How to Make Money While You Sleep: TOP 10 Proven WAYS [2020]

make money while you sleep

One thing that is common among the most successful people is that they have found some brilliant ways to make money while you sleep.

Yes, those people have got tons of ways to earn money while sleeping and that money has made them millionaires. Yes, I know there are people who want to make money while you sleep.

Hence, right in this article, I have got you some of the best and proven ways to make money while sleeping.

On the other hand, even if you are still struggling to find some good ways to earn money while sleeping, you don’t have to think now. Although, this may sound like a distant dream for plenty of people.

But, once you will read this article, you will go into a whole new world of money-making.


What is Passive Income?

Whenever people have talked about money, all they think is of an active income. Yes, the majority of the people earn money from their jobs and they only understand this as an active income source.

However, there is another source of income that is making people millions. Yes, it’s none other than passive income which tons of people don’t know.

In jobs, you are trading time for money and with this, you will spend your entire life earning money.

Before we can go ahead to find out the best ways to make money while you sleep, you must note that passive income requires some sort of investment.

Such investment comes in two forms as follows:

  • Money
  • Effort

Yes, if you are someone who is willing to make some passive income, you got to invest above two in a smart way.

With money, you can invest the same into different aspects from where you can get good revenue in the future.

Yes, now you have got, and let’s proceed ahead to find some stunning ways to make money while sleeping.

Top Ways to make money while you sleep

1. Investing money in the stock market

make money while you sleep

Wondering about one of the best passive income, investing in the stock market is one of the best choices. This is one of the most used passive income sources and plenty of people are investing out in the stock market.

However, before you can invest your money in the stock market, you got to understand the deep rules for the same.

For this, you can learn stock market investing from YouTube where people have made entire series on the stock market.

Plus, with proper investing, you can effectively make your money grow in the long term. Acorns can help you out in finding right stocks for you and build your portfolio. 

Daily if you can invest smartly, you can effortlessly make money while you sleep just with this amazing source.

Still, things require time and along with patience, you can easily make a good amount of money in the future.

2. Rent out a Room

make money while you sleep

Well, this isn’t one of those famous ways to make money while you sleep. But, by renting, you can easily make a good source of passive in for the present and future.

Speaking about the skills, you require zero skills with this method and all you need is to make an agreement between you and the renter.

As of now, Airbnb offers you one good option to rent your own house. All you need is to join their network, register and they will do all the work for renting your home.

Also, besides earning passive income, renting your house can actually help you reduce the cost of your daily work stuff.

3. Start a Blog

make money while you sleep

One of the best ways to make money while you sleep is starting blogging. Yes, currently, there are tons of pro bloggers who are earning good passive income. They started a blog, posted regularly and as soon they got traffic, their site boomed to substantial extents.

Well, in blogging, you will first have to invest some money to buy domain along with hosting.

Thankfully, if you are someone who is interested to buy one of the best hostings, Siteground is a company that is best of all.

Yes, with Siteground, you don’t have to worry about hosting anymore and they as a company will manage everything for you.

Once you have got the hosting and domain name, then you can go ahead and start writing blog posts. Yes, this thing has to be done regularly and with such things repeated, you will see results in the nearby future.

However, another thing you must know is that not every single blogger is earning passive income. It truly takes much effort, time, and even money to rank your blog and with this, you can make money while you sleep, with Blogging.

4. Affiliate Marketing

make money while you sleep

Among several methods you can find to make money while sleeping, affiliate marketing is the method that has existed for more than a decade now. Plenty of bloggers and even digital marketers are doing affiliate marketing and making some good amount of money from the same.

Yes, in affiliate marketing, you can promote products of other companies and earn commissions on each product sold.

On the other hand, for bloggers who have got their websites, they can start writing posts on different affiliate products.

At the start, you may not get the results but with time, you will see that the blog posts are bringing some good results.

Slowly with time, if you have written the contents correctly and done the SEO, you will see sales of the products and on that basis, you will earn commissions.

On the other hand, you can even try advertising of the products on different social platforms. This is one of the quickest and fastest ways to earn commissions and probably one of the best to make money while you sleep.

Overall, Affiliate marketing is a thing that has been running for years and if you can understand how to promote products, you can possibly earn massive commissions from the same, without an issue.

5. Create Different Products for Selling

make money while you sleep

Now, if you are someone who is looking for another better way to make money while you sleep, creating products for selling is a stunning option. Yes, if you have got your own blog or an eCommerce website, selling your created products is a cakewalk for you.

