50 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Real Money

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There are many money making apps that pay you real money for doing simple tasks. Some money earning apps has now become useful for people in terms of money in different factors.

Making $1000 or even more in your spare time is a good deal especially when there is no investment to make. I have collected the list of the best money making apps in 2019 that has a good reputation.

If you can make 30 min to 1 hour a day only for Free money-earning apps then you can be able to pay your bills or rent without any hassle.

Here are the best money making apps to make money fast.

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Let’s Get Started!

Legit Money Making Apps For Online Surveys In 2019

You must be thinking of how to make money from apps? This post will guide you and also give you the ideas to make proper use of apps so that you could easily understand how the app works.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie gives the opportunity to the one who seriously wants to make money online. They provide surveys to answer and reward you with money when you complete it.

To start, you need to sign up with Survey Junkie and create your profile that hardly takes two minutes. It’s a free money app. You could make upto $30 per survey in your spare time.

They will send you the email notification or you can directly login to Survey Junkie and check any surveys assigned to you.

As soon as you answer the survey, you will be rewarded with points. This is the real money-making app that pay you through PayPal or Gift Cards.

It’s up to you, either you take cash or Gift card like Amazon, Walmart, etc. for shopping.

You can use your spare time and answer a short survey for a few bucks. The best way to submit surveys is while traveling breaks or at home.

You will definitely be going to enjoy it for sure. I have seen many positive reviews on Survey Junkie by their user who are using this money earning app. You can download the Survey Junkie mobile application to your smartphone like Android or iPhone.


2. InboxDollars

Do you want to make real cash every day from Legit money making app who provides online surveys and many other money opportunities?

InboxDollars is highly known for the highest paying online surveys and one of the best money app that helps people to make money every hour.

You can start with this money earning app in a few minutes after signing up with Inbox Dollars. It’s user-friendly money making app for both.

You can also earn money by watching videos, searching on the web, shopping, playing games and many more.

Trust Pilot reviews

InboxDollars has received a rating of 4/5 from the users – TrustPilot.

Signing up with InboxDollars will get you free money today as a bonus of $5.

There are many ways where you can easily bag a good amount of money every day from home or outside.

Giving 30 min to 1 hour a day for extra income is not a bad idea. You will need to be consistent if you really want to earn.

3. Swagbucks – $5 Sign-up Bonus

This mobile application allows you to earn in your spare time. It can be your work break, traveling on the bus and some minutes after the job. Swagbucks trustpilot ratingsRating 4/5 from Trust Pilot users.

You can earn money by answering a survey that might take 1-20 minutes. It’s up to you whether you want to take a survey or not. They will show you the estimated time what survey will take.

Swagbucks has lots of money-making app features that is little similar to InboxDollars like searching on the web, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

I would say, it’s one of the best app to make money fast. Especially when you refer this smartphone app to someone.

Swagbucks also provides a point even when you complete your profile. There are various redemption options available with Swagbucks. 

Swagbucks is a free money app that pays through PayPal cash, Giftcards, etc.

Make sure that you complete your profile so that you can receive relevant surveys. Read the full Swagbucks review.

4. Surveys2Cash

Are you looking for a daily cash app?

Surveys2Cash gives the opportunity to start making money from today up to $100 on your first survey.

To get started, you will be asked to answer some basic questionnaire to set up your profile. Based on your answer they will send you the survey.

Try to answer as many surveys you can in your spare time. This will help you to earn extra money.

Answering 2-3 survey a day is considered as an average submission. Target of at least 4-5 a day to earn more.

Answering survey is a kind of regular income but you need to spend time regularly to earn consistently.

5. Pinecone Research (Cash Online Survey)

Pinecone research is well known for collecting answers on the product or services to make it better for their users.

They will give you a simple questionnaire to answer when you use their real app for money. The questionnaire will be based on your profile that you updated.

They even give you a short questionnaire on Pinecone Research which hardly takes a minute to answer. Pinecone is especially known for surveys.

In Pinecone Research, 300 points equal to $3. You may receive 300 points in one go or 50 points. There is no fixed points per survey. You can redeem point to cash, check, vouchers, etc.

6. MyPoints (Convert Survey Points to Cash)

My Points has been connected with top companies who provide a good number of surveys for market research.

MyPoint App is one of the best money earning app in the online survey industry. It’s easy to access online surveys to submit.

