How To Make Money On YouTube Without Ads? (No Ads)

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If you are planning to start your own YouTube channel or you already have it, then you must be thinking “how to make money on YouTube without ads?”.

There are conditions that you need to meet to get Google Adsense approved. Sometimes, a YouTube Adsense account gets disapproved due to policy violations.

There are multiple ways to make money without Adsense on YouTube. Being a YouTuber, you should not rely on only one stream of income. You have many options to make through your channel. 

I have seen many people whose content is awesome but still, their Ad account gets shut down for many other reasons, but still, they are making money applying different strategies and keep their channel up and running.

in the Online field, you must know how to make money online by applying different strategies. The more creative you will be, the more chances for you to earn extra income. 

As per the YouTube Partner Program, you must have at least 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months. This may not be easy for many YouTubers, but this how it works on YouTube.

I am going to share the useful techniques that will guide you on how to make money on YouTube without Adsense.

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How To Make Money On YouTube Without ads?

You can make money on YouTube without AdSense. The platforms alternative to Adsense is Affiliate marketing, Sponsorships, Merchandising, Donation, product reviews, Patreon support, your own eCommerce store and many more.

Being a YouTuber you always wanted ads to contribute to the channel’s earning, but if it is not happening in your case then you can apply these methods to run your YouTube channel with no ads. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

Earning from affiliate marketing may come out as the best strategy to bring earning to your pocket and even better than ads.

You must see what are the product that you can promote in the video and earn money when people join or buy the service. 

See how other YouTubers are making money from affiliate marketing in your Niche. This is the idea that I also follow whenever I get a question such as what should I promote on a particular topic so that I earn an affiliate commission. 

You would be surprised when you look at the strategies that other successful people apply. This always happens to me. 

For Example:

If you are into travel vlogging, then you can promote an online room booking app or website. It can be anything. Make sure you promote a useful platform that will actually help your audiences.

To get affiliate links, you can sign up on their affiliate program. I have seen many travel Vlogger promoting products and services during the video shooting. 

  • Camera
  • Mic
  • Tripod
  • Gimbal and many more.

You can get affiliate links of many products when you join the Amazon affiliate program.

  • Sponsorship

The majority of YouTubers love to get sponsorships as they contribute a good chunk of earning to the channel. 

You won’t need ads to make money if you get sponsorships for your videos. To get sponsorships you need to become a popular YouTuber with growing audiences. 

You should not leave any legit chance to make money on YouTube especially when you are not earning from Ads.

Companies may ask you to promote their product or service on your YouTube video and in return, they will pay you as per views or link clicks or a fixed amount. 

  • Sell Patreon Membership

I know many YouTubers who earn just from Patreon. They usually sell membership on Patreon and make money. 

You may have noticed some YouTubers ask you to support them on Patreon. The most common reason for going to the Patreon is due to not getting Google Adsense approval. 

They mention the link in the description so that people click on the link and buy their membership and get access to their content. 

It’s not a donation. They are actually selling different price memberships for their content.

To get success, you have to a product worth watching content that people would love to share and like. 

If your content quality is not good then you may not earn money on Patreon. People who make money from this platform are actually producing good content that people love to watch. 

This makes the audience eager to buy memberships on Patreon. 

  • Donations From Live Streaming

You can actually make money while going live on YouTube. The feature called super chat allows viewers to donate money to the channel. 

Yes, it required a good fan following especially the YouTuber who appears on live streaming. 

Many YouTubers go for live streaming donation for the good cause in the country. 

  • Sell Your Own Product On Ecommerce Store

Do you know that you can promote your own product on the eCommerce store? There are YouTubers having a good number of subscribers are earning a making a huge income from selling own brands. 

To reach this level of earning, you need to gain popularity with a huge fan following. People than even love to buy a product. 

If you are only into eCommerce then, YouTube can become a source for bringing traffic to your eCommerce store. 

You need to upload a video promoting a product on a regular basis. The more video you create the more chances for you to gain an organic audience. 

