Review: The Best Ads Platform to Earn Massive Money [2021]

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If you are someone who has got the desire and ambition to earn some extra money, can help you in such cases. Indeed, people want to earn money online but they do fumble up and go on with the wrong websites and companies. Well, in this case with, I have got you a complete review to let you know everything about this platform.

Going ahead, if you are having a niche website that offers content on finance, lifestyle, parenting, credit, and gadgets, then is a platform that can help you to some good extent.

If you are eager to know more about this platform, I have got a list of detailed and valuable information for you.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and uncover every possible information, one by one. Review: What is is among the best and rapidly growing adverts ad networks that helps website owners monetize content with ad positions.

This is done by showing relevant keyword tags and by ad clicking, you will get the money. Currently, the ads network have got a larger base of advertisers who advertise on Yahoo along with the Bing network.

On the other hand, is a company that delivers ad spaces for different advertisements. Recently, a Chinese consortium bought the network for $900 million. Since then, the company is growing to many exponential heights beyond expectations.

Now, in terms of the company targeting, it focuses on the medium to small scale bloggers along with media houses.

Hence, even if your blog is small, you can eventually start earning if the content you are offering delivers quality.

Plus, if the content offers traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, or even Canada, there are higher chances that you can earn a substantial amount of money.

And, since Is a contextual network, it will post ads related to your website content. For example, if you are publishing content about smartphones, then the ad network will deliver ads based on the same.

This will enhance the chances of clicking on the ads and making a good amount of revenue.

A Take on Traffic Requirement Review

If you are searching for a top-class contextual ads network, has to come into the spotlight. Over the years, this company has delivered valuable ads and people have made revenue, without issues.

Also, is among the best alternatives to Google Adsense as it comes with tons of quality ad placement options.

Additionally, the company searches for higher quality publishers and only accepts websites that offer high-quality content.

Hence, if you are in need to make money with lower-quality blogs, this thing isn’t going to happen with

Further, different contextual ads network does come up with their own set of rules that the publishers need to look at. Indeed, as a publisher, you got to look at almost every single rule and after learning each of those, then you must join the publisher network.

Now, once has approved your website, then you have got the chance to enjoy some quality benefits along with higher revenue.

For instance, given below are some helpful guidelines that will make you understand whether is suitable for your website or not. Program is Good for websites that:

  • Contains content in probably native English
  • Receive plenty of their traffic from USA, UK, and Canada
  • Contains non plagiarised and Original form of content
  • Quality content along with posts
  • Have got content that’s updated regularly
  • Have got a large visitor base who visits the website regularly
  • Does not deny third party intellectual property rights
  • Do not come with large adverts
  • Have a good amount of content
  • Features navigation along with friendly design will reject your website if:

  • If your website is using software piracy like cracking, hacking, torrentz, phreaking, and illegal downloads
  • Free Hosted website pages
  • Hidden links and texts
  • The website is under construction, comes with pages without content or parked pages
  • Deceptive or even manipulative content or construction of new websites to boost website SEO
  • Different websites that perform redirection of websites to other platform
  • Websites that promote activities like internet abuse such as spyware or even sending bulk electronic mails. doesn’t improve websites that are linking to websites such as:

  • Adult, pornographic, or other types of illegal content
  • Illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or other types of harmful substances
  • Pages that come with profanity or content that shows discrimination, in every case
  • Racial intolerance, hate, violence against groups, organizations, or individuals
  • Sale of copy for designer products, stolen items, or even products that are illegal
  • Programs that eagerly promote invalid click activities by paying users for browsing of websites, read emails or click on adverts
  • Websites that come with discussion boards, forums, chat rooms, or other types of such content ideas
  • Websites where users generate content automatically with the help of article rewriter
  • Sites that publish abnormal or even fake news

What is the amount of money you can earn from Review

Indeed, if you are a blogger, you have the curiosity to know the amount of money you can earn from this platform.

First of all, works in different models with advertisers that include CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL.

On the other hand, contextual adverts network translates to a single metric for publishers which is called the CPM.

In other words, the publisher earns the greater amount of revenue for every 1000 impressions of the ads.

