Mdd Hosting Review: The Better Alternative to Big Hosting [2021 Updated]

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Well, if you are someone who is searching for one of the best hosting companies, Mdd Hosting is a better one. Currently, the competition for hosting is massive and each of the companies are working hard to be better than another. In this article, I have got you a complete Mdd hosting review.

Also, you must have come across different hosting reviews in order to get far better hosting. Therefore, I have got you the best Mdd hosting review and I will be reviewing everything about Mdd hosting

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Mdd hosting review.

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Mdd hosting Review: About

The Mdd hosting was founded in the year 2007 for offering the best and affordable hosting solutions. They were focused to offer hosting solutions to individuals along with businesses all over the world.

Based on their website, the company is known to offer good services and they have catered thousands of websites.

In an industry where the other companies are dominating the hosting market, Mdd hosting is doing their work in a professional way. They have got their own loyal customer base and are expanding their services to more users.

The company has also got their servers spread wisely which gives every user, the true privilege of hosting.

Mdd Hosting Review

I have done my best to research on this topic and bring the best of all hosting reviews for you.

Therefore, I have simplified things where I will evaluate this hosting based on the given below parameters.

  • Uptime
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Transparency
  • Security

Additionally, I will cover a few extra points that will make you understand this Mdd hosting in a lot better way.


mdd hosting review

For any user, uptime is one of the key things that they take into consideration. If a hosting service provider is not offering good uptime, they are bound to fail in the long run.

Speaking about Mdd hosting, the company has always offered good uptime. Yes, your website will remain up every single time.

This will enhance your visitor ratio and you can then grow your website as per your needs.

Also, the company makes use of good servers that delivers better stability, every single time. Therefore, with Mdd hosting, you don’t have to worry about the Uptime scenario in any case.

Ease of Use

Going ahead in Mdd hosting review, ease of use has been one of the strongest points of Mdd hosting. Yes, the company has always strived to offer better ease of use in every scenario.

The user interface of Mdd hosting is highly adaptive, quick, and is suitable for people who are new to the online world. Also, each of the things with Mdd hosting seems to be a click away. Here, everything you need will be installed within seconds or at the most minutes.

With this, you don’t have to spend hours wandering about the different applications to install.

Additionally, the platform’s cPanel comes with tons of useful features such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and other apps.

On top of that, the cPanel even comes up with different functionalities such as MYSQL database, sub-domains, bandwidth, and many more.

Further, if you are eager to maintain a database of past work, you can do the same with the help of cPanel.

Therefore, with Mdd hosting, the ease of use has been above par in this scenario.


Going in the ahead sections, Performance is something that cannot be neglected in the hosting world. Yes, every user want’s a stunning performance from servers that can withstand users and give them an error-free performance.

Coming down at Mdd hosting, the company has always strived to make use of the best of all servers. Indeed, each server from Mdd hosting makes use of the latest technology and the pages took around 400 ms to load. This is a good number and is achieved by some of the top class hosting companies.

Additionally, the Mdd hosting StarPool ensures that the user’s information is stored across each of the servers. With this, at the time of gathering server information, you will get the information, as quickly as possible.

Plus, the Mdd hosting even comes up with the LiteSpeed cache module along with the LiteSpeed Web server. As per many experts, this is one of the fastest caching tools available for WordPress websites.

Going ahead in Mdd hosting review, they also offer the latest PHP versions that make the website extremely smooth and fast.

More to it, the Mdd hosting servers are all stored in SSD (Solid State Drives). With this, they are able to retain data at a much faster pace than usual. With this, you will always get faster data transfer speeds, in every scenario from the servers.

Now, the fact that the LiteSpeed comes with each of the plans which does include basic one, Mdd hosting has done an incredible job in this case.

In addition, this platform is a dynamic one when it comes to giving a sheer performance in every aspect.

Plus, Mdd hosting has always been keen to upgrade their servers to the latest versions whenever possible.

With this, you are bound to get much better-hosting performance from Mdd hosting servers. Every other thing from Mdd hosting is angled towards offering the best of all performances, every single time.

No Hidden Information

With Mdd hosting, you can be sure that they don’t hide anything from their users. Each of the things they claim on the official page, the hosting providers delivers those things, without an issue.

Additionally, even when it comes to the fees and pricing, the Mdd hosting doesn’t offer any sort of hidden cost and pricing. Each of the things are offered in a clear-cut way and you are free to purchase any of the plans.

In short, each of the Mdd hostings comes with standard features regardless of the plans you choose. Even if you are going ahead with the most basic plan, then also you will get a free domain name registration.

