MyPoints Review 2021: Rewards, Features, Pros & Cons

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Speaking about the original cashback platform along with reward shopping portals, MyPoints is one of the finest platforms. Yes, currently some people are looking for the best ways to earn cashback online.

Additionally, not each of the online platforms is good enough that can help you to earn money online. Further, if you are that; a person who wants to earn cashback, this MyPoints review 2020 will help you tons. 

Now, moving ahead with the MyPoints review, the platform also offers you to earn by completing different surveys, Shopping, playing games, and watching videos. To be precise, MyPoints is an older and trusted one shopping based platform. 

Being a member of MyPoints, you can earn around 40% cashback like Groupon whenever you will shop at your favorite online retailers such as Amazon, Target, and many more. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive MyPoints review for the year 2020. 

MyPoints review 2020: What is MyPoints?

Well, speaking about the year when this company was found, it was 1996 and the company became a pioneer in the online earning market. 

Right now, fast-forwarding in the year 2020, the platform is still strong where they are offering some of the best cashback on different things. 

In the year 2016, the MyPoints Company had over 9 million registered users and this time too, they are going pretty strong. 

Well, the MyPoints is an online review website that helps you to earn points while you shop for your best-loved stuffs. 

How MyPoints work?

If you are someone who shops at different online stores such as Walmart and Amazon, there is no point in getting a cashback. Therefore, at this stage, MyPoints is a company that offers you cash back on different items once you purchase them. 

One thing you must keep in mind is that those points will be credited to your MyPoints account. After this, you will have to visit the MyPoints account to view the points along with cashback. 

The moment you have collected many points, you can then redeem the points for free gift cards. In terms of finding gift cards, you can find the same at different retailers and from people where Visa is accepted. 

Further, if you are someone who is searching for cash, the platform covers you for the same too. The company offers different options for redeeming your points as cash right into your PayPal account. 

Additionally, you can also exchange your MyPoints for other sorts of things. Read MyPoints (Prodege) terms of use for more information. 

MyPoints review 2020: A Take on MyPoint features

Next up, I have jotted down some of the best MyPoints features. Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap every single feature, one by one. 

1. Earn Cashback for shopping online

Yes, the best of feature of MyPoints is that the company offers you points for shopping on online platforms. Currently, the company is connected with hundreds of brands, online retailers where you can earn some of the best points with MyPoints. 

Now, in order to earn cashback while you are shopping, the first thing you got to do is to perform a search whether the retailer is partnered with MyPoints. If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and buy from that platform. 

Or else, if the answer is NO, then you can search for other platforms on MyPoints. 

For example, if you are eager to buy flowers, you can earn around 1500 points on different qualifying purchases.

Yes, the same goes for other things where you can earn points and then redeem those points for different cash backs. 

Plus, if you will see from a broader perspective, you will see that the MyPoints are connected with almost every single brand and online store.

 Indeed, the company has done its best to partner with the stores and offer some of the best points in every scenario. 

2. Feature-rich offers

Secondly, moving ahead in this MyPoints review 2020, the platform offers special discounts on tons of their services and staff. 

For this, you can easily go ahead and check out their featured offers section and see which the things that are available online are. 

For example, if you will sign up as an Uber Eats driver, you will get 5000 points and around 8500 points if you sign up for the Blue Apron. 

Even more, you can also make money simply by donating money to charity. Hence, this will give you added confidence, and then you can go ahead and buy different stuff online. 

3. Coupon Codes

Yes, there are tons of people who want to use different coupon codes, and that is where MyPoints comes into practice. Indeed, the platform has offered different sorts of coupon codes from time to time. 

For each category, you will find coupon codes with which you can easily save a good amount of money. 

Here, you can find different sorts of discounts on divergent items. Hence, you can easily go ahead and choose for your favorite stuff that can save you money at the present. 

Plus, as MyPoints has partnered with some of the top class brands, you can easily go ahead and buy products from those brands. 

