Longtailpro Review: Is this the Best SEO Research Tool? [2021 Updated]

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In an era of the internet and blogs running everywhere, needing a good keyword research tool is a necessity. Indeed, if you don’t have a proper keyword research tool, you will end up on the losing side. You will not have many amounts of data and there are high chances your blog won’t work at any cost. Hence, to make your keyword research a lot easier and smarter, I have got you a complete Longtailpro review

This tool is a veteran right in the keyword research industry which has offered benefits to tons of internet bloggers and marketers.

Here, you can make use of this tool to find different keywords at your convenience. Also, you can even perform complete backlink analysis, do keyword research competitiveness, and much more things.

Right now, to let you know more about Longtailpro keyword research tool, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the features and other things, one by one.

Longtailpro Complete Review

Longtailpro Review

First of all, speaking about the user interface of the Longtailpro tool, it looks seamless and without any clutter. Yes, you will be able to access each of the functions quite easily right from start to end.

Whether you have got the need to perform backlink analysis or to find the best keywords, Longtailpro is a keyword research tool that can do the job for you.

Also, the SERP analysis comes with tons of features and it may take time for you to get used to that.

Even more, there are some options that blend into the background like targeting country or language.

However, all in all, it’s much easy and graphic initiative interface. Even for beginners, they can grasp the platform within a matter of minutes.

This shows the overall simplicity of this platform where you can use it to uncover better keywords for your website.

Finding of Long Tail Keywords

Finding of Long Tail Keywords

Going ahead in Longtailpro review, keyword research is an advanced option in such a scenario.

First of all, you will have to input the seed keywords right into the search bar. Also, you can even add multiple keywords at your convenience. Hence, you don’t have to waste time searching for every single keyword on an individual basis.

Now, the moment you have got a few keywords for research, then you can retrieve different suggestions.

Plus, the Longtailpro serves low competitive long-tail keywords where different search volume and other competition metrics are taken into consideration.

This is something that’s great because you can easily find the best keywords for content marketing, in a faster way.

Finding of Long Tail Keywords 2

Yes, the algorithm of Longtailpro does far better processing compared to most of the other keyword research tools.

Even more, you can even check the keywords your competitor ranks for. Plus, if you are eager to turn off the sorting algorithm, you can enter the seed keyword in a manual way.

However, there can be times when Longtailpro can become a little complicated. If you will constantly keep extracting keywords, things can get stacked up. This is because the keyword research tool saves all of the previous data.

This thing can work against you sometimes but if you can use the tool correctly, then you will face no sort of issues.

With this, if you can use the tool, right way, then you can take advantage of this tool, the best ever way.

Here, you can easily have the Google search results along with competitor results grouped.

Besides the above research options, you even have the power to customize the dashboard.

Personally, I did that for deactivating the paid search results. This I did because I don’t want to advertise on Google ads.

But, you can do the same for making the interface look a lot cleaner and better.

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Filter Keywords as you Like

Going ahead in Longtailpro review, you can use this tool for filtering the keywords, as and when you like.

Here, you can filter keywords based on dashboard options. This works great if you are eager to target keywords based on different metrics. Plus, the Longtailpro tool only shows phrases with keyword competitiveness of under 30 and over 1000 searches.

All in all, the Longtailpro tool simplifies each of the things to perfection. Yes, they offer ample of options for customizations that you can use to your advantage.

SEO Difficulty feature of Longtailpro

Longtailpro review

Whenever you are getting keyword recommendations, you can even access the keyword competitiveness score.

These numbers are pretty accurate where they can at least give you an idea of how hard the keyword is to rank.

However, color coding can be improved since it’s yellow, steer, or even the green color.

But, whenever you are performing keyword research volume along with suggestions, you can even collaborate the keyword metric for competition along with rank value.

Longtailpro review

This is probably the average amount of money you can use to make money from the average Google Ads bit amount.

However, you must not count the same from the word GO but you can make use of different monetization methods.

