How To Make Extra 1000 A Month (15 Most Useful Ideas)

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If you have extra time to work for money while working from home then you much know “how to make extra 1000 a month”.

We all want extra money but the thing is “How?”. There are many ways to make money online from home that many people are unaware of. 

If you are ready to make time to work in your spare time then you most probably be making extra $1000 a month consistently. 

If you think whatever you are earning is not enough, then I would say you need to make money on the side and make yourself financially stronger

In this article, I will get you through the list of side hustle that brings side income to your pocket.

How To Make Extra $1000 A Month?

You will find many easy ways to make money but you need to make sure that you work on the right platform that fits best for you. 

Yes, it requires time and effort to earn 1000 dollars if you want it consistently. If you are doing a 9-5 job then believe me you are lucky enough to do something on the side and create your own side income that brings money to your pocket.

Let’s calculate how you can make an extra $1000 a month. I am considering this as a side income. You can also go ahead with full-time if you want to make extra. 

Transcription Jobs = $1500

Online Surveys = $1560

Freelancing = $1700

Assistantship in college = $1600

Facebook Ads earning = $1000+

Petsitting job = $1100

Invest in stocks = Depends on your investment and market behavior. 

Freelance Writing = $2200

Digital Marketing = $2100

If you make at least $39 a day with working 26 days a month, then you can easily reach $1000 earning mark working part-time. 

Transcription Jobs from Home

If you are good at certain language and have a good typing speed, then you can grab the opportunity to make money from transcription

There are many companies that provide work from home for a transcriber. You just need to listen to the audio files and type it down. 

I have listed down three transcription work that you can apply for and have a side earning.

  • General Transcription

Being a new transcriptionist, you can go for general transcription work as it does not require any specific skills to do the task. 

There are many companies that hire transcriptions to make a text format of their videos, podcasting, meeting discussion, voice recordings, Video tutorial, Youtube videos and many more.

  • Legal Transcription

Legal transcription tasks may require a person having a legal background. The task includes creating a text file of legal proceedings such as court hearing, interviews, etc. 

If you have a good knowledge of legal, then your job may become easier. Many companies hire transcriptionists only with a background in law. 

  • Medical Transcription 

Once you join Medical transcription, you will start receiving medical-related voice notes. You need to listen to the voice note from Doctor or Physician and convert it into text format manually. 

You need to have the background or education qualification into medical to get your resume accepted quickly. 

There are certification programs you can do online and start your own career in the medical transcription field. 

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How To Make Extra Money From Home?

There are companies that pay for working 1 to 3 hours a day. It’s up to you if you want to make extra money by working more hours from home.

Doing a few simple tasks a day can bring a good amount of money on a daily basis, but you have to work consistently.

  • Fill Online Surveys For Cash

Online Survey companies pay up to $35 per survey. This can be a great source of income for you if you make time to work on it. 

You can even fill surveys while travelling and relaxing at work. You just need to answer some simple questionnaires. 

Many companies do research and development and to get precise information, they ask normal people to share them their view on a particular product or services. 

Sign Up for free and make side earnings:

  • Survey JunkieOne of the best paid survey site for extra income.
  • Swagbucks – Make extra money by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games and surfing the web.

Above are the best-known companies you can join if you want to make extra money on the side. 

  • Start Freelancing Business

I have seen many people prefer to do freelancing instead of joining any company. If you have any kind of skills that can help companies or entrepreneurs, then you must start your own freelancing work and later transform it into a freelancing agency. 

There are many freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Freelancers, Upwork and many more are actually helping freelancers with the clients. 

Freelancers on these platforms are actually generating an extra $1000 a month by working part-time. 

You can choose to join full-time and get the opportunity to build your profile online as a freelancer. 

Types of Freelancers

  • Freelance Writers
  • Freelance SEO
  • Freelance Programmer
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Digital Marketer and many more

To get freelancing work, you need to apply to freelance sites or contact companies and share your resume as a freelancer. 

Many companies do hire a full-time employee for short tasks as they prefer to outsource their task to freelancers. 

