How to Make 100k a Year: TOP 14 Proven Ways [2020 Updated]

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If you are one of those individuals who have got bigger goals, this article is the best fit for you. Yes, dreams of people are plenty and one of those is definitely to make 100k a year. One thing you must note here is that there have to be plenty of hardships you got to face.

Indeed, a large sum of money doesn’t come easy and you will have to work with a lot more hard work and dedication.

Therefore, if you are serious to make 100k a year, you have come to the right article. Without wasting any time, let’s proceed ahead and find out each of those ways, one by one.

How to Make 100k a Year?

Before starting, from my end, I have done an extensive series of research. With this, you will get the best of all ways that can help you to earn 100k a year, in a clarified way.

1. Start an E-commerce Business

how to make 100k a year

Indeed, as and when the digital industry is going onto a global scale, eCommerce businesses are flourishing like never before. In such a scenario, if you have an interest in starting your e-commerce business, 2020 is the best year.

Even now if you look at the competition, it’s not steep and you can easily tap into such a market, without an issue.

Additionally, in this scenario, there are two sorts of stuff that you can do in online shopping. In the first case scenario, you can begin with the Dropshipping option where you don’t have to keep any of your inventories.

Yes, if you don’t have any inventory, there will be no scenario to ship different products. Further, in Dropshipping, there are different platforms that enable you to start your Dropshipping journey.

In such a scenario, all you need is to focus on the ads and rest part, the actual seller will take care off.

However, even while running ads, you will have to first learn each of those ads. In this case, you can browse YouTube or even go for professional sites such as Udemy.

In the end, as and when you will learn to do Dropshipping, then the sky is the ultimate limit. Thereafter, you can expand your Dropshipping business and make tons of money, in the nearby future.

2. Transcription Service

how to make 100k a year

Speaking about the second-best way to make 100k a year, transcription services is another one of the best options. Yes, in the transcription service scenario, you will be eligible to convert recording along with living speeches into text-based form.

Additionally, the transcription services are provided for different sorts of legal, medical along with business purposes.

If you are someone who is interested in transcription services, this can be one of the best ways for you to make 100k a year.

Further, if you are someone who is looking for the best of all transcription-based jobs, the internet is the best place. Over the internet, there are tons of transcription-based service jobs offered by divergent sites.

In this scenario, you can go for different sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and many such sites.

Thereafter, you can bid on those websites and can start working as a transcribe, the best way.

On top of that, at the start, you may find it pretty hard to find different clients. However, as and when you get clients, then you can easily go ahead and make 100k a year, in the long term.

3. Start Proofreading

how to make 100k a year

As and when the digital industry is booming, the need of article proofreading is also increasing. Therefore, if you are someone who knows Grammar and eager to correct documents, becoming a proofreader is a good thing.

In this scenario, you can begin by reading as many blogs as you can. With this, you will grab a good idea about Grammar and the right articles.

Indeed, currently, there are different proofreaders who make 100k a year. by spending some hours in this work.

From your end, if you want to start your journey as a proofreader, you can apply for different jobs available online.

Additionally, like other jobs, you may not get a good job as a proofreader. Still, if you can continue to do your work, you can easily go ahead and make 100k a year with the proofreading job.

4. Make Money by completing Surveys

Speaking about yet another way to make 100k a year, completing surveys is another brilliant work.

In this scenario, you don’t have to have any sort of special skills in order to do the work. Here, all you need is to complete tasks and earn money from the same.

If you will browse the internet, you can find different sorts of online survey jobs. You can complete each survey within a few minutes and make good money.

Now, among the best survey companies, SurveyJunkie is one brilliant one. Yes, it’s one of those companies that offer good survey work to almost every single user.

On top of that, when it comes to payment, SurveyJunkie delivers every single payment on time. Yes, they have got the PayPal option that can help you to get your money in an instant way.

More on Survey Money Making

Going ahead, if you are serious to make money with Surveys and tons of that, you got to be serious.