Also, you can even edit the same by yourself by going to the bulk actions and then tapping on the Set Rank Value.

Plus, these things will help you determine the overall value of ranking for certain keywords. These things can indicate of the overall competitiveness in SERP or even in the future.

A Take on Metrics for PPC and other essential detailing

Longtailpro review

Going ahead in Longtailpro review, you can see that the tool has got metrics for different paid advertising in the search network.

Also, you can even make use of Longtailpro to do keyword research and find some better keywords.

Well, this type of PPC feature can help people having eCommerce websites. If you are someone who is researching a niche, you can expand the same to get keywords for organic search and PPC.

Further, you can even estimate how hard it is to run into a paid campaign.

Now, these things are true due to the overall average bid estimate. It’s all Google data packed into the Keyword suggestions.

Still, these things can help you research on a particular niche whenever you have all of the data in one single place.

Additionally, even if you are not having an e-Commerce website, you can still get a basic estimate of the money you can earn from affiliate marketing.

Yes, it’s not the best way to research but that can work if you are getting started with the PPC.

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Longtailpro Review: SERP Analysis

Longtailpro review

The SERP Analysis is one of the best and strongest features of the Longtailpro keyword research tool.

Most of the keyword research tools will either have tons of information about SERP or they will have very little information.

Now, with the Longtailpro keyword research tool, you can easily navigate the interface and chop tons of features all along the way.

Here, you will get the best mix for keyword research in every possible scenario.

Getting started, you will need the main keyword that can help you track the SERP results.

SERP Analysis 2

On the SERP, you will get the average search volume along with keyword competitiveness. Also, you can even break down the SERP results as per your convenience depending on top competitors and domain difficulty.

If you are eager to go into depth, you can simply scroll down and you will get each of the keyword data you need.

For the beginners, this thing can be overwhelming but there are tons of more metrics that have to be taken into consideration.

For this, given below are some top metrics that you can take into consideration:

Domain Keyword Competition:

This is the overall score for the domains measuring each of the keyword metrics

  • Trust Flow
  • The overall backlink profile of the page
  • Citation Flow
  • Number of Citations to a page
  • Domain CF and TF
  • Citation flow along with Trust flow but only for domain
  • External backlinks
  • Number of backlinks to the page
  • Page Ref Domains
  • Number of Unique domains that are linking to a page
  • Root Ref
  • Number of domains referring to root domain
  • Indexed URLs
  • The total number of Indexed URL of the target domain
  • Internal Links
  • Total number of internal links

Hence, each of the above factors are useful and they must be taken into consideration, one by one.

If you can understand the above factors, then the overall SERP experience can get much easier for you.

Now, these types of things can be overwhelming for beginners. But, these things can help you to customize the dashboard as per your needs.

However, if you will look at things with a deeper note, you will see that every metric is helpful.

For example, the number of indexed URLs can offer you can offer you an idea of the website’s content size.

Yes, it’s a better sub tool that can help you perform research, the better way. Plus, you can shortlist different keywords and choose the ones that can be profitable for you.

Still, you must know that the keywords are valuable in perspective only. Therefore, you can make sure for analysing every column carefully and determine the SERP as a good opportunity.

On the other hand, bad metrics for the Trust flow and Citation flow can point to lesser competitive SERP.

Yes, finding the right amount of keywords for a website is a lot hard work than it seems. Therefore, you must find some good long tail keywords in the time being and rank articles for those keywords.

The Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker

Moving forward in Longtailpro review, you can easily make use of the Rank Tracker for tracking different keywords over the course of time.

First of all, you must know that it is not capable to automatically crawl the website. With this, you will have to add few keywords on a manual basis.

Here, you can spend some time copying and paste the keywords you are willing to rank for. Since such a field supports multiple entries, you will find no issues in this case.

The Rank Tracker 1

Also, you can even get a complete overview along with valuable progressive metrics on different individual keywords.

It’s not just anything you cannot see in the Google search console. It’s a bit more than that.

