How to Make 50 Dollars a Day: TOP 10 Proven Ways [2020 Updated]

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Are you eager to make 50 dollars a day? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Almost every single person is searching the internet for the best of all ways to earn money online.

Although, the process is not that easy as you will have to learn certain skills if you want to make 50 dollars a day online.

Well, from my end, I have done some great series of research and have come up with the quality ways to make 50 dollars a day online in 2020 and beyond. Among different ways, while there are some ways that don’t require skills, other ones require some sort of skills.

Therefore, even if you are a person who doesn’t have any sort of online skills, you have still come to the right place.

Without spending even a single second, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the most marvelous ways to make 50 dollars a day.

How to make 50 dollars a day

1. Write an E-Book

how to make 50 dollars a day

Without a doubt, one of the low-cost ways to make 50 dollars a day is writing an e-book. Indeed, in 2020 and beyond, people are shifting from reading those traditional books and are moving ahead to read books online.

Speaking about the number of self-published books, the number grew from 83,000 to over a million in 2017. Yes, the data is about the United States, and even today, the percentage of people willing to read books online is increasing.

Indeed, that’s quite a massive number and if you can write an e-book of your own, you can generate tons of money in no time.

Going ahead with different tricks, you can create different titles and make use of a cross-promotion platform.

Also, in this case, it’s important to rely on different distribution channels that can help you to reach diversified audiences.

However, if you are someone who is willing to write an ebook, you must be a good writer. Indeed, you got to have the right writing skills that can help you to write an e-book in the best possible way.

Or else, if you are thinking to learn writing, you can start reading books and blogs as much as you can.

As and once you are ready, then you can write an e-book, publish the same, perform marketing, and make 50 dollars a day, the best ever way.

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2. Perform Freelance Writing

how to make 50 dollars a day

Yet another industry that is rising since the past couple of years and the one that is making people filthy rich, freelance writing is the sole one. Yes, over the past years, the number of blogs and websites has risen where each of them needs plenty of articles on a daily basis.

In such cases, the importance of writers comes into play, and being a writer, you are free to set your very own rates.

Coming down towards the freelance gigs, each gig comes up with different shapes and sizes. Also, you must note that each of the things depends on the capability of the writer and the skills they can bring in writing.

If you want to learn and become a perfect freelance writer, then I would highly recommend you to check out Freelacewritersden. Grow online and make money from home. 

From the client’s end, there will be clients that won’t spend much. While there will be clients that are willing to spend a good amount of money.

Therefore, to make 50 dollars a day, first, you can start off with the easier work. Polish your skills with the lower-priced gigs and once you are done with the same, then you can go ahead and work for higher-priced gigs.

Now, in writing, there are some of the best online platforms that you can opt for and write in the best ever way.

Best freelance writing platforms

  • Upwork

Talking about one of the most popular online platforms will bring Upwork into the spotlight. Yes, Upwork is a great platform for every single freelancer who wants to showcase their skills and earn money on the basis of that.

With this, as a freelance writer, you can browse different freelance projects on Upwork. You got to bid on different projects and if you are good enough, you can make 50 dollars a day, from Upwork, in the easiest way.

  • Freelancer

Yet another platform to offer good writing projects for freelancers, the freelancer platform is a good one too.

Yes, with the Freelancer platform, you can search for different projects and wait for the clients to accept your gigs.

Thereafter, as and when the proposal is done, then you can easily go ahead and make 50 dollars a day from the Freelance website too.

Which Tools are great for Freelance Writers?


Well, working in an online industry is a steep task and if you are a writer, there are certain sets of tools you must take into consideration.

First of all, Grammarly is a tool that can help you to fix all those grammatical errors that occur in your article. Here, the tool comes in both the free along with paid versions where you are free to choose between the two.

On the other hand, Copyscape is yet another tool that can help you to find duplicate contents in your article.

