Nextseed Review: The Better Investment Platform? [2021 Updated]

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Ever thought that you can be an investor in small businesses just as the Venture capital funds or other businesses? Well, the Nextseed is built for such type of things to an absolute level of perfection. Right now, I have got you a complete Nextseed review in which you will know everything about this platform.

With the help of Nextseed, you can have an endless amount of opportunities in the best possible way. Here, you can expect above-average returns and faster growth rates at regular intervals.

Additionally, the platform helps in opening up opportunities that were available only for wealthy investors to invest their money and get better returns.

So, is Nextseed a good platform for you as an investor? Let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the things, right in this article.

Nextseed Review: What is Nextseed?

Similar to logging into the investment account and looking for the stocks to invest your money, Nextseed helps you to open up an account, browse listings of small businesses and invest money, in a better way.

Additionally, small businesses can easily seek to raise the stated amount of money & investors can easily contribute to the funding with as little amount as $100.

This concept is Crowdfunding one where the process is a much simpler one.

The Working of Nextseed

Nextseed review

Well, going ahead in Nextseed review, each of the investors must be eager to know the actual working of Nextseed.

Nextseed has got multiple investment accounts that you can easily open up as an investor.

In this scenario, you can open up an individual account, investment entity account, self-directed IRA account, and many more accounts.

Once you have opened an account and have invested at least $100, you can then begin browsing different investment opportunities.

Mostly, the investment opportunities will include local businesses, newly launched startups, raising funds, and the matured small business that are seeking capital.

Each of the investment opportunity comes with videos that can help you explain things in a better way.

Coming down to the investment part, they include debt financing like convertible notes, revenue sharing notes, or even the discounted equity agreements.

Additionally, each of the investment opportunity includes the following things

  • Highlights
  • Updates
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Investment Terms
  • Business Models
  • Company description
  • History
  • The Team
  • Bonus Rewards
  • Comments
  • Gallery
  • Documents

Also, one thing you must note is that every single investment comes with offering minimum and maximum investment opportunities for funding.

The minimum is the amount required for different deals to go through and the maximum is the amount where the deal is sealed off to the new investors.

Additionally, some of the offerings will require $100 minimum investments & others will require $5,000 or more as the minimum investment.

Investment Types

Currently, there are types of investment which are offered by businesses on Nextseed.

  • Preferred Equity

In this type of investment, you can think of them as dividend-paying stocks of sorts. Yes, the companies in which you will invest your money, they will allow you to make quarterly dividend payments to your account.

But unlike other stocks, you don’t have any sorts of ownership with the company in this case.

  • Debt Investments

These functions a similar way to bonds where the company borrows money from the investor and will offer the same in monthly payments.

Also, it agrees to pay back the principal amount plus the interest amount within a certain period of time frame up to eight years.

Additionally, you can even in a menu of commercial, industrial along with residential real estate.

But, some of the investment options on Nextseed are limited to investors as defined by the SEC.

Well, these are investors that are allowed to purchase different investments under federal securities law.

On a general note, an accredited investor must meet one of the following things:

  • Earned at least an amount of $200,000 per year for the last two years and expects a return of at least $200,000 a year.
  • Earned a combined income of at least $300,000 per year with their spouse for the last two years and expects in making $300,000 together for each year.
  • Have a net worth of at least $1 million excluding the personal residence.

A take on Investment Limits

Moving forward in the Nextseed review, there are some sorts of investment limits that you must take into consideration.

Different Federal security laws, such as the regulations D 506 ©, limits on regulated crowdfunding have got their own limits.

Here, any of the users can invest an amount of up to $2,200 across all the RG crowdfunding investments in 12 month period.

But, none of the users can invest more than $107,000 which is the limit you must take into consideration.

Whether your maximum amount falls short or not, each of the things mostly depends upon your income.

Now, there are two types of ways through which you can calculate your maximum.

  • Option 1

If you are earning less than $107,000 or the net worth is less than $107,000 you can then take the lower amount and multiply the same by 5%.

If you are getting less than $2,200, your max amount will be $2,200.

Further, if you get more than $2,200, the result is your max

  • Option 2

If you earn $107,000+ & your net worth is $107,000+, then you can easily invest 10% of your income.

On top of that, Nextseed even offers individual accounts, investment entities, and different self-directed IRAs.

How Easy is Nextseed to use?

Nextseed review

Despite offering a complex scenario of investment options, Nextseed is a much simpler one to use.

Here, you can begin by opening an account online with a minimum investment of 4100. With the help of a website, you can easily browse different businesses & real estate investment options.

Further, each of the list details that you can see are as follows:

  • Introductory videos describing the type of investment
  • Funding Needed
  • Money Raised
  • Investment Minimum

Now, another thing that you must keep in mind is that you must have $100 as a minimum investment for opening an account.

Further, you must note that each of the businesses has got its own set of minimum investment scenario.

Additionally, your account is maintained at the Nextseed partner bank, GoldStar Trust company, and the payments made by businesses are deposited right here.

You can even withdraw payments or even reinvest them in different other companies.

Further, because your account is held at FDIC insured bank, each of the uninvested cash is insured up to $250,000.

What is the Risk Associated with Nextseed?

First of all, Nextseed as an investment platform doesn’t offer any specific type of protection. The moment you make an investment, you can lose or gain money that has always been the nature in investing.