In this scenario, you will have to invest in creating a product and doing marketing for the same. Plus, the moment you are selling the product to the customers, you will have to build massive trust with the audiences.

As and when with time, the audiences will understand your product and sales will increase in the nearby future.

As of now, bloggers can create and sell different sort of things that are given as follows:

  • Ebooks
  • Printables
  • Courses
  • And much more

Now, in this scenario, you will have to decide which are those products you can create and you got to do some good amount of research.

Once you have finalized the product you want to create, then you can easily go ahead and build that product.

As and when the same is finalized, the next step will be to promote your product. Now, for product promotion, you can start building an email list for the products.

Yes, with an email list, you can start sending emails to the people and they can buy your product, now or tomorrow.

On the other hand, you can even make use of paid ads to promote your product. Here, you can easily set your budget for the ads, run ads, and experiment with this thing.

In ads running, it will take some time for you to figure out which ads are bringing results. Once you have got the results, then you can easily go ahead, start promoting products and earn massive money from it.

What is the best part of selling your product?

Well, the best part of selling your own product is that you have complete control over it. Right from the creation to marketing, you are the boss and you can try different ways to promote your product.

Slowly and gradually, you will start getting sales and with this, you can earn a massive amount of money, the better way.

Well, out of different ways to make money while you sleep, creating your own product is a thing I have found the most fascinating.

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6. Start Creating an Online Course

Start Creating an Online Course

Currently, there are tons of people who are creating their own online courses and selling them to potential audiences.

By selling your custom made online course, you can sell your valuable knowledge in front of the audiences.

In this scenario, if you are creating a course, you got to be an expert in that thing. Also, you must have a thing clear in mind that your course must bring real value to the lives of people.

Plus, If you are creating a course, investment is a thing you will have to pay attention to. Here, you will have to invest in some useful things after which the final product will come out in the form of a course.

Of course, selling courses is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep. In this case, once the course is created, then you can go ahead and start promoting the same.

In promotion, you can start making use of Facebook Ads. With effective Facebook ads, you can bring sales for your courses and in return generate revenue from the same.

On the other hand, you can also create your website and start promoting courses on that website.

Either way, the idea is to give value to the consumers where if you can do that, the money will truly come your way.

7. Real Estate

Moving ahead with the best of ways to make money while you sleep, investing in real estate is one good from them.

Yes, the cost of properties is increasing with every passing year and if you are looking for a good income source, investing in real estate is the long term.

Given below are three of the top class ways you can make money while you sleep from Real Estate:

  • Rental Properties

First and foremost, if you have given properties on rent, you will earn some of the best money from the same. With rental income, your cash flow will be steady and you will know that at the end of each month, you will get money.

Such sorts of income can be residential or commercial where each thing will depend on your type of property.

  • Fix & Flips

In this scenario, you can purchase different properties that need some sort of work. From your end, you can fix those properties, make them work, and then sell them at a much higher price.

In this scenario, all you need is to make the property look as good as possible. If the property looks good, you will potentially get the best of all buyers. With this, you can even stand a chance to sell the property at higher prices and make good money from it.

  • REITs

The term REITs stands for Real estate investment Trust where you can easily invest in commercial properties.

With this, you can look at different commercial properties and see which one can be the best one for you.

Thereafter, you can go ahead, buy those properties, and then you can rent those properties to get extra income from the same.

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8. Dropshipping


For the past few years, if there is any business that is booming, it has to be the Dropshipping business.

Yes, this is a type of business where you need very little investment. Here, you don’t have to keep your inventory and all you can focus on is promoting products with the help of ads. In this era of eCommerce, starting your very own Dropshipping business is one of the most profitable things you can do.

In this scenario, let us first understand the entire working model of Dropshipping:

Start off by building your own website and you can do this with the help of Shopify.

Secondly, you can add products to your website from different manufacturers.

Whenever a customer will purchase that product, it will be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

In this case, you will pay for the products but will keep the additional margin money.

Plus, as I said above, Dropshipping is unique because you don’t have to keep any inventory of your own. Yes, all you need is to focus on the marketing of products. The greater sales you bring more will be the chances of higher earning potential.

Therefore, with Dropshipping, you can make money while you sleep and if things go well, you can earn massive money in the future.

