TOP 17 Marketing Automation Tools (Proven Ones) [2021 Updated]

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All of us know the importance of marketing for every single business. Yes, if a business becomes successful in effortless marketing, then it can make a substantial amount of revenue, within a short period of time. Plus, to make marketing easier in the online world, different marketing automation tools have come into existence.

Currently, there are still tons of marketers who are relying on the basic marketing mechanism. Well, such types of marketing techniques are good but they won’t offer maximum output.

Plus, you should be measuring the targeted audience and then perform marketing based on the same.

All in all, marketing automation makes the work a lot painless where you can get access to countless features.

Hence, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the better marketing automation tools, one by one.

Best Marketing Automation Tools

After doing a series of research, I have got you some of the very best marketing automation tools.

  1. Make use of

Marketing automation tools

Yes, if you are eager to automate emails on a timely basis, then is a tool that can help you do the same. Here, the tool simplifies the process for sending targeted messages to the users on the basis of their interaction with businesses.

The best part about the tool is that it seamlessly integrates with a mobile app or even a website where you can see the data in real-time. Plus, you can add real-time triggers by adding different pre-defined tools.

Basically, it even makes personalized emails simple but automating the messages.

Additionally, the other features which come with this tool are A/B testing, customer profiles, conversion tracking, and even in-context conversations.

Plus, the costing is based on the overall size of the email list and the total email credits.

For example, with every 200 people and 400 monthly email credits, the tool is free. However, at 5,000 people and even 10,000 people, the cost is at $50 for a month.

Likewise, at a number of 50,000, the cost jumps up to $1250 for a month.

Therefore, you can choose the package depending on the number of users there are in your system.

  1. Constant Contact

Indeed, moving ahead with marketing automation tools, constant contact is a powerful and useful email marketing automation tool. It comes with some of the better and unique features that can take your marketing game to the next level.

It even delivers Facebook fan promotion, deals coupon along with event management.

Plus, you can even edit the emails with the tool, make use of an autoresponder, and many more things.

Now, the cost for 0 to 500 contacts is at $20 for a month for basic email marketing. Additionally, you can pay $45 for a month to get access to each of the features.

Likewise, for 501 to 2500 contacts, email marketing is available for $45 for a month. Also, all features are available for $70 for each month.

Hence, as and when the number of users will increase, costing of the package will increase, and then you can select your desired plans.

  1. Hubspot

Marketing automation tools

If you are eager to generate leads, close deals, and manage the pipelines, Hubspot is a perfect marketing automation tool.

Hubspot is a good inbound marketing tool that has got the potential to become one of the best marketing automation tools.

Also, this tool is perfect for content marketing where the basic pricing is $200 for 100 contacts. With that, content creation, content optimization, email marketing, and even social media suite are all included in the plan.

Additionally, the pro pricing comes at $800 for a month where 1,000 contacts are included.

Each of the things included in the basic plan comes with the pro plan and the plus plan.

What’s more? You even get the Salesforce integration, attribution reporting, smart content, user roles, A/B testing for emails, and the CTAs.

If you will go a bit forward, you can get access to the Enterprise Pricing that comes at $2,400 for a month where 10,000 contacts will be present.

In terms of the other features, you will get custom reporting, revenue reports, custom automation triggers, predictive-based scoring, company reporting, and even event-based segmentation.

  1. Pardot

Speaking about Pardot it’s a Salesforce company that offers marketing automation packages to boost revenue.

With this tool, you can amp up your engagement with CRM integration, lead nurturing, email marketing, ROI reporting, and lead scoring.

Plus, the tool is a perfect one for helping out the sales team shorten their sales cycles.

Now, coming down towards the standard pricing, it comes at $1,000 a month and you will get access to quality features.

Here, the features include email marketing, prospect tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and even grading.

Plus, you can even get access to ROI reporting, landing pages, forms, and even CRM integration.

Coming down towards the pricing section, the Pro plan comes at the price of $2,000 for a month. This one comes with tons of features such as advanced email analytics, email rendering, and even spam analysis.

