Pinecone Research Review: Make An Extra $500

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Currently, if you browse over the internet, you can find tons of survey websites. However, not each of those websites is 100% legit. Therefore, imparting a sense of care to our readers, I have brought an exclusive Pinecone research review where I will be reviewing this website in depth. 

On a summary basis, the Pinecone research website is one of the best survey websites out there. There are tons of positives for the website whereas the negatives are on the least end. 

Important: This is NOT a rich quick scheme and is NOT multilevel marketing. 

This is a legit platform where you will be offered a survey submission task online. Your opinion will directly influence upcoming business products and in return, you will be rewarded with cash. 

Hence, right now, let’s not waste any time and go ahead to unwrap an exclusive Pinecone research review. 

What exactly is Pinecone research?

Pinecone Research is a stunning survey website where it’ also a product testing platform. Before you can join the website, you will have to qualify for the program and then proceed ahead to carry on with the surveys. 

Each member of the platform is known as ‘panelists’ and once you can join the panel, the company will deliver you surveys via the email. 

Now, talking about is pinecone research legit? Well, the company has paid and is paying around $3 to $5 per survey. This is an amazing thing whereas the testing of products can pay you $6. 

With this, the company isn’t trying to scam you and they are totally legit when it comes to giving money to the users. 

Further, I have got reviews of tons of people that opted for the Pinecone research website and are getting paid on a timely basis. 

On top of that, the company offers different sorts of payment options. Such options include bank deposit, PayPal, and tons of other ones too. 

Sign up for Pinecone Research from your phone or computer. 

How does Pinecone research work?

How Pinecone research works

On the first and foremost basis, you will get an invitation link for signing up in the company. Now, the links can be delivered by individual panelists and can be shown as banner ads on different websites. 

It all depends on company level marketing where they are free to market their website on the wishful platforms.

Now, right in the second procedure, you must fill the online questionnaire with all of your details for the website. Well, in this type of scenario, there is no sort of a trick and you must look at the things as it is. 

Further, demographics play a crucial role in Pinecone research where if you can come in their region, things can get much better for you. 

Also, if you can meet up with the client’s demands, Pinecone research will automatically include you in their system. 

Once I am selected. What to Do?

Now, moving ahead in this Pinecone research review, once you are accepted, you will be sent surveys. This, you can easily complete and send them via email related to your demographic. 

Currently, the company has been offering surveys on different topics where the company focuses on products more. 

This is the true reason so as to why you got to learn product testing along with performing surveys. 

With a combination of both, you can earn a good amount of money every single day. 

Also, one thing you must note is that Pinecone research works based on the points system. Every time you complete one survey, you get points for each of them. The greater number of surveys you complete, the more points you can gradually earn. 

Now, once you have earned points, those points can then be redeemed in the form of money or even gift cards. 


  • Prequalified Surveys

Now, this is one of the most interesting things where the company only sends you those surveys for which you are qualified. Yes, this is one of the most amazing reasons for which people love this website. 

Currently, tons  of websites offer surveys and after completion of each survey, they say that you are not qualified for the cash. 

Therefore, the same is not the case with the Pinecone research website where they offer only qualified surveys. Every single survey is catered to the right individuals where they can then complete that survey and avail the rewards.

At least, with Pinecone research, the company doesn’t waste your precious time where you complete surveys and take your reward. 

  • Test the unreleased products

Well, after joining the Pinecone research program, you can study future products before they are all set to come to the market. As the company performs product testing along with conducting surveys, users get a wide vary of chances to learn about new products. 

As per one user survey, he completed the entire survey and within the next week, the product came right at his doorstep. Along with that, he got every sort of instruction to test the product. Well, this is one of the best things you can perform in the phase of testing. 

  • They pay each amount on time

For every single person who is eager to enroll in a survey company, getting pay on time is one crucial element. Yes, every single user would like to get paid on time whereas not many companies deliver payments on time. 

However, when it comes to Pinecone Research Company, they pay every single amount on time. Within a time span of 48 hours, you can withdraw your payment most conveniently. 

In this scenario, you can get your payments in the form of PayPal, cheque, or with the help of a credited visa card. 

  • Brilliant customer support service

Indeed, not many online survey companies out on the web offer brilliant customer support service. However, when it comes to the Pinecone research company, they offer good customer support service. In case of any issue, you can reach out to them, answer the questions, and get them answered. 

Sign up for Pinecone Research from your phone or computer. 

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  • No Mobile application

Well, one slight downside of the Pinecone research app is that it doesn’t come with a mobile app. Yes, while filling out the online surveys, you can make use of the laptop or even desktop can do the job for you. 

  • Age & Place condition

Yes, demographics play a much vital role when it comes to the Pinecone research website. Currently, the company is permitting people of only the United States, Germany, Canada, and the UK in their program. 

On the other hand, if you are above 18 years of age, then only you will be able to enroll in this program. 

  • Limited Surveys

Well, unlike other companies that offer tons of surveys and then fail to deliver payment, Pinecone research offers a limited number of surveys. 

Now, this can be considered as a little downside as people have only a limited set of options. However, this doesn’t take the chance for the people to earn that extra income that can help them in their daily routine. 

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Pinecone research free?

Yes, there are tons of survey websites out there that charge money for their services. However, when it comes to Pinecone research, you don’t need to pay even single money for their system. 

Yes, it’s free where all you need is to qualify in their program. Once you are qualified, then you can use Pinecone research to complete surveys, perform product testing, and generate money. 

Q2. Is it a Scam?

Indeed, thousands of users are a part of the Pinecone research website. Each of them has been getting their pays whereas they are loving to be into this system. 

To be precise, the company runs by the New York marketing Research Company known as Nielsen. This is one of the most topmost marketing research companies in the world. Therefore, being such a big company, they won’t break the trust of the people where it can destroy their online reputation. 

In reality, Pinecone research is truly a genuine company that has got its customer base. With such a massive user base, Pinecone research will never scam people.

Sign up for Pinecone Research from your phone or computer. 

Q3. Is Pinecone Research Safe?

Yes, moving ahead in this Pinecone research review, the company is completely safe for any person who is eager to perform online surveys. The platform uses some of the best security practices where you don’t need to worry even for a second. 

Here, you can securely input your banking details and every detail is kept in a confidential form. 

Wrapping things up: Pinecone research review

Well, by now in this Pinecone research review, you must have understood that the Pinecone research company is truly not a scam. It’s a 100% legit website that is running for years and giving quality work to the users. 

Further, their lead company is one of the best in the world, and with such a global reputation, they won’t think of scamming people. 

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to keenly go ahead and follow the above article. Yes, I have tried my best to make you understand each thing, the better way. 

Thereafter, you can also perform surveys, win rewards, test products, and make a good amount of money, in the nearby future. 

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