Media Temple Review: Is this Hosting Good for Bloggers? [2020 Updated]

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In a world full of technology and people wanting to host their website on to different hosting service providers, the need to get good hosting becomes an essential task. Yes, there are tons of the best hosting service providers available and out of which, I have got you the exclusive Media Temple review.

It’s one of the best hosting service providers that come with quality features and affordable plans. Also, if you are a new blogger and willing to opt for hosting service, Media Temple will help you tons.

Therefore, right now, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Media Temple review, right in this article.

Media Temple Review: Overview

Starting with the overview of Media Temple, it was established in the year 1998 where the headquarters are located in California. On top of that, they also offer different web hosting services such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and many more.

Currently, there is an established web hosting company and is hosting more than 130,000 websites along with different applications.

Right in the North of America, they are one of the fastest-growing web services and are constantly on the rising curve.

Therefore, we can say that they are on the way to becoming one of the most powerful web hosting companies in the world. They have got each and everything by their name and are working on each of their features.

Right now, let us go ahead and unwrap each of the features of the Media Temple hosting company.

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Ease of Use

Media Temple Review

Going ahead in the Media Temple review, ease of use by Media Temple has been one of the top class features.

Yes, the company comes with tons of plans that are specifically geared towards different business-centric goals. With this, each of their websites comes with the one-click WordPress installation.

With this, there is no need to wait for hours if you are eager to run your very own website. In this scenario, all you need is to tap on the one-click installation button.

Thereafter, the installation will start and will be completed in minutes. Also, each plan of Media Temple comes with automatic updates. Hence, you don’t have to manually update each and everything whereas the company does the same in a much flawless way.

Going ahead, they also offer automatic backups that can securely keep all your data. With this,  you can be sure that even if your website crashes, you will get your data and the website will be back and running, the best way.

In the end, in terms of the ease of use in the security section, the company offers an SSL certificate. Here, you can use an SSL on your website and make it secured.

With an SSL, you don’t have to worry much about the viruses and attacks that can potentially steal your website data.

Good Customer Service Support

Media Temple Review

For any customer, if there is one thing that is the most important, customer support is the true one. Everyone wants an impeccable customer service support and customers want agents to respond in a quicker way.

 Being said that, Media Temple as a company offers impeccable customer service support. Yes, their customer support is available for 24×7 and almost every type of support option is available.

Right from the phone call support to email and even live chat, the company offers every sort of support to perfection.

Personally, I tested out each customer support function of Media Temple and everything came out to be good.

Speaking about the phone call support, the company answered my phone calls without an inch of issue. Yes, they were super fast and I faced no sort of issue.

On the other hand, even the live chat support from Media Temple was of top-notch quality. Yes, in this section, I was able to start communicating with the executive in minute’s time. Plus, the support executive was brilliant and answered each of my questions to absolute perfection.

One thing I have to say that Media Temple’s customer service support is a brilliant one. They excelled in every single parameter and delivered top-notch customer service support, every other time.

30-Days Money back guarantee

Media Temple Review

If you are someone who needs to judge any web hosting service provider, you can judge the same by their money-back guarantee. Yes, going ahead in this Media Temple review, the 30-Days money-back guarantee is one of the best things you can have.

Media Temple from their end is offering massive 30-Days money-back guarantee. Here, you easily purchase their hosting and test every feature of the same.

However, even if you don’t like their hosting within the 30-days period, you can easily ask them for a refund. In this scenario, no questions will be asked and you will get your refund, instantly.


Media Temple has a superb amount of hosting options to satisfy almost every possible need in scalability and visitor capacity.

First up, their shared hosting plans, starting at $20 per month for 20GB of SSD storage. Additionally, you will also get 1,000 email accounts, and 1TB in monthly data transfers.

 There is a spread of shared hosting plans, which go all the high to $150 per month, supplying you with 2,500 email accounts, 500GB of SSD storage, and 5TB in monthly data transfers.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, Managed WordPress hosting starts at an equivalent $20 per month, and provides you with automatic WordPress and supported plugin updates and includes up to 2 WordPress installs.