Other than this, it comes with a landing page, email testing, A/B testing, Google Adwords, and even advanced dynamic content.

Plus, you even get API access, an integrated marketing calendar, social profiles, and many more.

On top of that, the Ultimate Pricing comes at a massive price of $3,000 for a month. Now, this type of plan comes with features such as custom user roles, custom object integration, API access to 100,000 calls each day.

Additionally, it even comes with a dedicated IP Address along with great phone support.

  1. AdRoll

If you are willing to automate ad campaigns, AdRoll is one of the best marketing automation tools. Yes, this type of tool is helpful for retargeting the customers with the help of re-engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and all over the web.

Also, with the help of cross-device and even cross-platform retargeting functionality, you can deliver customized experiences for improving marketing efficiency.

Here, the key features include retargeting across the devices, platforms, dynamic LiquidAds, segmentation, transparent analytics, and even expert optimization.

Plus, the AdRoll even delivers customized budgeting, full control over the ad spend, 2-week trial on a no-contract basis.

  1. Marketo

Willing to search for a tool that can automatically nurture different leads, Marketo is a tool that’s worth every penny.

This marketing software tool helps you drive revenue with mobile marketing, lead management, and many more.

It’s a cloud-driven platform for companies either large or small that have the will to generate and nurture the leads.

Plus, there is no sort of setup fees with the tool and it even comes with a free trial. Therefore, you don’t have to buy the packages unless you are fully committed with the tool.

With this, you can explore each of the packages of Marketo and then buy the one, you trust and like.

  1. Dialog Tech

Previously known as libyphone, Dialog Tech is good for voice-based marketing automation. Here, you can easily make use of the tool to boost up your ROI with call automation and analytics.

Plus, you can even optimize the voice interactions with the tool by equally measuring the success and then adjust it accordingly.

Even more, there are tons of features that include keyword call tracking, phone surveys, caller profile data, reverse lookup, conversation analytics, in-call scoring, voice broadcasts, geolocation, voice broadcasts, SMS, and many more.

Also, you must know that Keyword call tracking is simply a game-changer for voice interactions.

Plus, you can even use the tool for manually tracking the customer’s reaction for keywords.

However, the company doesn’t show their pricing where you will have to get in touch with them to get a quote.

  1. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle’s Eloqua platform helps marketers to automate the campaigns and even personalize each of them.

The company came into existence in 1999 where the goal was to enhance lead generation.

Now, the tool has perfectly grown into a good device across different channels such as video, email, and mobile.

Plus, the tool will offer you the lead management tools you need for segmenting the audience in specific ways.

Additionally, the tool will offer you features such as tracking reports, for each of the buyers.

Coming down towards the pricing section, for less than 10,000 contacts, the price is kept to $2000 for each month. Also, in terms of the standard plan, it comes at the cost of $4,000 for every month.

Even more, for the enterprise-level pricing, you can contact the sales department for knowing the pricing.

  1. Bizible

Bizible diminishes the gap between marketing along with sales. Yes, among different marketing automation tools it’s one of those better tools that come with value-added features.

Here, you can easily maximize the Adwords ROI and even use multichannel tracking for getting a complete picture of marketing and sales metrics.

Plus, a different set of good features include the keyword metrics for Adwords and ad contents.

You can even get access to the UTM parameters, lead history, custom reports along with different integrations.

Also, coming down towards the pricing of Adwords, it comes at the cost of $1,000 for a month where you can use up to 5 Adwords account.

If you can pay $2,000 for a month, you can easily get an access to unlimited Adwords account.

  1. Act-Ons

The Act-Ons is a useful cloud-based platform that helps connect the outbound with the inbound leads for managing and nurturing the programs.

Plus, the platform comes with tons of value-added features such as landing page design and many more.

In terms of the company foundation, it came into effect in the year 2008 and was sold to Cisco.

Speaking about the pricing, it comes at the cost of $9000 for a month where you will get 2,500 active contacts, 3 marketing users along with 50 users in sales.

