How to Make Money Blogging with Best Techniques

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A blogger makes a recurring income by just writing a blog on a daily/weekly basis.

You may be thinking of how bloggers earn money blogging. This is due many ways that you are going to learn in this post.  

What I like in blogging is, you are the boss of your own work. You can go for a long holiday or take off from work on any day, but the earning never stops.

It’s a kind of passive income idea. You need to create a blog post and promote something that can help you earn money. That’s it!

Do you think it’s easy to make money from blogging?

Not at all! It requires hard work and dedication. It may be boring for the one who do not like writing, but the rewards are very high.

How Much a Blogger Earns?

It completely depends upon your topic Niche(subject), the number of quality content you create, learning from mistakes and little marketing techniques.

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Let’s get to the point!

There is no limitation on earning from blogging. There are blogger who are earning $100,000 and even more every month.

1. Create a Blog

To make money from blogging, you need to create a blog.

Through blogging, you will share your knowledge, ideas, and experience that will influence your audience.

Before you start creating a blog, it is very important that you must know on what topic you are going to write a series of blog post.

I would advise you to run your blog on WordPress as it is user-friendly and many professional bloggers using this platform.

And yes, it is free of cost.

The first step to create a blog is to get fast webhosting. You can go with Siteground webhosting. It is fast in speed, less price, one click free WordPress installation, Free SSL certificate (Indicate that your blog is secured) and great customer support.

To make your blog run smooth, you must need a fast webhosting that opens your blog fast.

Get Website Domain name from Godaddy and WebHosting from Siteground to give a super fast website experience to your customers.

Siteground is the webhosting that will give a fast browsing experience to your blog visitors.

There are many Webhosting companies that are very popular, but they never give better services to their customers. They invest huge money in promotion so that the people buy their hosting.

The second step is to get the domain name ( You can buy a domain from Godaddy. They both are good domain service provider. Try to use keyword within the domain name.

For example: if your blog is related to lifestyle, then use the word “lifestyle” or “style” in your domain name, like ___lifestyle___ .com.

This will help you in SEO for your blog. Another advantage is, the audience will prefer to click on your website because they will find some words in your domain name that they are searching for.

You can buy domain directly from Siteground. It’s up to you, the domain name is not a big concern, but web hosting is.

Theme selection is also an important part of Blog. Select a simple blog theme which is available for free on WordPress. You can also buy a theme, if you want advanced features to run your blog.

The whole process to create a blog hardly takes 10 Minutes.

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2. Create Content

Content is the backbone of the blog. You must have heard “Content is King”, this is because, your content will play the actual role to make your blog famous.

The easy ways to write a good content is by researching the topic on the internet. You can also find a lots of practical videos on YouTube.

This is how I research and find the precise ideas on any topics. Always make sure that you write genuine content. Do research before you write anything.

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The content should be interesting and eye catchy so that the reader will spend time on your blog and get influenced. The more you influence people, the more you find people following your advice.

Hence, they may use your affiliate link to buy what you recommend.

Before you write on any topic, think why people will visit to your blog? what they will expect from you?

If you understand these two questions, you will win the game.

I would advise you to mention the answer on people’s expectation from you in the entire blog post in a step by step manner.

Do not go out of the topic or recommend something which is not relevant.

The first 4 lines of the blog post is very important. It will decide whether the reader will continue to read the post or not.

It is really simple! Just mention in the first 4 line that, what they are going to get from the blog post. That’s it!

This is the only way where you can create an interest on the readers.

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3. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingMajority of bloggers earn from affiliate marketing, this is because they earn high percentage of commission. Many companies also pay fixed commission on each sale.

This is the reason why most bloggers prefer affiliate marketing more.

Now let’s get back to the basics.


  • What is affiliate Marketing and how to make money out of it?

Affiliate marketing basically gives you an opportunity to make money online through links or banners or posters.