Make sure that you create good video content that makes people buy your product otherwise your audience may not take interest. 

  • Start Consultancy Business

If you have your own consultancy business, then you can start giving paid service through online. 

You can provide service through video chat or phone call. There are organizations that provide online consultancy and they are successfully running it. 

If you use the YouTube platform properly then you will definitely see results in your business. 

If you are an influencer, then YouTube will work great for you. I have seen one influencer who runs motivational programs. 

He started producing mind-blowing video content and at the end of the video, he recommends people to join his motivational program. 

Now he has got millions of subscribers and is getting free joiner every day just through YouTube videos. 

If you give value to the customer, then the customer will run after your service. This is what policy he was following. 

He doesn’t care about sharing valuable content on YouTube. This strategy makes him successful. 

  • Sell Paid Program

Have you ever visited any program to gain some valuable knowledge? There are YouTubers who promote such programs and earn a commission in return. 

There are many organizations that conduct such programs. They approach YouTubers to promote their program so that they get people who join them. 

You will be provided code from the company. If someone uses that code and buys the membership, then you will get commission. 

You can also promote online courses through a unique link. You need to approach the course owner and let them know that you can bring leads. If they see you having a good viewership on YouTube, they would love to provide you with a unique link to promote the course and earn. 

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Can You Get Paid On YouTube Without Ads?

Yes, you can get paid on YouTube on YouTube without ads by applying different monetization strategies.

If you have a good number of subscribers and returning audiences then you may get approached by many sponsors to promote their product in your videos and get paid.

The most important thing to achieve success on YouTube is to create quality content that makes people follow you. 

The type of content also matters. If you are producing content that has a high viewer and people love to see then this may open a multiple option to monetize your video.  

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube Without Ads?

You can make from $100 to $500 with having around 100,000 views on a particular YouTube video. The earning differs and can reach over $500 mark if you are famous or have a good number of followers inside and outside YouTube. 

You have multiple options to make money from Youtube without monetization. You need to understand what strategies other YouTubers are applying to create an extra source of income in videos. 

Learn from the professional YouTuber in your niche by watching most of their videos. Do not forget to check their description to find more monetization strategies. 

You have affiliate marketing, sponsorships, Patreon and many more options to make money on YouTube without ads. 

Apply one or max 2 monetizations in your video. Do not overload your YouTube videos by applying multiple monetization strategies. This may affect viewers’ experience on your video. You have to balance both. 

Does YouTube Pay For Views Without Ads?

No, YouTube does not pay for views without Ads. If you did not monetize your channel for ads or your ads application got disapproved then YouTube will not pay you. 

You need to find another monetization platform to make money. YouTube does allow sponsorship, affiliate marketing, etc. This can be done outside YouTube.

Many YouTubers have faced this situation where they become ineligible for Google Ads earning but still they are earning more than seven figures from other sources.

Why Can’t I Monetize My YouTube Account?

If you are copying someone’s video content, then most probably you may not be able to monetize your YouTube account. 

The other reason could be the violation of the YouTube policy that leads to the disapproval of your Adsense application. 

There are YouTubers who use copyrighted music. If the owner of the music found that you are using his music, then you may lose the earnings from that particular video where you have used copyright music. 

So, the whole idea is that you must create your own content. If you have no time to create music for your video then there are many companies that provide music but they charge for it. 

You should not download anyone’s YouTube video and upload it to your channel. This will give a bad signal to YouTube about your channel and you may end up losing your YouTube account. 

In Conclusion

It’s painful when you come to know that you cannot make money through ads. This is not the only earning option you have on YouTube. There are multiple streams that you can use to monetize your channel. 

Many YouTubers do make money from Adsense ads but it’s not the only earning the are making. 

There are many other strategies that they are applying to generate an income from multiple sources. 

In this article, I have shown how you can make money on YouTube without ads. If you are new to YouTube, then I would advise you to spend time creating content and make sure that you are not copying anyone’s video content. 

You can take ideas but you should not copy someone’s content whether it’s video or audio. Creating your own content avoids getting your account banned.

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