Plus, you will even get 30,000 API calls per day which is a better thing.

Additionally, the Enterprise pricing comes at the cost of $2,000 for a month that delivers 2,500 active contacts, 6 marketing users, and 100 sales users.

You will even get 30,000 API calls every day with this value-added feature.

  1. LeadSquared

Founded back in the year 2012, LeadSquared is helping small to medium scale business companies align marketing along with Sales efforts.

Plus, you can even capture the leads from inbound emails, online campaigns, websites, chat, and more with the help of this tool.

Additionally, the tool even offers a free trial and the pricing for such a tool starts from $200 for the basic plan. Here, you will get 5,000 contacts that is a stunning thing.

Also, the cost is around $600 for the standard plan where you will get 25,000 contacts. Then, there is the enterprise package that comes at the price of $1800 which delivers 100,000 contacts.

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  1. Bremy

Bremy is a product of Solution Dynamics that offers multi-channel publishing services and products.

Here, the tool will help you configure customized digital packages of different email newsletters, video proofing, database publishing, and many more.

Additionally, the tool even offers different key features such as video proofing, multi-user collaboration, advanced digital asset, and even streamline publication and modification.

Even more, the platform even delivers custom-targeted email campaigns along with populated templates.

Also, you even have to get in touch with the company as they are the ones which deliver the quotes and pricing.

  1. Infusionsoft


And don’t we all?

If you’re a little business owner or blogger, this tool is ideal for you.

Infusionsoft makes it simple to make a replacement sales or marketing strategy and execute it in order that you’ll capture and shut sales more quickly.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks like follow-ups, billing, contact management, and payments.

Pricing starts at $99 for 500 contacts and a couple of,500 emails per month.

The Essentials Package is $199 per month for 12,500 emails monthly.

The Complete Package is $299 per month for 50,000 emails per month.

  1. Genoo

Capture lead forms, profile customers, and make new landing pages to drive results fast.

Key features include a centralized lead database with unlimited leads, landing page design, CMS, lead activity tracking, SEO analysis, and more.

The Standard package is $199/month for 3 users and 5 lead capture forms, and therefore the Premium package is $599/month for 10 users and unlimited lead capture forms.

The Elite package is $1,495/month for 50 users and unlimited lead capture forms.

  1. Salesfusion

The truth is, 70% of the buying cycle is complete before the customer ever contacts sales.

Salesfusion helps businesses build revenue funnels by creating custom digital conversations that marketing and sales representatives can use to convert customers.

The tools help your team say the proper thing to the proper leads at the proper time.

Pricing depends on the number of contacts you would like but begins at $700 per month for 5000 contacts.

  1. Buzzportal

BuzzPortal may be a suite of over 15 different tools which will assist you to nurture your leads. And it isn’t only for digital. BuzzPortal works for email and social also as voice, fax, and more.

Key features include a link-tracking tool, list manager, landing-page builder, online surveys, an autoresponder, and an occasion manager.

You’ll get to contact BuzzPortal for a price quote.

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  1. iContact

iContact provides marketing automation software, email marketing services, and more in order that your team can drive successful results whenever.

Integrate landing pages, email marketing, social media management, and analytics together to outsmart your competition and reach more contacts.

Plus, you’ll have access to strategic advisors who can assist you “optimize your sending strategy and inbox delivery for max conversions.”

This is the tool for you if you’re looking to grow your business and become notable in your industry.

Pricing depends on your number of contacts, but you’ll easily use their price slider to select your list size.

Final Word of Mouth: Top 17 Marketing Automation Tools

The best and most running marketing automation tools are all given above. Yes, without a doubt, you can choose any of the tools that can be a better fit for your business or agency.

Additionally, you will have to look at different packages for the above tools and platforms. Of course, every tool has got its very own pricing and packages which you have to take into consideration.

Then, you can choose the free trial just to see which platform offers you maximum output. After which, you can select the right package and grow your business to exponential heights.

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