There is no guarantee how much you will be going to earn. It can be $5 per hour or $35 per hour. It depends upon the type of survey you will get.

If you have extra time to do something, then you can utilize it best with MyPoints online app.

If you want to make a good income from surveys, then I would suggest you to sign-up with 4-5 survey sites and answer the survey that will give you the highest-earning.

7. Vindale Research (Earn Cash Daily)

What do you do on weekends? Do weekends cost you a big money like for partying or taking your kids out?

You must have a side earning for your weekend expenses so that you can save your salary for the future.

Vindale research has its own cash app that will allow you to answer the survey and have real cash.

There are many survey companies who don’t pay in cash, instead, they pay vouchers for submitting surveys.

Vindale Research free money earning app will pay you directly to your PayPal account or by check.

8. PrizeRebel App That Make You Money

You can do many activities to make money online from PrizeRebel. They have over 8 million registered members.

The best ways to make money is by answering online surveys, watching videos, using their search engine, playing games, referring PrizeRebel to friends and many more.

You can easily make money by doing part-time work from home. The earning potential is between $50 and $70 a day or even more.

The more you spend time, the more income you generate.

In terms of withdrawing money, they have various withdrawal options. Either you take all cashout, bank transfer or buy a gift cards like Amazon Gift card, Walmart, Pantaloons and many more. You will get 500+ gift cards options.

9. PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes offers a chance to make money and earn gift cards through various channels like paid surveys, games, etc. You just need to answer some basic questions or share your opinion and earn points.

If you are a Netflix lover, then you should go ahead with it. Don’t leave a chance to make money from Netflix surveys.

PointsPrizes survey takes a few minutes to complete. You can also refer PointsPrizes to your friends and earn exciting points or gifts. 

10. Survey Voices

If you want to make more money from online surveys then, you should go for Survey Voices and make up to $350/week.

I would advise you to be active in your email or check your Survey Voices account for any survey you receive.

You must be 18+ to sign up with Survey Voices. Always try to participate in high paying surveys so that you can earn maximum in less time.

11. TimeBucks

You will be sharing your opinion through the questionnaire for the survey. They will give you fun & exciting activity to do online.

TimeBucks is a well-known survey company in the industry and gives maximum chances to make money in less time. They pay in cash.

If you do shopping monthly or weekly then, this is a good chance for you to get registered with TimbBucks and earn gift cards regularly.

12. Real Surveys That Pay You

Real surveys that pay is partnered with leading researchers to bring more online surveys for their users.

You can sign up with Real Surveys that pay and start earning money from today itself. You can choose the payment method. You can choose PayPal money, Gift Card or Check at your door.

They will inform you how much you can make with surveys app and how long it will take to complete so that you can answer the survey when you have available time.

The survey can be for 1 minute to 20 minutes. Obviously, the higher the time survey takes, the more you will make.

You can work anytime you want. There is no fixed time to start surveys whether it’s day or night. It doesn’t matter.

Cashback & Cash Rewards Apps

13. Ibotta (Cashback & Cash Rewards)

Saving money is like making money. This is what I believe. If you find your shopping a little expensive, then Ibotta is for you.

Ibotta is the free money app which helps people with cashback from everyday purchase. This means every purchase you make, you are earning money from this smartphone app.

You can again earn money by referring to the Ibotta mobile application to your friends or relatives. For each referral, you will get $5. Ibotta is one of the best money making app that can resolve your money issues if you make better use out of it.

You can sign up with Ibotta on your IOS(iPhone) or Android.

14. Groupon Free Money App

Groupon app is the money saving app which help to lower down the price of shopping up to 80%.

Groupon is available almost everywhere and provides huge discounts and coupons.

  • Restaurants
  • Beauty & Spas
  • Goods
  • Online shopping
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Electronics
  • Retail shop
  • Kids product
  • And many more.

You can save money either by direct discounts or coupon code. It’s easy to find the top ranking brand for clothings as well as groceries items.

Groupon is one search for all apps. I always believe saving money is making money because you are getting money either by discounts or coupons.

This legit money making app not only help you to save money but also help you in handling future expenses or to pay off debts smoothly.

With the discounts, cashback and coupons your buying power will increase, hence you don’t need to sacrifice for buying things that you want for yourself.

15. Shopkick App

Shopkick is a smartphone app rewards their user on shopping with free gift cards. You just need to do your normal shopping from this money earning app.

