Mangools Review: Is this The Best SEO Tool? [2021 Updated]

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Indeed, SEO is one of those things that has become a need in the online world. Almost every single website that needs to rank will have to do a proper SEO. With this, there are ample of tools available in the market. Out of which, Mangools is the one that’s famous as an SEO tool. Therefore, right in this article, you will get a complete Mangools review that can help you choose this tool, without an issue.

Now, for every user who has got the ambition to start a new website, they got to make sure that they learn SEO, in and out.

With proper SEO learning, you can implement SEO in a better way and take your website to new heights.

Mangools Review: What are Mangools?

Mangools Review

From Mangool’s end, it markets itself as Juicy SEO tools that is loved by almost every single person. Basically, it’s an overall collection of KWFinder for Research, SiteProfiler that offers different SEO metrics, LinkMiner that is used for backlink analysis along with monitoring, SERPWatcher that offers different searching of the SERP, and the SERPChecker which offers SERP analysis.

Yes, each of the above-given tools is a valuable one and you don’t have to do much in this case.

Mangools offers apps that are given as follows:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Right now in Mangools review, let’s take a dig at each of the above tools and see the descriptions for each of them, one by one.

KWFinder: A Brilliant Tool for Keyword Research

Mangools Review

Speaking about one of the best and biggest highlights of Mangools, it has to be the KWFinder. Indeed, for any website, Keyword Research is something that has to be done by any user.

If keyword research is not being done, then that website will not have any of the possible chances to rank.

In KWFinder, you will get different statistics such as Cost Per Click, Pay Per click. Also, you can also test the Keyword Difficulty and see which are those keywords that can rank for your website article.

Additionally, you can even search for an overall SERP overview that will show the websites that are currently ranking.

Alongside, you can even stand a chance to see different statistics of a domain, page authority, and the number of different links.

Now, rather than spitting different keywords that you search for, the KWFinder suggests different sort of tangential keywords.

For example, “SEO Agency” will give a standard sense of keywords such as SEO Services, SEO Marketing, SEO Consultant, and much more.

But, KWFinder even offered a website marketing company and even a web marketing company has keywords.

This is helpful because each of those keywords is valuable and you can rank those, as per your comfort.

Additionally, aside from specific keywords, you can search by the domain which delivers keywords that ranks for Google.

SERPChecker: Discover the Keyword Difficulty

Mangools Review

Indeed, in SEO understanding and checking the keyword difficulty is one of the most key points. If any user is not able to uncover the correct keyword difficulty, then, they may fail to rank for a particular keyword.

Now, with the help of SERPChecker, you can easily analyze different search engine results for specific keywords.

Also, you will see different metrics like the keyword difficulty, total number of results, and analytics by entry.

On top of that, you can even get a chance to understand and see the SERP information such as domain authority, page authority, profile strength, citation flow along with trust flow.

Also, with the help of different comparison features, they effectively allow you to contract pages from the website or even other websites.

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SERPWatcher: Track Different Search Engine Rankings

Mangools Review

Now, ranking with the help of SERPWatcher is much easier than you would have imagined. In this case, you can simply enter the domain to begin tracking and even set different platforms like mobile devices, desktop search, and country-driven locations.

Also, you can even enter different keywords for tracking either from a TXT file or even CSV one. Then, you can add those files via a KWFinder or even manual entry will be fine.

Right after that, you have the privilege to track search engine rankings for different specific keywords.

Additionally, Mangools even offers you the privilege to select different keywords along with additional tags.

With SERPWatcher, you can keenly keep an eye on every single competitor keyword. Yes, this will help you to rank your articles, in a far better way.

LinkMiner: Backlink Analysis


As the On-Page SEO is one of the most crucial factors for ranking, you cannot really rule out the Off-Page SEO ranking. Yes, links are still worth in today’s online world and if you have got quality links, then you will not face many of the issues.

Backlinks play quite a vital role in SEO where it helps to drive quality traffic, every single time. The more quality backlinks you have, the greater are the chances you will end up at the top page rankings.

Additionally moving ahead in Mangools review, with the help of Mangools LinkMiner, you can get a list of backlinks along with different information.

Further, you can even decide on the links whether they are no-follow backlinks or the do-follow ones.

Also, the process of finding those backlinks is decent and even helps you perform a backlink audit, in the best possible way.

SiteProfiler: Complete Website Overview


With the help of SiteProfiler, you can collect a different set of valuable information about any of the websites. Here, you can even find an overview of domain authority and see the entire list of domains.

Plus, you can even keep a check on the trust flow, citation flow, Alexa rank, referring IPS, and Facebook Shares.

Also moving ahead in Mangools review, you can even access the backlink profile that will help you access the links that are new, old, and the ones that are lost.


You can even access the backlink portfolio, highlight different top-ranking domains along with anchor text.

Plus, the top content section of SiteProfiler helps show the best articles along with Facebook shares or even referring domains.