Functionality is strong, offering 4 unique plans designed to satisfy user requirements. starting from 2 sites and support for 250,000 monthly visitors to 100 sites and 1 TB of SSD storage, there’s tons of variation for WordPress platform users.

From small business requirements to large scale operations, Media Temple can support a comprehensive range of business needs.

Media Temple’s VPS hosting maybe a little more impressive. Starting at just $55 per month, you get 2GB of RAM, 30GB of storage, and 2TB of bandwidth.

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More Details on Scalability

There are 6 levels of the VPS hosting available, with their costliest tier being $1,500 per month. This may get you 64GB of RAM, 600GB of storage, and 8TB of bandwidth.

If you would like more power than that, Media Temple offers dedicated hosting. Starting at $2,000 per month, you get unlimited domain hosting. Plus, you will also get 10TB of monthly data transfers, 128GB of RAM, and 1TB of all-SSD storage.

It’s worth noting that this plan should only be managed by experienced System Admins, as server management is completed through the instruction.

Costlier plans start at $2,500 per month if you’re conversant in an impact panel or $2,700 per month. Plus, if you would like someone from Media Temple to manage your server, this plan is a good one. 

This last plan requires no experience whatsoever and could be your most suitable option for the layperson. But the $2,500 plan can easily be self-managed through online tutorials.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, Media Temple offers another hosting also ranging in different categories.

WordPress on Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting costs $2,500 per month. The corporate also offers custom-managed Amazon Cloud hosting. But you’ll need to contact sales to figure out a price that supports your specific needs.

Plans start at $500 per month, but that does not include any AWS pricing.

Media Temple offers enterprise solutions also, but that’s also something where you’ll need to make a sales inquiry.

Other Features and Add-Ons

Media Temple Review

Media Temple features a few features which will assist you together with your site’s success. For security, you’ll buy an SSL certificate for $75 per annum.

This is often extremely necessary for online stores, as SSL enables an encrypted connection, keeping user data as private and hidden as possible.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, there’s also an internet site builder called Virb. But it’s a completely separate tool from Media Temple’s hosting plans.

It operates almost like Wix or Weebly and costs $10 per month. If you’re unsure about the web site builder, there’s a 10-day free trial with no payment information required.

Media Temple also offers TrueSpeed Content Delivery Network (CDN), but costs $30 per month as an add-on, if it’s not already included within the product package.

Additionally, Media Temple offers a Security Pack, which incorporates much of SiteLock’s anti-malware protection and removal features.

All of this works together to make sure that you simply have a quick. And malware-free website that’s protected against things like hackers and phishing scams.

More on Add-Ons

If this product isn’t already included within the package, it starts at $49 per month, for total security on up to five different sites.

While Media Temple has some great features, there actually aren’t an entire lot of options here. Not only that, but not having an internet site builder compatible with website hosting plans makes things a touch frustrating.  If you’re trying to find a drag-and-drop tool to urge an internet site online quickly.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, Media Temple’s available features reach managed WordPress hosting also.

For those that enjoy the steadiness and security of WordPress but like better to take a hands-off approach, managed plans provide an ideal marriage between design capabilities and speed.

Offering integrated support, around-the-clock monitoring, and automatic updates, users can enjoy a comprehensive hosting experience.

Users with existing WordPress sites can easily migrate to Media Temple, while new users can make use of one-of-a-kind themes and developer tools to launch a gorgeous, top-quality site.

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Return on Investment

Return on Investment

With Media Temple especially, your return on investment goes to depend upon what proportion money your site can usher in.

Media Temple is often expensive for higher-end solutions, as they’re made for businesses and high-traffic websites.

An important duty Virtual Private Server (VPS) will cost you $750 per month or more but can cost as low as $55 per month for something not as hardware intensive. Similarly, dedicated web hosting plans start at $2,000 per month.

