TOP 10 Local SEO Tools to Increase Local SEO by 1000% [2021 Updated]

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For each of the people who are eager to rank their websites, performing SEO is the key factor. Yes, without SEO, you cannot rank your websites and with this, you will have to make use of different local SEO tools.

Yet again, there are tons of local businesses that are in need of local SEO. With every passing day, local SEO is becoming more and more important as the competition is heating up. Each of the local businesses are willing to get the highest rankings on Google.

Now, if you are someone who is running a small business and not doing the local SEO, given below are some stats that can help you in one way or another:

1.Around 85% of the customers trust online reviews along with the personal recommendations

  1. 18% of the local mobile searches lead to different sales within one day
  2. 50% of the local mobile searchers look for business information such as local address
  3. 50% of the customers who perform a local search on smartphones visit the store within the same day.

Hence, in the current date world, performing local SEO is among the top class things you got to do.

With this, given below are some of the very best local SEO tools that you must look at:

Local SEO tools: Why Local SEO is Important?

Now, one thing you must note is that it doesn’t matter whether you are operating from one location or another.

A stronger local search presence is the key to generating more leads along with conversions for businesses.

Also, local SEO is among the most important aspect of overall SEO which you got to do if you are running a local business.

Further, each of the SEO tools I have listed below are geared towards one thing. Each of those tools will optimize your local search rankings and help improve your website ranks.

Hence, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of those local SEO tools, one by one.

Best local SEO tools

  1. BrightLocal

Starting with the history of BrightLocal, the tool was founded by Ed Eliot and Myles Anderson right in the year 2009. This is one of the best reporting tools for the local search SEO. The tool’s local search services is being used by over 45,000 agencies, freelancers, and businesses.

Features of BrightLocal:

Given below are some of the best features offered by the BrightLocal:

  • Audit Citation & NAP

With this function, you can locate and easily monitor each of the citations across tons of websites

  • Audit Google My Business

Get a very fast and detailed audit of the GMB listing

  • White-Label Reporting

Easier to use client reporting system with the help of customized dashboard

  • Tracking Search Rankings

With BrightLocal, you have the chance to track thousands of keywords across Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

  • Clean and Build Citations

The team of BrightLocal manually foxes up and build’s citations on 1,400 websites and more.

Monitor Online Reviews

  • Monitor and analyze reviews from across 20 websites including GMB, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more
  • Generate Different SEO Reports


bright pricing

Now, coming down to the pricing section of BrightLocals, the plan starts from $29 for each month. Here, you can monitor businesses to up to 3 locations.

Plus, the company even offers a good 14-Days of Free trial. With this, you can test and try the BrightLocal services and once you are satisfied, then you can opt for their paid plans.

  1. Moz Local

Local SEO Tools

Moz Local is developed by the Moz company and this is one of the most popular tools in the SEO industry. The company’s reputation has grown to some good extent and this tool has benefited tons of companies all over the world.

Coming down to Moz, this tool helps to boost up the local visibility of the business and even ensures that the business listings are consistent, correct, and even visible across the web.

Further, another thing that Moz Local submits is the accurate location data of your local business.  This data is given to each of the data aggregators and online directories.

With this, you even have the option to close the duplicate business listings and update your business listing.

Features of Moz Local

Given below are some of the very best features of this best local SEO tools:

  • Local Listing Dashboard

With the help of a local listing dashboard, you can track, optimize and even track the online listing, without an issue. Plus, you can also gain some of the very best key insights about health and performance, without an issue.

Instant Directory and Aggregator Submission

Now, the Moz Local even distributes each of the listing information in real-time to each of the key directories & essential data aggregators.

  • Google My Business Sync

Here, the Moz Local enables users to claim the Google My Business listing and easily sync each of the changes to the GMB profile.

  • Real-Time Update Distribution

Going ahead in local SEO tools, this feature helps to update or sync the enhanced listing data. After which, Moz Local automatically sends each of the information across the local search ecosystem.

  • Distribution Reporting

Also, you can easily access the effectiveness of published listing over a period of time. Each of the reported metrics includes the average score, listing accuracy, and the listing reach.

Additionally, you can also receive different automated tracking PDF reports along with the weekly insights.