Shopkick will automatically reward you with points that can be convertible into gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, eBay, Groupon and many more.

By using Shopkick you can easily do online or visit the store directly for shopping. Simply select the cheapest product of your favorite store like Amazon, Walmart etc. and start doing shopping.

As soon as you complete the shopping, you will become eligible to receive Shopkick points. It basically helps shoppers to cut down expenses for their next shopping.

I have seen this shopping app also provides rewards on referring the app to friends. So, make as much money as you can with this cash app.

Shopkick has distributed over $85 million in gift cards to its users.

16. SavingStar

We always search for coupons to get discounts or cashback. Why don’t you visit SavingStar and choose coupons for shopping for free?

This cash app helps in two ways, Coupons or pay you money in the form of cashback. What if you save $20 on your shopping?

Many famous stores (almost all) have been registered with SavingStar and providing the best discounts for their customers.

Registered stores: Walmart, Nike, Calvin Klein, Topman, Ray-Ban, Macy’s, Sears, Overstock, Candlewood and many more.

Simply visit SavingStar and select your product and receive coupons or cashback automatically.

17. Fetch

Fetch is one of the popular money-saving mobile application for shoppers. They provide rewards points that can be reused in the next shopping or you can withdraw in cash using Paypal.

If you visit the in-store shop, then you are required to scan the receipt and upload it on the Fetch app. This free money app will automatically credit the reward points to your account. Uploading tasks should hardly take 2-3 minutes.

It’s a good deal for spending 2-3 minutes on free money.

If you are not saying that you should be then you are leaving money on the table. Take advantage of this money-making app.

Fetch App for Android.

Fetch App for iPhone.

18. Shop At Home

Shop at home is a shopping app that brings cashback to your pocket while doing shopping. I would say, it’s one of the top money earning app.

Just select your favorite store and start doing the shopping and earn cashback. Shop at home offers three options to redeem the cashback.

  1. Paypal
  2. Gift card
  3. Check

The company was founded in 1986 and has seen on Forbes, USA Today, HuffPost, Today, and Time.

Find your favorite store in this money earning app and complete your shopping from home itself.

19. Ebates (Cashback & Cash Rewards)

Get ready to get discounts and cashback up to 40% from Ebates app. Just do normal shopping on your favorite stores through Ebates and see the magic. The reason why Ebates is awesome because it provides a discount plus cashback. This is something that makes your shopping cost to the wholesale price.

Get $10 cash bonus on doing first shopping and receive $25 on referring the Ebates app to someone. They pay you money directly to your bank account if you don’t use the cashback or referral amount.

Ebates app can help you to make the most money if you use it in the right way.

This app can also turn up to real money making app for you. You just need to download the app from your phone and start getting benefits. Read the full Ebates review.

20. Topcashback

Topcashback is one of the most generous cashback site that provides all the cashback facilities like online and in-store shopping.

They have over 8 million members worldwide and got a 5-Star rating all over the world. It’s one of the fastest-growing cashback site in the world.

Get your favorite retailer/shop right away in few clicks on this free money app and start receiving cashback on your shopping. It’s better to enjoy cashback when you do shopping with Topcashback – money earning app.

The reason why Topcashback provides cashback facilities is because, they receive a commission from retailers and Topcashback shares that commission with you.

They have a wonderful user-friendly app to make your purchase easier. You will not find any kind of struggles to reach the product that you want to buy.

21. Drop (Cashback & Cash Rewards)

How much do you save money in the entire month? Very less or maybe nothing right!

A reason for having a saving problem may be due to buying necessary stuff for you or your kids.

Drop smartphone app has rewarded in millions to their user in cash by doing a day to day shopping through their debit/credit card. This cash app is a complete package for the one who really wants to save money from their shopping. You can use the Drop app to earn a cash reward. This way you can cut down the purchase amount for next month.

22. Paribus (Cash Refunds app that pay you money)

You must have experience of price drop just after you buy anything online.

Paribus comes with the app that helps people to get a refund if there is any price drop happen after they buy.

You do not need to do anything, Paribus will do it for you. They scan your purchases and check whether there is any price drop that took place on the same day or maybe in a few days.

As soon as the Paribus app notice any price drop, they will send a claim notification to the store and get your money back to your pocket.

This app should not be missed especially for the one who buys things online.

Nowadays you can see an offer every now and then. Many time you fails to take benefits of the offers as you maybe not aware of it.