In this scenario, you must note that Copyscape is a paid tool and for every single search, you got to pay Copyscape credits for the same.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

how to make 50 dollars a day

Talking about one of the hottest ways to make 50 dollars a day and beyond will bring YouTube into the spotlight. Without a doubt, with YouTube, you can become filthy rich and all you need here is better presentation skills.

In this scenario, YouTube doesn’t have any age for any people. Yes, if you are a teenager or even an old-age man, YouTube has kept its gate open for every single person out there.

Still, if you are thinking to start your YouTube, you must note that it won’t be easy at the start. Yes, you will face tons of challenges while you will create your first ever video on YouTube.

In this case, you will have to first select on the niche in which you are the most comfortable. Over YouTube, content matters a lot, and with the right content, you can easily make 50 dollars a day.

Plus, on YouTube, most of the things depend on the number of views. If the number of views on your videos goes up, then you can easily make a good amount of money from YouTube.

Also, you must know that YouTube has changed their policy and they do the same on a consecutive basis.

Hence, before starting off your YouTube carrier, you will have to be careful about different YouTube policies. At the start, you will face some sort of issues but if you have the will to succeed on YouTube, you can do the same, without any sorts of issues.

What are other ways to make money on YouTube?

Well, earning from YouTube through Adsense is one good way. Other than this, there are tons of ways that you can use and make the best of money from YouTube.

Among such ways earning money through sponsorships is one of the better ones. Yes, there are plenty of sponsors who are willing to spend their money on channels that can promote their products.

In this scenario, if you have got a channel that attracts tons of views, you will get sponsorship offers. Here, you will have to choose the sponsorships and then you can simply perform sponsorship videos and make good money from the same.

4. Start your own Blog

how to make 50 dollars a day

Yet another way to make 50 dollars a day and starting your own blog will come into the spotlight. Indeed, there are tons of bloggers that are earning millions through their blog. This shows the true potential where you can even start your blog and earn money for the future.

Now, if you are a beginner and willing to start your first blog, you don’t have to worry even for a second.

I have done things simpler for you where you can learn all the basics to Start your First Blog right from here itself.

For a blog, hosting and domains are two essential things and without these too, you cannot really start your own blog.

In this scenario, Siteground is the number one recommended hosting by us as they are packed in features.

Siteground as a hosting company delivers the best of all hosting that is packed in tons of features. Right from good performance to stunning customer support, their services have been top class.

Now, once you have set up your very own blog, the next step will be to monetize the same. First of all, you can monetize your blog with the help of Google ads. Yes, this is one of the most prominent ways if you want to start making money from your blog.

On the other hand, there is also affiliate marketing through which you can promote the products of other companies and make a good amount of money.

I will explain affiliate marketing in the later parts of this article. As of now, with your blog, you must focus on producing quality content.

How to produce quality content?

Well, after you have set up your blog, one of the biggest challenges will be to write good content. In this scenario, if you have got some sort of writing skills, you can simply go ahead and start writing on your own.

However, in case if you don’t have any sort of skills, then you can hire writers that can write content for your blog.

Either way, all depends on your preferences and if you can do blogging effectively, you can easily make 50 dollars a day, without any sorts of issue.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You can make affiliate marketing as a part of blogging where this method has literally made people millions. Yes, in this scenario, you don’t have any of your own products and all you need is to promote products of other people and make money with the same.

Here, you don’t need any sort of extra skills and all you require is good sales skills. For affiliate marketing, you can start the same with your very own blog.

In this case, one of the best examples is Amazon associates that you can join and promote different products of Amazon. Yes, if you are just starting off with Affiliate marketing, you can begin with promoting products of Amazon on your blog.

Here, if you are planning to go a step ahead, you can start making use of ads. Yes, either Facebook or Google ads, you can use both the platforms and start getting sales.

Of course, you must note that to make 50 dollars a day from affiliate marketing won’t be easy at the start. It will require time and along with patience, you can earn good money with affiliate marketing.

6. Completing Online surveys

Completing Online surveys

Yet another proven and one of the easiest ways to make 50 dollars a day is by completing different surveys. Yes, this is another great method that you can possibly use and make good money in the present and long run.