This saves time and money. You can take advantage of grabbing such opportunities from many companies. 

Simply approach or write an email to companies and let them know that you are a freelancer and how you can help the company if they outsource their work to you. 

Always take a task that you can complete within the deadline otherwise you end up losing a client. 

Many freelancers do this. They actually grab jobs from multiple clients and then fails to meet deadlines. To fight this situation, you can hire more people who can assist you in doing your freelancing task. 

This is what many freelancers are doing. They are grabbing work from multiple companies and completing work as a team. 

Best Ways To Make Extra 1000 A Month In College

Being a college student I can understand that you have to manage your expenses in a limited amount of money every week. 

I have been through this situation when I was doing my MBA. You have expenses such as room rent, traveling, food and many more. 

Nowadays many students are participating in doing online tasks and making extra income every week to support their finances. 

  • Make Extra Money From Daily Activities

You must be surfing the internet and watching videos online. There are people loves to play games. You can now make money fast online doing this stuff.

Swagbucks pays its users when you do your daily stuff. You do not need to spend a set amount of time. It’s up to you. You can log in to Swagbucks and start doing activities and make money from home daily. 

They also offer online paid surveys where you can make some extra money for your daily expenses like food and travel. 

You can even recommend Swagbucks to your friend and earn a referral income and commission. 

Whatever the money you make on Swagbucks, it can be transferable to your PayPal account. 

When I earned money on Swagbucks. I quickly placed a request to transfer the money to Paypal. It took around 5 days to get money transferred. I still enjoy Swagbucks and earning extra money every month. 

  • Assistantships In College

Many colleges offer assistantships in the college. You can discuss this with the receptionist or if you have a good relationship with professors then get their guidance on this. 

You can work for your college part-time and earn extra income. This can assist you in paying your college fees and some extra money to support your finances. 

I have seen many colleges requires students to manage the activity in the college like managing reception, computer hardware related task, managing files and many more. 

They will mainly give you a task related to your studies. So, if you are studying computer science then you will be given a job related to computers and software. 

If you are planning to study then you must check work at university option. Usually, big universities provide such opportunities.

  • Assist Companies In Research

There are companies who do research to transform their company to the next level. They take assistance from people outside the companies. 

You can help companies in doing research by sharing your opinion and filling out questionnaires. 

Vindale Research is one of the highly known companies that assist such companies in doing research. 

You are actually sharing your opinion so that companies can use it for growth and development. 

It’s free to join Vindale Research. You can start working from today and have your first earning. 

It is good for side income and you do not need to fix a time to work on. You can work any time you want. 

  • Manage Facebook Ads

Facebook has opened a variety of options for the individual or organization to make money. You can manage Facebook ads for others or start your own business. 

Many bloggers write blogs and monetize it with affiliate links. They run Facebook ads on that page and generate leads. 

You can also write your own ebook and promote it through Facebook ads. Many college students apply such techniques and make extra income. 

If you do not have anything to promote then the other way is to assist companies in running Facebook ads and charge them for leads or fixed amounts on a weekly or monthly. 

If you start getting good leads for the company then you can ask for the incentives for bringing extra money. 

Running Facebook ads is not simple, you need to learn it and gain good knowledge before approaching someone for the job. 

You can make an extra $1000 every month if you keep showing positive results to the company that you are assisting. 

  • Make Extra From Pet Sitting Job

If you are a pet lover and want to make money as a part-time like $1000 a month then you should join Rover.

Rover is an online platform where people hire you for pet sitting.

Just set your own price for the job. You do not need to negotiate.

The money will come directly to your account through Rover.

If you have experience in handling pets then make sure you mention that. This will higher your chance to get hired in less time.

How To Make $1000 A Month In Passive Income?

Passive income is one of my favorites. I love to help people generating passive income ideas because I am also earning passive income on a daily basis. 

I am actually making money while sleeping. Everyone must have at least one passive income source so that you world stands strong financially. 

  • Start A Blog

I always advise people to start a blog as I am also doing the same and generating passive income.