Therefore, it is hard to predict different network rates for each type of ad. Moreover, websites does not offer any sort of CPC rates for the ads they post or even the CTR info

Also, it’s even harder to predict the amount you will earn from every possible click.

For example, if you earn $2 CPM for the advert unit and account for 0.5 charges, then you can make 40 cents for each week.

On the other hand, 0.5 percent is the double click rate on ads.

If you want to earn, then users have to click on particular keywords and then search for entering the advertiser’s website.

With this, will count the clicks if the user clicks the search ad link.

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Can you Use and Adsense on the Same Page?

Going ahead in review, yes you have the permission to run Adsense on any of the Ads networks you like. Most of the publishers are earning some brilliant amount of money from other partners and they even use as an alternative source of revenue.

Even more in review, you can easily run networks along with Google Adsense and place both the ads on a single page.

In that case, got to compete with different adverts to offer max value CPM value.

However, you got to enable this feature where you can contact the platform account managers and then enable the same.

A Take on Payment Options Review

For any blogger, looking at different payment options is a vital thing for any ad network. In such cases, offers two types of payment methods for different publishers.

Depending upon different preferences, the contextual ads network will either pay Wire transfer or with the help of PayPal.

Now, in terms of the minimum threshold, it stands right at $100. Plus, this threshold is equivalent to Adsense and this thing must sound pretty good to you.

How to Add to WordPress Site?

Yes, if you are eager to add to a WordPress website, the process is merely a simpler one.

In such a scenario, you will first have to log in to your account. Then, you can get started with the JavaScript ad code. The Java code you will get after you have created your very first ad unit.

Then, you can proceed to your WordPress website for further instructions.

Moving ahead in Review, you have the true options to use sticky ad plugins such as Q2W3 Fixed Widget that helps to fix the sidebar ad bar.

Also, you can put a 300×350 bar and fix each of those with the help of the Q2w3 Plugin.

On the other hand, you can even make use of the 600×250 adverts in your content. You can make use of plugins such as Quick Adsense for implementing each of those ads.

With this, you can easily experiment with different ad placement and see which one works the best for you.

Indeed, this type of thing will take time for you but once you crack on the code, then you can easily use for adequate and much proper Ad placements.

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5 Possible Reasons when can Suspend your Account

Moving ahead in review, it’s among the best advertisement platforms that are giving a good amount of money to the people and bloggers.

However, like every single Ad network, can suspend your ad network due to the following reasons:

  1. If your website traffic is mostly not from the USA, UK, or Canada

Yes, if you run a blog and your website traffic is mostly not from Canada, the USA, or even UK, then has got the power to suspend your account.

With this, most of your premium website traffic must be from the above countries if you want to enjoy benefits from

Hence, in grabbing the traffic, the largest proportion must be from the above countries. Also, that traffic must be organic as no paid traffic is allowed in this case.

For this, you will have to work on your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you are willing to get organic traffic.

With proper SEO over a period of time, you can get quality organic traffic from the top class and premium countries.

  1. Improper Advertising placement

Another most common reason for account suspension has always been the improper placement of advertisements.

While placing each ad, you got to think about the visibility of those ads. For example, if you are in need of a 300 x250 advert, then you must make your sidebar widget a lot sticky.

Additionally, if you can browse the internet, it does offer tons of the very best ad placement strategies and tips. You can make use of those good strategies to make your ads a lot visible.

For instance, you can make use of OIOPublisher along with AdSanity plugin that can help you include ads on your WordPress website. Plus, these plugins eliminate the chances of website suspension that can happen in the future.

  1. Exceeding the number of advertisements on a Single Page

In case if you don’t know, allows only 3 ads per web page. Therefore, in case if you exceed the three ads number, the platform will warn you about the ads. Here, you will have to fix the account problem within 48 to 72 hours.

Additionally, to get more ad clicks, you got to make sure that the ads are visible to every website visitor. Better visibility means you are opening new doors for revenue making.

Additionally, with this way, you can make sure that your account is safe and you can place ads onto different website pages, without issues.

  1. Wrong Website Content

Going ahead in review, writing, and publishing wrong website content can make your ads account get banned.