Currently, there are tons of platforms that offer money or even gift cards to people who complete different sorts of surveys.

Among such sites, Survey Junkies is the best website that delivers good money for each of the surveys.

Apparently, if you will browse the internet, you will find some really good survey websites that can help you to make good money.

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Now, doing a survey can be one of the best things for any person as this thing doesn’t require any sort of skills.

Yes, you don’t require any professional experience and almost any person can complete surveys, without an issue.

Hence, if you can particularly join different survey websites, you can make 50 dollars a day, the easiest way.

Still, if you are planning to make money every day, you got to be consistent with the survey filling.

As I said above, Survey Junkie is one of the most proven platforms that you can use and make money online. Thereafter, once you reach the threshold limit, then you can withdraw your cash with the help of PayPal, on an instant basis.

Which are some more Survey Websites?

Speaking about other survey websites that can help you make money online, PanelPlace is another better one. Even Swagbucks is good for beginners who are willing to make some extra cash with the help of surveys.

In the end, it all depends on the amount of time you are keeping to complete each survey. As I said, one or two surveys won’t make 50 dollars a day. for this to happen, you will have to join different survey websites.

And, if you can complete surveys of each of the websites, then you can easily make 50 dollars a day by completing surveys.

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7. Selling Stuff Online

Selling Stuff Online

One of the best and brilliant ways to make 50 dollars a day is by selling different items online. Currently, there are tons of people who have become buyers where they buy the products and sell the same on different platforms.

In this scenario, selling is not limited to just one single thing and you can easily go ahead and sell different things you want.

Right from selling clothes to electronics and household things, you are free to sell anything without any sorts of issues.

Now, in this scenario, if you are thinking to generate a consistent amount of income, then you will have to make selling your second or the first profession.

Indeed, the potential and limits of selling are unlimited and all depends on an individual’s selling skills.

Also, some people used to do selling on a part-time basis. But, since they saw massive success, they shifted it to their main profession.

Further, if you are just starting off with apps to selling stuff online, you can begin by listing your items for selling. Yes, with this, there will be no loss and you will understand the fundamentals of being a seller.

After which, once you have fully understood the selling game, then you can outsource the products and sell, as and when you want.

8. Start selling your very own Digital Product

Start selling your very own Digital Product

Now, in the age of digitization and every other thing shifting on an online scale, selling your own digital product can open doors of fortune. Well, this is not the new thing and plenty of people are selling their very own digital products online.

Well, if you are willing to sell your very own Digital product, Clickbank is the number one choice. With the help of Clickbank, you can instantly sell your digital product and make tons of revenue from the same.

However, in the process of building your very own digital product, things will surely take some time. Here, you will first have to decide on the niche in which you have to sell your digital product.

After doing your homework, then you can analyze and the go-ahead to design your very own digital product.

Further, once your digital product is made, then you can easily proceed ahead and find different ways to promote the same.

Two Best Ways to Promote Products

Out of which, two of the best ways to promote your digital product is with the help of Google and Facebook ads.

These two are the ad giants that offer a great user base and by promoting on such platforms, you can generate good revenue for your products.

However, before using Facebook and Google ads, you will have to understand the working of both. Once you have mastered the working of both ad platforms, then you can go ahead and promote both the products.

Also, if you can simply create a product that is not existing in the digital space, this can give you an edge over the competition.

With this, your product will be unique, have high demand and you can easily make 50 dollars a day, using that sort of a product.

9. Be an Online Coach

Online Coach

For every other person who is willing to make money online, becoming a coach can be one of the best things.

Yes, this is an opportunity very few grab because it requires that one skill in which you can become masters.

Now, this sort of thing is similar to creating an online course where you are the coach of that particular course.

Therefore, starting off with the basics, first, you got to understand your level of interest. Of course, there will be something in which you will be good and with this, you just need to become an expert in that thing.

