Paribus Review: Do Paribus Really Get You Refunds On Shopping?

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You may have missed many refunds on shopping if you have not used Paribus so far. It’s one of the most famous money saving app that helps people to get benefits on the price change. 

Paribus brings money back to your pocket if there is any price drop that happen after your shopping.

It’s frustrating when you buy anything and suddenly you notice a huge price drop. Paribus can be your money saver at that time. Paribus will help you to get extra paid money back to you.

They even help people to receive compensation on delay in shipping.

Paribus Review 2019

Paribus is an automated money saving company who scans bills of your inbox and identify whether any stores/company owe you money. In this Paribus review, I will get you through the important point you must know to make better use of Paribus.

Paribus will inform you as soon as they detect any refunds that you could be eligible for and bring back the money in 3-7 working days.

It’s completely free to join with no hidden charges. 

You do not need to put any effort as Paribus does all the communication work on behalf of you. 

The refund could be for a price drop of product or hotel(stay) or late deliveries. Almost all the time you lose money in such scenarios. Now, you have Paribus to keep your pocket safe from losing money.

Sign up for Paribus and check any stores owe you money for a price change or late delivery.

Is Paribus Legit?

Paribus is 100% legit company. They have saved over $29 Million for their users to date.

Paribus has been acquired by Capital One in 2016 – One of the biggest financial institution.

The company will continuously help you to get refunds from your shopping with no efforts from your side. They act as a middleman between you and retailers.

Paribus savings

Paribus Reviews BBB: Paribus also got B+ rating from BBB.

You can trust Paribus and take benefits from it. And Yes, it’s free to join.

? Signup for paribus and check if stores owe you a refunds.

Yes! I want to join Paribus.

What is Paribus? 

Paribus basically helps with refunds on shopping/purchase. If you end up with paying a high amount on a purchase or your parcel came late, then Paribus will automatically ask for a refund to the store.

It also applies at a situation where you bought something at a good price but after a few hours, the price again drop. Here Paribus will detect the price drop automatically and bring your money back to your pocket.

Paribus keeps records of what should be the right amount you must have paid and on what date your product should have reached.

You can still sign up with Paribus and check whether any stores owe you any refunds. 

This Paribus review will explain to you how Paribus works and how you can make the most out of it.

How Does Paribus Work?

Paribus basically help shoppers or who take a hotel room. It brings money back to your pocket if they detect any price drop after your purchase or late delivery.

There are many stores who provide price guarantee which you may not be aware of. Paribus use that information and get your money back to your pocket on behalf of you. 

Paribus takes a 25% cut only when they successfully bring money from stores or hotel. You do not need to pay if there is no refund allowed by the stores. 

Paribus checks your receipt or bills you paid and keep finding the ways they can claim for any refunds. 

As soon as Paribus find any refund opportunity, they submit the refund request on behalf of you. 

How Do I Sign Up For Paribus? 

Simply Visit Paribus website and use your Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft mail account to fasten the signup process. 

How to Sign up Screen shot

You won’t take more than 2 minutes to complete the entire sign up process. For suppose you sign up using your Gmail account, Paribus will ask for permission to allow Paribus for Receipt fetcher. This enables Paribus to identify any possible saving that you can get right now. 

Paribus Screen shot

Paribus ask for a 48 hours time to scan your inbox and find any price drop, late deliveries or hotel price changes happen recently. 

Paribus Email Scan screenshot

How To Get Started With Paribus?

Paribus is completely user-friendly. You can sign up using web browser or IOS iPhone. They are working on Android. I will update as soon as I receive an update on the Android app.

Paribus App

I have checked Paribus on my phone web browser (Chrome) to see how the website works. I did not find any challenge to access Paribus website. You can download the app or use the web browser. It’s up to you, both work fine.

They will ask for an email address to sign up. Make sure that you provide the email address which you use for shopping. You will also be asked to add your bank account.

It will hardly take two minutes of your time to complete the signup process. I took almost 2 minutes to get it done.

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Should I Try Paribus?

You may be eligible for refunds, but don’t know which product to claim for. In this case, Paribus find refunds on behalf of you.

Once you join Paribus, they will check your invoices and get you the list of refunds that you are eligible for. Paribus will itself contact the store and bring your money back.

You can also use Truebill and get assistance in cancelling your unwanted subscription and stop auto-deduction. 

Having such a great option I would say you should try and check whether it’s working for you or not. See what press related news about Paribus review.

Paribus could be the time & money saver for you.

It’s better keeping things on your phone that can benefit you and your pocket.

Find out if stores owe you a refund – Sign up for Paribus for free!

How Paribus Automatically Bring Refunds?

Once you complete the signup process, Paribus will check for receipts in your email which you use for shopping. As soon as they find any price mismatch or late delivery, the refund request will be made automatically to the retailers.

But First, Paribus will check whether you are qualified for the refund or not. You will not need to put your effort into reading policies or terms and conditions. Paribus will do everything for you.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a refund every time. It’s in the hand of retailers. The store will only initiate your refund amount if you qualify according to their refund/compensation policy.

As soon as your claim for the refund gets approved, you will receive the money within 3 to 7 business days into your account. The money will get transferred to your actual account from where you made payment. It can be your debit/credit card or gift card/voucher.

Is Paribus Safe?

This question comes quite often as it relates to security. Paribus is safe to use. Paribus is Owned by one of the highly trusted financial company which is Capital One. 

They take responsibility for securing your data. They even don’t sell data to third parties.

Paribus has implemented a multilevel security mechanism including VPN Services, Firewalls, stringent access controls, and intrusion prevention system on all the information.

Find out if stores owe you a refund – Sign up for Paribus for free!

Does Paribus Work With Amazon?