4. Grocery Coupons

For every single people who want to save money during grocery shopping, you can print out the coupons right from the MyPoints coupon grocery page. Yes, grocery is something every single household needs where you can get the coupons and purchase groceries at a lower cost. 

The platforms coupon’s page is powered by where you get a chance to two points on each coupon that you will print. Plus, you will get 25 points on each coupon you redeem. 

That’s not really bad where you can opt for different coupons. Based on different coupons, you will earn points where you can then go ahead and deliver cashback in the nearby future. 

5. MyPoints Surveys

If you are someone who wants to earn by completing surveys, MyPoints offers the same thing for you. 

Yes, similar to other survey sites that I have reviewed, MyPoints is another one that delivers cash based on points and gift cards. 

Hence, you can visit the platform and complete surveys that you feel like you can complete. 

After this, you can then earn points and redeem those points in the form of cash. 

6. MyPoints videos

Well, in the modern date world, almost every other person likes to watch videos. But, that’s just wasting time where not many people are getting benefits from the same. 

Hence, with MyPoints, you can earn points by watching videos. Currently, the company has partnered with different companies where you can earn some good money out of the same. 

Whether you are interested in sports, technology, politics, parenting, or any sort of videos, you can easily watch those videos and earn points on the same. 

7. MyPoints Games

Going ahead in the MyPoints review 2020, MyPoints games is a section that has been loved by plenty of users. Almost every other person likes to play games where MyPoints offers you that opportunity. 

Hence, if you want to earn cash by playing games, MyPoints helps you in the same. As and when you will install and play games, then you can go ahead and earn cash with the same. 

8. Deals on Travels

For people who love traveling and want to avail some of the best discounts, MyPoints offers discounts on travel too like Rakuten app

The platform has partnered with some of the top class companies such as Expedia,, and many more. Here, you can compare prices across different companies and then choose the best fit one. 

Plus, if you want to book through Orbitz, you can be ready to earn five points for each of the dollars that you are spending. 

On top of that, you can even earn 12 points per each dollar for different American bookings. Hence, with MyPoints, options are plenty and all with depending on your level of understanding and choices. 

You can easily choose the best of all travel deals, avail discounts, and then simply go ahead and grab those deals. 

MyPoints Pricing

Coming down at this section of MyPoints review, pricing is something every single person will have a look at. 

Yes, you must know that the MyPoints pricing is free of cost. For sign up, there is no monthly fee or any annual fees. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to earn cashback, you will have to spend your money on different partner stores. 

Plus, you can even make money by watching videos, booking for travel, and doing tons of things with MyPoints. 

On the other hand, MyPoints earns a commission every time you will shop using their affiliate links. Yes, this is their money-making system which is the reason they have made their sign up process free. 

Further, the company also earns money after you have completed surveys, watched videos, and have used their coupons. This is as similar as Swagbucks where you will earn from surveys and at the same time you can save good money from shopping. 

MyPoints Promotions, Coupons, and Bonuses

At the time of this writing, MyPoints is imparting a pretty sweet welcome bonus. 

New participants can get both a $10 amazon gift card and a $10 visa gift card when they spend as a minimum $20 at one in every of MyPoints’ associate traders at some stage in the primary month of membership. 

Individuals will acquire this bonus in the form of 1,750 MyPoints, which may be redeemed for the $10 bonus gift card. 

Remember the fact that the best new participants are eligible to acquire the sign-up bonus.

A Take on MyPoints Security

MyPoints has a “high-quality” rating on Trustpilot, wherein it boasts a 4. 5-famous score with over 4,700 reviews. 

As with inboxdollars, there’s now not good deal information at the MyPoints internet site about security.

 They do use comfortable website certificates, in order that’s precise information. 

The agency also has a stable four. 1-superstar score (out of 5) on Sitejabber. 

With all this in thoughts, I assume it’s likely safe to opt for MyPoints and earn some good amount of money. 

