How to Make Money as a Kid: TOP 32 Ways with Proven Results [2020]

make money as a kid

In a world of technology and digitization all around us, kids of today’s date are much different. Indeed, kids of today are exposed to technology and plenty of them are making good money from the same.

For the kids who or there who are eager to find ways to make money as a kid, I have got tons of ways for you.

Yes, every single way is given after a series of research and you will love from making money by each of the given ways. On the other hand, if you are a parent who is looking for some good ways your kid can make money, you have come to the right place.

Speaking about the current date kids, they are surrounded by technology. Yes, they know to use a smartphone and this is something that is useful.

This opens up the way towards the use of some of the best ways and earns money with the same.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the best and proven ways to make money as a kid.


Best Ways to make money as a kid

1. Start a Blog

make money as a kid

Speaking about one of the best ways to make money as a Kid, blogging is something everyone loves. Yes, modern date kids are well versed with technology and if they can take blogging as a career at an early age, things can get better for them in the future.

With blogging, things will be slow at the start and as soon as you will start posting articles, you will gain traffic and then, monetization will be the key.

Here, as parents, you can buy domain names along with hosting for your kids. Make sure that the hosting provider offers almost all of the necessary features your kid needs.

Thereafter, you can set up the blog for them and let them take control over the blog.

Ways I use to make money from the blog

Personally, I run several blogs and I have got some proven ways you as a kid can opt to make money too.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Yes, speaking about one of the most proven ways to make money as a kid, Affiliate marketing is one of them. This method has run for over a decade now and plenty of people have earned millions from Affiliate marketing.

Here, all you need is to select the products and services of other companies. Simply, you can enrol in those company’s programs and then start promoting their products.

As soon as you will sell those products, you will start making sales and with this, you can make some good money from affiliate marketing.

  1. Google Ads

Moving ahead with the second way, monetizing your content with Google Ads is another brilliant one. Yes, with Google ads, you can make money on the basis of impressions and click.

Each time any person will click on those ads, you will start making some good money from the same.

  1. Sponsored Posts

If you are running a blog that has become quite famous, you can start charging for a guest post. Yes, this can open up another opportunity for you with which, you can earn good money from different clients.

All you need here is confidence as a kid and once you have that, the road is clearer to earn good money from blogging.

How to Start a Blog

Well, before you can start your blog, you will have to choose brilliant hosting along with domain names.

This issue is resolved by Siteground as a hosting service provider. Yes, the company delivers an all-in-one package where you can choose your wishful hosting along with a brilliant domain name.

From my end, I am using Siteground and I love every single feature of this hosting. Plus, the plans offered by Siteground are affordable and with great features, this is one of the best hosting for kids.

On the other hand, if you are eager to get more details about starting your blog, you can check out details here: How to start a blog?

2. Take Online Surveys

make money as a kid

Online surveys are another better thing you can choose for making money online as a kid. Yes, when it comes to surveys, making money from the same is one of the easiest tasks.

I also perform different survey and I can say, making money from surveys is profitable and you can the same within minutes.

In this scenario, there are plenty of companies that are giving money to complete different surveys. Each of the surveys is specially designed to help people complete them and get more data out of the same.

Now, while there are sites that offer surveys for above 18 years old, you can check out the sites that offer below 18 surveys.

Of course, there are plenty of the survey websites available and you can simply go ahead and fill surveys as a kid. I would recommend you to sign up for Survey Junkie and start making money from today. 

When it comes to taking payments, you can use your parent’s PayPal account. Yes, this streamlines the process and offers another great opportunity to make money as a kid.

3. Starting YouTube Channel

make money as a kid

Over the past few years, YouTube as a platform has become much more powerful. Yes, plenty of kids are joining YouTube and showcasing their skills to each of the people over the world.

As a kid, you can also do the same where you got to know the skills you are good at. Here, you can make good money by talking about your life, toys, movies, and even video games.

You must have seen videos where kids are unboxing their favourite toys and making good money from the same.

Hence, this shows the true potential where you can use YouTube and make money as a kid, the best ever way.

On the other hand, if you can involve your parents in this scenario, your possibility can grow to endless limits. They can offer you a helping hand and with their support, you can grow at a much faster pace.

4. Selling items online

make money as a kid

Who doesn’t have some unwanted stuff lying around? Take a glance through your closet and there’s an honest chance you can find some clothes that don’t fit or toys that you’re not curious about anymore.