Additionally, you will also get emails, FTP accounts, sub-domains, and many more.


mdd hosting review

Well, moving ahead in Mdd hosting review, security is something that has become a necessity in today’s online world. In the modern date, cybercrimes are growing at an extensive rate and security definitely plays a vital role.

Now, if you are running your website right on WordPress, then you can use tons of different plugins too for enhancing your site security.

Therefore, with Mdd hosting, the company has always taken care of its security in every aspect. In such a state, you will get the best of security from Mdd hosting and this can help you to run your website, without any sorts of stress.

Usage of SSL

Free Let’s Encrypt

As I said above, security is something that is the most useful in today’s world. Therefore, with the use of an SSL certificate, you can make your site secure and even have that padlock for an extra layer of security.

For example, if you are running an eCommerce store, you must make sure that the customer’s data is protected.

With the help of SSL certificates, you can easily encrypt communication between users and the site.

Now, coming down to a different range of SSL certificate options by Mdd hosting, the company offers the following SSL certificates:

Beginning, Mdd hosting offers a Rapid SSL certificate that is ideal for protecting one site and is a good option for newer sites

The GeoTrust business with the EV certificate is beneficial for enterprises. You can easily recognize these sort of certificates when you see the green address bar while browsing

Lastly, the top tier certificate is the Rapid SSL Wildcard certificate. This offers protection for unlimited websites which is a good thing.

Rare Outrage

Moving forward in Mdd hosting review, powercut is one of the worst issues any user can face. Indeed, websites are constantly running thing and in case a power cut happens, websites can face some serious user loss.

Now, in the case of Mdd hosting, they have looked into the outrage matter in most cases. With this, the company has strived hard to minimize such things, in every possible way.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Well, the Mdd hosting offers unlimited email accounts in every possible scenario. In this case, you will get unlimited accounts from the hosting service provider.

With this, you don’t have to look around for creating a new email address. With Mdd hosting, you are free to make unlimited email accounts as per your convenience.

Also, here also the email account making choice is all yours. You can choose different names as per your convenience and make email accounts, with no stress, whatsoever.

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Cloudflare Integration


Well, you must have known the good services offered by Cloudflare where they develop a virtual CDN and improve the website performances.

With a CDN, your site performance is bound to increase to some good extents. In this scenario, the company offers free Cloudflare integration to each of your websites. Yes, with this, you don’t have to do much with the CDN services.

If I speak about other hosting companies, there you will have to install Cloudflare CDN from your end. This consumes much of time and if you can’t install Cloudflare correctly, you can face tons of issues in this case.

Good Customer Support


For each of the users, having brilliant customer support is among the top-level priorities. In this scenario, you can get access to email, live chat, and even phone call support as per your needs.

With this, at any point in time, if you are facing any issue, you can contact the customer support of Mdd hosting and they will resolve the same for you.

Now, speaking about their work desk, the company has kept a group of professionals who are skillful enough. Yes, each of the people are good enough to resolve customer issues via different networks.

In this scenario, I tested the live chat support of Mdd hosting just to examine their response. Well, I was connected with the customer support of Mdd hosting live chat within minutes.

After this, I talked with the representative where he spoke to me in a polite way. Plus, from his talking, I found him to be pretty much knowledgeable where he resolved my issue, as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, Mdd hosting even offers a knowledge base where you can find answers to plenty of questions. Also, they even come up with a community forum which you can use to your advantage and ask questions in the community.

All in all, speaking about the Mdd hosting customer support, it has been above par from various angles.

Therefore, even if you are facing any of the issues with Mdd hosting, you can simply contact their customer support.

From their end, the company will resolve issues, without any problem that has been one of the key points of Mdd hosting.

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Final Word of Mouth: Mdd Hosting Review

Coming down at the ending of the article, the entire Mdd hosting review is right in front of you. Indeed, there is tough competition in the hosting market, and in such a competitive space, Mdd hosting is doing a fairly good job.

Yes, the hosting company comes up with tons of valuable features that you will love to the core. Here, you will get a brilliant performance where the company makes use of some really fast servers.

On the other hand, they also offer good customer support in which, you have the chance to resolve your issues, an effective way.

Additionally, even when we looked at the pricing of plans from Mdd hosting, I wasn’t shocked at all.

Each of the plans from Mdd hosting comes at affordable pricing where you don’t have to worry for even a second.

Also, to make things simpler, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to Mdd hosting Homepage.

With this, you can easily choose among different plans after comparing each one of them.

Once you have chosen different plans, then you can simply go ahead and buy the same.

Well, I hope Mdd hosting review might have established some sense of clarity in your head. Hence, without an issue, go ahead, choose Mdd hosting, and start your own website, the best and pleasant way.

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