Customer Service Support

Going ahead in this MyPoints review 2020, the customer service support is also impeccable too. Over the years, the company has improved its customer support service where you will get amazing customer support. 

However, there is no type of phone customer support or even live chat customer support. 

Still, if you want to contact the MyPoints team, you can submit a request on their form and they will reach out to you as soon as possible. 


  • The company is a trustworthy one where they give rewards on a timely basis
  • It’s absolutely free to sign up and then earn points by taking surveys and watching different videos
  • A massive selection of online retailers and then earning cashback and points
  • Different redemption options available in the form of amazing gift cards or cash with the help of PayPal


  • Less customer support options
  • In many cases, you must spend money in order to get the cashback

A take on Money Making options MyPoints offer:

  • Survey

Sharing your opinion in surveys aid with the MyPoints marketplace research application and help you to earn some good amount of money from the platform. 

  • Shop online

MyPoints has a list of over 2,000 popular shops to store from. Hence, with such a gigantic list of the shops online, you are free to do shopping from any of the shops. 

After this, you can easily go ahead and shop from the top class stores, the better way. Hence, you can then earn those reward points that you can redeem in the form of cash, later onwards.

If you do shopping online, then you must join Paribus to check if you can claim for any refunds on shopping. This is all automated process where you get notified of refunds without any effort. 

  • Read Emails

Once you join up for MyPoints, you may start getting a bonus email with the intention of rewarding yourself with some bonus emails. 

  • Local Offers

You can additionally earn points through Groupon, LivingSocial items, and voucher purchases. With this, you can have access to different deals and then simply go ahead and 

  • Watch movies

You can pick playlists as a way to praise you with a number of points every day whilst watched. You could both watch motion pictures through your computing device/laptop and via your telephone

  • Search on the Internet

Indeed, you can also go ahead and search on the internet. If you are lucky, you can get a chance to win points and then redeem the same for cash. 

  • Print coupons

By means of printing as many coupons as you need and buying with them at your neighborhood store, you may be able to redeem points, as well. 

  • Play games

You can also play games, win points, and then earn cash right from your PayPal account. 

Referring friends—whilst you refer any new member to MyPoints, you may begin getting 10% of their qualifying points. Further, you have the opportunity to send unlimited invitations

FAQ: MyPoints review 2020

Q1 How MyPoints work?

Well, the overall working of MyPoints is simpler where you can easily shop online at the retailers. 

Plus, you can earn points by watching videos, playing games, and even by taking surveys. 

After this, you can redeem points for divergent gift cards and cash right into your PayPal account. 

Q2 How can I redeem my points?

To redeem your MyPoints for gift playing cards, click on all rewards on your account dashboard. 

You’ll then be capable of sort thru the numerous gift card options available to you. When you find the praise you need, click the get rewarded button to coins in your factors for that reward. 

In step with the MyPoints help phase, present playing cards sent through postal mail generally take about two weeks to arrive.

Also, the gift cards can take everywhere from 3 to 10 enterprise days to come. 

You could without problems redeem your MyPoints for PayPal coins on the redemption page for your MyPoints account. 

But, you’ll first have to make certain that the name and emails with which you’ve registered with MyPoints fit precisely to your PayPal account. 

You’ll additionally need a verified PayPal account. Keep in mind that it is able to wait up to 5 days on your MyPoints to transfer over to PayPal cash.

Final Word of Mouth

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, I hope you have got an exclusive MyPoints review 2020. Indeed, in such a fast-track world, almost every other person is willing to earn money online. 

With MyPoints, you can purchase different kinds of stuff from the platform partners and earn points on the same. Additionally, the app also delivers you points if you will watch videos or even completing different sorts of surveys. 

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to simply go ahead and uncover the above MyPoints review. See how the entire system works and then you can go ahead and buy stuff from MyPoints partner stores. 

On top of that, you are free to earn points by watching videos or completing different surveys. 

Therefore, options are plenty for you where you can easily proceed ahead, use the app, earn points, and redeem cash to the best possible extents.

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