Rather than wasting all of that valuable space in your home, why not sell that stuff online using dropshipping method?

Platforms like eBay are great for getting obviate used products. Just create an inventory, set a price, and ship off your items once they’re sold. It’s as easy as that. Just confirm you get your parent’s permission beforehand!

5. Advertise Yard Services

Performing yard work is one of the oldest kid jobs around. Your parents probably spent their summers tidying up neighbourhood yards and mowing lawns.

You can do an equivalent. However, you’ve got some extra tools to simplify the method of touch. Social media may be an excellent spot to advertise your services. All you’ve got to try to is join your area people group and let people know what you’re offering.

You can rake leaves, offer mowing services, water plants, then far more.

6. Babysit

Like yard work, babysitting may be a tried and true kid job. It’s an excellent option for 13-year-olds and above. You can advertise your services and rate on social media.

Or, you can check-in for one among the various babysitting websites. These websites do all of the advertising for you, making it easy for potential customers to seek out you. If you are a pet lover then, you could go for Rover and earn money as a pet sitter. 

7. Make Jewellery

make money as a kid

Well, jewellery is a thing every individual loves and if you are fond of making jewellery, things can get better for you.

Here, there are tons of companies that offer jewellery making and you as a kid can take advantage in this scenario.

In this case, first, you can create your very own website showcasing jewellery making. Now, the moment you get an order, you can offer the same to the company, get jewellery made, deliver to the customer, and make commissions in between.

Indeed, this is one of the best ways to make money as a kid in which you don’t have to do much. Slowly and steadily, you will gain experience and with this, you can earn a substantial amount of money with this good work.

8. Become a Photographer

make money as a kid

Becoming a photographer has become a much easier task in today’s world. Now, you don’t need a professional DSLR as a kid and you can do the same with a smartphone.

Yes, modern date smartphones come with brilliant cameras and if you are interested in photography, becoming a photographer and make money as a kid, a lot simpler.

Buyers can also pay you for the rights if they will use your photographs on their website

With this, you will get money for every download but for this, you will have to create your very own website.

On the other hand, if you as a kid want to learn photography on an extensive scale, you can get access to different classes and online courses. In an open world, you will get access to almost anything and with that, you can learn photography to perfection.

Plus, YouTube as a platform delivers some of the best photography courses to people who are eager to learn.

Here, you can browse different videos from beginner to advanced level related to photography. Slowly but steadily, you can then make money as a kid with photography, the easiest way.

9. Start a Dog-Walking Business

Out of different businesses you can start as a kid, Dog Walking business is something, you can opt for, without any issues.

In the United States and other countries, there are plenty of Dog owners who are searching for someone who can take care of their dogs.

In this scenario, you can begin by creating your very own Dog handling website like Rover. Thereafter, you can start running ads for the same, attract clients, and make good money from dog business.

10. Wash Cars

car washing

A lot of individuals just don’t have time to scrub their cars. It’s time-consuming and messy, numerous folks are looking to rent somebody else to try to the work.

You can be that person with the proper gear! Like babysitting and mowing, just advertise yourself on social media.

If you would like to form yourself really stand out, invest in some cleaning tools and products. You can market yourself as a full-service car washer, which results in higher rates.

11. Create a Web Course

You’d be surprised if you will know the number of people who are eager to buy online courses.  If you are someone who has got the skill to create an online course, becoming a millionaire with the same, is a cakewalk for you.

You can sell digital textbooks, courses, learning tools, English speaking, and tons of other courses.  Of course, with creating different courses, the sky is the limit where you can even advertise your course on social media and try to generate different leads from the same.

If you are planning to launch your own video course then Teachable can be the perfect and sorted platform for y0u. 

12. Flip Products

Product flipping may be surprisingly easy thanks to making money online. But, if you will browse the internet, you will find tons of websites that serve a platform to flip products. Yes, those platforms will keep their small commission but you will be left with some good money.

From your end, your job will be to act as a mediator between the customer and the seller. You can take a product from the seller, advertise, sell products, and make a good amount of money in between.

This is much simpler and one of the best ways to make money as a kid.

13. Sell T-Shirts

Sell T-Shirts

If you have the knack of selling creative T-shirts online, a t-shirt is a skill that can take you far ahead that you can ever imagine.  The best thing about selling T-shirts is that you don’t have to do much of the things.  