A $750 per month plan goes to place you within the hole really quickly if you want high specifications. That said, the $55 per month VPS plan is your best bet for getting a return on investment on sites that are just beginning.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, you’ve got one other option if VPS hosting is just too much: shared hosting. Unfortunately, shared hosting generally features a lot of constraints. And isn’t great for professional websites either, but starts at just $20 per month.

More about Return on Investment

While Media Temple’s higher-end plans are pricey, they’re quite worthwhile, particularly if you’re seeking high-end hardware. Media Temple is one of the few companies that provide 64GB of RAM, 600GB of storage, and 8TB of monthly data transfers.

And that’s only for a Virtual Private Server. Dedicated hosting, which starts out at the aforementioned $2,000 per month, doubles the RAM and nearly the storage also.

Going ahead in this Media Temple review, With all that in mind, your return on investment highly depends on who you’re. If you’re someone is you are new to the blogging, you can start off with the basic plans. 

But, if you already are a longtime business or website seeking a higher-end solution, Media Temple’s hosting plans can pay for the same.

Selling Online & Security


If you would like to sell items online, Media Temple has the tools you would like. The Magento e-commerce applet I create a beautiful store in only a couple of minutes by dragging and dropping website elements.

Magento has more flexibility than 1&1’s Online Store in terms of colours and style options, but thereupon flexibility comes an additional layer of creation complexity that demands more of some time.

Media Temple offers an SSL certificate for $75 per annum. This ensures an encrypted connection, providing extra security for your site visitors once they look to form purchases through your website. If you’re getting to sell a product, consider this important.

Still, several completing web hosts include SSL for free of charge, so consider Media Temple’s offering another pricey addition.

Media Temple’s Grid infrastructure includes the Cloudflare content delivery network with Railgun. It protects your site against botnets, hackers, and phishing scams. It comes with integrated Cloudmark spam detection technology.

 The online host uses SiteLock’s SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) technology to get rid of malicious code as soon as it’s detected.



Website uptime is a crucial part of the online hosting experience. If your site goes down, clients or customers are going to be unable to seek out you or access your products or services.

For testing this, I exploit a website-monitoring tool to trace my test sites’ uptime over 14 days. Every quarter-hour, the tool pings my website and sends me an email. This is done it’s unable to contact the location for a minimum of one minute.

The info revealed that Media Temple is extremely stable. In fact, it didn’t go down one time during the trial period.

Hence, in this Media Temple Review, if we speak about the uptime of this hosting provider, I faced absolutely no issue. 

Each of the things is brilliant and I got constant uptime. Well, all thank goes to their faster servers that are good enough to deliver constant uptime, every single time.

Plus, the company makes use of SSD which is quick enough and you will get better uptime, in every single scenario.

Final Word of Mouth: Media Temple review

Wrapping up the entire Media Temple review, we have come right at the concluding phase of the article. Yes, if you are someone who is new to blogging. And even the one who wants to start your business website, Media Temple is the company you can go for. 

As a company, they have tried their best to deliver excellent hosting services and have excelled in most of the scenarios.

Speaking about their customer service support, it has been much more than par. I tested the same and was amazed by the quick response, company staff delivered.

On the other hand, even the uptime along with speed performance of Media Temple has been on the top class end.

In this scenario, I faced absolutely no sort of downtime. And the websites were up and running, without an inch of issue.

Hence, if you are someone who is willing to browse different plans of Media Temple, the process is simpler.

You can easily CLICK HERE and you will go straight to the pricing page of Media Temple. From there, you can browse different options. And as and when you find a good one, then you can simply proceed and choose your best plans.

Plus, as a Blogger, you can trust this hosting as I am also using the same. And have got no issues with it, in any case.

Altogether, I have tried my best to cover everything in this Media Temple review. Hence, you can easily test different plans, purchase a good one, host website and rank it to gain immense profits and traffic.

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