  • Review Monitoring

With this feature, you have the power to review each of the latest reviews along with the ratings of business on some of the best and world-class websites.

  • Review Management for Google

Additionally to the reporting and viewing on each of the reviews, the Moz Local Enables responding to each of the Google Reviews directly.

Pricing of Moz Local

moz pricing

Now, coming down towards the pricing of Moz Local, you will to spend anywhere around $99 for each year to $249 depending on the plans you want to purchase

Therefore, before choosing the plans of Moz Locals, you got to first be sure on the plans you want to choose.

  1. Listing Management Tool by SEMrush

Local SEO Tools

Going ahead in local SEO tools, the listing management tool by SEMrush is another better thing.

SEMrush has developed this tool with the help of Yext and they have included tons of features.

First of all, the SEMrush listing management tool helps to harness the Yext Knowledge network and then publishes data to other platforms and directories.

Such sort of services includes Google, Amazon Alexa, Yelp, Bing, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yahoo, and much more.

Plus, with the help of the Listing Management tool, you have the chance and power to update each of your information at once. With this, there is no need for you to go elsewhere for updating each of your information.

All you need here is to type your business information in the search bar and tap on the ‘ Check Listings’ option.

Then, SEMrush will offer you with each of the listing and status for checking.

Next up, you can go ahead with the payments section and leverage different sorts of tools for boosting up the local SEO.

For the people who are paid subscribers of SEMrush, they get the chance to employ all of Yext’s digital knowledge management capability for $20 in each location.

However, one thing you must note is that the Listing Management tool from SEMrush is only available for people in the US.


Coming down towards the pricing of the SEMrush listing management tool, it comes at the cost of $99 for each month.

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  1. Whitespark

Local SEO Tools

The Whitespark company was founded by the Local SEO Expert Darren Shaw back in the year 2005.

Earlier, it was a web design agency but right now, the company has moved far ahead of this. Now, they are a full-fledged SEO company that offers tools along with services to help agencies and businesses with local search marketing.

Additionally, the Whitespark Citation Finder tool is one of the most widely used tools by different marketing agencies along with businesses from all over the world.

Right from building the citations top tracking rankings, earning reviews, building high quality backlinks, and more.

Plus, the Whitespark even goes ahead to manage and even prioritize websites for local searches as follows:

  • Local Citation Finder

The local citation finder helps to find different critical citation opportunities you are missing. Here, with the help of this tool, you can enhance your local search rankings.

  • Local Rank Tracker

It allows monitoring the local along with organic search performance

  • Reputation Builder

Delivers an option to review the business on popular platforms and bring more clients.

  • Link Prospector

It helps to automate the link prospecting and even finding more detailed link building opportunities.

Additionally, apart from the above features, the platform even offers you can access to Whitespark free Local SEO tools.


Coming down to the pricing section, there is no accurate information given on pricing. But, you can assume $100 per location as the pricing metrics.

  1. GrowthBar

Local SEO Tools

Well, the GrowthBar is a Google Chrome extension that delivers almost all of the critical SEO metrics on websites.

The best part with this tool is that you can perform keyword research, PPC, backlink, and more without leaving the Google browser.

Plus, GrowthBar is a multi-purpose tool that helps to unlock some of the very best local SEO insights. Such efforts can help you attain much higher rankings in the search results.

Additionally, you can even make use of the GrowthBar tool to find different local keyword suggestions.

Also, you can identify the local competitor’s best-performing keyword to the best possible extent.

How to Get Started with GrowthBar?

Now, in order to get started with the GrowthBar, you can simply activate the GrowthBar extension and then type a local search query on Google.

Then, the GrowthBar will display the list of keyword suggestions right below the search bar.

Plus, it will display the monthly volume, difficulty along with the CPC data.

With the help of the ranking difficulty, you can make your mind whether you want to target that keyword or not.

Plus, you can go ahead and expand the list of keyword suggestions. In this case, you can click on the “See More” button right below the suggestions box.

Next up, once you are on the same screen, you can visit the “Keyword Tracking” and input your local Competitor’s domain in the search bar.

Then, you can add around one to two keywords you are eager to track.

The Results

After you have given input of each of the things, the GrowthBar will generate a detailed list of the report that will feature each of the local competitor’s top level organic keywords, organic traffic per month, authority, and much more.