Each of the surveys will offer you a smaller amount and if you can manage to complete tons of surveys. Then, you can make 100k a year.

For this, you will have to spend 3 to 4 hours completing surveys if you want to make a good amount of money.

Plus, there are different sites that offer $5 as the signup bonus. Yes, this is another better thing where you can sign up with different sites and get $5 as a bonus.

Alongside completing different surveys, you can even watch videos and do simple tasks. This can potentially help you in making some of that extra money.

Altogether, in completing surveys, all depends on your level of work and dedication. If you can manage to complete a good number of surveys, chances will be high that you can make good money, from the same.

Apart from that, if you can browse over the internet, you will find some other good survey sites.

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5. Start Writing

how to make 100k a year

Indeed, in today’s world websites are running on a global scale and every single site needs content. In such a case, the need for content writers becomes a necessity. Therefore, if you are passionate about content writing, you can begin by reading different articles over the internet.

This will give you a glimpse of the articles and you can try writing the same. Additionally, before you can start writing, it’s the utmost essential to know Grammar. Yes, without Grammar, none of the clients will accept your writing work.

Going ahead, if you want to get clients for content writing, you can begin by finding work on online websites. Here, Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancers are among the top sites that can offer you freelancing work.

On each of the websites, you got to start by creating your portfolio. Here, you can put the best samples and write a good introduction.

Plus, you can continue reading blogs on the side basis. Once you are done with that, you can start grabbing clients from sites.

However, there are some sites where you got to bid on different projects. If the client finds your work suitable, they can effectively give you the task.

Additionally, as a newbie writer, you will have to struggle. At the start, there will be times when you will not work. But, if you have the will and the determination, the experience will come along the way.

Currently, there are live examples where writers make 100k a year without spending much of their time.

This is a stupendous thing and shows money-making possibilities in the writing field. Even there are writers that live a complete living on writing.

How Can I make writing a professional career?

If you want to make writing as a professional career, you can start off by creating your professional website. This will take your writing game to the next level where you can make a good amount of money from it.

Having a professional client, you can attract all the big-budget clients that can pay you amazing money.

Altogether, you can start off by using a free theme and then install a paid theme to give a much premium look to your site.

6. Be the Real Estate Broker

Be the Real Estate Broker

If you are eager to become a real estate broker and make 100k a year, it’s still possible. However, before you can become a real estate broker you got to have a license.

Speaking about the average real estate broker, the salaries range as high as $350,000. In terms of the low pricing, it ranges from $15,000.

Well, such salaries are not less especially when we speak about the job of a real estate broker.

Also, becoming a real estate broker gives you the flexibility to sell the properties as per your preferences.

In such a scenario, you can choose to sell properties ranging from high pricing to moderate ones.

Further, in the current date scenario, real estate brokers are making good money from selling properties.

All you need here is the experience for which you will struggle at the start. The moment you have got the experience, then the road is much clearer for you.

Then, you can come in contact with potential buyers that can offer high commission rates to you.

Additionally, as a newbie real estate broker, you will struggle in this competitive real estate market. Therefore, you can start off by working with a real estate broker. This will give you the knowledge and the experience in real estate world.

Once you have the experience, then you can simply proceed ahead and work on an individual basis.

7. Starting your own Blog

Be the Real Estate Broker

If you are pretty much serious to make 100k a year, starting your very own blog is a good option. Yes, this is a thing that can make you a millionaire as people have become from doing blogging.

Right now, it’s 2020 and yet the era of blogging doesn’t seem to fade away. Additionally, if you want to start your own blog, you must have a good hosting along with a domain.

In terms of the Best Hosting companies for hosting, Siteground and A2 Hosting are two brilliant companies. Yes, each of these hosting companies offers world-class features that can make your website load fast.

Apart from that, in the security section, each of those possesses good security and can make your website secured.

Additionally, for a domain name, you must have a good and unique domain name. Make sure that the domain name is easy to pronounce even for a layman.

Now, once you have chosen the hosting along with domain, then you can go ahead and install WordPress.