9. Starting YouTube Channel

Starting YouTube Channel

Another best and possible way to make money while you sleep is by starting a YouTube channel. Yes, the video markets are booming at a rapid scale, and of new YouTubers are starting their YouTube channel.

With YouTube, you can open up endless possibilities to earn money and some of the top opportunities are as follows:

  • Ad Revenue

The very first income that you can earn from YouTube is with the help of ads revenue. In this case, YouTube pays the money to YouTubers on a monthly basis where you can earn some good revenue from YouTube money.

  • Sponsorships

Well, another better way to earn from YouTube is with the help of sponsored posts. In this case, you will be paid to promote products and in this case, the companies will pay you better money.

Also, as and when you will climb up the ladder, you will get more sponsorships and with this, you can make a good amount of money.

Altogether, YouTube is one of the proven and hottest ways to make money while you sleep. In this scenario, you just have to make quality videos, publish them, and let YouTube take the rest responsibility to bring views and revenue.

10. Sell on Amazon

Sell on Amazon

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It’s a service from Amazon that lets individual sellers find products they’d wish to sell, have them delivered to Amazon, then letting Amazon lookout of the selling and shipping of the merchandise to customers.
Thereafter, Amazon looks after the entire process and ships products right at consumer’s door.

Currently, you can sell such kind of products from Amazon:

  • Books
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Wholesale items
  • DVDs

I have a relative who recently quit their day job as a licensed CPA after making over $30,000 in their first year of selling used books through Amazon FBA. This was by working just a couple of hours every week sourcing books where Amazon delivers the products right from seller behalf.

The moment you know that Amazon handles selling, shipping, payments, and customer service; you can then use Amazon selling to earn massive revenue over a period of time.

THE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to Make Money while you Sleep

Now that you simply know the choices, here’s a fast check out the way to start.

1. Knowing the Investment you like to make

Remember right at the start of this article? Earning passive income takes some quite an investment, where you will have to invest your time along with energy.

Therefore, if you are eager to make money while sleeping, you will have to invest your time along with money.

In this scenario, you can take a look at the skills along with the passion that excites you. Plus, you will have to look at the future possibility of whether that work can help you build a sustainable business or not.

On the other hand, if you are making money as an investment, you got to understand things on a deeper note. In this case, you can look at every single aspect and if you like the same, then you can possibly go ahead and invest in something.

2. Research on your options

Before starting off the ways to generate money while you sleep, researching is one better thing. Here, you will have to look for different ways you can generate money and which of those are quality ones.

Plus, you will have to understand the risks and dangers of investing where money once went will not be retrieved.

Of course, research takes a bit of time but once you have researched thoroughly, you can then effortlessly go ahead and generate passive income sources.

3. Start Working

Even investing in the stock exchange will take some good amount of time. That’s finding a brokerage, purchasing shares, etc.

In terms of other sources such as starting a YouTube channel or Blogging, you must understand that things will take time.

Of course with both the above work, you will have to spend your time in making the best of all contents.

Once you have made such content, then you can work on the same and generate more revenue streams.

4. Keep up with your Source

Every single passive income source will have its own sort of downfall. However, people who stick to that thing and generate different passive sources, goodness comes their way.

Whether it’s to tweak your current course or to better your products and services, keeping up with your source of income is most important.

With little effort, every single time, you can easily cope up with the issues and find tons of ways to resolve them.

Once you are in a stable situation, then you can generate a brilliant amount of money in a short span of time.

5. Repeat the same method

Of course, if you can repeat the same thing over and over again, things will start to become better. This is exactly the same case with earning money while you sleep.

Of course, you will not be an overnight success. But, as and when you will move ahead in time, you will find some brilliant ways to make money while you sleep.

Also, in this case, consistency is the key and if you can maintain a good level of consistency, you don’t have to do much.

You can just continue doing the same and results will come along the way, with time.

Final Word of Mouth: Make Money while you Sleep

At present, tons of passive income sources are available that can give you the privilege to make money while you sleep.

Indeed, each of the above ways mentioned isn’t a cakewalk. They will require your time, efforts and with such things, you will slowly accomplish those financial goals.

Another thing you must note is that the above ways do require a good amount of skills. Therefore, if you want to start your blogging website, it will require tons of patience.

The same goes for creating your product and in this case, you will have to look after making and marketing.

Hence, at this stage, you can simply analyze which of the above skills are good for you. Thereafter, you can easily learn those skills, implement them, and make money while you sleep in the best possible way.

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