24 Best Online Jobs For College Students (Part-Time Jobs)

Online Jobs for college students

Well, being a student you will find a few part-time jobs that any college student can comfortably do.

I have seen a few students who are making income from online jobs. No doubt, you need to spend time to earn consistently but earning money from putting effort is not a bad deal. 

You need to know what you can do that surely help others. In my case, I am making money from a blog consistently.

I am going share with you the list of best online jobs for college students that are available today and has a huge potential to bring money in your pocket. 

The most important step is the initiative. If you are taking your future seriously, then you will surely generate your own part-time online job from home.

What Are The Online Jobs for College Students?

There are various fields you can join to make money online as a college student. The list that I have created are a legit source of a part-time job. You can work as a college student per your convenient time and also make a source of regular income in the future. 

You can invest 1-2 hours of your time on a daily basis or work online on weekends. It’s up to you. Being a student you have time to start something on the side so that you may start your own business while you finish your college studies.

1. Online Paid Survey

You can earn income on the side while working on your own schedule. Answering online paid surveys is currently trending because your college studies won’t come in between. 

It’s up to you when and how much time you want to put. Putting 30min -1 hour daily is a good start, but important that you join the survey sites that pay cash.

There are big brands who wants to know the user’s opinion, hence they conduct surveys and pay in return. 

Below is the list of legit survey companies that you can use to earn real cash as a part-time job.

#1 Survey Junkie –  Age Requirement 13+

#2 MyPoints

2. Become A Freelance Writer

If you have a good hand in writing then freelance writing can become an amazing job for you.

There are various methods you can use to start a writing job. One of the best way is, start your own blog and show your writing skills there and offer writing assistance. 

I am writing for myself and publish articles on this blog. You can also start your own blog and generate passive income. 

The other method is, start promoting yourself as a writer on freelancing channels like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork wherever you feel comfortable. 

You can also take a course on how to become a freelance writer to get a good start.

My Advice for you is, whenever you finish writing task make sure you proofread and submit the work before the deadline. 

3. Ride Uber

Do you have a driving license? If yes then you can join Uber and start earning money on a part-time basis. 

Choose your own time to ride Uber whether it’s day or night it doesn’t matter. If you ready to ride on peak hours then you may earn extra dollars. Uber charges little extra on-peak hours. 

4. Become a Lyft Driver

Lyft is one of the popular platform where you can earn for driving. This is similar to Uber. Lyft does provide incentives scheme for drivers. 

It’s a good idea to work on weekends for a few hours and earn some good money. You get flexibility in the driving job. It’s easy to manage college and drive for Lyft in spare time for a few hours. 

Just open the app from your phone and start getting rides. 

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a good field to work as a freelancer. You can learn graphic designing online and start your own parttime business. 

Once you start doing this job on the side, share this with your friends so that they can help you through their connections. 

Joining a freelancing site like Fiverr is also a great idea to start making money online work at home. You will love to do this job as this field is interesting because it’s related to creativity. 

6. Assistantship

Ask your college whether they have an Assistantship part-time job. Many colleges do provide campus jobs to their college students so that they can pay their college fees and earn some money.

They will allow you to do a job as per your eligibility. Colleges do allow students to do a part-time job, but the hours are capped. You cannot cross the capped hours. 

7. Acorns

This is not a job, but a little investment scheme. Acorns is the company who invest a little amount to the stocks and bonds. 

The sign up is free for students. Here, whenever you do shopping or buy stuff like coffee, the change goes for investment. 

For example, You buy a coffee for $2.50, in this scenario Acorns roundoff your bill to $3 and $0.50 automatically invests in stocks.

This is one of the great opportunities for college students to earn extra money on the side as they are not charging their fee to the students. 

8. Rover

This is for pet lovers. Join Rover and assist others in taking care of their pets. You can take care of inhouse or take for a walk. 

Do it in your spare time and get paid directly to your bank account through Rover. This is a kind of fun job, especially for the pet lover. 

9. Sell On Amazon 

Amazon is a wonderful platform to sell stuff online from home. You can generate income by working from home. 

List your product on Amazon at a good price and earn on a profit margin. There are whole sellers who sell their products at a cheap rate. You can take advantage of a price difference.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform where you can do small gig tasks from home. This is also a work from home job for college students who can do simple task. 

The task can be data entry, form filling, writing, data mining and many more. Working 1-2 hours a day can bring good money to your pocket. 

You can join their crowdsourcing platform where you will find various work from home jobs that pay well online. 

11. Resume Writing

Resume writing is again a good field to work on. Especially in spare time. You can do this task even by traveling. 

If you are really interested in resume writing job than you can learn from experts and expand your business. 

There are websites who assist people in writing Resume. You can also create your own website or blog and start promoting your business.

12. Virtual Call Center Agent

You do not need to join the call center and report to work. Now, it can be done from home. Students are welcome to this job and work as a virtual call center agent. 

The job can be email reply, receive calls, etc. but it’s a home-based job. You can speak with the agency and fix your availability. 

You do not need to work full time. They do provide an option to do a part-time call center job as per your comfortable time. 

13. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is actually a review task where you visit the store and check whether a particular is providing good services or not. 

You will receive all the information on where to visit and a checklist to review the store. The pay is not high but you will learn new things and you can add this to your resume to make your resume strong.

14. Help In Research

You can help companies in doing research for development. Vindale Research has a list of companies that needs people in helping them with research. 

They may ask you your feedback or provide you a set of questions to answer so that they can bring changes and evolve their business. 