After this, you can begin by using free WordPress themes. Thereafter, once you have got the experience, you can then pay money for premium themes.

Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Now, with an intention to make 100k a year, there are tons of options in this scenario. Let’s go ahead and browse, each of those options, one by one.

  • Make money by Google Adsense

First of all, one of the easiest ways to make money from Blogging is by using Google Adsense. Yes, in such a scenario, you can make your site available for the Google ads and once your website is approved, then you can start putting Google Ads on your site.

On the other hand, if you are willing to make money from Google Adsense, you must have traffic on your site. The moment you have a good amount of traffic, then you can start off by making ads with Google Ads.

Yet another way to make money from Blogging is with the help of Sponsored posts. Yes, in this scenario, you can charge people for the sponsored posts.

Additionally, this can also be called guest posts where you can charge a different amount from different people.

This will act as an additional income from your blog and each thing depends on the DA of your blog.

Further, if your blog is getting a good amount of traffic, then you can charge more for your posts.

8. Perform Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Yes, in terms of a brilliant way to make 100k a year, affiliate marketing is a thing that can make you millions. And, yes, I am serious and affiliate marketers are making some brilliant amount of money.

Further, in the case of affiliate marketing, you can perform the same using a blog or without a blog.

Also, with Affiliate marketing, you can even perform such marketing on different social media platforms. Over the internet, people are looking for different ways to buy products and with this, you can offer affiliate products to them.

Plus, if you run a blog, then you can start reviewing affiliate products from different brands. With this, as and when you will get traffic, then you can make money from affiliate marketing.

Additionally, another fastest and useful way to make money from Affiliate marketing is with the use of Ads.

Indeed, platforms are a boon in the present date world that can bring you some of the quickest sales.

Altogether, in the case of Affiliate marketing, first, you got to learn the basics. In this scenario, you can make use of YouTube where you will get tons of videos on Affiliate marketing.

Once you have learned affiliate marketing, then you can go ahead, sell products, and make commissions in between.

Overall, if you are serious to make 100k a year, affiliate marketing is one of the best ever choices.

9. Perform Teaching Online

Affiliate marketing

There are some ways to show online and obtain purchased it without having any certificate. you simply got to acquire little skill in most cases to urge the fast result.

Further, there are many of us who are making 10,000 even 20,000 per month teaching on There many tutors on Udemy who don’t have any college or degree but they need great skills to show people online through Udemy.

If you’ve got the skill on any field like coding, the way to build an android app, the way to develop an internet site then on, you’re on your thanks to making thousands of dollar monthly

For example, if you’ve got programming skills, you’ll teach people that want to find out a programing language like swift, etc.

If you’ve got skill and knowledge, you’ll become a teacher today. You don’t need to have teaching experience to urge started.

If you’re trying to find the way to make money without employment, then attend Udemy to ascertain what service you’ll offer people and obtain purchased it.

With Udemy, you can effectively showcase your skills to the global audience. Further, if your course has got some value in it, people will purchase those, without thinking much. With this, you can easily scale up your teaching on Udemy and the sky is the ultimate limit.

After this, once you will establish a firm ground, then you can go ahead and make 100k a year from online teaching.

10. Publish Kindle Books

Kindle Books

If you’ll write a brief report or ebook, then you’ll start selling books on Amazon could also be the simplest choice to make $100,000 a year.

Most people have a far better result. albeit you’re not a writer, you’ll still make money publishing on Kindle.

Another interesting story is how Mark Downson makes $450k per annum publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Dawson explained that he pocketed 6-figures last year and he’s on track to form far more in 2016.

Steps To Publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle

  • Prepare your quality and best manuscript and canopy. You’ll inspect Amazon tools and resources.
  • Make sure your Kindle book meets Amazon’s content and quality guidelines.
  • Sign in to KDP together with your Amazon account, otherwise, you can create one.
  • In your account, attend KDP Bookshelf. Click + sign Kindle eBook within the “Create a replacement Title” section.
  • Then enter your information for every section:
  • In the Kindle eBook details section, enter the title, well description, keywords, categories, etc.
  • In the Kindle eBook content, then upload your manuscript and canopy. confirm you preview your eBook.
  • Kindle eBook pricing. Select all the territories where you hold distribution rights. Choose your royalty plan and set your booklist price.
  • After entering all the required information, click Publish Your Kindle eBook.