If you end up paying the high price for any product or services just before the offers to start, in this case, Paribus will inform the store to refund the amount as there is a price drop happen.

Best Money Making Apps for Freelancers

23. Fiverr – Start Freelancing Today

You can boost your side earning if you are ready to do the task that you know. It can be writing, reading, web designing, accounts, designing, online marketing, etc.

Fiverr app is one of the best app for the freelancer to make money fast. There are end number of clients who are looking for a freelancer to outsource their work.

You can charge them $5 to $100 or can be even more. It depends upon your skills and experience.

This cash earning app will help you to earn on a daily basis. Keep yourself active on replying to the customers’ queries.

If you are doing a job and cannot reply on the spot, then you can reply to them whenever you take a break. Or let them know your availability timings so that they will only contact you on that specific time.

24. Upwork App

Upwork is one of the best freelancing app that will help you to get an online job.

There are people, businessman, the proprietor who wants some of their task to be performed by others like from data entry to web designing and many more tasks.

Think of any kind of experience or skills you have. Use them and make money. You will need to create your profile so, it’s better to explore other’s profiles and get some ideas to create an effective profile that can bring more customers.

Always reply to the messages and offer them the best service and deliver the work on time. The customer may come again and give you more work and also advise others to outsource their work to you. This way you can earn extra money consistently every week/month.

Financial Investing Apps To Make Money Fast

25. Acorns (Earn From Stock Market)

Don’t’ miss this!

Acorns is for the one who doesn’t have money but wants to invest money in the stock market.

Let me make it simpler.

Acorns app will deduct a very small portion of the amount on your shopping and get that amount invested in the stock market.

For example: if you buy anything for $5.75, then Acorns will round off your money to $6.00 and invest your $0.25 from that round off amount in the stock market.

You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money if you are not willing to invest.

Get this investment automated and start earning money from Acorns investing app without affecting your pocket. You will earn money on the mobile app within a few minutes after installing the Acorns app.

Acorns have a top investment manager who will look after your earnings that includes dividends and stock market profits.

They will take care of your investment and use the best investment strategies that can boost your earning. This concept is something unique that I have seen in the investment industry. Read the full Acorns review.

26. Digit – Investing App

I like the way Digit help people to save money so that we can afford to pay or credit card bills, expenses, vacation, student loan.

Digit saves a small amount of money every day on your behalf and that eventually helps us to pay for unexpected expenses in the future.

You will need to select a particular amount of money to be saved each day. It can be $1 or $5. It’s up to you.

This real money making app will not let you change your lifestyle. They have a sophisticated algorithm that guides when to save money and when to stop.  

You can withdraw your saved money whenever you need it. There is no restriction to take your saved money out.

27. Swell App – Earn From High Growth Stocks

Investing in growth companies requires effort, time and a high level of experience.

Swell is the company who provides money earning app that will help you to invest in growth companies.

Growth companies are highly known for profits and commitment to evolve in the market. Finding such companies is not the easiest thing as we have 1000’s of companies listed in the stock market.

Swell will do all such research for you and get your money invested in the top growth companies.

They will diversify your investment into different growth industries so that they pay you money from different companies. 

This money earning app/investing app usually invests in high growth industries like Green-tech, Renewable energy, Disease eradication, Zero waste and more.

If you want to secure your future through passive income, then this is for you.

28. Personal Capital

Personal Capital assists people on investment and guides on how to invest money and earn safely.

Over 2 Million members registered with Personal Capital and planned their finance. They will organize your spending and savings so that you can make the best financial decision of yours.

You can check whether you are on the right track to retire early and have a better financial life.

Personal Capital will show all your holding and educate you to make the best decision to earn and save more money.

If you have future expenses, then having the help from Personal Capital from today may save your tomorrow.

Social Media Money Earning App

29. Facebook

You may be thinking that Facebook app is only for doing stuff like watching status, pictures, videos, commenting and liking, but there are people who are making money using Facebook.

If you are having a business, blog, e-commerce product and Youtube videos, then you can make money by promoting any of these.

Having a great number of audiences on your Facebook profile can lead to more money or else you can run an ad on Facebook to generate lead.

Many experts said that the Facebook app is one of the cheapest platform to run ads to generate leads with a high return on investment. It’s actually one of the best app.

Now, Facebook has opened its own marketplace for Facebook users for free. You can start selling your own product on Facebook and make money.