As I have already said, the ads network doesn’t accept websites that offer any type of content.

Here, you can include contents that come under the category of Fashion, home décor, health, and another such type of blogs.

Additionally, advertisers also like to make money from online and other marketing niches. In case, your content is not good enough or it contains adult content, then it will fail to attract readers’ attention.

With this thing, will warn you and if the same thing goes again and again, then the company will suspend your account, after prior warnings.

  1. Invalid Website Traffic

In the review, you must know that the ads network counts impressions and pays according to the specific amount.

If you are eager to earn more money, then you will have to increase the viewability of ads along with the number of impressions.

Unfortunately, there are tons of people who make use of invalid traffic for increasing impressions.

Internet comes with tons of services along with tools that can fake traffic to different websites. Out of which, some of the tools are free to use while others are premium ones.

With this, you can easily increase the impressions count but not the viewability of content.

In case, if as an ads platform realize this thing, then it will immediately suspend your account, without any questions.

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Discover the Advantages of     

Browsing through some of the best and valuable features, there are some really good advantages of that you must take into consideration.

Out of which, the best advantages are as follows:

  1. Good Quality Contextual Ads is among those good and quality companies that get more ad clicks than most of the contextual ads network.

Here, there is no need for each of the crappy ad links and you can innovate the design of ads, a better way.

Plus, the company has made a system known as “Display to Search (DSP) ads that is valuable stuff.

This system is next-level and it only takes searchers’ keywords to perform the task. Also, the system understands the search and shows higher quality ads.

Therefore, instead of the ads being totally irrelevant, offers accurate ad targeting that will be relevant to your post.

With such ads, you will get the highest quality contextual ads and they are bound to get much better click-through rates.

  1. Native Ads for Better Purchase Intention

Moving ahead in review, Native Ads are basically advertisements that follow a similar natural form of overall user experience on the website.

Basically, this means that the ads blend into a website masquerading as a regular type of content.

Plus, you know that sponsored content you see on sites, that’s the same thing will do for your website.

This will gradually increase the purchase intent resulting in good revenue, without any issues.

  1. Done for your Ad Optimization

Speaking about the ads network, it offers a higher rate for 1,000 impressions. Plus, it even optimizes ads based on different personalizations.

This type of thing is absolutely amazing where you can get much better revenue for 1,000 impressions, without a hint of an issue.

Each day, Ad optimization is getting better with this platform and you can perform the same from your end, without issues.

Here, you will get a dedicated account rep that will help you optimize your blog based on different ads. Plus, it will continually test to get better ROI, every other time.

Also, you don’t have to pay anything extra for this feature that is another valuable thing. With this, you can grow your revenue exponentially without doing many of things.

  1. Ad Designs are pretty good: review

Each of the ads offered by blends pretty perfectly to any of the websites. Yes, the ads are 100% responsive and you don’t have to do much in such an case.

Given below are the things that I found different in ads:

They blend, the perfect way: if the ads aren’t saying sponsored, then you will not know that they were real ads. This is the level of perfection brings to their ads for seamless browsing and ad clicking.

No Clickbait copy: The platform makes use of natural and high relevant text that results in better clicks. Also, you must note that it attracts only genuine clicks and no sort of clickbait situation will occur.

They look Professional: Yes, ads offer a professional look regardless of ad placements. Here, you will get appealing, non-intrusive, and better ads that will be seamlessly placed, every single time.

Final Word of Mouth: Review

If you are searching for one of the best ad platforms, is a company that can help you, in every possible case. Yes, they offer the maximum level of advantages where professional ads is the greatest of them.

Plus, it offers seamless ads integration that helps to enhance the click-through rate, in every possible case.

Additionally, does accept websites that offer higher quality content. Also, your website must be of a certain niche that gets the highest level of attention from users.

On top of that, there are plenty of dos and don’ts that you must take into consideration if you want your website to get approved by company.

Plus, comes with plenty of the best and value-added features that you will love to the core.

With this, if you are willing to choose that one single valuable platform for ads, must be your first choice.

 You can test their services, choose, and place high quality and good converting ads, a better way.

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