It’s a legit work from home for students especially those who can take up their 1-2 hours a day or work on weekends. 

The time to work is flexible. You can work as per your own availability. It can be while traveling or after college. It’s up to you.

15. Become a Youtuber

Youtubing is again a source of part-time online job. Being a student you can record a video from home and make videos in the field you like. 

Earning can come from Google ads and sponsorships. The thing I liked about Youtube is that they generate passive income which means, you record a good video and then money keeps coming for a lifetime. 

Once you become popular or having a good number of views and subscribers, brands may approach you to promote their products or services. 

The most important thing is, make sure you do good research before promoting anything. Do not promote a product or service that has no use to your audience. This may also affect your credibility on Youtube. See the Youtube students related content. 

But, I would say that sponsorship will give a boost to your earning from youtube. You can charge them as per views or a fixed amount. Deal this like an entrepreneur. 

16. Data Entry

Having a Laptop or desktop computer you will find various options to make money fast online from home as a student. Data entry is one of them. If you have a good typing speed and you are looking for a part-time job then this is for you. 

17. Virtual Assistant

Many companies do outsourcing to reduce the cost of hiring a full-time employee and have a scope of getting work done from a virtual Assistant. 

Approach companies and ask them for a virtual assistant job. Let them know about your profile and how you can help them. 

You can also say the virtual assistant is similar to a freelancer. Anyways working from home is a kind of freelancing job. Right?

The virtual assistant job for a student can be digital marketing, Writing, Presentation, Analytics, SEO, Web development and many more.

In this internet world, we have a good scope of part-time jobs online at home. Many companies listed on various channels that are ready to hire a Virtual assistant. 

Virtual Assistant courses are available on the internet that will guide you perfectly and get you ready to earn your first income. 

18. Proof Reading

With having good grammatical knowledge, you can enter into a proofreading job. Here, you just need to read the articles or book and find grammatical mistakes or errors. 

Many book writers hire proofreaders and pay a good amount of money. You can approach book publications or writers and get work from them.

This work can be done in spare time after coming to the college classes or on weekends. But make sure you submit your task before the deadline so that you get more work in the future. 

You will only get work continuously when you do it perfectly and show yourself that you are perfect for them. They even raise your pay if they like your work quality.

19. Charge Online For Helping  

TaskRabbit is an app that helps people earn money by helping other people. People may call you for doing the lifting, helping hands etc. it’s a handyman job where you just help people and get paid directly to your bank account. 

You can set your own rate so that you will get paid as per your expectations. This avoids negotiation and misunderstanding. 

20. Website Testing Job

Anyone who is good knowledge of the testing website can go for it especially when you are doing studies on I.T – software engineering. 

You get paid on a quantity basis which means how many websites you tested. Each website takes around 20 minutes and pay is $7-20 approx. 

Website testing jobs are well paid online jobs. You do not need to visit customer offices. This task is done at home form your computer. You just need to have a decent computer and an internet connection. 

This is the perfect weekend job especially when you do not have any plans. Otherwise, it can be done on weekdays during night time.  

21. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a favorite for college students. Here, you being a drop shipper create a website store and list products to sell. 

You do not need to buy products, there are many online stores that provides services to drop shippers. 

As soon as anyone purchases your product. The actual store like Alibaba will directly ship their product to the customer. 

You do not need to keep the inventory. You just enjoy the profit margin being a middle man. 

22. SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist has a good scope in the online industry. Ther are many SEO freelancers are assisting big brands websites to get ranked on the top spot on Google. 

There is an online SEO course that guides people in becoming a perfect SEO specialist. Once you get knowledge about SEO, then you can approach companies and help them in ranking their websites. 

You can do the SEO job and work online as a student part-time. Create a CV and upload it to a few job search websites so that companies may hire you. 

23. Teach English

Many people want to learn English speaking and they pay on an hourly basis. If you have a good command in English then offer non-English speaking people and train them in learning English. 

Start online tutoring job and support your expenses. The pay goes to around $15-$25 depend up to how skilled you are in explaining and teaching people. 

24. Digital Marketer

You can actually make a career in digital marketing. It’s an awesome field to fly your career in the online industry. 

Being a digital marketer, you are promoting a business on various social sites and websites. Many companies want a specialist who can handle their social sites and work as a digital marketer. Being a student, you can do this job online from home. Get paid as per the market pay and set up your own career on the side. 

If you have never been to digital marketing space, then you can do a digital marketing full course online. You do not need to visit for classes. Just open your phone or computer in your free time and learn. 

If you like the digital world then you must take an interest in digital marketing jobs because this field is trending and open more career options in the future. 

Positives About Doing Online Jobs As A College Student

  • You can generate enough money to start your own business in the future when you complete your college studies.
  • Setup passive income sources.
  • Self-dependent
  • Work from home
  • Can work as per your convenient time.

Problems And Negatives About Online Jobs For College Students

  • Overload from studies and job.
  • May not earn consistently if not done correctly.
  • May not earn for not getting results.
  • The student job may come in between your personal life.


In this internet world, you get a lot many online jobs for college students are available, but you need to understand that you also have to concentrate on your college studies. 

You may earn a good amount of money during college time through online but make sure that you utilize it effectively and try to build your own business so that you won’t struggle for hunting office jobs.

Part-time jobs from home are good and you should do it to support your future and get financially strong. 

Proper utilization of spare time by working from home as a student job is a good mindset to become successful in your life. 

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