There are companies available that can easily manage the inventory for you. Plus, they can also print custom designs on your behalf and take care of shipment too.

Altogether, selling T-Shirts is one of the most brilliant ways to make money as a kid. Its sleek, simple, and most importantly, hassle-free.

14. Become a Web Tutor

If you are one of those kids who is doing pretty well in class and academics, becoming a web tutor is a thing you can start off.

Yes, here, there is no need to spend much money and all you can do is to start creating online classes and teaching different students.

Here, the skills you want to teach can vary from anything. This can range from teaching maths to English. It all depends on which area you are good at and the best ways you can earn good money as a kid.

With effective tutoring, you can not only help kids but you can also help adults who are struggling with different learnings.

15. Review Products

Earlier, we mentioned that a lot of sites can pay you for your honest opinions. Well, some can even send you free products to review.

These survey sites work with big-name brands to urge feedback on products before they are available out. Not only are you able to get paid to use and review these products, but you get to ascertain the newest and greatest items before they hit store shelves!

16. Become an Influencer


It’s no surprise that social media has become a full-time job for several people around the world. Teens and adults can check in for a good range of platforms and begin cultivating an audience. As your following grows, you can monetize your accounts with brand sponsorships, ads, and more.

One of the foremost popular social media platforms to try to do this with is Instagram, which needs you to be 13 years old to check-in. Other platforms, like TikTok, are quickly becoming great places to form money, too.

17. Become a Streamer

Video game streaming may be a multi-million dollar industry. There are tons of people involved in online streaming on twitch where people are making some amazing amounts of money.

With some streaming hardware, you can easily record playing games online of your choice. Or else, you can even stream on other platforms of your choice and then upload the entire video on the same.

More to it, making money from an online platform is one thing for streamers. There are other tons of ways by which streamers make money and that includes sponsored video, paid partnerships, and many more.

18. Write Content for Other Sites

Write Content for Other Sites

Without a doubt, content writing has been a thing that has evolved with the digital marketing industry. Currently, every single website needs content and in this case, they got to hire some pretty good content writers.

Therefore as a kid, you can work on your writing skills where your first task will be to start reading blogs online. Also, you can start focusing on grammar and then applying for content writing work online.

As and when you will gain experience, you can simply go ahead and earn good money with writing itself.

19. Organize a Yard Sale Online

Making money by throwing a yard sale is straightforward. You can get your entire family involved to earn some extra cash. If you’ve got the space, you can even believe renting table space to neighbours who want to urge obviate some stuff.

If you are thinking of giving a shot at this thing, choosing the Internet as a platform is a brilliant choice.

In this scenario, you can advertise your yard or even Garage on social media. Slowly but steadily, you can start getting clients and making money then will be a cakewalk.

20. Rent Your Own Stuff

Many adults make extra cash by renting out things they don’t use a day. This can include spare bedrooms in their home, parking spaces, and even cars.

While you can’t attend those extremes, you can hire out smaller items that you simply own. Sports gear, gaming equipment, or maybe clothes are all good options. Just advertise your services online. Or else, you can even start your own website and rent out your own stuff.

If you want to take this thing a bit forward, you can always go ahead and run ads for your website.

Ads have brought good results for plenty of people and you can test the same for your website.

In the end, you will see results where you can rent your stuff online and make money as a kid, with this amazing work.

21. Crowdsource

Want to understand the way to make money without doing anything? Crowdsourcing is usually an option. While this doesn’t always work, it’s an excellent thanks to making money fast for a fundraising event or big trip.

Platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter allow you to make custom pages where your friends and relations can donate to whatever causes your raising funds for. Every single donation is handled by the platform and as a kid, you don’t have to do much in this scenario.

22. Become a celebration Entertainer

Do you like dressing up and being the lifetime of the party? If the answer is yes then you can make money as a kid by entertaining people around you.

You can dress up to celebrate younger kids’ birthday parties or take up face painting.

To expand this business, you can eventually create your website on the internet. With this, you can then start running ads for your website and attract tons of clients.

Slowly but gradually, you will see your site growing where you can entertain people and earn good money from the same.

23. Invest


While most investment sites won’t let 13-year-olds check-in, you can have your parents assist you out. Investing in stocks has become much easier from where you can get higher returns.