If you have a blog, it is very important for you to monetize blog with affiliate links and banners. Think of what you can sell with the help of your blog post.

Sell things which is related to your blog or content. You will not earn, if you sell irrelevant product or services.

Always keep in mind that every space in your blog post has its own importance, so do not waste any space with irrelevant advertisements.

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  • How to get affiliate links?

Once your blog or website is ready, you can register your blog with affiliate companies.

Affiliate companies is a network where 1000’s of companies available with their affiliate links and banners. In simple term, if you are promoting different brands, you do not need to registered with each companies. Get registered with affiliate network and find those companies there itself.

It’s a one-time registration that allows you to get access with end number of companies.

Some affiliate networks will review your blog and then take the decision. It can be quality of content, traffic, spamming, eligibility etc.

Below are the affiliate companies where you can register your blog for free and start earning.

When you apply to these affiliate networks, you will receive a confirmation via email. They may accept your application or decline.  

So, do good work on your blog, before you apply. Post as many contents as you can and then apply.

If you do not find the affiliate link of the product that you want to advertise, you can visit the product website and go to the last page of the website, find affiliate word, click on it and register.

Tip: Do make a blog on those topics where you can promote high price products. This will let you to earn more money with minimum sales.

affiliate marketing

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4. Google AdSense

Earning from Google AdSense is one of the best source to make money blogging. Once your blog has more than 25 blog posts with minimum 1000 words or 500 words in some cases and good traffic on your blog, then you can apply for Google AdSense.

If your blog has genuine content, then it will become easier for you to get approval from Google AdSense.

You must mention privacy policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap and Contact us page in your blog. These are the basics, but most important.

Do not place ads everywhere, your visitor will get disturbed and may eventually close the page. Four ads on a 1000 words blog post is sufficient.

And Yes, very important! Do not click on your own Google Ads. If you want to have a look, go to Google and search there.

Read Google AdSense Guidelines before you apply for AdSense account. Make sure you read the entire guideline, so that you know what Google is expecting from you.

5. Sponsored Ads

Placing an advertisement for others who pay you is called sponsored ads. If your blog has a good number of visitors with high popularity, then there is a high possibility of getting approached by individuals or companies to promote their product or services.

You may also earn by providing reviews on the sponsored ads. This can give you extra money.

I would recommend you to provide an honest review. If the product is not fit for the advertisement, then simply do not accept the offer.

Mention in the blog post or disclaimer page that you do sponsor ads. It’s better that you don’t hide anything.

6. Make Money from eBook

To make money from eBook is easy if you sell it through your blog.

Your success in blogging can make people to buy your eBook because anybody who is new in blogging or want to become successful like you, can easily spend money to learn.

It is one of the highest income generating idea to make money from blog. Maximum bloggers are taking advantage of this strategy.

Your main focus should be in your blog post. And for eBook, 300 words per day is enough. Don’t spend your entire time on writing eBook, because you may lose focus on writing content for your blog.

Ten thousand words should be the minimum words for your eBook. Keep the price based on your popularity.

My advice for you, is to write an eBook on the trending topics which is not easily available free on the internet.

Tip: You must know in and out of the topic and it should reflect in your content. This is how you can create your image in front of the people who visit your blog.

Once the visitors get impressed with your knowledge and experience, they will try to know your secrets. Here you need to convince them to buy the eBook.

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7. Paid Membership

You can make money from your blog by offering paid membership to your subscribers and visitors.

You can offer them a weekly email where you can teach your paid members on how to become successful in certain field.

You need to mention how long the subscribers will receive email and what they are going to learn.

The duration can be a quarter, half-yearly, or one year. It’s up to your strategy.

I would recommend you to give what you have promised for. If you do not fulfill, then you will start receiving reply emails from your paid subscriber, requesting to share what you have agreed.

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8. Webinar

When you actually become successful in the blogging and you have many daily visitors, offer them a webinar as a course and charge them a fee.

