Mailchimp Alternatives: TOP 6 Alternatives, Affordable, Features [2021]

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All of us know the power of Mailchimp where this tool has been the top class one for different email marketers. Yes, it comes with some of the very best features where people have been benefited to some good extent using this amazing tool. However, there can be a few times when you may find the urge to use different Mailchimp alternatives.

Hence, I have done all the hard work and have got you some of the brilliant and best alternatives to Mailchimp.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil quality tools that can replace Mailchimp.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Given below are some of the better Mailchimp alternatives that you can try, one by one.

  1. Mailchimp vs Moosend

Mailchimp Alternatives

Yes, climbing up the list of the very best alternatives to this company, Moosend is an email marketing company that’s probably above everyone.

Speaking about the free plan of Moosend, it’s free for a lifetime and you don’t have to spend money on those plans.

You can simply sign up for this plan without limitations when it comes to features and emails.

Plus, with Moosend, you will get unlimited customer segmentation and you can even power up the sales funnel for online stores.

Not only those things, but you can master the list and management of your sales to an absolute level of perfection.

With this, the funnel and store management can become one of the easiest ones with Moosend.

What’s more? Their given automation builder is reliable, fast, and is available on every single pricing plan.

In fact, Moosend is around 30% cheaper than Mailchimp where it’s one of the most affordable and value-for-money alternatives.

All in all, if you are willing to choose one of the better and quality email service providers, Moosend is a quality option.

Plus, it even offers free email newsletter templates for almost every single occasion.

Take a look at Moosend Features

It comes with a powerful drag and drop builder for going with the free email newsletter templates

  • Availability of sign up forms so you don’t miss out on the leads
  • List segmentation options that can help increase the CTR and Open
  • Email marketing automation features which make repetitive tasks, the past thing
  • Availability of landing pages that helps you create easy to use page builder
  • Real-time analytics which can guarantee success
  • Integrations of services and apps
  1. Mailchimp vs SendinBlue

Coming down at the second position in Mailchimp alternatives, SendInBlue is a quality option. It’s a kind of platform that can cover almost all of the basics of marketing.

Right from automation and even email drip campaigns to CRM tools, SMS messages and social media ads, the platform’s motto has been on the far better end.

In such a scenario, the company offers a free plan that can allow users to use most of the company features.

However, if you are using a free plan, there’s a daily limit of 300 emails for each day that doesn’t sound ideal.

With SendInBlue, you can also have a wide range of integrations, unlimited contacts for uploading along with SMS sending and sales.

Plus, you can even have an unlimited amount of integrations like segmentation options for a free user. Also, you will even get real-time reporting, analytics, and even plenty of SMS personalization and emails.

Altogether, with its straightforward and simple SMS marketing options, this email service provider offers a good choice for MailChimp competitors.

SendInBlue Features

  • Automate Tasks and help the business grow quickly and easily
  • Stellar marketing options available for automation
  • Segmentation options
  • A great List of CRM tools allows you to make landing pages
  • Facebook Ads Options
  1. Mailchimp vs HubSpot

Going ahead towards another Mailchimp alternatives, HubSpot is a unique growth platform that combines marketing and email automation. Yes, it offers a different level of CRM that you can use to your advantage.

Also, with this platform, you can have a much clearer and better insight on marketing efforts that are affecting your overall customer experience.

It’s one of the better alternatives to Mailchimp where it offers advanced-level functionality in marketing.

Beyond that, HubSpot delivers easy to use drag and drop builder along with an editor. Here, you can customize different templates as per your liking. Also, you have the power and you can create templates.

Plus, the platform even offers optimization features which you can use to your advantage.

Further, the real power of this marketing email tool is that when combined with CRM and marketing automation, this tool can do some true wonders.

Additionally, with this tool, you can easily create detailed campaigns which can give you a stunning experience.

All these things you can do with the information collected from the CRM.

Plus, you can even create the logic in automation email sequences as per your liking. With this, every single contact will receive emails based upon their experience. With this, you can create a more dynamic experience that can help maintain a true connection with the brand.

HubSpot Features

  • Create a new email and even choose from a different collection of goal-based templates.
  • It also offers an embedded A/B testing feature
  • The platform offers smart time zone sending to make sure that emails are sent on time
  • Availability of in-app quality tool to ensure that preview email is working better on most devices
  • It offers a smart dashboard that is designed for helping and even optimizing campaigns with click maps and user-friendly charts
  • You even get free access to sign up forms and popups
  • CRM allows sending personalized emails on the basis of segmentation criteria including the list segmentation
  • The platform comes with tons of more integrations such as WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and much more
  • Tons of language support options included such as French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and many more.
  1. Mailchimp vs GetResponse

Mailchimp Alternatives

Moving towards the next set of Mailchimp alternatives, GetResponse is the one that’s probably above the rest. Yes, it’s another brilliant email marketing solution that offers automation in the best possible way.

Plus, it’s a better solution for people who like something much more affordable packed in a single package.

On the first and foremost basis, GetResponse is among the best value-for-money packages where there are tons of customization options.

Yes, it’s easier to use and it’s probably one of the few complete marketing platforms.

Secondly, with tons of options of customization available, it helps brands to create their own identity.

Here, you can create your very own brand tone and you can stick to the same, without many issues.