11. Sell Photos Online


Making money selling photos and movies may be a good way to get income.

If you’re keen on taking a photograph with a camera, then you’ll sell stock photography through many sites. There are many websites able to pay you for uploading quality and attractive photos.

Register with them and once your account is approved, you’ll load your photos and obtain paid when visitors use them.

If you’re trying to find ways to form money without employment, get a camera and begin selling photos for companies and most internet marketers.

Below is that the list of website where you’ll sell your photos

Simply, you can sign up for the above websites and start uploading your images on those sites. After which, as and when you click shots, you can upload those images and make money from the same.

Still, this is a slower way to make 100k a year but if you can stick to it, the goodness of money will come your way.

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12. Sell T-Shirts Online

T-Shirts Online

This is an incredible money-making system. you’ll make thousands of dollars monthly intentionally T-shirt and begin selling online to form more income.

Most people made a net income of quite $100,000, using just Facebook ads as a primary sales strategy.

One of the tricks to urge most of this business is to stay on trying until you start seeing results.

Selling a T-shirt isn’t rocket science, but you would like to conversant in this sort of online business before getting started.

Check print profits review to find out more about making money printing a T-shirt.

Also, you can even start your very own Drop shipping store and sell T-Shirts on that store. Yes, you will have the privilege to run ads and if you can use Shopify, things will get much easier for you.

13. Product Launching

The number thanks to making money without employment is to make and sell a digital product. If you actually want to form $100,000 per annum, this is often the simplest online business that will offer you ROI.

Product launching requires little investment, but if you’ll find your thanks to investing money and time, then the top result is going to be incredible.

The easiest thanks to starting a product launch business is to find out from experts who are already successful in launching digital products like an ebook, digital course, membership, etc.

Product launch formula is one of the simplest training which will assist you to find out the way to launch your first product with nearly-instant sales.

14. Invest In Bitcoin

Golden Bitcoins

Have you heard about Bitcoin before?

It is a replacement thanks to making money by trading currency. Investing in bitcoin may be a great investment.

Here may be a story of a teen who’s name is Erik Finman, he makes $100,000 Through Bitcoin, Crowdfunds VR Headset. He was 15 years old when he started with just $1,000.

He invested $1000 to shop for bitcoin and sold it for $100,000.

You can be like Erik Finman, of course, you simply got to buy Bitcoin from websites like You would like to hold out diligent research before investing heavily in bitcoin.

After you have done a good amount of research on Bitcoin, then you can start doing the same. Eventually, if you can invest in Bitcoin, the smartest way, you can make 100k a year, without much tension along with the issues.

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Final Word of Mouth; How to Make 100K a Year

Coming at the concluding stage, I have done the best to offer you the best ways to make 100k a year. Yes, each of the above ways requires skillset along with time that you will have to take into consideration.

Additionally, if you are someone who enjoys learning newer skills, you will enjoy each of the above options.

Well, every single person has got their own personality and you can easily choose any of the above options.

Still, if you will ask my favorite ways to make 100k a year, I have some brilliant ones. In this scenario, blogging, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping are some good ways. With this, if you can tap into this industry and learn basics along with advanced, you can go a lot further than normal.

On the other hand, completing online surveys is another better way to make money. But, it will require tons of your time and dedication.

Altogether, each of the above ways are brilliant ones and have got the ability to make 100K a year.

Right now, you can browse every single option and see which one is the best for you.

In the case of Blogging, if you are looking for good hosting, Siteground and A2 Hosting are two brilliant hosting service providers.

Hence, all you need here is a bit of patience and analysis of different ways. Thereafter, you can choose some good ones, learn skills, implement and make 100k a year, in the long term.

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