In this scenario, everything will depend upon your skills and your expertise in investing. Also, your return will also depend on the performance of your new business without any sort of proven track record.

Further, with every single investment, you must keenly analyze the risk that is involved in such a case. For each of the businesses, you are considering, determining the risk is one of the most essential things.

Another thing here is that you can take a calculated risk if you are new to the investment world. As per the Nextseed website, the money you contribute to any sale is held in an escrow account. Until the company meets its goals or minimum funding, the money is not released from the Escrow account.

On the other hand, if businesses don’t meet their minimum investment goal, then your money will be refunded to the Nextseed account.

And, whenever the website isn’t offering any sort of average returns, on investment, it offers useful information about businesses right on the menu.

For instance, you can easily find information about the company’s business model, management team, and other highlights.

But, you must carefully conduct your own set of research on the company and financials before taking any sort of decision.

A Look at Pricing & Sales

In this Nextseed review, you must know that the platform charges a 2% fee on every single payment, the business makes to your account.

Also, most of the traditional businesses charge brokerage fees which Nextseed platform doesn’t charge in any case.

Further, there are other platforms like Nextseed who can charge more or less depending on the investment and situation.

Some of the companies charge little or even no commissions on different stock trades.

However, Nextseed doesn’t function like an ordinary brokerage system. The company doesn’t charge any sorts of annual management fees or any upfront fees.

The fees entirely depend upon the returns from different individual investors.

Therefore, taking most of the things into consideration, I can say that the brokerage charges of Nextseed is at the good end. With no sort of management fees, you don’t have to pay anything for managing the account.

Hence, you can save some good amount of money and invest the same in better things.

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Is Nextseed a Legit Platform?

Nextseed is an LLC registered platform with SEC and is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. With this, you can consider Nextseed as a legal broker-dealer where everything is done in a legal way.

However, because it’s an investment platform, it may not be suited for people who have no knowledge about investment. Here, even if you are a beginner and investing a smaller amount, still you got to have some knowledge about the same.

Also, alike every other investment website, Nextseed even writes investments are subjected to market risks. As far as the legal thing of Nextseed is considered, yes the platform is legal and you will not face any fraud issues with Nextseed.

Therefore, as a person who is eager to start an investment, you must first learn the basics. After you have learned those, then you can go ahead and start investing in bits and pieces.

Nextseed Review: Pros

Well alike every other investment company, Nextseed does come up with some of the best Pros which are as follows:

  • Access to alternate Investments

Nextseed helps people to invest directly in startups, smaller businesses, and real estate. There are tons of brokerages who don’t offer such type of options for each investor. And, with Nextseed offering such things, it’s a massive achievement for the investors.

  • No sort of upfront fees

Well, like tons of other investment platforms, Nextseed doesn’t offer any sort of annual management fees. Also, it doesn’t charge any commissions on such things which is a thing you must take into consideration.

With this, you can invest in Nextseed in a risk-free environment without paying for any sort of brokerage fees.

  • You don’t have to be an Accredited Investor

Nextseed offers almost every sort of option that can enable more number of investors to invest and gain good returns. Yes, with Nextseed, you don’t have to be an accredited investor which is a good thing.

Such sort of investments includes debt investment and other types of preferred equity.


  • May come with High risk

Well, you may consider this as a warning or as a threat. With every investment, risks are involved and the same is the case with Nextseed. In this case, the company allows you to invest directly into local businesses, startups, and tons of other platforms.

With this, risk will be involved and you got to be careful before investing.

  • No Direct Advice available

Yes, Nextseed offers investment options but doesn’t deliver any sort of advice with the same. With this, you will have to conduct everything on your own and see which investment options can be a good one for you.

Here, you can analyze different options, look over the internet, research, and then opt for a better company to invest in.

How to Sign Up with Nextseed?

In this Nextseed review, given below is the entire sign up process that you can follow:

  1. Click on Sign Up
  2. Create Account with Username and Password
  3. Make use of the six-digit verification code for completing the registration
  4. Provide personal information for verification of your identity
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  1. Choose the specific type of account you want
  2. Browse investment options right on Nextseed.
  3. Click on Invest Now the moment you have decided to invest your money
  4. Provide the external bank account along with the routing number for making the initial investment

Well, after you are have completed the sign-up process, then you can go ahead and start investing keenly. Before that, it’s better to research on investing and see which are the key metrics that can help you invest in a far better way.

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Final Word of Mouth: Nextseed Review

The entire Nextseed review is right in front of you and you must have got every single information regarding this platform. Yes, with the Nextseed platform, investments have been made easy for the beginners and advanced level person.

Right now, if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about investment, then you can start learning about the same. Also, you must note that investments in every scenario are risky and you must take that into consideration.

On the other hand, browsing different features of Nextseed, each of the things is towards effortless investing.

Even the signup process of Nextseed is easy and it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete the signup process.

After you are done with the signup process, then you will have to invest at least $100 in this case. Once you have invested $100, then you can easily look for the funds where you can invest more.

On top of that, for the top-level investors, you can find the Nextseed platform as an easier one. In this scenario, you can simply sign up for Nextseed and you will get different investment options for you.

Hence, at this stage, all you can do first is to read the Nextseed review in and out. See the platform features and measure the risk associated with the investment.

Indeed, it will take time for you to invest money in a smarter way and seek benefits from it. But, once you have mastered the art of investing, then you can easily go ahead, invest your money in Nextseed and hope for much better returns.


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