Altogether, with Rank Tracker, you are free to track the ranking of yours and other competition websites.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are one of those pillars on which blogging is standing. Even Google identifies backlinks as an essential factor and sites with better backlinks do rank up higher.

With Longtailpro review, the backlink analysis is an add-on feature of this company that you can use to your advantage.

However, you must know that this is an add-on feature for which you will have to buy a separate subscription.

Here, you got to contact customer service support, and then they will enable this feature for you.

On the other hand, if you have an add-on, you can add a domain and effectively check the metrics. From its end, it will display the numbers from SERP analysis and even list every individual backlink.

Indeed, the backlink feature is one of those good ones that can reap better results for you. Here, you can utilize this feature to uncover the potential backlink opportunities for your website.

Even more, you can explore the backlinks of competitors and see which those links can be helpful for you are.

Once you find those links, then you can explore different chances to build those links on your website.

Yes, building backlinks does take a good amount of time. But, once you have got a perfect way, then you can build quality backlinks.

With quality backlinks, Google will identify your website as a good one and it will eventually help you rank up the charts in the listing.

Longtailpro review: Pricing and Customer Support


Coming down at one of the most important sections, pricing is something you will have to take into consideration.

For any user, they does look at pricing and then the mind is made to purchase services or not.

Now, one thing you must know is that the Longtailpro expensive plan is cheaper than AHREF subscription plans.

This is something valuable where you can get tons of features at a much lesser pricing.

Also, you will have more room for researching the keywords of your choice. If we speak about the platform’s most expensive plan, it lets to research 2500 keywords in a single day.

This type of thing is massive where you only get 100 keywords research from AHREF too.

However, that doesn’t mean that Longtailpro is a much cheaper tool. It costs between the amount of $25 &$98 when you pay monthly or even annually for the plans.

Also, if you are someone who is looking for a monthly subscription, the Longtailpro will cost you around $37 and even $147 for every month.

This can be a bit more than the average keyword research tool but Longtailpro does come up with powerful features.

Still, it’s one of the finest and best keyword research tools that can help you perform keyword research, the best ever way.

Support Section

Taking a dig at the support section of Longtailpro, their level of support is great in every term. First of all, the platform offers a complete knowledge center from where you can reap huge knowledge and can resolve issues on your own.

Right here from the knowledge base, you can extract tons of information on using the Longtailpro tool, with perfection.

Plus, the tool conducts different type of Webinars too that can help you in using this tool, in a far better way

Quite quickly, you can browse their support centre and get the answers to your questions. The platform from their end is looking to improve their response time.

With this, as a user, you will not face plenty of the issues in such a scenario.

Should you buy the Longtailpro Keyword Research Tool?

Now, if you are someone who is a beginner, you must opt for the free trial period on the first and foremost basis. With the free trial, you can test the Longtailpro services and from there you will get a much fair idea.

Plus, you can even make use of the free trial to test the keywords and see if they are working for you or not.

However, on the contrary if you are someone who is experienced in SEO, then you can definitely choose their packages.

In case, you don’t have got subscription plans for AHREF and SEMRUSH, then, you can potentially choose the Longtailpro plans.

It makes it much easy to find different keywords and even analyse the Google search results. With this, you can get detailed along with accurate data such as keyword competition and search volume.

Final Word of Mouth: Longtailpro Review

Coming at the conclusive end, Longtailpro is a tool that can potentially help you perform keyword research in a brilliant way.

It even comes with more value added features that can help you research on competitor backlinks and rank your articles, a lot better.

Therefore, at the start, you can potentially go ahead and opt for the free trial option from Longtailpro. This thing will help you as a beginner where you can search different list of keywords and see it’s working for you or not.

On the contrary, there are different plans offered by the Longtailpro platform and you are free to choose any of the plans.

With these things in place, you can read the entire review given above for Longtailpro. After which, you will get a clearer idea on the plans and usage of Longtailpro tool.

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