets

Yes, if you want to rank on Google Featured Snippets, Answer the Public is one good site that can ease off your work.

This website has been around for years and it has offered some of the best and quality content ideas.

Even if you type one word in answer the public, this website will offer you tons of ideas. It basically covers all of the questions users might ask.

answer the public

With this, you will have immense clarity for different answers and you can cover those questions, as per your liking.

Plus, you can pick the questions that have got higher chances to rank as Google Featured Snippets.

However, one thing you must keep in mind is that you got to do keyword research if you are looking to rank for a particular keyword.

In such a scenario, if you have done the keyword research, then you have a fairly good chance to rank on Google Featured Snippets.

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  1. Perform Keyword Research

perform keyword research

Yes, there is absolutely no chance to rank on Google Featured Snippets if you are not performing the keyword research.

In such a scenario, by performing keyword research, you can easily find out those keywords that are eligible to rank on Google search.

Also, it’s a good practice to test a keyword first and then find different content ideas that can help you get those better results.

For performing keyword research, you can make use of tools such as AHREF and SEMrush. Here, both the tools are equally good and they can help you perform keyword research, in the best possible way.

Plus, if you are ranking already for a particular keyword, you can research on the same and find ways to appear on Google Featured Snippets.

Here, you can format your answer as per the user questions, and sooner or later, you will see yourself ranking for the particular keyword.

Also, it’s absolutely essential to answer for more than one keyword. This opens up a new level of opportunities that can help you rank, the best possible way.

  1. Make sure to Answer Multiple Questions

Now, to rank on Google Featured Snippets, you got to answer tons of different questions. In such a scenario, Google offers you people also an ask section where you can find tons of the questions.

Your job is to include those questions in your article and they must be written in a short and precise format.

With this, there are very high chances that Google will rank your website for such questions.

Also, structuring those questions is another important thing too. With this, if you can structure those questions as per the user’s needs, then you will face no idea to make that question answers, in the best possible way.

One thing you must remember is that the word count is another major factor in considering the questions and answers.

If you can keep the answer short and descriptive, chances are pretty high that your website can rank on Google results.

  1. Keep Google Featured Snippets within the Word Count

answer multiple questions

Now, if you are trying to rank for Google Featured Snippets, you cannot include tons of word count for this case.

Make sure to keep your word count absolutely precise as, by this way, you can open up your chances to rank for a particular keyword.

Also, you must even make your sections pretty tight along with concise where Google can rank for the content.

You can also section off the lists, paragraphs, and steps rather than letting each of them run together.

According to SEMrush, anything between 40 to 50 words is a precise number that can help you gain those Google Featured Snippets.

Because of such things, you can even try to keep every section content no longer than 50 words.

With this, you are giving Google more chances to easily rank up your article at higher rankings.

Plus, making of use of Headers is another crucial factor if you are considering breaking different sections and increasing chances to rank on Google.

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  1. Use different Headers

use headers

One of the quickest and simpler ways to format each of your content for Google Featured Snippets is to include headers.

Yes, headers play quite a vital role to differentiate different content and signals Google that the article is in a well-formatted structure.

Here, you can divide the headers into different sections and you can also make use of Paragraphs.

Also, you can even organize your steps, paragraphs, lists with the help of different headers.

Personally, for the headings, I prefer H2 tags but you got to make use of at least till H3 tags for a better website structure.

Additionally, you must perform formatting in a better way so that you possibly increasing your chances to rank on Google.

Also, make sure to format your article in Chronological order to increase your chances to rank for Google Featured Snippets.

Wondering about another tip? You can easily add a new area to your website that can offer resources to the customers along with readers.

  1. Add the “How to” section to the Website


Since each of the featured snippets are brilliant opportunities for attracting any of the websites, they can actually help you get quality leads as well.

It’s one of the smartest ideas to add a “How to” section that can enhance your chances of ranking up your website.

If you will browse over the internet, you will find websites that have got a dedicated section specifically for questions and answers.

Yes, with such questions, you are definitely increasing your chances to rank on the top-class page of Google.

Now this answer can include each of those Frequently Asked Questions that can help improve the user experience.

Plus, if you can include high-quality videos along with images, this thing can boost up your chances to rank up the Google charts.

  1. Addition of High-Quality Videos and Images

images & videos

The world is changing and the same impact is seen in the internet world as well. Yes, photos and videos are appealing where websites have started to use this form of meta.

Here, you can make use of a tool such as Canva and add images along with videos, as per your liking.

With such addition of images and videos, you are growing up your chances to rank for Google Featured Snippets.

Also, as per a survey, it was seen that 69% of the people will read contents that is a combination of text and video or even images.

Of course, no one likes to read a page that’s filled with only text all over. Additionally, you can go a step ahead and create a voice script for each of your videos. Here, Google will recognize the text and can keep it as a featured snippet.

Further, you must even make sure that the content of the video is in a good quality format. If the video is of decent quality, Google will be notified for the same and it can offer some of the best and proven results.

Well, combining videos along with images in your website can significantly higher up your chances to attain some of the best and proven rankings.


Indeed, by now you must have got the best and proven ways to Rank on Google Featured Snippets. We are in 2021 and Google is getting better with each passing day. In such a scenario, you can effectively read each of the above ways to Rank on Google Featured Snippets.

Now, there can be a few times when you might face difficulty in ranking each of those Google Featured Snippets.

In that scenario, there is no need for you to panic where you can perform the above things in a practical way.

It seems like the featured snippets are not going to go anywhere and they will become better, with every passing day.

They are the first thing that pops up in Google ranking showing the impact of their existence.

Also, if you can earn your rank for the featured snippets, that means that you are ranking for the 0th position.

This position is the best one as it can bring you organic traffic, the best ever way.

Ultimately, if you are searching to boost up your conversions, drive visitors for your website and even beat the competition, featured snippets are the true answers for you.

Now, that you know the importance and uses of Google Featured Snippets, you don’t have any excuse.

What you can do now?

Well, now you can find your competitors that are ranking for those featured snippet terms. Here, you can either make use of paid tools or you can find the same by analyzing Google.

Further, you can even make use of Answer the Public for identifying different content ideas. With this, you can make sure to answer each of those questions in one article.

Also, keep the word count for every paragraph under 50 words to higher your chances in the overall ranking.

Plus, you can even add the Q&A section that can significantly boost up your chances to rank on Google Featured Snippets.

Lastly, add high-quality images along with videos. This can potentially attract the users to read your website and spend a major amount of time.

With such things, if you can learn how to rank on Google Featured Snippets, then you can significantly boost your chances to get the highest Google search rankings.

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