Additionally, if you will look around yourself, you will find tons of people looking for guidance along with the advice. Therefore, if you can tap those people and give your coaching, you can make 50 dollars a day, the best way.

Once again, you must make sure that your program is a killer one as you are not the only person in that field.

By now, almost every single online field has become saturated and if you want to beat the competition, you want a killer program.

Research Competitors

Now, the first and best way to start off with your own program is to start off by researching your competitors. Although this thing seems to be small for you, it isn’t like that.

If you can perform research on your competitors, you will know the things they are delivering in their program.

With this, once you will start creating your own program, you will get an idea of the extra things you got to add.

Now, those things will definitely separate you from the competition that can help you generate more sales.

Altogether, being a coach is a good choice and if you can channel your skills in the right direction, you can easily make 50 dollars a day, with your coaching skills.

10. Start your very own Dropshipping Website


Well, if there is one thing that is picking up pace, every single year, it has to be Dropshipping. Over a couple of years, this industry has gained tons of attention and people have started to perform Dropshipping at a relentless scale.

In this scenario, if you don’t understand what actually Dropshipping is, let me explain it to you in simpler terms.

Dropshipping is a process in which you become the mediator between the vendor and the customer. In this scenario, you sell the products by keeping your own margin on each product.

Now, that margin is your income where you are in full control to increase or even decrease that margin.

Also, in the process of doing Dropshipping, you don’t have to hold your own inventory. All you need is to sell the products from your store and you will get commissions on those products.

Now, for promoting the products, you can easily make use of different ad platforms. Out of which, the Facebook ads platform is one of the most prominent ones that you can use and promote products over the internet.

However, before you can perform Facebook Ads, you got to understand the performance of each Facebook ads.

Once you have mastered the skills to use Facebook ads, then the way is much clearer for you. Then you can easily go ahead, promote products, and make 50 dollars a day.


Q1. How can I Make $50 Per Day?

Well, given below are some of the best and proven ways to make $50 per day:

  • Write an E-Book
  • Perform Freelance Writing
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Start your own Blog
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Completing Online surveys
  • Selling Stuff Online
  • Start selling your very own Digital Product
  • Be an Online Coach
  • Start Dropshipping

Q2. How Can I make 1 dollar per Day?

Given below are the top ways to make 1 dollar per day which are as follows:

  • Start Survey websites
  • Deliver food with the DoorDash
  • Start investing
  • Cashback Website & apps
  • Gift Card websites
  • Selling of old devices
  • Selling Stuff
  • Selling photos
  • Cashback apps and websites

From your end, you can opt for any of the above ways to make 1 dollar per day. Once you are done with the same, then you can go ahead and simply earn one dollar, the best ever way. 

Q3. How can you get Free Money?

Well, given below are some of the better ways which you can opt for and get the free money:

  • Perform Sign Ups
  • Money for switching of the bank or different type of utility supplier
  • Getting free money for referring friends
  • Get the Student Loan refund
  • Check whether you are owned by a tax rebate or not
  • Earn Interest with the current and savings account

Q4. What are the kind of Jobs that make $100 an hour?

Given below are the different type of jobs that make over $100 an hour:

  • Life Coach
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Welder
  • Interior Designer 
  • Commercial Pilot

Final Word of Mouth: How to make 50 dollars a day

I hope you have got the best and proven ways to make 50 dollars a day online. Indeed, each of the above ways is quality ones which people are doing and making substantial money in the internet world.

Whether we talk about completing surveys or even doing freelance writing, each of the ways is good enough to help you make 50 dollars a day online.

Although, as I have mentioned above, some of the ways mentioned above will require some set of skills. Hence, if you are passionate about writing or even coding, you can then learn those sorts of skills.

On the other hand, launching your very own digital product is another valuable thing as this can make you filthy rich.

Plus, with affiliate marketing and even drop shipping, you can promote products on your store/ blog and make money from the same too.

In the end, it all depends on your level of experience and along with the skills, you can easily make 50 dollars a day online, in the simplest way.

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