30. Pinterest

I love promoting my blog on Pinterest. It actually helps me to add more blog income in my pocket. The simple way to make money from Pinterest free money app is to make long pins and link it to your blog page.

The most important thing is consistency. Create 5 new pins every day for one month. You will start noticing the visitors coming from Pinterest.

I did research on the internet and many bloggers and YouTubers appreciated Pinterest to bring the audience to their page.

Pinterest is a manual work that consumes time, but you can make it automated by using a Tailwind desktop or smartphone app. You can schedule your pin in a few minutes.

Tip: Create at least 20 boards and start pinning to those boards. You should not pin only your content. Keep 20% of your pins on your board and 80% of others pin.

Once you complete 4-month doing pinning task consistently then start pinning 50% of yours and 50% of others pins.

How many times I should pin a day?

There are various Pinterest users and each one has its own strategy. I would suggest you go for 20 pins a day which includes 10 pins of yours and 10 pins of others.

Keep repinning your viral pins but keep a gap of 5-6 days.

31. Instagram App

We can make better use of the Instagram app which is currently trending. Millions of users are active on the Instagram app.

You can easily promote your product by using good pictures. People like to watch photos and videos and this what you need to make.

As soon as you get a good number of followers, business promoters may contact you to promote their product/services on Instagram – money earning app.

To get the larger audience in your follower’s list, make sure to use the relevant hashtags and share stories/status on your Instagram account. 

If you make proper use of Instagram then this free money app can turn out to be the best app for you.

Do not forget to create videos as well.

32. Make Money From Twitter App

Twitter is also an amazing social networking platform to make money. All you have to do is, gain popularity and a huge number of followers. It also depends upon how much you can influence people.

You can promote your services, share videos and blogs. Twitter is a platform where you can communicate with people through tweets.

As soon as you tweet, your follower shares their views. They may like or dislike so make sure you are not biased with what you are sharing and also you shouldn’t be sharing stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

Money Making Apps Video Creator

33. Teachable

Do you want to make money from your own online training videos? People now spend time in learning online rather than going for a school or training institution.

Teachable is one of the great platform where you can make online courses and sell it for a certain amount.

It’s a kind of passive income app that will pay you real money. You just need to upload your course video/s and start making money for each sale.

Start sharing your knowledge and ideas that can help others in learning. There are over $18 Million students learning through teachable and instructors have earned $338+ Million from their courses.

34. Udemy

Udemy is another app that pay you when you sell online courses. Once you create your video course and upload it on Udemy then people every corner of the world can buy your course and learn.

Make sure to provide valuable content so that people recommend your course to others and this will eventually increase your income in the long run.

You can teach – Business, I.T, personal development, Design, Marketing, Music, health & fitness and many more. Share whatever you know that can help people.

Tip: When you tag a price to your course, mention the discount cut off as well. This is a kind of promotional strategy that many instructors are using. Do your own research and see how others are getting audiences to buy their course. Learn from them and do something new to make extra money.

35. YouTube App Money

Do you know people are shifting from reading content to video content? People love to watch videos for entertainment, learning, information, etc.

Youtube is playing a very important role in such audiences and become a money earning app. Now Google is also taking YouTube to its search results.

You can start your own YouTube channel and make money by creating videos. As soon as you reach the number of views set by Youtube for eligibility, you can show Google Ads.

YouTube App also allows affiliate marketing which means selling or promoting others’ products or services and in return, you get a commission.

Make sure to share valuable content so that you can get a good number of subscribers and views.

Free Money Apps for Driving Part-Time

36. Uber That Pay You Money

Earning extra money by driving in your spare time may help you in paying your bills.

There are companies in the travel industry who are looking for people that know driving.

Uber is the one among those companies. You will need to sign up with Uber and register yourself to earn money using the money earning app called Uber app.

It might take 1-2 days to get approval from Uber.

Once you get approval, you can start earning money from the Uber app. Uber will start sending you the customer location to pick up and drop.

This is one of the best money earning app that will give you the opportunity to work full time and earn.

37. Lyft – Make Money From Driving

Lyft app also works the same as Uber. You can sign up both the app and see which app is giving more money when you are available.

Different companies have different bill structure, especially on peak time and night time.

I came up with these two apps is because they are working great in the market as well as they have a very simple and fast registration process. They will not take much of your time to get you started. You will just need to provide the document on time. That’s it.