Also, in order to view each of the keywords your competition ranks for, you can tap on the “See More” button right below the “Top Organic Keywords” section.

After which, you will see a greater list of each of the organic keywords your competition is ranking for.

Having such a good amount of data at your fingertips is one of the best things you can ever have.


Well, the GrowthBar offers a free plan along with the paid plan. For instance, the paid plan starts from $29 for each month.

On top of that, if you are eager to test the GrowthBar services, you can first choose the 5-Days of Free trial period.

The moment you have chosen the same, then you can try this tool and then think of purchasing it or not.

  1. GeoRanker


Moving ahead towards Local SEO Tools, GeoRanker is another one of the most popular local SEO tools. Here, it comes with a collection of some really good local Search SEO features that can help you, in every possible aspect.

In general, the GeoRanker offers the following local search marketing tools that can help you in local business:

  • Local Citation Finder

GeoRanker creates different citations for businesses on the best of all websites from industry

  • Local Rank Checker and Tracker

This tool helps to check the website ranking and even shows the position in real time of targeted locations, countries, and cities.

  • Keyword Density Tool

The tool helps to measure a number of times a keyword or any phrase appears in the search results and rankings.

Now, one thing you must note is that while each of the above tools can be used for free, there are a certain set of restrictions. Therefore, if you have the will to manage different keywords, you can upgrade to a much high order plan.


geo ranker pricing

In terms of the pricing, it starts from $99 for each month where you can go for the higher plans as per your request.

  1. Nevads

In the Local SEO Tools, Nevads delivers some of the very best local listing management media agencies and different level enterprise plans. Also, for the people who require business listings to be optimized for different search engines, Nevads offers the best of all opportunities.

Currently, Nevads is one of the highly focused platforms and is leading in location databases by a huge margin.

Plus, they even power each of the navigation industry to an absolute level of perfection.

With years of experience in the location marketing domain, the Nevads has developed strategic relationships with the principal map development companies such as Google, Apple, HERE, and even TomTom.

Plus, the platform is trusted by over 500 companies that is another set of massive achievements.

Navad’s Local Marketing Business Solutions:

Given below are some of the very best Navad’s local marketing business solutions:

  • Google My Business Management

Yes, with the help Navad’s relation with Google, you will get the GMB location content. Plus, the platform updates each of the content, at a faster pace.

  • Local Listing Management

The Navad’s local listing management helps remove almost all of the bad business listing from the entire eco system. This ensures a much accurate and reliable Google Listing data, at any point in time.

  • Local Data Optimization

With Local Data Optimization, Navad helps prevent the different errors from occurring. This eventually helps in your overall business rankings.

  • Local Search

Now, with the help of Navad’s the best of all Local Business Search, you can be sure that each of your listings is claimed and even verified.

Plus, it helps to effectively optimize the local search listing and gain a much higher rank in overall search results.

  1. Synup


Moving ahead in the Local SEO Tools, Synup is another local SEO software that allows to analyze other local businesses. Yes, it analyses different directories, search engines, review websites, and much more.

Plus, currently, the tool is powering over 55,000 local businesses that is quite an achievement.

Features of Synup

Given below are some of the very best features of Synup:

  • Location Management

With the help of Location Management, you can manage different locations, the easiest way

  • Crawl all the listing

Yes, with this feature, you can easily crawl 200+ local search engines along with directories for catching data inconsistencies

  • Instant Sync

Here, you can make use of the instant sync and effectively sync each of your businesses in

This allows to manage the industry along with the niche-specific websites

  • Monitor Interactions

It allows to get instant and the best of all notifications whenever a customer leaves a social comment or review

  • Respond Back

This integrated workflow allows users to respond back to the reviews within the tool

  • Analytics

It effectively allows in tracking a different set of website traffic, rankings, and much more.\

  • Widgets

Yes, with the help of widgets, you can use them to display location along with the reputation data, anywhere


Coming down at the pricing of this tool, it comes at the better pricing of $30 for each month.

  1. Yext


Well, with the help of Yext listing, pages, and the reviews of businesses, you have the chance to have a much better idea to understand and study other businesses.

Plus, you even get the chance to boost brand awareness, increase sales, drive traffic, and much more.