In this scenario, you will first have to understand the stock market working. You must know different stocks and the idea of investing.

On the other hand, making things a lot easier, you can opt for a stockbroker and he will do every single thing for you.

All you need then is to monitor your stocks and play it safe and in a lot more careful manner.

24. Self-Publish a Booking

Thanks to Amazon and other popular digital stores, self-publishing has never been easier. you can write a brief story, novella, or full-blown series.

Regardless of how long your literary composition is, you can publish it yourself with virtually no risks.

In the current scenario, Digital books are selling like crazy and on your behalf, you can do the same too. All you need here is good writing skills and a way of interaction that can compel the users to buy and read your book.

This is without a doubt, one of the better ways to make money as a kid.

25. Invent Something

Invent Something

Who says that youngsters can’t be inventors? If you’ve got an honest idea for a product or service, you can find different ways to monetize the same.  

You can attend a crowdsourcing site to earn money to form that concept into reality. Also, you can even work with your parents and take ideas from them too.

Currently, you can find tons of success stories of kids who developed something and are making massive money just from that one invention.

26. Sell Crafts

There’s always a marketplace for scarves, cards, and other crafts. You can sell virtually any sort of handmade product on Etsy or eBay. Papercrafts, like intricate boxes and custom-made greeting cards, tend to sell alright.

On the other hand, selling knit scarves and wooden scarves can be one good thing you can do.

Here, everything completely relies on your imagination and the potential you can use to make money as a kid by selling crafts.

27. Test Apps

With the assistance of your parents, you can become a politician app tester. App testers are liable to download and test software titles to let it released in the market.  

Also, they need to then use the apps and provides feedback, helping developers make adjustments which will improve the success of their launch.

Therefore, if you are interested in the role of a tester, you don’t have to do much. All you need is to learn about testing different apps and develop the confidence to work with another tester.

Currently, there are tons of online jobs available to test apps. Therefore, from your end, you can take up those jobs and make good money in the nearby future.

28. Sell Digital Goods

sell digital goods

If you’re like most youngsters, you must have known the complete in and out of technology.  

So, why not use your knowledge to make digital products to sell. Beyond ebooks, you can sell custom logos, website themes, or digital tools.

Also, there are kids who have earned a good amount of money by creating skins of video games.

Plus, as digital products are sold online, there is no need to keep an inventory of your own. In this case, you can simply create a product, promote the same, and make money as a kid, in the fastest way.

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29. Teach Others How to Use Technology

Everyone knows that the younger generation is more tech-savvy than others.

Still, there are tons of people like older generations who don’t know the full potential of technology.

Here, you can advertise your services on to different platforms such as Fiverr and other good ones. From there, you can attract your potential clients and make money as a kid, the better way.

30. Create Games

create games

You don’t even need plenty of coding knowledge to form your very own game from the bottom up.

Games have become the modern-day trend and people of every age are going for the gaming industry. Therefore, if you as a kid is interested in making games, you can go ahead and learn different gaming languages.

Thereafter, once you have learned the language, then you can simply go ahead and apply for different gaming jobs.

31. Build an App

Coding is quickly becoming a core part of the curriculum across the state. If you’ve got some coding experience, why not build a fun app? Digital app stores from Google and Apple generate billions of dollars in revenue a year!

While this method does require some specialized knowledge, it’s still one of the foremost and best ways to make money as a kid.

32. Find a Social Media Job

find social media job

Social media is the inevitable king in the present date world. It’s such a crucial part of the marketing puzzle that the majority of companies have employees that do nothing but manage social media accounts all day.

If are someone, who knows how to use social media and bring clients for companies, searching for a social media job can be the best of all option for you online.

This can be one of the best ways to make money as a kid and you can take this career to far greater extents.

Of course, age restrictions do inherit play here. However, you can be ready to get some part-time work with local businesses. You can charge them to make posts, reply to comments, and manage entire pages.

Final Word of Mouth: How to Make Money as a Kid

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, you must have got the best ways to make money as a kid. Yes, I have tried my best to offer you some brilliant ways you can choose for making money as a kid.

Though the above ways are a mix match of skills and you got to decide which are those skills that can be a good one for you.

Eventually, you can easily test and try different options and see which one works the best for you.

Then, you can go ahead, opt for the best skill, learn the same, and make money as a kid in the most profound and brilliant way.

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