38. DoorDash App – Deliver Food and Earn

Delivering food for side earning can be a good option for you. If you afford to give 1.5 to 2 hours a day, then you should sign up with DoorDash and start making money from their smartphone app.

DoorDash app is easy to navigate. When you are sitting at home, just start the app and let them know that you are ready to pick up food to deliver.

As soon as you receive the notification for delivering food, get it delivered and make good money by working a few minutes or hours a day.

The earning depends upon how much you are willing to work. The more you work, the more you earn.  

Sign up for Doordash.

E-commerce Cash App That Pay You Money

39. Amazon App

Selling a product online is now easy on the Amazon money earning app. If you have your own product or have a connection from the manufacturer then you should go for it.

I have seen many people who were struggling to sell products offline has now eared money from Amazon App.

It’s free to become a seller on Amazon. They will charge you a small percentage of each sale you make. You can also promote your product by running a paid promotion on Amazon.

Now, you can operate your business and make money from iPhone and Android apps.

To make most from Amazon, you need to do research about your competitors and then launch your product at a competitive price.

If your profit margin is way high then you can offer free shipping to get more sale. It has now become the best app in the e-commerce industry.

40. AliExpress

AliExpress is an eCommerce site that sells a product at a very cheap price. You can buy the product from Aliexpress and start selling it to your location at a competitive price.

It will be more effective whey create your own e-commerce website and start selling AliExpress product.

AliExpress is a top income-generating app who provides a facility of dropshipping. Basically, you are selling an AliExpress product directly to your customer. Here, AliExpress direct ship the product to your customer. You will keep the difference and pay the cost price to AliExpress.

41. Ebay

Ebay is also an e-commerce platform that allows people to sell their products. It’s free to join.

You have an option to sell almost all type of legal products at your own price. Make sure to keep a competitive price to make extra money from the eBay app.

Check which product is trending so that you will get the idea of which product will work and have earning potential.

You may find challenges in the initial stage because you are new to their platform. As soon as you start selling the product and getting the positive reviews, eBay will start pushing you up in the product search list.

42. Decluttr

Decluttr app helps people make money from selling their old CDs or DVDs. You can download Decluttr for free.

You need to scan the CD/DVD barcode and check for what price Decluttr would like to buy it. This free money App has all these features, that will make your task easy.

If you are comfortable with the price, then you can select their free shipping service option to send the CD/DVD.

Your payment will process as soon as they receive and approve your product. I liked the way Decluttr helping people to make money from selling their old stuff.

43. Gazelle App That Pay You Money

Gazelle is an online platform that buys old phones at a good price. If you are having an old phone that you are not using for a certain reason, then you can sell your phone for cash by using a free Gazelle app.

The reseller has given a rating of 9.5 out of 10. Gazelle has paid over $200 million to the app users.

Now, don’t worry about your old phones that of no use. We have a Gazelle that can turn your phone into money.

You have three options to receive the payment. Get money in your PayPal account, Drop the phone at one of their Kiosk and get immediate cash or ask for an Amazon gift card.

Money Earning Apps For Extra Income

44. Airbnb – Rent Room Online

You can solve your money problem if you have an extra room to rent out. Nowadays, people prefer to do many activities online. The same way, renting a room online through money earning called Airbnb is also becoming popular.

Simply install the Airbnb host app and rent your room in a few clicks.

I would say, it is the easiest money earning app. Renting your room is now on at your fingertips.

You can rent your room anytime you want. There is not a restriction. Make sure that you should only make your room available when it’s really available.

Before going ahead with the Airbnb money making app, you will need to make sure that you upload a good picture of your room.

It’s optional to provide food to the guest. You can guide them to go to the nearest restaurant for food.

You can earn some extra cash if you provide them a food facility.

45. Rover – Best Money Making App for Dog Sitter

Rover is a real app for earning money, especially for dog sitter and walker. Simply sign up with Rover and start earning money from today.

If you love dogs and know how to take care of them, then this job is for you. You can make up to $100.

There are several tasks you can do like doggy care day, Drop-in visit, Dog walking, Dog boarding and house sitting for a dog.

Rover also offers cat sitter options. The amount of money you can earn is between $15-$30 per hour or even more if you stretch more hours.

46. Getaround App

If you want to make extra money from your car without driving it, then renting a car using Getaround free money App should be the best option for you.