However, GetResponse doesn’t really offer the free forever plan. It delivers 30-Days of the free testing period where you can easily test and try the GetResponse services.

Hence, you can easily test the GetResponse services, browse the plans, get a good one and perform email marketing, to the best possible extents.

GetResponse Features

  • One of the best email marketing tools, GetResponse is one of those better ones which offers a great list of features.
  • First of all, it offers a mobile-responsive email design which can help in maximizing the conversion rates.
  • Secondly, it comes with an email builder along with a landing page creator that can create beautiful landing pages, without major issues.
  • Plus, with the help of A/B split testing, the platform offers tons of integrations and segmentation options.
  • It even offers lead nurturing CRM that can help to nurture different leads.

A take on GetResponse pricing

The GetResponse email service provider delivers a free plan that is available on a forever note. Also, it even delivers good 30-Days of the free testing period. Here, you can eventually test their services and then go for the plans.

First of all, if you are a smaller brand with around just 1000 contacts, there is no need to worry about the little and fancy things.

Here, you can easily choose between the monthly, yearly, or even biannual plans that will cost you around $15 for a month and the pricing decreases gradually.

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  1. Mailchimp vs Constant Contact

Mailchimp Alternatives

Moving ahead in the next Mailchimp alternatives, Constant contact is another brilliant email marketing platform. Yes, tons of people are using Constant Contact where it has delivered quality email marketing services, without major issues.

Indeed, it’s one of the oldest email marketing platforms that delivers plenty of good options. Here, you can choose from among different templates that can suit you without major issues.

Plus, it even offers an immense list of learning material and email templates from which you can benefit to the good extent.

Also, this Mailchimp alternative delivers good social media integrations where the app will sort each of the things for you.

Plus, with event management, you can easily manage each of the emails in the best possible way, without many issues.

Constant Contact Features

  • Constant Contact offers the guarantee to perform good email marketing for small to medium-level enterprises.
  • It offers a great set of list-building tools that can help you in building links, a lot better way.
  • Plus, it even offers templates along with images which you can use to your advantage
  • You will get plenty of tracking tools in order to track and even see the click-through rates
  • Additionally, it even offers contact management tools along with a brilliant customer support
  • The company even delivers a separate mobile app that enables to the creation and even sends emails, receive notifications, and much more.

A Glance at Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact delivers two options that are flexible and it can be adjusted for meeting business needs.

However, with Constant Contact, you must know that there is no sort of Forever free plan available.

Still, the platform offers massive 60-days of trial options with no sort of obligations. Here, after testing the plans, users can cancel away subscriptions as and when they want.

Speaking on a general basis, the pricing of Constant Contact starts from $20 for a month and it has a potential for unlimited emails each day.

  1. Mailchimp vs MailerLite


Among different Mailchimp alternatives, MailerLite is a quality one. Yes, this platform offers feature-packed software that is made for helping SMEs grow an email list to some good extent.

Plus, MailerLite is quite a simple and easy-to-use platform that delivers some real good customer support along with fantastic templates.

Here, you can easily browse and unwrap the best of all templates, without major issues.

Additionally, you can even create PDF brochures that you can share with different customers.

This thing will enhance your email marketing efforts to some good extent.

Plus, MailerLite is a good tool for freelancers, designers, and even bloggers. Here, you can use the tool to your advantage and perform email marketing, in the best possible way.

MailerLite Features

  • As I said above, MailerLite is a brilliant tool that can help you in reaching and meeting your end marketing goals.
  • Additionally, you will also get editors, newsletter templates, a file manager along with a subscription manager. All these things can help you track and even trace what users love or love to hate.
  • Plus, the company eventually offers a great landing page builder, embedded web forms, and even pop-ups.
  • Also, if you are eager to have a separate unsubscribe page, there is a separate builder available for the same.
  • Additionally, of course, there are different classical sets of integrations and email automation tools that you can expect from good email marketing software.
  • Plus, their level of Customer Service is stronger as well. In this case, you can get 24×7 ready agent that will eventually assist you in the live chat and email support.

MailerLite Pricing

MailerLite is among the best value for money email marketing platform that offers plenty of features at a lower price.

Here, the free plan from MailerLite offers very limited set of potential. Plus, you must know that if you are choosing the free plan, there is no customer support in that type of plan.

Apart from that, the pricing of MailerLite begins at $10 for a month. Also, it’s among one of those platforms which looks at the number of subscribers into account while charging.

Plus, with the free plan, it allows 12,000 emails for each month. With up to 1,000 subscribers the cost is at $10 for a month.

Also, each of the plans has got unlimited potential where you can choose among the different plans.

All in all, it’s among those brilliant platforms that have always delivered some of the really good services.

Here, you can send emails in bulk, perform campaigns and even look after the email deliverability, to some good extent.

With all the things in place, you will face no sort of issues with MailerLite in any case.

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Final Word of Mouth: Best Mailchimp Alternatives

The best Mailchimp alternatives are all here and you don’t have to go elsewhere to find those alternatives. Here, you have the option of whether you are willing to go for the higher price package or want to start with basics.

Also, almost all of the above email marketing companies are offering free trial offers. Here, you can get free trial from 30 days to whopping 60 days depending on the email service providers.

Eventually, you have the power in your hands and you can simply choose the best Mailchimp alternatives.

Then, you can start your email marketing campaign, the best ever way.


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