You just need to write an article of a particular niche on a regular basis and one day you will notice people coming to your blog. 

To make money from the blog you have to monetize it professionally. I make income from affiliate and advertisement. 

You can also do the same and have extra money coming to your pocket every month. Yes, It takes effort and time but it pays later. 

The whole idea is to never give up. Real people make money because of not giving up and they eventually gain success. 

Once you start spending time on writing articles, you will actually start getting ideas of how to choose topic and what topic can bring money to your website. 

You also required to learn SEO but it’s secondary. First, you must learn how to start your own blog and get it ready for articles to publish.

  • Invest In Stocks

If you want to become a passive partner in the company, then you can invest in stocks. 

Though it doesn’t guarantee to earn 1000 dollars per month.

It depends upon investment money and in what stocks you are investing in.

Acorns is the company that assist investors in investing money in stocks. 

You can start as little as $5. The best thing about Acorns is, they invest your money in different stocks through well-experienced investment managers.

The earning comes from an increase in share price and dividends.

They also provide round up services. So, whenever you buy things, it rounds up the remaining change and invests that money into stocks.

For example: If you buy a coffee for $4.50. Acorns round up the amount to $5.00 and $50 will be added for the investments.

If you do not have experience in investing in stocks then let Acorns handle your investment into best-performing stocks.

  • Rent Extra Space In Your House

I love renting extra spaces in my house. This creates an extra source of earning.

Now you can also do it online through Airbnb. You just need to register a room with good room pictures and upload it on Airbnb.

The reason why many people choose Airbnb to stay or rent a room is that they allow a simple house to list in the renting. 

You do not have to have a hotel room. Many people rent a spare room in their house and earning over $1000 per month.

If you provide good facilities or amenities like wifi, food then you get a chance to beat the competition over many room renters.

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Jobs To Make 1000 Dollars A Month

There are several jobs that pay you an extra 1000 dollars even working at home.

Students usually do it for pocket money. If you are interested to work extra and earn money then you choose one of the below jobs and start working.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs

Having good writing skills can bring a good amount of money every week. You will find many bloggers who search for good writers. 

You have to prove that you are a good writer. At the initial stage, you may have to work at the less pay but as soon as you got build your profile as a writer, you will start getting good pay. 

Basically freelance writers get paid per word most of the time. When you start writing for different companies, then you can promote yourself that you had worked with such companies. This will add an advantage for you to grab the job. 

  • Digital Marketing Jobs From Home

If you want to do work from home jobs then starting with digital marketing could be the best step to start with. 

You can join online courses and get a certificate. Once you get some sort of experience, then you can approach companies and have a contract. 

Many companies outsource their online digital promotional to freelancer who has proved themself as a good digital marketer. 

If you are new in this industry, try to find the clients on Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork freelancing platforms. Otherwise, you can join a digital marketing agency where you will learn strategies to build a successful online marketing campaign. 

This experience may help you to find the home jobs that bring extra money to your account. Digital marketing is booming but you need to learn because it’s a skill-based job. Yes, you can make 1000 a month but you must be capable enough to handle a digital marketing job. 

The best way is to learn online, watch youtube videos related to digital marketing, join a good program or join a Digital marketing agency. 

In Conclusion

Making extra 1000 a month is possible even working part-time from home but it requires effort. 

You have to invest your time to reach $1000 earning and you can do this by using your spare time perfectly.

You know I used to do a full-time job before, but still, I was managing my time to work on this blog. It took time to grow but your hard work pays you eventually. This is what I came to know.

I left my job and now working full-time from home being the boss of my business. I would advise you to do the same thing. 

Do something you are good at and keep investing your time to reach your goal. Dedication is very important. You have to get out of your comfort zone now to enjoy your life later. 

Work at least 1-2 hours a day for yourself and generate a side income source so that you become financially stronger even though you lose your full-time job. 

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  1. Rent Extra Space In Your House is the great way to earn money. You only need to build a big home, which is a one-time investment and renting it is a long time earning. This is what I did.


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