You can start earning from this top well-known app from today and start your own renting business.

Sign up process is pretty simple and easy to start and complete. There are people who want to have a short trip for a few hours or a day. It’s up to you, how long you want to rent your car. Getaround covers your car with a $1M insurance policy and provides 24/7 roadside assistance. So, no worries about scratch or dents. Your car is secured.

There is no subscription charges or monthly charges to keep the membership. So, you can join Getaround for free.

Getaround is for the one who wants to make extra money on the side or want to start a car renting business in Quicktime.

47. Create Your Own Money Making App

The way people are making money from smartphone apps why don’t you make your own new app and make money from advertisement.

Now it’s easy to create an app with an automated system. Bring your idea to an app and start promoting to get most downloads.

How is WhatsApp making money? They are just creating things that are making others’ life easy.

If you have an idea that can help others, then you should go for creating your own app that pay you money. As soon as you see the good number of users on your app, you can start showing ads or paid ads. You can also offer a premium service for a fixed monthly or yearly fees.

This is how many app businesses make money.

48. Google Play Store App Money

You will find the end number of apps available on Google play store. You can download many apps for free, but still, the app owner makes money in millions.

There are various legit apps techniques that you can also use and start your own business.

You can make money based on the number of visitors to visit your blog. Now, you need to understand how you can make better use of your audience.

Here, you need to find out what are the sources of income if you launch an app on Google Play.

The sources of income could be:

  • Commission (selling third party products on your app).
  • Income sharing through redirecting the user to another website.
  • Run paid ads.
  • Run Google Adsense.
  • Charge for premium service.
  • Charge to continue the service (Your free service will become paid service after a certain period of time).

49. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a Google service that permits bloggers, website owners, Youtubers, App owners and many other platform to place Google Ads.

There are different criteria for different types of platforms. You will only be allowed to place Google ads when you meet their criteria.

For suppose, you are running a blog and you want to place a Google Ads, then you need mention Menu option, contact information, disclaimer, policy, sitemap, and home options.

You also need to have a good number of content and visitors on your blog. There is a huge chance of getting approval if you follow these steps.

Once you meet their criteria, you can apply for Google Adsense for free. As soon as you get approval, you can start showing ads.

Download the Google Adsense app to check the amount of money you make. It’s a live app that shows live earning.

50. Quora

Quora has always been a helpful platform for many types of audiences. You can find the answer to your question, you can answer the questions and you can ask the question.

Basically, Quora is a mediator between these three types of audiences.

Let’s get back to the point. How Quora is a money-making app?

There are two ways to make money from Quora.

  • Answers the questions on Quora: if you have content that you want to share and gain audience then you can get help from Quora.

Simply, find the question in the Quora that relates to your content. Answer the question and mention the link to your website/blog.

Remember, you should not show the link in every question you answer. Take a 5:1 ratio. Mention the link in every fifth answer. If you keep mentioning the link to each answer, then you may get banned from Quora.

  • Quora Partner Program: You can ask questions on quora and make money from the Quora partner program.

You need to ask questions as much as possible so that other people to answer it.

As soon as you get a good number of questions asked by you and you are getting answers and visitors, you will be offered to become a Partner by Quora.

You can also apply for the Quora partner program if you feel that you have asked many questions that are actually helping audiences.

Tip: Don’t do any kind of spam activities. If they found you doing spamming then you may get banned.

Challenges With Money Making Apps

There are many challenges that you may face if you want to make money from apps.

This is true that many real money making apps will not give you full time earning unless you won’t invest your full time.

This is not a get rich with free money apps but it will surely help you to get a good amount of money on a weekly or monthly basis.

What you will earn today may not be the same for tomorrow. I have seen many companies who revise their pay structure when they get enough customers.

Money making apps may block you for violating their policy. You may not violate the policy purposely. It might happen due to not reading their policy. So, it’s better if you read it before you start working on any of the money earning apps.

You can make use of top money making app for Android phones as well as iPhones. A simple smartphone is enough to start earning online.

People prefer to make money online from home and find opportunities for extra sources of income that brings money daily.

Shall I go with Money Making Apps?

Yes, you can. You should make use of such money-earning apps that pay you.

There are many smartphone apps that do spam, so be aware of such apps and do not share your information with those app companies.

Always install the app which is real and don’t do spamming at all.

You can make money from apps that I recommended to you. See what fits best as per your need and start using it from today.

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