Why people will join your webinar?

This can be possible if you offer a free webinar for one time and in that webinar, you convince them to join your paid webinar.

Be prepared before you go for a webinar. People will definitely ask you a question and you must have an answer.

Q&A session is very important in the Webinar to win the confidence of the attendees. This will help you to get more registration. And eventually, you will make more money.

Additionally, we are living in a world of Pandemic, and in such a scenario, the use of Webinars has grown exponentially. With this, every other company and organizations are using webinars to grab potential leads. And, if you can grab some of your clients, you can grow revenue to some of the best possible extents. 

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9. SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the technique to rank your blog or website on the internet. It helps your post to get reach to the people who is searching on the internet relating to your topic.

Honestly speaking, people do SEO to impress search engines like Google or Bing, but these search engines are smart.

They anyway identify good and genuine blogs through their algorithm and rank them in their search engine accordingly.

Many scholars in SEO feels that it’s a very vast topic, but I believe that writing a good and genuine articles with precise explanation is enough.

I personally do very less research on keywords and sometimes I don’t even do research on it.

Many people emphasize more on keywords.

My understanding says that a keyword is part of good articles. If you write good content, you will already have mentioned those keywords automatically without doing any research on keywords.

if you are new to blogging, you can make use of Semrush to check the keywords used on other blog or website. Get keyword ideas from Semrush and apply it to your blog.

If your article is not up to the mark, but you have mentioned a high ranked keyword, don’t even think that Google will rank your blog. Google is smart!

Now, one thing you must understand in SEO is that i will take ample of time for the SEO to work. It might take one year or more depending on the level of competition. 

Plus, another major thing you can do in SEO is that you can start off by building backlinks. In this scenario, the backlinks will drastically help to improve the links of your website. 

Indeed, if you can show some amount of patience, you have the chance and the power to rank your websites with the power of SEO. 

10. Promote a Blog

Do you know that, to promote a blog post takes 10 times more effort than writing that one blog post?

How people will know about your blog unless you won’t promote it.

Once you publish a blog post, you need to share that post where you will find a large number of audiences actively available. One of the best place to promote a blog is social networking sites.

We all know that the majority of people are connected with each other through social networking sites. One of the most important key factor for all the businesses is population. The more people you have, the more you can promote your product or services.

The famous social networking sites which is in trending are Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.

You need to grow your followers and share your blog post on these social networking sites. It also plays the role of backlinks.

If you want to grow fast, then you can advertise your post on any of these social sites. Make sure that your advertisement is attractive, catchy with all the information.

The people will click on your advertisement will land them to your blog. If your blog fails to provide the information that the audience is looking for, then you may not earn. This is because you have already made them aware that you are not an expert on this topic.

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Let me ask you a question. Whose recommendation you will follow?

The one who is an expert or the one who know less? Of course, the one who is an expert.

This is the reason that you should do good research before you write a blog so that your audience will find you an expert blogger.

11. Email Marketing

Email marketing let you to connect with your audiences through email. But the question is, how you will get the email address of your audiences.

The answer is – through your blog. You can set a popup or embedded sticker to collect email address, but before doing this, make sure that your blog is complaint with GDPR.

Always set an email confirmation for receiving subscription. Here when anybody subscribe to your blog, they will receive an email notification to confirm the subscription.

You can also connect through email with your subscribers to share your new blog post. This will increase the number of returning visitors.

Returning visitors is very important and this will also help you to get a good rank on search engines.

It is one of the best way to boost your affiliate earnings and also your eBook sales.

Note: Never ever share or sell the personal details of your subscribers to any third party.

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12. Browser Notification

It is a kind of push notification that your audience will get when you share something.

How people will get the notification?

You need to get registered with and do some settings which is very easy. You will get the direction when registration is completed.

Once everything is done, your audiences will start getting a notification on the top of the page, when they visit to your blog. Once they allow and give permission for an update in the future, you can send them an automated notification.