Additionally, the competitor table delivers an entire breakdown of the similar website with different stats such as Alexa Ranking, shared keywords, referring IPs, and Facebook shares.

With this, you can easily run the SiteProfiler analysis and take a look at the complete website, without issues.

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Who should use the Mangools?

Mangools is a perfect tool for beginners who are willing to understand SEO and even rank different keywords. For the people who are newcomers in SEO or even in the website world, you can easily make use of the Mangools for different SEO purposes.

Either you are looking to optimize your website or trying to build different backlinks, Mangools is the tool that can help you, every single time.

Even if you will choose the lowest plans from Mangools, you will still get quality tools, every single time.

Speaking about the premium brand, it’s still better than the rest. Also, if you are someone who runs an SEO agency, you can make use of different plans and see which one is the best one for you.

On top of that, if you are a blogger, Mangools is one quality tool for you too. Here, you can browse through different keywords and see which are those keywords that are beneficial ones for you.

Further, you can even build quality backlinks for your website with the help of Mangools backlink checker.

Also, if you are a writer, you can get access to some best and quality website information with the help of a keyword research tool.

Overall, in this Mangools review, Mangools offer some of the best pricing where people of every industry can use this tool.

Of course, if you will look at other tools, Mangools is the one that’s an affordable one. Here, you can buy the higher-priced plans of Mangools after this Mangools review.

Mangools Review Verdict: The Best within Budget SEO Tool You can Buy?

There are many different program optimization suites available including some good free SEO tools. Mangools may be a great all-in-one platform.

Onboard, you’ll find a strong keyword research tool, methods to trace program ranking, a backlink audit app, and a site overview.

Where Mangools really succeeds is its unrivaled price-to-performance ratio. the essential plan retails for $50 a month, or $30 monthly billed annually. Intensify to premium for $70 monthly, or $40 a month billed annually.

Finally, the agency clocks in at $130 a month, or $80 monthly when billed annually. Compare that to the industry standard of a couple of hundred dollars monthly.

Moving ahead in Mangools Review, Ahrefs and SEMrush plans begin at $99 a month. Therefore the Mangools Basic tier slides in at around a 3rd of the monthly cost of most competitors like Moz.

Furthermore, Mangools doesn’t limit what features you get. Each plan boasts an equivalent functionality, but dispensing for a better tier merely unlocks additional use of its different tools like more keyword suggestions or site lookups.

As such, it’s an outstanding value and simply one among the simplest SEO tools for the worth.

And it’s among the foremost user-friendly program optimization suites on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO manager or curious write looking to level up your website, Mangools sports a coffee learning curve.

Curiously, each Mangools tool may be a separate app. once you select KWFinder, the keyword research program exposes it during a new tab with its own URL.

Having each tool integrated into one dashboard would are nice for an entire project overview. Still, it’s not an enormous issue and particularly for the worth, it’s a little good.



Q1. What is Mangools?

Mangools is an SEO software that comes bundled with five powerful and user-friendly SEO tools: KWFinder (keyword research tool), SERPChecker (SERP analysis tool), SERPWatcher (keyword rank tracking tool), LinkMiner (backlink analysis tool) and SiteProfiler (SEO website analysis tool).

Q2. What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is one among Mangools hottest SEO tools. KWFinder may be a powerful keyword research tool that provides you a great many important details for every keyword that you simply lookup

This includes Google Trends, Google Search Volume, Google AdWords Cost per Click, and Keyword Difficulty. Unlike most other keyword research tools, it offers three sorts of lookups: Search by keyword, Search by domain and Search by AutoComplete or Questions.

Q3. Is Mangools free?

No Mangools isn’t free but there’s a free 10-day trial. Mangools’ basic plan starts from $29.90 per month when paid upfront annually. Mangools 5-in-1 SEO software may be a lot cheaper than Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and Majestic.

Q4. What’s better, Mangools v Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a superb tool, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t cheap. With Mangools you pay but half the worth compared to Ahrefs and you get most of the features Ahrefs has.

Final Word of Mouth: Mangools Review

Yes, we are at the ending phase of the Mangools review and by now, you must have known tons of things about this tool.

Without a doubt, Mangools is one of those tools that can effectively help you rank at a substantial position in Google.

On top of that, even if you are in search of the backlinks, you can get those too with the help of this tool.

Further, the tool comes with some of the very best features that can help you in the overall process of SEO.

Also, in Mangools review, you must have looked at different pricing of Mangools. In such a case, you can browse through different streaming options, choose the pricing that suits you and that’s it.

After which, you are free to browse and see different features for each of the plans. Then, you can effectively choose a plan and effectively perform SEO for your website.

Also, even if you are running an agency, then also you can opt for the plans that suit you the best.

Then, you can use those plans at your convenience and effortlessly rank your website, to new heights of success and quality traffic.

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