Yext Makes of the Following Tools as Follows:

  • Data Cleansing

First of all, the Yext platform will clean all the facts about your business across the entire internal data sources, keeping the same consistent within the organization. Therefore, you can be confident on the information you can deliver to the customers.

  • Duplicate Listing Suppression

With the help of this tool, you can resolve the duplication business listing issue once for all.

  • Google My Business Management

Yext’s integration along with Google My Business will help you to make updates directly with the help of this platform. Then, you can effectively publish it to GMB at any point in time

  • Local pages

Each of the Yext Pages are properly optimized to show up in different of search engines. With this, your mobile customers can find relevant along with accurate data about the nearest locations.

  • Listing Management

Now, another thing you must know is that the Yext app is integrated with tons of maps, search engines, maps, apps, social networks, and much more.

With all the above combinations, chances are high that customers can find you at any moment, without an issue.


yext pricing

Going straight towards the pricing section, Yext is not one of those local SEO services that comes at the price of $199 for each year.

Yes, this is the starter plan and you can certainly go ahead and opt for other Yext plans.

  1. Local SEO Checklist

local seo

Now, for the people who are finding any of the above tools expensive, then you must try your hands on the Local SEO Checklist. This is a free local search optimization tool that is powered by Synup.

The tool offers 40 different options such as detailed specific SEO that can help to optimize the site for local web search rankings.

Plus, you can even make use of the Local SEO Guide to know the different parts of the website you need for optimizing the local searches.

Additionally to the checklist, you are free to access the resources as follows:

  • Schema Scanner

Here, you can easily find out whether you have the relevant schema markup contents along with the list of pages where you don’t have schema installed.

  • Google Checker

With the help of the Google Checker tool, you can see that the business listing meets your Google Business guidelines or not.

  • Small Business Checklist

Now, the Small Business Checklist is a comprehensive listing of the common tasks that almost every single aspiring entrepreneur must do to materialize the business idea.


Coming down towards the pricing section of this tool, yes, it’s available for free of cost.


Q1. How can I Perform Local SEO?

Given below are the top ways to perform the Local SEO

  • Create your own Google My Business Account
  • Optimize for the Voice Searches
  • Get Reviews from satisfied Customers
  • Create Content on the Basis of Local News, Events, or Stories
  • Optimize website for Mobile Devices
  • Optimize the contents for Local Keywords
  • Utilize different location pages along with location-specific about us page
  • Take advantage of the online business directories

Q2. How much does Local SEO Count?

The pricing of Local Search SEO varies depending on the company’s expertise. On a frank note, the pricing of local search SEO varies between $75 to $5000 for each month.

Q3. Who needs Local SEO?

For every other local business that is willing to take the online route, Local SEO is a need for each of those businesses.

Q4. How long does the Local SEO Take?

Well, Local SEO will take a time span of anywhere between 3 to 6 months. Even more, if your niche is a competitive one, the Local Search SEO can take far more amount of time. But, within 6 months, chances are pretty high that you will start seeing the results.

Q5. Is SEO Worth the Money?

Yes, SEO is worth every penny if you are someone who is looking or has the true need to rank up your website.

Yes, SEO takes time but if done correctly, you can get the true results for your website. In terms of the Local SEO, they start working at a much faster pace than the normal SEO.

All you need is the patience and the perseverance that your website SEO will work, under any circumstances.

Wrapping Things Up: Local SEO Tools

The complete list of Local SEO tools are all here and you don’t have to do much at this stage. If you are someone who owns a local business and you are willing to take it to the next level, you will need atleast some of the above Local SEO tools.

Yes, for the beginners, you can simply understand and study the above SEO tools. In the current date scenario, SEO is among the key factors that is needed if you have the will to rank website at the top page of Google.

On top of that, even for businesses who are struggling online, the above tools can help you tons in this case.

Now, from your end, you can simply study each of the above Local SEO tools. See different features and most importantly, understand the pricing of each SEO tool.

The moment you have done that, then you can start availing the free trial period of every SEO tool.

With this, once you have done that, then you will have a clear idea of the tools that are beneficial for you.

Then, you can buy the paid plan of those tools, perform the Local Search SEO and attain much higher ranks on Google.

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