The refund policy is a little different for Amazon customers. Amazon does not have a price protection policy, which means they do not pay on a price drop, but they allow users to claim for delay in shipping.

Let Paribus try its hand and get as much refund as possible from Amazon.

You can still claim for refunds with other well-known stores like Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Zappos, Costco, Wayfair, Best Buy, Newegg and lot more. See Paribus policy guides.

Is Paribus Available In My Country?

Currently, Paribus is available in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Is Paribus a Scam?

Paribus never does scam activities. It’s truly a legit company who brings real refunds and compensation for their app (iOS) users.

Paribus Review

It’s obvious that this question may come to your mind as you feel like why a company helping people to get a refund without any user effort.

Though they do ask for you to grant access to your emails(only read purchase emails) and bank account. This is because they work on behalf of you. Paribus also maintain high-level security to protect information.

Can I trust Paribus? Yes, you can. It’s a reliable and safe company to get help with.

Paribus VS Earny

Earny works as same as what Paribus works. They provide the same service of bringing money back to your pocket when price drop after your purchase.

The only thing that I am concerned with Earny is that they share the email address to the third party for promotional activities. 

If you want to see deals or discounts for your shopping then promotional emails can help for it.

Paribus never share your information with a third party. This is where Paribus is over Earny. I would recommend to go ahead with Paribus. This is because of the trust factor.

Paribus Capital One

Paribus was acquired by Capital One in 2016. Capital One is one of the leading financial corporation who offers online bank accounts, credit card, and loan facilities. 

Paribus has now got a positive trust factor from Capital One. After the acquisition, Paribus made free to join without any hidden charges.

Is Paribus Free?

You can join Paribus for free. They will not charge you a single penny to get signed up.

So, how Paribus make money?

Paribus will charge you only when there is any refund get approved. The cut 20% from refund money.

This seems fair if you see how much effort it requires to get refund amount to your account. Plus, you are receiving refunds that you don’t even know that you are eligible for.

How Much Does Paribus Cost?

There is no joining fees for Paribus. You may think about how Paribus makes money when it free to join.

Paribus takes 25% commission when they bring refund. I believe it’s a fair commission as they are doing every possible attempt to save your money.

Suppose, Paribus tried hard to claim for $20 refund, then taking $15 and giving $5 to Paribus seems logical as you did not make any effort to bring this money but Paribus did. 

You do not need to pay any money from your own pocket. They take a commission only during refund time.

How Do You Get Paid Through Paribus?

This is what I like in Paribus. You will not be asked to wait for a couple of weeks to get your refund money. 

As soon as you see the approval email for refund, you will get the money within 3-7 working days.

Sometimes, it takes time to get approval from stores or hotels due to their refund policy. The money will be refunded based on the mode of payment. If you made a payment through your debit/credit card or gift card, then you will get money back to your actual source of payment.

You will be notified by Paribus as soon as they detect the chances of a refund.

Top Money Saving Apps/Alternatives to Paribus

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Paribus Complaints

There are complaints that I have seen on the internet from some users related to refund not received for many months. 

Again I researched more about Paribus complaints. And the reason why some people not receiving refunds is because the product was not eligible for refunds. 

Paribus tries their best to get the refunds, but sometimes it’s not in Paribus hand. There are scenarios where eligibility criteria do not meet. You can contact Paribus if you find any issues. 

Stores Paribus Monitor

Paribus monitors well-known brands to make sure the user should not find challenges in receiving refunds. Currently, Paribus has a connection with 30 big brands that the majority of people choose to shop.

  • Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Walmart
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Best Buy
  • Bonobos
  • Newegg
  • Staples
  • GAP
  • Zappos
  • Oldnavy
  • Neiman Marcus
  • J.Crew
  • Nordstrom
  • Athleta
  • Banana Republic
  • Office Depot
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • And Many more.

Paribus App

You can download the app(Only IOS iPhone) to get faster access, but using Paribus on web browser or android also works fine. It’s simple and mobile friendly.

Right now they have not launched the App for Android. I will update the Paribus review post as soon as I see the Android version of Paribus.

If you have a little space in your iPhone, then you should try the Paribus app and start taking benefits in simple clicks. See news release on Paribus App review.

Paribus Pros & Cons

There are several pros & cons that you must check before you sign up with Paribus.


  • Initiate refund request automatically on behalf of you. No need to invest your time. Paribus handles everything.
  • Collect refunds from top brands and stores such as Walmart, Amazon(only for the delay in shipping), Macy’s and many more.
  • Mobile user-friendly.
  • Easy to sign up and start the refund process.
  • Help you to save hundreds of dollars.
  • It’s free to join – Sign up here.


  • Paribus App is not available for Android user, but they can use a web browser.
  • They cut 25% from the refund amount.

Find out if stores owe you a refund – Sign up for Paribus for free!

Paribus Summary

Paribus is a money saving app that checks every corner to save money for its users when they purchase anything or book a hotel room. Overall it’s a wonderful app especially the way it has been designed.

If you want to check whether any company owes you money then you can join Paribus for free and enjoy cash back/refunds. 

Paribus automatically detect the possible saving that you can claim for. You do not need to do any communication with the stores for refunds, Paribus will do it on behalf of you and bring the money back to your account or gift card whatever the method you used for purchase.

Final Thoughts On Paribus

I personally like the concept of saving money through Paribus. Anyone who really wants to save money, they must use Paribus. Paribus does all the work without your intervention. 

Overall, it’s a great app to use. Let Paribus do its work. They will notify you as soon as they detect any chances of refunds.

You can save hundreds of dollars. You don’t know your past shopping list may qualify for refunds. Sign up for Paribus and check whether there is any refund available for you.

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