It is a type of notification that goes automatically to those people who had given permission to receive notification. You can share the new blog post through this platform.

This is one of the most trending techniques that many bloggers are using to increase the number of returning visitors and obviously the “sales”.

To handle the huge number of audiences and keep them growing is not an easy task. You have to reach to your audiences in many ways.

If you apply this method, then it will become very difficult for anyone to surpass your blog post in ranking.

Share such a good post that your audience should wait eagerly for new notification from you to learn a unique and useful thing.

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13. Connect with Other Bloggers

You can contact other bloggers who is ranking higher than you. Learn from them by following through different networking places, where you are officially allowed.

You can email them and ask them a question related to your problem. They may reply you with the solutions, it’s not guaranteed.

So, it’s better to contact with more than three famous bloggers. You may get the answer from them that may not be easily available on the internet.

Indeed, networking is something you got to do if you want to grow the revenue of your website.  Here, you can network with different bloggers in your industry. Simply, you can reach out to them on different social media platforms. With this, as and when you will perform networking, you can open up an entire space for you to grow your blogging career. 

Now, speaking about networking, indeed things take time and it will take some time for you to network in the best ever way. 

But, as and when you will gain the experience, you will understand the entire phenomenon of networking. Then, you can easily connect up with the bloggers and then discuss your things. 

The more networking you will do, the greater are the chances that you can reach out to some of the best people. 

How To Turn Blogging Into A Career.

14. Guest Posting

In simple term, a blogger who creates a post for other bloggers to get traffic is called Guest Posting.

Suppose you are a blogger and you post on another person’s blog mentioning your name as an Author and your blog name.

To do a Guest posting, you need to approach to the well-known blogger who has a huge number of visitors. They may charge you for Guest posting or give you an opportunity for free.

You may think that the other blogger is getting an article for free, then why he or she will charge me?

This is because you will get a good number of visitors to your blog through them. People will read your name & blog name and try to search you on the internet.

Plus, your domain authority will also increase that will help you to get a good rank on search engine.

There are many other benefits that you will get through guest posting; hence this is the reason they charge you for guest posting.

You will also earn in the same way once, your blog started getting a huge number of audiences.

Challenges in Blogging

When you start a blog, you will surely not be having an audience to read your articles. It takes time to reach your audience through different platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. This is because you are new in blogging.

It requires hard work to create quality content. Creating content with half information may not help you.

Readers/Visitors may not take interest in reading your blog, so you need to create content that grabs readers attention. Content should be interesting and worth reading.

Avoid Few Things to Make Money Blogging

Copy other’s content: Never ever copy other people’s content. Plagiarism is not acceptable in blogging. You need to create your own content.

People love reading new things when they visit from one blog to another.

False commitment: When you promote any products or services, do not share false information to skyrocket your sales. Nowadays, readers are very smart. They easily find out that you are forcing the reader to buy product/service.

Avoid Emailing every day for sales: You may be having an emailing list for the ones who subscribed to your blog. Make sure you share valuable information rather than emailing for sales.

You can do email marketing but you should not irritate your subscribers by continuously sending emails every day.

Stealing photos: You may required photos for your blog. Copying other images is not recommendable. You may get into trouble when you copy an image from any blog or website. To get free images, simply visit Pixabay.


Before you start, you must know how you are going to make money, what you are going to sell or what will be the sources of income from your blog.

Sources of income can be Affiliate marketing, Google Ads, Sponsored ads, banners, ebooks etc.

One of the best way to make money online through the internet is blogging. Blogging is the platform where you can share your reviews, ideas and your personal experience to promote any product or services.

You can also work for yourself as a full-time blogger and earn more than full-time job. This is how many bloggers are making money from blogging.

Before you start, it is very important to know how to create a blog, which I believe is the easiest task if you choose WordPress as a platform.

WordPress will make your task easier because it comes with many free plugins which is must to run a blog.

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